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We are not livestock or lab rats. Medical Freedom is THE issue of our time. Congressman Chip Roy from Texas is circulating a letter stating they will not vote to fund vaccine mandates even shutting down the government if necessary. Ask Congressman Cliff Bentz to sign on to this letter, as he has yet to do so. Phone numbers/email at this website: Bentz says he wants to know what we’re thinking, so let him know. This is not a time to be timid about such matters. Vaccine mandates are being leveraged into vaccine passports and total control of the people worldwide. Be respectful, but get busy, k?________________________________________

GUEST COLUMNIST – THOMAS PAINE, “What’s Really Happening in America Today” (Thomas Paine is a pseudonym) Here’s a snipped, and you can read the rest by downloading the PDF

By Thomas Paine*

Both cancer in the biophysical realm and communism in the sociopolitical realm are the exact same energetic functions. They both take the energy from the host, depleting its energy until it kills the host as explained in detail in ‘Cancer and Communism Part I and Part II’ by Charles Konia, MD.(1) (2)

Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered that in the cancer shrinking biopathy, the biological core reduces its energy production and the entire organism contracts and shrinks. The ability of the cancer patient to produce a defensive reaction to the shrinking process is what is important to survive cancer.

(3) The same is true for America today. The defensive reaction must come from the emotional health and energy from its freedom loving citizens.The question is, do enough Americans still have what it takes to retain our freedoms or will America’s freedom die without a whimper.

In communism, the biological core of free enterprise, capitalism, and personal individual rights, are contracted by the government which metastasizes by overspending, creating unrepayable debt, overburdening regulations, high taxes, union control of both government education and private companies, allowing overzealous litigations,

READ MORE: What Is Happening – By Thomas Paine



Another “Great Moment in Southern Oregon Transportation” as the Gang Green “Bird” electric scooters are now available for you to whiz about in enviro-friendly style at 39 cents PER MINUTE, just under 24 dollars PER HOUR. Finally the city council okays transportation that makes RVTD seem downright CHEAP by comparison. (I’m using the total cost per rider, not the fare cost paid by the rider, which is a fraction of the real cost) 

Just for fun, here are the rates for rental cars at the airport, starting at $54 per day.

To rent a “Bird” is $561 DOLLARS PER DAY.

Yep, their riders are getting HOSED.


Friday 01-28-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and with today’s “DC Swamp Update”. One of the swampiest stories ever? Check out Rick’s Latest –Capitol Police’s warrantless spying Congressional staff and visitors must end

 7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s Outdoor Report

7:35 State Rep HD3 Lily Morgan – We dig into next week’s legislative session and a couple of the bills she’s introducing.

8:10 Steven Mosher, author of “Bully of Asia”. Steven is also with the Population Research Institute

Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order by Steven Mosher, released this week as an updated paperback. Steven Mosher is the leading authority on China and advocate for human rights. His book continues to raise focus on China, expose the root of their issues, what the world can expect from them next, and encourages the US to decouple it’s economy from China.


Mosher discusses several topics including propaganda from China invading the US media, and their economic and human rights/population issues:

Link to the book –



Thursday 01-27-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 John Anthony with the Sustainable Freedom Lab

Reuters’ Death Rattle: Metastasizing COVID Fakery

Thomson Reuters describes itself as “the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets.” Their Trust Principles were, “designed to preserve Thomson Reuters independence, integrity and freedom from bias in the gathering and dissemination of information and news.”

Recently I decided to see how well Reuters lives up to those principles.

September, 17, 2021, the FDA accepted a request by Steve Kirsch, a retired tech entrepreneur for an invitation to speak at the virtual public meeting of the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee.

 Kirsch proposed that vaccines kill 2X as many lives as they save and provided slides supporting his claim.

 The presentation was distributed widely among internet platforms and Thomson Reuters used their fact checking team to verify the accuracy of one of the articles and Kirsch’ statements (here).

 As you will see, Reuters’ factcheck is stunning in its revelations.

 The Reuters’ fact checkers rightly call out one publication for referring to Kirsch as an “FDA expert.”

“Firstly, Kirsch is not and has never been an FDA employee or member of the VRBPAC, the FDA told Reuters in an email.”

At this point their fact check slides in a singular direction. Without comment they quote the FDA spokesperson’s obvious attempt to discredit Kirsch,

“Furthermore, the statements made by Mr. Kirsch during the open public hearing portion of the meeting were not based in science and go against FDA’s public health mission.”

It seems unusual that Reuters would accept the FDA’s condemnation of Kirsch for failing to abide by science given that neither masks (here) and here), lockdowns (here), social distancing (here), nor processing of PCR tests at 40 cycles to detect the SARS2 virus (here), were ever based on science. All recommended by the CDC and/or the FDA.

 At best this is an FDA throwaway line, at worst intentional deceit to misdirect the public. For Reuters fact checking team to legitimize the deceit without exposing the irony is a disservice to readers.


7:35 Joe Guzzardi, analyst with Progressives for Immigration Reform

Who Needs Congress? DC’s New Normal

By Joe Guzzardi

 In a late Friday afternoon announcement, the Department of Homeland Security expanded the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, STEM, Optional Practical Training, STEM OPT. Now, F-1 student visa OPT candidates can have degrees in bioenergy, general forestry, forest resources production and management, human-centered technology design, cloud computing, anthrozoology, climate science, earth systems science, economics and computer science, environmental geosciences, geobiology, geography and environmental studies, mathematical economics, mathematics, atmospheric and oceanic science, general data science, general data analytics, business analytics, data visualization, financial analytics, other data analytics, industrial and organizational psychology, and social sciences, research methodology, and quantitative methods. The complete 22-career long list is intended to give readers the full scope of its dire consequences to U.S. students and professionals, not to bog them down.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a press release and posted a notice in the Federal Register, but the news barely made a blip in the media or even on business channels. STEM OPT’s expansion, however, is significant since the thousands of new foreign-born workers entering the labor pool will adversely affect employed U.S. tech workers or recent U.S. STEM graduates whose prospective careers could be jeopardized.

“Practical training” is a purposely deceptive phrase; in reality, “training,” defined in real terms, means work authorization, a benefit that wasn’t included for F-1 student visas in the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act. Students were expected to return home when they completed their courses of study. In a major and legally questionable departure from the INA, 70 years later, the biggest guest worker program is the F-1 student visa holder.

Joining DHS in making job searches harder for young Americans, the State Department also did its hurtful best. State doubled the time period for J-1 visa travelers, allegedly in the U.S. on a cultural exchange visit, from 18 to 36 months. Investigative journalists have extensively reported that J-1 visa holders, far from participating in cultural exchange, are often employed at jobs Americans will do. The visa is used to import workers whose professions range from au pair to medical doctor.

DHS’ unexpected proclamation offers insight into how today’s federal government works: wealthy elitists team up with high-ranking administration officials at exclusive functions, then lobby for special considerations that will benefit them while falsely claiming America will be the winner. Finally, the insiders, operating in secret, do an end run around Congress to put their destructive policies into place without the appropriate congressional committee debate or vote.

In 2008, OPT mushroomed from a one-year program that took effect after students graduated to 29 months. During a Georgetown cocktail party, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates complained to then-Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff that Congress’ refusal to authorize more H-1B visas above the existing cap impaired Silicon Valley’s ability to maximize its profits. At that time, 65,000 new H-1B visas were available, with an additional 20,000 visas provided to holders of U.S. university-earned master’s degrees or higher. In 2015, the Obama administration, again without congressional approval, increased the OPT F-1 visa overstay authorization period to 36 months.

Rich, powerful and well-connected Gates and Chertoff proved to be a combination that, when they set out to achieve their mutual goal to provide Silicon Valley with more cheap labor, left U.S. tech workers out in the cold. Then-President George W. Bush, an immigration advocate, could have interceded on behalf of Americans, but chose not to.

That’s the new Washington, D.C. normal – agencies make and enforce regulations as law without congressional approval, and the administration ignores the unlawful procedures, pretending that all is well in the nation’s capital. As for displaced U.S. tech workers or struggling graduates, thanks to DHS’ open-borders Mayorkas, U.S. specialists who studied in the 22 STEM fields are left to fend for themselves. Mayorkas realizes the harm he’s inflicting on the nation’s prospective white-collar workers, and he knows that Americans object to prioritizing foreign workers. In his tweet that announced the STEM OPT expansion, Mayorkas purposely omitted “foreign student” to create the false impression that DHS is investing in domestic STEM talent.

OPT has been in litigation for more than a decade, challenging whether OPT holders who are no longer students can legally be allowed to work. For all those years, U.S. tech workers have taken the brunt of the government’s illegal ploys that are used against them indiscriminately to give foreign nationals an advantage in the high-skilled labor market.

Author/Contributor short bio:  Dr. Vliet is the President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, and the creator of the Foundation’s innovative six initiatives that advocate for early outpatient COVID treatment, assist families of hospitalized patients denied effective treatment, defend medical freedom, and provide international educational and training programs focused on effective strategies for COVID and on the interconnections of health, faith and lifestyle approaches for restoring resilience and quality of life.

Since February 2020, Dr. Vliet has been part of the team of frontline physicians treating COVID early at home to reduce hospitalizations and death. With Dr. Peter A. McCullough, she is a co-author/editor of the Guide to COVID Early Treatment: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life. ( Dr. Vliet is a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient for her national and international educational efforts in health, wellness, and endocrine aging in men and women. She is also the 2007 recipient of the Voice of Women from the Arizona Foundation for Women, and a past director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and a member of the AAPS Editorial Writing Team since 2009.


8:10 Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD – Dr. Vliet is the President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation , a 501(c)(3) public charity, and the creator of the Foundation’s innovative six initiatives that advocate for early outpatient COVID treatment, assist families of hospitalized patients denied effective treatment, defend medical freedom, and provide international educational and training programs focused on effective strategies for COVID and on the interconnections of health, faith and lifestyle approaches for restoring resilience and quality of life.


January 25th, 2022

Biden’s DoD Vaccine Mandate Threatens America’s Security in the Purge of America’s Military

by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

The Biden Administration and top military brass are severely compromising America’s national defense readiness through their COVID vaccine mandates. Abuses exposed by military whistleblowers and their attorneys in the January 12 Truth for Health Foundation press conference include purging military members who request medical or religious accommodations; engaging in physical punishment, hazing, and shaming of unvaccinated military service members; denying medical treatment to those with COVID; and covering up serious vaccine injuries and deaths in a shadow process of coercion.

“The Secretary of Defense and top Department of Defense (DoD) officials are engaging in illegal orders and denying our service members their Constitutional rights under the First Amendment and other egregious violations of UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice] regulations,” said Todd Callender, founder of Disabled Rights Advocates and lead attorney on the lawsuit against the DoD vaccine mandates. Callender explained that requests for usual religious and medical exemptions as allowed under military regulations are being denied in “cut and paste” letters without review. One Navy Commander filed a formal Complaint of Wrong under Article 1150 against Vice Admiral Nowell describing in detail extreme violations of his human and civil rights secured by both the Constitution and existing military regulations providing documentation of the abuse our service members face.

Attorneys David Willson and Davis Younts, both experienced military JAG attorneys described: “Our service members are being illegally ordered to take an EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] product while being told it is FDA-approved. Only FDA-approved vaccines can be mandated for service members. Comirnaty, the only FDA-approved COVID shot, is not available on any U.S. military installation in the US or overseas, according to military sources. If service members request a religious or medical exemption, they face extra duty, public humiliation, and threats of dishonorable discharge. If they talk about it, they risk career-ending discipline. Some have been arrested for requesting a religious exemption, a Constitutional right all of our military take an oath to defend.”

Younts and Willson reported that the DoD’s vaccine mandate was illegally issued by the Secretary of Defense, who has no authority to issue such an order for an EUA product. Only the President, acting as Commander-in-Chief during an active armed conflict approved by Congress, is legally authorized to issue a mandate for an EUA vaccine. If Russia invades Ukraine and the President requests approval from Congress to declare America at war, this might be used to force all military to be vaccinated with the EUA products, and provide cover for the past illegal vaccine mandates.

Serious vaccine injuries grounding many pilots were summarized in a compelling warning letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), all major airline CEOs, and the DoD by Attorneys Leigh Dundas, Mary Holland, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Reiner Fuellmich, Thomas Renz with leading physicians Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Ryan Cole MD, Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD, and LTC Peter Chambers DO. This devastating medical and national security disaster is being kept from the public under the cloak of military secrecy.

Three USAF fighter pilots described the critical pilot crisis: the U.S. Air Force is short more than 2,000 pilots at a time of escalating global tensions. Even in the face of the dangerous pilot shortage, the Air Force Command continues to purge highly trained USAF fighter pilots at an alarming rate, as punishment for requesting a vaccine medical or religious vaccine exemption. This depletes the military of many thousands of hours of combat flight experience that cannot just be recreated quickly or cheaply. Existing combat flight experience is estimated to be worth at a minimum $10 billion and would cost double or triple that amount to replace, even if it were possible to do in the near term.        

Military service members across all branches of the U.S. armed forces have come forward at great risk to their careers and livelihoods to expose the corruption of military law and dangers to our national security when the lives of our volunteer service members are in jeopardy with dangerous, politically driven policies pushed by DoD from the top down.

Americans need to know about the catastrophic persecution of the men and women who have volunteered to put their lives on the line to defend America, our Constitution and our core freedoms, yet now are seeing their own civil and human rights, which are guaranteed under the UCMJ regulations, being trampled upon by the very military leaders who took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and those rights it guarantees.

Our military members defend us. They deserve our support to defend them now against the medical tyranny imposed by their own Command.


Wednesday 01-26-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Automotive Journalist Eric Peters – with today’s “Wheels Up Wednesday” and here are just some of the stories we discussed today.

Screw Your Freedom –

Savings that will Cost You –

BitCon –

7:35 Stephen Willeford with the Second Amendment Foundation

Stephen Willeford of the SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION, became known across America as the “good guy with a gun” who intervened in a deadly mass shooting incident on November 5th, 2017 that took place at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, TX. Willeford shot and wounded the mass shooter twice who then fled the church at high speed and crashed and died. Stephen credits his unwavering faith and penchant for preparedness as to why he was able to step in during this critical incident. He is now a spokesman for the CITIZENS COMMITTEE FOR THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS The Second Amendment Foundation will be filing a lawsuit against the San Jose gun insurance case –

(From CNN) The San Jose, California, city council voted Tuesday night to adopt a first-in-the-nation ordinance requiring most gun owners to pay a fee and carry liability insurance, measures aimed at reducing the risk of gun harm by incentivizing safer behavior and easing taxpayers of the financial burden of gun violence.

The Silicon Valley city’s council split the vote into two parts: the first approving the bulk of the proposal, including the insurance provisions, and the second approving the fee provisions. The insurance vote passed 10-1, while the fees vote passed 8-3.


Tuesday 01-25-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

Elizabeth JC Baker, Attorney at Law, and Steve Yerger from 3Tier Services LLC. Baker is

David Westmoreland’s defense attorney, and Yerger is a use of force specialist and firearms trainer from Idaho who Kevin Starrett (Oregon Firearms) asked to look into David’s Case and help out.

David Westmoreland is still facing 2 felony charges for a run in with BLM protesters back in June of 2020. Protestors were throwing frozen water bottles at him. David drew his concealed handgun during the incident. It appears that protest supporters pressured the Jackson County DA to charge David. In my opinion this is a politically-oriented prosecution. I’ve contributed to David’s defense fund and I hope you will, also!

Yerger writes – We challenge ALL to ask themselves “If I was charged for defending myself & I needed help to fight the deep, endless, resources of the D.A.’s office would I want people to help me?” Keep in mind that while you may not live in Oregon & think that this case does not apply to

you, think again. If you live within the 9th Circuit court jurisdiction the outcome of this case

could affect you, or someone close to you, or someone you know.

ANY & ALL support matters! Whether it’s just $5.00, or passing along this flyer, do not be



Please take the time to go read the story and do what you can to help. Again, remember,

this is about ALL our rights. Go to this link:



7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger discusses the controversy over the possible transfer of the gun range to the non-profit currently operating it, along with other political news and issues.


8:10 Peter Boni author of UPROOTED: Family Trauma, Unknown Origins, and the Secretive History of Artificial Insemination. Find out all about the book at

What if, halfway through life, you found out that your father wasn’t your biological father? It happened to Peter J. Boni at the age of forty-nine, when his mother suffered a stroke that led her to divulge a family secret: Like an estimated one million people worldwide, Boni was donor-conceived. And, like so many of them, he was also “misattributed”—a phrase that means one or both of the parents on your birth certificate are not your flesh and blood.

What followed were more than two decades of searching for the identity of his biological father. A combination of research via and 23andMe led him not only to the name of the anonymous donor whose sperm had been used to create him, but to two half-siblings whom he has since been able to meet. He is aware of five other potential siblings, and lives with the knowledge that he may have many more. Each time or 23andMe has a sale, the prospects of finding another one increases.

But Uprooted isn’t just the tale of Boni’s personal odyssey. He uses his acquired expertise to shed light on, and advocate for the regulation of, a multibillion-dollar assisted reproductive technology industry in which hundreds of children are routinely conceived from a single donor (if retail theory is applied, at most sperm banks 20% of the inventory is purchased by 80% of the people). These children grow into adults who are unaware of the existence of their half-siblings. Boni explains the potential consequences, offers suggestions for how to improve oversight, and points out that the American Kennel Club does a better job of regulation than do any of the medical institutions that offer artificial insemination—or even the U.S. government. Puppies are bred more responsibly than people.

Uprooted also looks at societal shifts that have recently impacted the industry and will continue to shape it in the coming decades. For example, in the past forty years, fertility rates in the Western world have dropped a precipitous 50% due to environmental factors as well as the number of women who are waiting longer due to their careers and then having trouble conceiving. What’s more, in the past decade, the number of donor-conceived people has increased by 50%—because of sociological changes such as same sex partners and single women who want to start families, and scientific advances that help infertile men and women conceive. As Uprooted makes clear, recent trends and medical progress are making regulation of the assisted reproductive technology industry more necessary—and more urgent—than ever.


Monday 01-24-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

 7:10 Prof. John Ellis, author of “The Breakdown in Higher Education”

More on John:

The Breakdown of Higher Education

How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done

We discuss his latest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal

 JOHN M. ELLIS is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He taught at universities in England, Wales, and Canada before joining UCSC in 1966, serving as dean of the Graduate Division in 1977–86. He is the author of ten books, including Literature Lost (Yale), awarded the Peter Shaw Memorial Award by the National Association of Scholars. He founded the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics in 1993, and served as president of the California Association of Scholars in 2007–13 and chairman of its board since then. His articles on education reform have appeared in prominent national publications.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, historian and author of “Where Past Meets Present”, available at the local publisher


Eugene “Debbs” Potts

By Dennis Powers

Born in a logging camp in Shasta County in 1909 when his parents were heading to Oregon, Eugene “Debbs” Potts was named after the socialist/labor organizer, Eugene V. Debs. (Known as “Debbs,” his middle name had an extra “b”.)

Growing up in Southern Oregon, he graduated from Grants Pass Union High School, worked as an airborne photographer for the U.S. Forest Service, and then ran/owned and operated different sawmills in towns in Southern Oregon and Klamath County. Debbs and his father established Potts Machinery in Klamath Falls in 1932 and later partnered in building and operating sawmills.

With a long interest in local politics, he unsuccessfully ran for the Klamath Falls City Council in 1936 and 1938. After World War II serving as a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy, he moved to Grants Pass, where he ran for Mayor and won (1958-1960). Potts was elected to the Oregon State Senate for Josephine County in 1960, where he was re-elected several times and served until 1984. While in the Senate, he continued to pursue his business interests, investing in and managing sawmills and other enterprises, including the Hawthorne Memorial Cemetery in Grants Pass.

A conservative Democrat, he and other rural Democrats in the Senate held the balance of power then between Republicans and urban Democrats. His bipartisanship, a “folksy style” and thoroughness brought him to be elected Senate president for two legislative sessions in 1967 and 1969. 

Until 1972, the president of the Oregon Senate was acting governor when the governor was out of state, and Potts served a total of 196 days in that role, sometimes making appointments and signing bills. The usual routine duties took a turn in March 1968, when 700 inmates took control of the Oregon State Penitentiary, holding 40 guards and staff as hostage. As acting governor, Potts was there for the suppression of the riot, which ended without loss of life. 

In 1984, at the age of 76, a Republican finally defeated Potts, who then was appointed as the first Chairman of the new State Lottery Commission. As a senator, Potts had opposed legalized gambling, but he nevertheless helped make the lottery a near-billion-dollar source of state revenue. After nineteen years as chair, he retired in 2003.

A lifelong collector of historical artifacts, Debbs by the late 1950s had accumulated everything from stagecoaches and classic cars to antique furniture and blacksmithing tools. To commemorate the Oregon Centennial in 1959, he converted 30 acres that he owned along Pleasant Valley Road, just north of Merlin, into a historical replica town named Pottsville. (He had owned and operated a saw and planeing mill at Pottsville for years.)

He was very active in community affairs, serving for decades in the Grants Pass Rotary, American Legion, VFW, Elks (even playing Santa Claus for 55 years), and was Chief Bighorn for the Oregon Cavemen (1955). He was a co-founder of the Southern Oregon Historical Society and Rogue Community College.

Debbs Potts died at his home in Merlin in 2003, just after his 94th birthday and less than a month after retiring. The Oregon State Lottery Commission building in Salem and the Potts Memorial Bridge in Grants Pass are named after him. In 2005 a foundation was formed to preserve his dream of “a home of Oregon memories for the rich and poor.” The Pottsville Historical Museum and Pioneer Town includes a schoolhouse, country store, library, church, blacksmith shop, and hotel. Open to the public, tours of the museum and pioneer town are by appointment thru its website.

Sources: Edwin Battistella, “Eugene ‘Debs’ Potts, Oregon Encyclopedia at Potts Story; Pottsville Museum website at Museum and Town; See also his biography at More Bio Details.