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Friday 01-21-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and  with this week’s “DC Swamp Update” on the news of the day. Rick and I break down our thoughts on Ukraine, and our U.S. response or lack thereof.

 7:10 Greg Roberts, “Mr. Outdoors” from

7:20 Bridget Barton  – GOP candidate for Oregon governor –


8:10 Robert Gore, author and blogger at

Robert and I talk about part 2 of his series “This is Your Last Chance” –

 You’ll find great thinking and links to many essays and news stories you need to be informed at

 A snippet of today’s post – The biggest trend change in history. Supposedly collectivists will reap the rewards of the only things they produce—destruction and death. After the collapse, a global collectivist government will replace the current multiplicity of collectivist governments. Most of the collapse’s survivors will become slaves living on subsistence doled out by the small aristocracy that will rule […]

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8:50 Kim Andresen with Special Olympics and the POLAR PLUNGE, which is Saturday, February 12th at the Rogue Valley Country Club. Register and get more information on this great fundraiser at


Thursday 01-20-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

7:10 Creek Stewart – Author of The Disaster-Ready Home 

A Step-by-Step Emergency Preparedness Manual for Sheltering in Place 

More About Creek:




A complete, step-by-step manual for safely sheltering-in-place at home so you are prepared for any disaster or disease. 

If a disaster forces you to shelter in place, do you think you have everything you need to safely and comfortably stay put in your home? If the answer is no, The Disaster-Ready Home will help you create a safe, well-stocked place to weather out any emergency. 

Survival expert and bestselling author Creek Stewart gives you a step-by-step emergency preparedness plan to meet your food, water, heat, and sanitation needs during any disaster. Including detailed lists, photographs, and complete instructions to make the plan easy to follow, this book is the only resource you need for a disaster. 

You’ll learn how to: 
-Create an emergency pantry stocked with enough food for the timeframe of your choice—from two weeks to three months to a full year 
-Select and store food that fits your taste, diet, and budget 
-Easily rotate and use your emergency food supply, so nothing goes to waste 
-Set up long-term water storage and renewable water sources 
-Cook food and boil water when your kitchen appliances aren’t working 
-Safely heat and light your home when the power is out 
-Effectively manage sanitation issues if running water is unavailable 
-And much more! 


8:35 Open for Business with Matt Allen at Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC – Today Matt and I talk over reasons for getting a reverse mortgage, and allowing you to live in your house, yet leverage the housing value as part of a retirement strategy. Matt and I also discuss why rising interest rates make RIGHT NOW a critical time to call Matt if you’re interested in a reverse mortgage. We also discuss the flip side of the situation where higher interest rates can make it advantageous to use a reverse mortgage on a property that is paid off, in order to use a larger credit line. Best thing to do is call Matt for more information – 541-897-4464


Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC

3539 Heathrow way Ste. 103

Medford, OR 97504

Direct: (541) 897-4464

Mobile: (541) 324-8887

Fax: (541) 288-9450


Wednesday 01-19-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist from

Just some of his articles we discuss includ – Electrocuting Themselves –

The Ever Shifting Narrative –

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review –

7:10 Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett discusses an ad hoc meeting with the Public Health folks about getting more balance with the Covid portion of the county’s website, talk of nutrition, early treatment, not just a spew of the standard narrative from Fauci. 

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger, and we talk about his view that the recall is politicized, also more on the Flying Lark development, the politics of the state’s foot-dragging re all of Travis Boersma’s work, and other issues of county concern.

 8:10 Robert Gore, author, blogger, thinker, His website

 We talk about Robert’s two-part series “This is Your Last Chance” –

We’ll have him back Friday for Part 2.

A snippet – This is Part One, Part Two will be posted 1/21.

The indictment is long and strong. A cabal of politicians, governments, courts, medical authorities, pharmaceutical companies, multinational agencies, the mainstream media, academics, and foundations, particularly the World Economic Forum, have concocted responses to a virus and its variants that have robbed the people of rightful liberties, are a mechanism for the imposition of global totalitarianism, and have amplified rather than reduced the virus’s dangers, inflicting severe injury and death that will last years, perhaps decades, and afflict millions, if not billions, of victims (See “The Means Are The End,” Robert Gore, SLL, November 13, 2021).