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6:35a Jake Lang, January 6th defendant calls from prison Help at



1,000 Days Without a Trial: Jan. 6 Prisoner Shares His Story of ‘Endurance, Perseverance, and Hope’

On Oct. 12, Jan. 6 prisoner Jake Lang passed a milestone—1,000 days in jail without a trial. Now he wants Americans to know what he and others have endured.

As seen in Epoch Times



On Oct. 12, Jake Lang passed a milestone: 1,000 days in jail without a trial. To mark the anniversary, he wanted to share with the American people “the horrific conditions of confinement,” which he says he and many of his fellow Jan. 6 prisoners have had to endure.

“During this time, I’ve done 20 months of solitary confinement,” Mr. Lang told The Epoch Times. “For 15 months of that, I wasn’t allowed to have a haircut or a shave.”

This was intentional, he said, to make Jan. 6 prisoners look like “homeless vagrants” or “deranged terrorists” during video court appearances.

Jan. 6 prisoners are frequently denied family visitation, Mr. Lang said. They spend months with no sunlight. Lights in their cells remain on at night, depriving them of sleep.

His account aligns with first-hand reports from other Jan. 6 prisoners, detailed in a Congressional report in 2021.

Troublesome prisoners are subjected to “diesel therapy,” where inmates are shackled together—frequently with violent gang members—for long bus or plane rides to another facility. The trips can take hours, days, or weeks. Fights are frequent. Personal belongings and discovery for their trials—family photos, exculpatory documents, and notes related to their cases—are often lost.

Family members lose track of them.

The 28-year-old Mr. Lang (full name: Edward Jacob Lang) has been charged with several counts, including an “obstruction” charge, for which he could receive a 20-year sentence. As reported by The Epoch Times, Mr. Lang has challenged this charge with the Supreme Court.

Following his arrest on Jan. 16, 2021, Mr. Lang has been shuttled from one prison to another. In New York, he was moved to three different facilities, including the MDC Brooklyn where Jeffrey Epstein was held.

Then he was taken to an airport in Newburgh, New York, put on a plane with about 200 convicted felons, and transported to Oklahoma, he said.

He was moved to Northern Neck Regional in Warsaw, Virginia, and then to the DC Jail, known to Jan. 6 prisoners as “The Gulag.”

Confined to his cell for 23 hours and 15 minutes each day for three months, he was frequently physically assaulted. The first time was on Sept. 18, 2021, before a rally in the DC mall in support of Jan. 6 prisoners.

About 6 a.m., he said “around 70 officers began banging on the cell doors” of Jan. 6 inmates, ordering them to get dressed and grab their mats. They were being moved to “a more secure location,” they were told.

Guards were shouting. Inmates were confused and scared.

“Some thought we were being taken outside to a firing squad,” he said. “They thought they were going to kill us.”

To ease their fear, he began singing the national anthem.

A guard threw him against the wall and punched him in the ribs.

They were all taken to the basement and placed in cells with no windows, no sinks, or toilets.

The ordeal lasted eight hours.

Mr. Lang was then “tossed in the hole.”

“It’s disgusting down there,” he said. “The walls are wet. There’s vermin and cockroaches, and there’s a little slot in the door that they feed you through like a dog.”

About 10 months later, Mr. Lang was brought back up to the pod—an independent section within the facility that holds a small number of prisoners. His fellow Jan. 6 prisoners gathered at his cell door to greet him.

“One of the guards yelled for them to get away from my door, just arbitrarily enforcing a rule that didn’t exist,” he explained. “He called the sergeant, who opened the door and unloaded a whole can of military-grade pepper spray directly into my eyes.”

Naked and in cuffs, an emergency response team dragged him from the cell and brought him to a shower. Female guards watched, “laughing hysterically” at his pain.

He wasn’t given soap, so the oil ran down his body to his groin where the burning became excruciating. In his cell, the burning oil transferred to his mattress. He woke from nightmares thinking he was on fire.

When he was thrown back in “the hole,” he went on a 12-day hunger strike that cost him 30 pounds.

Negotiations for ending his hunger strike included a haircut, family visitation, and a Congressional investigation into the deaths of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland.

He was then moved to Alexandria Regional Jail and placed in solitary.

After reporting his treatment to the press, he was sent to a federal penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

After more press interviews, he was moved to Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, Virginia.

One month and multiple interviews later, he was back at Northern Neck. A week later he was once again at Lewisburg, and then landed back at the DC jail, where he has been for the past six months.

“Friday, October 13th marked my 1,000th day in prison. But God’s grace has supplied me and the rest of the January 6 prisoners with strength, endurance, perseverance, and hope, knowing that we will have vindication from this political persecution. One day, from all over the country, more than 200 of us will emerge from these prisons and gulags. We will be redeemed and restored and all of the things they’ve done to us will all be washed away.”

Mr. Lang’s trial had been set to begin Oct. 10, but was postponed pending an indication on his Supreme Court petition.



7:10 John Andresen, CEO of


John is working to launch Farm 2 Table and Global Grange, a new company here locally. Small farms in America are struggling to survive.

  • Independent restaurants are also struggling to stay in business.
  • Customers want fresh local ingredients.
  • Global Grange puts those pieces together to solve that problem.

It’s about connecting our local farms with local restaurants in order to deliver fresher produce.


If you want to learn more or invest:


8:10 Martha Zoller, talk host with WDUN AM/FM In Gainesville, Georgia. We talk about former President Trump’s GA election trial.



Wednesday 11-01-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35a Eric Peters, auto journalist with



7:10 State Senator Dennis Linthicum – Today we dig into the news that the Secretary of State wants an artificial intelligence form of censorship in our state.


8:10 Dr. John Lott

Crime Prevention Research Center was founded by Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., an economist and a world-recognized expert on guns and crime.


Why Not Enforce Existing Laws Rather Than Push for New Gun Control?

By John Lott

With the mass murder of 18 people in Maine last week, gun control advocates are calling for more gun control laws. Right at the top of the list is a so-called Red Flag Law. Vice President Kamala Harris has already called for passage of Red Flag laws and an assault weapon ban. Unfortunately, much of the gun control debate pushes proposals that would do nothing to stop the attacks they would supposedly solve. The disappointing thing is that this discussion shouldn’t even be needed. [more…]

8:40 Open for Business with John Couch and Randal Lee from Advanced Air 541-772-6866. Absolutely HUGE rebates and incentives worth thousands of dollars off new systems and John and Randal dig into the news.




This morning I talked a while about Placentia, CA, a town a bit smaller than Medford that chose to split medical calls AWAY from firefighter duties in order to save money. Could that work around here? (Firefighters are true pros but EXTREMELY expensive public employees. Here’s the article from the OC Register that explains it:


Tuesday 10-31-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35a James Czerniawski, Tech Policy Expert with Americans for Prosperity  Americans for Prosperity’s 


President Biden issued a much-anticipated executive order on artificial intelligence that shows Biden’s “hostility toward emerging technology,” according to James CzerniawskiAmericans for Prosperity (AFP)’s tech policy expert (link to story).

James’ full press statement is below:

“President Biden’s executive order on AI is the latest example of his administration’s hostility toward emerging technology. In calling for such a broad expansion of government oversight, this administration risks hamstringing AI’s promise to improve our lives. Unfortunately, it seems the White House prefers to emulate Europe’s abysmal tech policy strategy which will undermine well-intended aspects of the executive order such as enabling more high-skilled workers into the U.S. to help America remain a world leader in developing AI.”

To learn more about a better approach to AI policy, please click here and here.





7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger – Today we discuss the power of the lobbyists in Oregon. Who are “They”?


8:10 Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of The Soros Agenda.



Has Anyone Done More to Financially Support Evil Than Soros?


George Soros’s past as a survivor of World War II is an experience he applies as his primary credential to justify meddling in the political and social affairs of countries around the world. The self-proclaimed agnostic, Soros disputes Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish State but exploits the religion he was born into as a tactic to shield him from criticism. For the past four decades, Soros has been using his multibillion-dollar, political-philanthropic global network to impose his Weltanschauung on the world.


By 1993, Soros was heralded as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” He used the praises and publicity to create a network of powerful foundations dedicated to his overriding ambition and objective to reshape the world’s only constitutional democratic republic, the United States of America. By 2023 the nation’s political and social landscape has changed beyond recognition. The financial speculator’s enormous sums of money oiled the Democrat Party’s machine that advanced his agenda that turned the American dream into a nightmare. How did he do that?


Decades ago, Rachel Ehrenfeld perceptively predicted, “Unchallenged, Soros would change the political landscape of the U.S.” Join her on the journey as she exposes the Orwellian lingo, schemes, and strategies Soros has been using to transform America from a thriving, law-and-order democracy into a Sorostian world.


Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of The Soros Agenda, is the Founder and President of the New York-based American Center for Democracy and the Economic Warfare Institute. Dr. Ehrenfeld’s multidisciplinary approach encompasses economic warfare and Weapons of Mass Effect (WME), including disinformation, free speech, indoctrination, propaganda, PC coercion, lawfare, corruption, money laundering, Political Islam, terrorist financing, Narco-Terrorism, the links between global criminal and radical networks and Jihadi/terrorist groups. Dr. Ehrenfeld focuses on identifying patterns of seemingly unrelated domestic and foreign events as they link to threaten the U.S. political, social, and economic stability and its financial system and other matters related to U.S. and Western democracies’ security.


Dr. Ehrenfeld successfully challenged a lawsuit launched by a Saudi financier of al Qaeda in the UK as a weapon to silence her and others from exposing him and his ilk.  Dr. Ehrenfeld’s initiative and efforts led to the passage of New York State’s anti-libel tourism, aka “Rachel’s Law, ” and the SPEECH Act, signed into law by President Obama in August 2010. These laws protect American writers and publishers in print and on the Internet from the enforcement of foreign libel judgments in the US.


She has more than 1,500 publications, five books, and many academic and policy papers. She was published by the Wall Street Journal, the New York TimesForbesNewsweek, FOX News, CNN, Los Angeles TimesGuardianHerald TribuneHuffington PostNew York Sun, and many others. Her Ph.D. in Criminology from the Hebrew University School of Law in Jerusalem, Israel.













Monday 10-30-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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7:10 Jay Meredit, Chief Financial Officer of American Mineral Research – We dig into a mining lease application that they’ve filed with Josephine County to mine on some county-owned property.




7:35 Brad Bennington, EO of the Builders Association of Southern Oregon


Today we discussed The Oregon Housing Needs Analysis: what it means for the future of Oregon housing, which is more state mandated meddling in local development policy.



8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers “Where Past Meets Present”


The Shasta Valley Stone Circles

By Dennis Powers


Mysterious stone circles lie in the Shasta Valley off Highway 97 from Interstate-5, located between the tiny town of Tennant (63 people discovered in the 2020 census) and Mt. Shasta’s base. These odd earth foundations are set over 600 acres of the flat prairie near the northwestern foot of the peak. The Shasta Valley is randomly strewn with volcanic stones.


Each concentric mound is the same, 60 feet in diameter, with the dirt rising in an almost perfect circle to a crest approximately 2 feet above the level of the surrounding plain. A stone path, or mosaic, surrounds each ring; and the rocks were obviously gathered from the countless stones surrounding the area. The circular paths start from pebbles with smaller ones at the bottom working into larger sizes and boulders at the top.


Constructed of “pure” dirt, the mounds rest on the hard pan surrounding the area. Appearing smooth surfaced–as if to make it easier to walk over–the rock rings are smooth surfaced. This is far easier to walk over then the scatterings of rocks nearby where only sage brush and weeds can grow.


The trenches and mounds must be man-made–not natural–and it was first thought that the stone circles were the result of human agricultural activity. Anthropologists have discounted this idea, since virtually no other artifacts have been discovered in the area, and the Native Americans who lived here subsisted primarily on fishing and hunting.


The Indian elders of the region just shrugged their shoulders and said that they had no idea where the mounds came from. This certainly looked like the work of many men, but no tools, relics, or artifacts, there or nearby, were ever discovered. A few of the theories attribute the mounds to upheaval by frost, gopher activity, or erosion by winds and water. The origin of the stone circles remains a mystery to this day–and several of the mysterious mound clusters are at different locations around the mountain.


With Mt. Shasta famous (or notorious) for its numerous UFO sightings, the underground Lemurian city of Telos, its Bigfoot sightings, and the supernatural, these mounds add to its allure. An interpretive sign off U.S. Interstate 5 (at the Weed Airport Rest Area) notes that archaeologists and geologists are in conflict over what brought about these mounds—and that the “origin of the Stone Circles remains a mystery to today.” From the rest area alone there are about 2,000 acres with the “strange configuration” that can be seen with strong binoculars.


Sources: Brad Olson, “Discovering Forbidden Archaeology,” Perceptive Travel, at Images and Text on the Mounds; see Bruce Walton, editor, Mount Shasta: Home of the Ancients, 1985, at

Stone Circles, pages 32-35; for two images, see the next page.

Burial mounds, dating back to Telos, pre-Native American, or just chance?