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Thursday 11-032-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Jason Snead with the Honest Elections Project, We talk about a number of issues surrounding the election.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on that counties will not count mail-in and absentee ballots that are undated or dated incorrectly. Instead, the ballots will be pulled out and preserved.

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project, issued the following statement. 

“Today’s court ruling is a major win for Pennsylvanians and for the rule of law. As we pointed out in our brief, Pennsylvania law clearly requires that every mail ballot be dated and signed. That simple, straightforward rule helps to stop late and illegal voting without burdening anyone’s right to vote. Despite the black-and-white legal requirement, the Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State tried to ignore the law and count undated ballots. Thankfully the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the rule of law and ordered officials not to count undated and wrongly dated ballots. Election integrity begins by following the law, and this decision is a big win for Pennsylvanians.”

View Statement here:



Earlier this week, Arizona Judge Michael Liburdi ordered a temporary restraining order against Clean Elections USA for coming too close to drop boxes.

Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead released the following statement regarding the Arizona voter intimidation lawsuit brought by the League of Women Voters:

“No one should have to brave intimidation to vote. I applaud Judge Liburdi’s ruling last night. The court’s narrow order helps to protect Arizona voters from harassment as they return their mail ballots without inhibiting the traditional and crucial role of legitimate poll observers and other election safeguards. Election laws inspire confidence when they guarantee both access and security. Our amicus brief in a related Ninth Circuit case points this out. Mail ballots are uniquely vulnerable and need special safeguards, especially against coercive vote trafficking. The goal should always be to protect public confidence in democracy by making it easy to vote and hard to cheat.”


7:10 Dr. Mark Sherwood.

BIO: Dr. Mark Sherwood was born in Tulsa and raised in nearby Berryhill.  His time was spent in law enforcement and at the Functional Medical Institute helping thousands of patients. He and his wife, Michele L. Neil-Sherwood together form a partnership of principled leadership. Together they have successfully treated 10,000 covid patients, resulting in zero deaths. Dr. Sherwood and I talk about the transgender trend, and could estrogen-mimicking chemicals in food and water be playing a role?

BTW – Dr. Sherwood sells a food product. After researching the healthiest ingredients, Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood launched their response to the food shortage crisis. This performance product, called

 Kingdom Fuel, is shelf-stable for 2 years and covers all nutritional requirements of a complete meal.

7:45 We catch up with Jo Rae Perkins, U.S. Senate Candidate –

Can she make it a miracle win over incumbent Sen. Wyden?


8:10 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen  Roberts – Correcting the record after suspect claims coming from both Roberts and Rick Dyer opponents’ campaigns regarding the use of EAS, the turndown of a grant for the homeless, and whether it makes sense to rejoin AOC, the Association of Oregon Counties

8:35 Steve the Marine, Dr. Steven Greenleaf, and a short history of the 2nd Amendment. Worth the read! Here’s a PDF scan.

Dr Greenleaf – A Citizens History of the 2nd Amendment


Wednesday 11-02-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Wheels Up Wednesday segment with Eric Peters, automotive journalist with here are just some of the great articles to read that we touch on:


Two Guys and a Sheep



Review 2023 GMC Sierra



Peak Oil Is FINALLY here –



Elon’s Opportunity –



7:10 State Senator Dennis Linthicum on Skype with an additional talk on why to vote NO on all 4 state ballot measures, and we give a lot of attention to Measures 112 and 113.Here are links to all of his newsletters on the measures:


Unpacking Ballot Measure 111 –[UNIQID]


What’s Up with Ballot Measure 112 –


Corrupt Designs Behind Measure 113 –


Deception Behind Measure 114 –



8:10 Susan Swift is an Attorney with the Right to Life League, which is the oldest Pro-Life organization in America. Susan Swift is also the Vice President of Legal Affairs at The Right to Life League. Prior to working in pro-life, Susan enjoyed a career in television and films. She served as a litigation attorney at a prominent international law firm in downtown Los Angeles. Susan is the mother of seven children dedicated to using her speaking and legal skills to champion civil rights for the unborn.

In the News
Planned Parenthood CEO Urges Everyone To Act For Reproductive Rights – FORBES
Scarlett Johansson, Alicia Keys start a Beauty Fundraiser for Reproductive Rights – PEOPLE
VP Kamala Harris Highlight Need to Protect Reproductive Rights Across America – Sun Times

As we know, California is always the testing ground for what Team Evil wants to spread across America, so we should pay special attention to Prop 1 and the phrase “reproductive freedom”.


Proposition 1 will change our state constitution to say: “The state shall not deny or interfere with an individual’s reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions….”

Not only will Prop 1 entrench California’s already expansive abortion laws, allowing late-term abortions and even infanticide, it will bar our government from limiting any REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM.  

What is the meaning of this “reproductive freedom?” There is none.

Courts have never defined the term. The legislature has never defined the term. SHOCKINGLY, the language of the Proposition itself does not define the term. Read the League’s earlier article here.  No one knows. Even pro-abort experts admit they do not know what this vague, overbroad language will do. Watch the Youtube video.

Prop 1 is about MUCH MORE than abortion. By declaring “reproductive freedom” to be a fundamental individual right regardless of age, Prop 1 can strip away parental rights to protect children from sexual abuse, including surgical and medical gender transitions. Here’s how:

Prop 1 uses the undefined term “reproductive freedom.” That is deliberate. It sounds nice – who doesn’t want “freedom” to reproduce?  The language suggests that families and women will have more “reproductive freedom” to have children. But Prop 1 does not define the term and does not include any restriction based on age.  In fact, it actually prevents all state “interference” on whatever courts will decide “reproductive freedom” means.


8:35 Randall from Advanced Air on Open for Business 541-772-6866

We talk about the importance of the fall maintenance on your HVAC system, the problem of planned obsolescence when it comes to maintaining an older system. Also, a special offer only for Bill Meyer Listeners – $250 rebate on a complete Bryant Preferred or Evolution residential replacement system purchased before November  30!


8:50 Cheriesse from No Wires Now –  call or text her at 1-541-680-5875 and save money on your tv, internet, cell phone and more.


Tuesday 11-01-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 E. Werner Reschke, State Representative District 56. We talk election politics, and a lot about homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness and


7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger



8:10 Kevin Starrett, more on that anti-2ndA evil known as Measure 114.


Monday 10-31-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


7:10 NEW BOOK: THE BIOMEDICAL SECURITY STATE GIVES UNCHECKED POWER TO GLOBAL ELITES Renowned physician Dr. Aaron Kheriaty exposes those behind the arrogant and deadly regime


About the book: In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic a new branch of government has formed, one that is entirely unaccountable: the biomedical security state. In his forthcoming book, The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State (November 1, 2022), renowned physician and eminent bioethicist Dr. Aaron Kheriaty reveals how this audacious regime has combined public health, digital-surveillance technologies, and state police powers to become one of the world’s most dangerous threats to freedom and human flourishing. Covid was merely the biomedical security state’s trial run. Its designs for dismantling our democracy are just starting.

The pandemic conferred enormous power on certain government officials and private interests—and they have no intention of giving it up.

In the space of a few weeks in early 2020, America and other nations witnessed the imposition of previously unimagined social control by the biomedical security state—the unelected technocrats who suddenly held broad power to incarcerate, isolate, and medicate the entire population.

In this chilling and groundbreaking new book, The New Abnormal, Dr. Kheriaty reveals:

  • The individuals and organizations that comprise the biomedical security state
  • The biomedical security state’s role in the origin of and response to the pandemic
  • The biomedical security state’s multifold threat to science, public health, and individual freedom
  • What everyday citizens can do to confront and defeat this new Leviathan

7:35 Medford City Council Candidate for Ward 4 Nick Card is in studio and we talk about local issues of importance. More about Nick here:


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at southern Oregon University, local author and historian. Read more about him and his many books at

Here’s today’s “Where Past Meets Present” profile:



The Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

By Dennis Powers

The Living Memorial Sculpture Garden (“LMSG”) is located on the northwestern slope of Mt. Shasta, 13 miles north of the City of Weed, on Highway 97 in the Goosenest Ranger District of the Klamath National Forest in Siskiyou County, California. The area rests on 136 acres of land provided by the USDA Forest Service (“USFS”), which were replanted with tens of thousands of trees by countless volunteers. The trees are a living tribute to all veterans who have sacrificed their lives in war and peace. The site includes an impressive memorial wall and ten large, metal sculptures by artist Dennis Smith.

Ric Delugo, an artist and Vietnam vet, in the summer of 1987 envisioned a living memorial at first for Vietnam veterans: a dedicated forest grove consisting of more than 58,000 trees, one planted for each American service person killed in the Vietnam War. He explained his idea to a friend, John Sutter of the USFS, who guided the project through the bureaucratic process.

Over time, the concept came to include a broader understanding of war and its effects upon all persons caught up in this. Delugo’s vision included the installation of a series of metal sculptures, and he spent weeks tracking down an old friend and artist, Dennis Smith, a Marine veteran of Vietnam, who had a talent for making large steel sculptures. 

In 1988, Dennis arrived in Siskiyou County with $6 in his pocket. At first, all Ric could offer Dennis was a place to live and food. But as time passed, they began getting small donations to buy materials and needed tools.

The LMSG started with the acquisition of the land needed. Soon, this idea took hold within the region, as volunteers donated their time and labor, as well as generous financial contributions for the garden’s creation.

Church groups, high school children, 4H clubs, Veterans groups, and the American Legion, among others, planted more than 90,000 trees provided by the USFS. Further donations enabled the building of the Memorial Wall, including a helicopter sculpture by Dennis Smith.

The Weed/Lake Shastina Kiwanis Club later assumed the LMSG responsibility (but when joining the Kiwanis Club of Yreka, the Club has been renamed the Kiwanis Club of Siskiyou). Each year, two memorial services are held there, one on Memorial Day (May) and another on Veterans’ Day (November)–and call for details. At these memorial services, new names are placed on the Wall. This is an exquisite site that should not be missed. See the website for the images of the sculptures and gardens, which are truly unique.

Source: Living Memorial Sculpture Garden website at Background and Images; Klamath National Forest: Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, at Location