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Wednesday 10-11-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Eric Peters, Automotive journalist at with today’s Wheels Up Wednesday segment on transportation, cool vehicles and politics. (of course)



7:10 State Senator Dennis Linthicum – Unhinged part II, his appearance Friday night at the Anne Basker Auditorium, 6pm in Grants Pass.



8:10 Steve Goreham, author of Green Breakdown: The Coming Renewable Energy Failure.
Think wind, solar, and batteries can replace the hydrocarbon fuels that power our modern industrialized society? Green Breakdown shows why the Net Zero agenda―a forced transition to renewable energy―is costly, dangerous, and destined for failure. Using science, economics, and in-depth analysis, Steve Goreham exposes the weaknesses in the planned green energy transition and predicts a coming renewable energy failure.

Green Breakdown is a complete discussion of all facets of the proposed green energy transition, including hydrocarbon and renewable energy, biofuels, power plants, home appliances, electric vehicles, ships, airlines, heavy industry, carbon capture and storage, and the hydrogen economy. Goreham uses color charts and graphs, and references to numerous studies to support his arguments. At the same time, his large collection of cartoons, colorful images, and quotes grabs the reader’s interest.
Green Breakdown is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the truth about energy production, energy use, and policies related to climate change.


Steve Goreham, author of Green Breakdown: The Coming Renewable Energy Failure



Tuesday 10-10-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Conservative Christian Patriot Tim Maschler, Tim’s wife Melissa Riordan authored Trump and Sodom – Letting the Cat out of the Bag.

When Christian Patriot Tim Maschler learned from a prominent GOP leader their man Donald J. Trump was recently the main attraction at an LGTB Ball at Mar-a-Lago with Trump, stating “We are fighting for the gay community and we are fighting hard…” Tim knew, for the sake of Mr. Trump, his family and the nation, he had to do something to help awaken the president to the perils of this alliance.

Armed with a promise from the GOP leader that he would meet with the President about this, Tim gathered letters from faithful Trump supporters across the country. When Trump’s staff stonewalled Tim’s wife, Melissa Riordan wrote her latest work which Tim recently published Trump and Sodom – Letting the Cat out of the Bag. Her book includes the letters and sets forth in simple terms the Scriptural basis for why Mr. Trump’s so-far hidden alignment with Sodom is an affront to God and a danger to our nation.

And, as you can imagine, there was pushback.

But recently, a conversation with President Trump produced a different result.

After speaking with the GOP leader by phone on September 19, 2023 about the concern of the
President’s base about this issue, President Trump said he would “reconsider any LGBTQ+
alliances.” The President also said he would “send a new policy document” on how he’d handle this issue in the future.

Tim and the GOP leader are patiently awaiting that policy document, which so far has not been forthcoming.

Mr. Maschler says “I’m happy that we have forward movement with President Trump on this issue. We’re praying the President will come to understand that homosexuality is at the root of transgender mutilation of childrenmen participating in women’s sportsDrag Queen Storytime in our children’s schools, or being in our daughter’s bathrooms and locker rooms. We’re hoping Mr. Trump will stand firm with the existing GOP platform that states categorically marriage is between a man and a woman only. President Trump needs to hear this loudly from Patriot Christian Americans now more than ever, before the crucial 2024 elections.”

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Baertschiger talks politics and the implementation of the new county ordinance banning public consumption of hard drugs. Could this be an effective tool to tamp down on the addicted homeless populations?


8:10 Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation – We dig into how the Hamas terror attack of unarmed Israelis is a real wake-up call…and Oregon’s politicians want to disarm us like the Israel government has disarmed most of its citizens.


Monday 10-09-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Numbers USA VP Jeremy Beck –

“The U.S. withdraws about 400 billion gallons of water (all sources) a day for all of our uses. America’s freshwater is abundant but not infinite, and its value as a resource should be considered as we decide how big of a country we want to be,” writes NumbersUSA VP Jeremy Beck.

Rivers are threatened and degraded as our expanding populations draw on them for irrigation, drinking water, and other uses. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, California and Idaho as states that are “using more water than they receive each year.”

Congress established limits on legal immigration at about just over one million per year — four times the historical average. The legal immigration system established by Congress, unsustainable as it is, has been surpassed by the illegal immigration system.

CBP reported a record 304,162 nationwide illegal immigration encounters in August – the equivalent of a Newark, NJ or Saint Paul, MN attempting to enter illegally – breaking the previous record set just last December. This does not count so-called “gotaways” who evade detection.




7:10 Veteran journalist CAL MARTIN, his latest book “A Watchman In The Night” What I’ve seen in over 50 years Reporting on America


As we fast approach the next presidential election, it’s a great time to look back over the last half century that one of the greatest journalists in American history has reported on historic happenings in America. In A Watchman in the Night: What I’ve Seen Over 50 Years Reporting on America, veteran journalist Cal Thomas takes the reader on a “road trip” through over fifty years of journalism and American life, serving as a “watchman” on culture and politics and seeking to conform it to a standard that never changes.


In A Watchman in the Night, you’ll learn about:


  • How a conservative and openly Christian man managed to succeed as a columnist within a profession most are rejected and even scorned;
  • Some of the most famous people Thomas has interviewed and known in his half century of reporting;
  • How Thomas, as a conservative, was able to befriend his liberal colleagues and work with them peaceably without compromising his own belief system;
  • How human nature never changes – greed, lust for power… failure to apply time tested principles on economics, foreign policy, border security and proven moral values;
  • How the media have become even more biased since Thomas started writing his column;
  • How the media fuel discord and anger by never focusing on solutions but rather conflict (for example, the $33 trillion growing debt). They behave as if there is no objective truth, competing for ratings rather than solutions; and
  • How Thomas got liberals and Democrats to endorse his book without compromising his principles and why that should be an example to others.


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present” more at


The Last Great Train Robbery:

The D’Autremont Brothers and the “Wizard” Edward Heinrich

By Dennis Powers


On October 11, 1923, Southern Pacific’s San Francisco Express Train No. 13–coincidentally sharing the same number as the last tunnel–was running between Seattle and San Francisco. Rumored to be hauling some $500,000 in gold, it had changed crews in Ashland, before proceeding to the mountain top; the train slowed for a brake test at the north entrance of the 3,107-foot-long tunnel 13. Located a short distance from Siskiyou Pass, it was atop the steepest, class-1 mountain railroad in the country.


Unnoticed by the crew, two armed men, 22-year-old Ray D’Autremont and 19-year-old Hugh, had climbed onto the tender. As the train passed thru the tunnel, they made their way to the cab where Hugh, his gun drawn, ordered veteran engineer Sidney Bates to stop the train with just the engine protruding from the south end. Awaiting the train as it came to a halt, was Ray’s twin-brother Roy with a box of dynamite.


With the unexpected stop, postal clerk Elvyn Dougherty stared out the postal car just behind the tender, saw what was happening, and locked himself inside. Roy proceeded to pack the entire box of dynamite against one end of the car and ignited it. The immense explosion destroyed the car, ripped open one side, and instantly killed Dougherty.


In the now choking-dense smoke, Conductor Merritt and other trainmen worked to calm the panicked passengers. Meanwhile, off-duty brakeman Charles “Coyl” Johnson worked his way through the thick smoke to the front end. Startled by this unexpected appearance, Ray with his sawed-off shotgun and Hugh with a .45 semiautomatic pistol opened fire with fatal results. The brothers had now killed two men and with nothing left in the mail car to steal, decided to kill the only other witnesses and escape. Roy shot engineer Bates and Hugh shot fireman Marvin Seng with one shot each to the head. Wiping their feet in creosote to keep the bloodhounds off their scent, the brothers fled into the woods.


Reacting quickly to word of the crime, railroad men arrived at the scene, used a helper engine to pull the cars back to the tunnel’s north side, and returned the frightened passengers to Ashland. Law enforcement officers reached the scene with an enormous manhunt taking place in the following days: local law enforcement (both mounted and foot posses), Oregon National Guard troops, angry Southern Pacific men, Federal Postal detectives, and even airplane spotters. But the brothers managed to disappear.


The community was left to mourn the loss of the three trainmen and one postal employee. Services were held in Medford and Dunsmuir, the hometowns of the four victims.

Frustrated by their lack of progress, law enforcement turned to the new field of forensic science for help. A pioneer in the field nicknamed “The Wizard,” Edward O. Heinrich, took the case. At his University of California-Berkeley laboratory, he examined the scant evidence left behind: a single pair of coveralls and conflicting testimony.



Heinrich informed police in a few weeks that their “coverall man” was white, light complexioned, had light-brown eyebrows, a mustache, medium-brown hair, and was near 5-feet, 10-inches tall. He was a logger in the Pacific Northwest, left-handed, smoked and very meticulous about his appearance. When caught, Heinrich said he would probably be wearing a new jacket and a bowler hat. When apprehended, Roy was shorter and not left handed, but he was in fact smoking a cigarette, wearing a new jacket and hat, and had been a logger (as all three brothers).


The definitive clue Heinrich found was a crumpled up, mail receipt, deep in a pencil pocket, and signed by Roy D’Autremont. The address was in “Lakewood, N.M.,” where the brothers and their divorced mother in 1920 had lived. Although the D’Autremont brothers had left the area, assumed new identities, and started new lives, all were eventually caught. In 1927, Hugh was arrested while in the Philippines with the military when a fellow soldier identified him from a post office wanted poster. Shortly afterwards, officers arrested the twins in Ohio where they were farming.


The brothers were tried in the Jackson County courthouse in Jacksonville, convicted, and each one sentenced to life in prison. Paroled in 1958, Hugh died from cancer a few months later. Roy had a mental breakdown in prison and was given a frontal lobotomy; he died a few months after his 1983 parole. Ray’s sentence was commuted in 1972 by Governor Tom McCall, and after working years as a part-time janitor at the University of Oregon, he passed away in 1984.


The October 11, 1923 tragedy left families and communities to remember the four lives lost and acknowledge the shattered lives of the three-young D’Autremont brothers. Residents had witnessed one of the largest man hunts ever held and the beginnings of forensic science. The anniversary events of 100 years ago are being remembered now by a number of community events.


Sources: Dennis Powers, Where Past Meets Present, Hellgate Press: Ashland, Oregon (2017), Pp. 51-53, “The D’Autremont Brothers and the Old West’s Last Train Robbery;” Scott Mangold, Tragedy at Southern Oregon Tunnel 13: DeAutremonts Hold Up The Southern Pacific, The History Press: Charleston, South Carolina (2013).