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Wednesday 11-23-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


7:10 Greg Roberts from with today’s outdoor report                    


7:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist from with today’s “Wheels Up Wednesday” discussion on cars and politics and the news. Some of the stories we cover:



8:10 Martin Dugard, author of Taking Paris and the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of Bill O’Reilly’s Killing series. We talk about his brand new nonfiction thriller “Taking Berlin: The Bloody Race to Defeat the Third Reich which is about the race between the Allies and Soviets to conquer the heart of Nazi Germany. (EXCELLENT book)



8:35 Open for Business – Steve Johnson at QuikFix Jewelry Repair in the Rogue Valley Mall, lower level near Macys. Steve and I discuss their repair services, TWO brand new lasers, and they can fix most anything. BTW, mention The Bill Meyer Show for the best deals on repairs, their new line of Mason Watches and so much more!


Stephen A. Johnson

Steve The Goldsmith

QuikFix Jewelry Repair

1600 N Riverside Sp. 1057

Medford, OR 97501

541-690-1388 office


Tuesday 11-22-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Reggie Littlejohn, President Of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and Co-Chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force. Sign up at

Here’s more about what we discussed:

Efficiency or Enslavement?


Stop Vax Passports Panel to Discuss Smart Health Cards, Digital Drivers Licenses, and Central Bank Digital Currency as Drivers for Mass Population Control

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Are we being trapped in a “digital gulag,” set by digital IDs and a Central Bank Digital Currency? 

China’s Social Credit System – a formidable instrument of mass surveillance and totalitarian control – may be implemented in the United States and world-wide through any mandatory digital ID, including a vaccine passport, smart health card, or digital driver’s license. This is especially the case when combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency and a cashless society. 

As the vaccine and mask mandates have been relaxed, the vaccine passport – sometimes deceptively re-labeled as a “smart health card” or “digital ID”— is being quietly rolled out in several states across our nation, as well as nations worldwide.  Any mandatory digital ID can support the infrastructure to lock us down and remove our freedom during the next pandemic, or in service of some other goal, such as reducing our carbon footprint. Within minutes, these digital IDs can incorporate all the surveillance technology used in China’s Social Credit System.

In a cashless society, banks, credit card companies, and authorities could track all our spending and sever us from our financial resources – as happened earlier this year when truckers and their supporters suddenly found the Canadian government had blocked access to their credit cards and bank accounts. 

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) can be “programmable”:  it can be programmed to control the purchases of individuals, to reward or punish people for their social credit scores or their personal carbon footprint, or perhaps to effectuate so-called “climate reparations.”

In response to Executive Order 14067, the Biden Administration is actively evaluating whether to launch a CBDC.  They have released the “First-Ever Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets.”  The Bank of England, the International Monetary Fund, and Beijing, have all voiced ambitions to push CBDCs.

These new technologies are being implemented, institutionalized, and may easily be weaponized against Americans unless we understand what is afoot and take action now. 

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and Co-Chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force stated, “The G-20 nations have just issued a joint declaration calling for international, interoperable “proof of vaccinations” – in other words, vaccine passports – in service of a global “digital transformation.”  At the same time, the Declaration states, “We acknowledge the importance to counter disinformation campaigns . . .”  Taken together with the push for Central Bank Digital Currencies by the Biden Administration and others, we are staring the Digital Gulag in the face.  Unless we resist these global movements, we will soon be living in a world in which — if we disagree with the official WHO narrative — we will be held to be purveyors of “disinformation.”  Not only will we face censorship, but we may be cut off from our bank accounts and credit cards and effectively canceled as members of society. 

7:10 Sheriff (Ret) Currie Myers, PhD, MBA has a combined 35 years of professional experience as a law enforcement officer at the local, state, and federal level, and as a criminologist, professor, and executive. Dr. Myers ended his law enforcement career as the sheriff of Johnson County, Kansas which serves a population of more than 600,000 citizens in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and is one of the largest sheriff’s offices in the Midwest. Prior to being sheriff, Dr. Myers was a Kansas State Trooper and a KBI special agent. He is a nationally recognized expert in criminal justice public policy as well as organizational management and leadership and has spoken at more than 1,000 local, state, and national conferences.

We discuss Dr. Myers’ latest article, a deep dibe on his Crime and Society Newsletter substack called The Advent of Feral Man:

 “As a criminologist with years of actual field experience as a law enforcement officer, I have seen the worst of man, and often the best of man. However, the last few decades have been a quick descent into the worst of man. I call this current phenomenon, the advent of the feral man…The most fundamental reason criminogenic behavior occurs is a lack of faith, family, and formation.”

 Dr. Myers is a criminologist, university professor and the retired sheriff of 600,000 citizen Johnson County outside of Kansas City, MO.  Dr. Myers was also a Kansas State Trooper and Special Agent. 

 His piece today is a deep dive into crime in America with many facts, citations and examples and ends with immediate criminal justice public policy areas of improvement to consider.  It is a bit long, but a very smart and worthwhile read.



7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger – Today we talk about the ins and outs of citizen ballot measures, and how Measures 114 112 and 113 were all tied in to the campaign to pass Measure 111.



8:10 Kevin Gill from Clouser Drilling, talks about water laws and rules and regs in the legislature, including HB2145. The overall state of southern Oregon’s water and well issues, just a really interesting dive into an important area of our lives.


Monday 11-21-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35  Trent England, Executive Director of Save Our States

Texas lawmakers have just introduced bills to upend their electoral process and dramatically change the way state residents elect the President. Bills to elect the President via a national “popular” vote (NPV) will be considered in both the TX Senate and state House of Representatives.

 Trent England, Executive Director of Save Our States says this radial, unnecessary move will greatly reduce Texas’ role in national elections and ignore the voices of tens of thousands of voters in rural counties. Save Our states is the lead organization combatting NPV and exposing how a national vote would essentially nullify our successful, present national election process (the Electoral College) without a constitutional amendment.

“An effort to manipulate the Electoral College and circumvent the Constitution has come to Texas ahead of the 2023 state legislative session. Save Our States strongly opposes efforts to manipulate or dismantle our presidential election system through the National Popular Vote interstate compact (HB237 and SB95). The Electoral College helps ensure the integrity of our elections and the diversity within our political parties. Proposals like NPV further erode voter confidence and undermine the rule of law in our constitutional republic.”


7:35 Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation with the latest on the filing of their lawsuit against Measure 114.



8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of Business Law, and we discuss the Ashland Homeless controversy, the warming center, other news.


8:45 Ken McLean, from Prestige Senior Care Arbor Place. How do you make a plan, and help a senior prepare for a great retirement life? Next Tuesday 11/29 at 3pm is a free webinar with experts who will help broach the questions and come up with an action plan. Sign up for this free webinar at .


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Reps. Cliff Bentz (OR-02) Doug LaMalfa (CA-01) released a statement on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) disappointing decision to remove the Klamath dams.


“We are outraged by FERC’s decision to allow surrender of the PacifiCorp Klamath hydroelectric license to a shell corporation, thus allowing PacifiCorp to avoid responsibility for the consequences of removing its Klamath River dams. Such consequences include reducing power generation, eliminating recreational assets, decimating the local community’s economy, destroying firefighting resources, and damaging the Klamath River’s ecosystems. The politicization of this process is apparent in Oregon and California’s stampede to issue the Clean Water Act Section 401 certifications required to remove the dams. The release of massive amounts of accumulated silt from behind the dams will be devastating to water quality, will cover spawning beds, and will choke fish. Obviously, when politically expedient, the governors of California and Oregon will turn a blind eye to dramatic and substantial environmental damages.

Many of the residents of the Klamath Basin have been outspoken in their opposition to dam removal. Siskiyou county has overwhelmingly voted against decommissioning, and Congress has refused to fund dam removal. Instead of respecting the voice of the people, unelected bureaucrats are providing a blank check, payable by tax and rate payers of Oregon and California, to cover the unknown costs associated with dam removal. No plan exists to ensure that proper river flows will be available following dam removal. FERC’s decision, and Oregon and California’s complicity in steamrolling the environmental protections under the Clean Water Act, will not adequately protect the health and prosperity of the community or the environment.

We are exploring legislative options to properly address this politicized and environmentally destructive decision. Additionally, in the upcoming 118th Congress, we Republicans will use our majority to aggressively conduct oversight of this flawed decision making process.” – Reps. Bentz and LaMalfa said.

The consequences listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dam removal on the Klamath River. It is unfortunate that Oregon and California so haphazardly rushed to issue Section 401 certifications. Both Congressman Bentz and Congressman LaMalfa look forward to conducting oversight of this disappointing and outrageous decision.


Friday 11-18-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, On today’s DC swamp update we talk the Klamath Dam news and controversy and other news.


7:10 Greg Roberts, and today’s Outdoor Report


7:35 Anthony Intiso, more discussion on the Klamath Dam decision by FERC. Anthony is on the

Board of Directors Sikiyou Water Users Association.

We talk avenues of legal attack and other “hot takes” on the issue.





Compasscare is a pregnancy care facility. In June, two domestic terrorists firebombed their clinic. Daniel’s belief is the FBI is “Slow Walking” the investigation because of the Biden Administrations Pro-Abortion agenda.  Herre’s 18-second video of surveillance video of firebombing pregnancy center:

Essentially, the FBI knows who the culprit is, but they are only going through the motions of offering a token $25,000 reward and temporarily putting it on their Most Wanted list. With about 50 such incidents across the country, why no arrests?

Tuesday 11-15-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Barrington Martin II, National Director of  Our America.,

We talk about Saturday Night Live writers boycotting Dave Chappelle’s upcoming show in an effort to cancel him once again.

Barrington is a Black Atlanta native who has gained a notable twitter following due to his fiery takes. Our America is a national organization dedicated to representing the pro-American majority and defending American values like free speech. Cancel culture and the notion that speech is violence are antithetical to the American value of free speech. Barrington provided the following comment in response:



7:20 Kevin Starrett – Oregon Firearms Federation

Join the legal fight against M114 – (donate to the educational foundation)



7:35 Josephine County Herman Baertschiger talks the Gubernatorial race and the path forward for Republicans.


8:10 Diane Anderson and Gary Clark, author of  Who Made American School Marxist Training Centers

Can order books from our web site 

Shady Cove Presentation – Karl Marx in the Classroom series- Theme – Social Justice Pandemic in Oregon.  Tuesday November 22, from 6:00 to 7:30. 

Eagle Point Presentation – Karl Marx in the Classroom series- Theme – An Eco-fascist Education for Whole Neighborhoods.


More about the Book and their southern Oregon Presentation schedule at

Nine Philosopher kings were commissioned to undergird the articles of Marxist faith while expunging dogma and religious doctrine. Their seeds of a pre-ordained organic philosophy were planted to upbring young sprouts to destroy the America republic and rebuild from that rubble the next Marxist country. The unrelenting pressures to indoctrinate children with the Marxist family of totalitarian ideologies that promises to ‘free the child’ comes to communities under various guises. The allure of promises made in the name of fairness, equity, tolerance and more recent of social justice has drawn a large percentage of millennials to socialism. Behind the race baited mantras, metro regional government is working for the eventual transformation of schools as learning centers staffed with soviet councils to transform neighborhoods into self-sustaining eco-villages. Children will be socialized as activists for their community to install Fascist green agendas, paired with Marxist social justice.


Comment sent to City of Medford Council today I respectfully demand that you stop moving forward with the current re-striping/alteration traffic control plan, commonly referred to as “The road diet plan” pushed for downtown Medford. You are engaging in a consensus-based process pre-determined outcome and are NOT getting true public input. I will point out that consensus is not a word found in the U.S. Constitution, nor the Constitution of Oregon. You are being supplied by staff with information supporting a predetermined agenda-based outcome that is not considering the true CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. True public input and consent has been neither given, nor sought. Information acquired through a consensus-based support mechanism is not a valid reason to continue in this direction. (From today’s study session packet) “On-Line Survey – A public on-line survey was completed which received nearly 700 responses. Of this total, 69.7% favored the no-build option which would leave all striping and lane configurations unchanged. 30.3% respondents favored some or all of the recommended options. Council should note that this was an open uncontrolled survey; we received responses from all over southern Oregon and does not represent a true scientific sample of Medford residences.“ <snip> If you are being pressured through grant stream funding requirements to pursue this direction, then I respectfully demand that you back away from the grant stream funding option. Withdraw from the grants stream funding. The small business activity that occurs in downtown Medford cannot be supported by these proposed changes. It will destroy business viability. It is your fiduciary duty as a city council to oversee these proposed changes and recognize them for the danger to our small business community that they are.Affiliation with and/or influence from The American Planning Association gives your employees no right to neglect their fiduciary obligation and duties, as employees of the citizens of this city, to propose changes that are ultimately destructive to the health, safety, welfare, (long-term economic welfare) and well-being of the citizens of our city. Your staff sourced the survey and now wishes to avoid the negative impact from the referenced survey. The City encouraged people to use the survey. I encouraged listeners to my morning show to give you their public input and now “It’s an uncontrolled Survey”. Are 300 bicyclists signing a petition with the Velo Club (An agenda-based group) a “Controlled Survey”? Of course not. The Velo club’s noted 300 person input is basically a consensus-based stakeholder interference with common sense realities, and can only be construed as one comment in any percentage-based analysis.Perhaps staff isn’t doing a scientific survey because they KNOW that a proper survey, with a REAL public input session and hearing, would give the “Wrong” answer. Do your fiduciary duty and represent THE PEOPLE, not the staff’s adherence to a predetermined outcome stakeholder-based process. Sincerely, Bill MeyerResident of Medford


Monday 14-11-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Marc Thielman, former GOP gubernatorial candidate and superintendent at the Alsea School District. He and many other Oregon luminaries are suing the Secretary of State and counties over election integrity issues. Help the lawsuit at


7:10 Mr. Outdoors, Greg Roberts at


7:35 Heidi Napier, Grants Pass Resident discusses the radical gender ideology invading southern Oregon Schools. She was interviewed in this Epoch Times story:





8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present”. More about Dennis at


Films made in Southern Oregon

By Dennis Powers

Southern Oregon has had its share of feature films, independents (“indies”), and made-for-TV filmed here. In the 1975 film, “Rooster Cogburn,” John Wayne played the one-eyed, alcoholic federal marshal who met and was won over by Katharine Hepburn’s tough, New England schoolteacher character. The river float scenes were filmed on the Rogue, and John Wayne made Deer Creek Ranch, one mile west of Selma, his private hideaway.  

In 1960, the TV show “Route 66” televised two episodes set in Grants Pass, Merlin, and Wolf Creek. As Marshal Matt Dillon in “Gunsmoke,” James Arness dove into the cold Rogue River waters while escaping outlaws. The 1994 film, “The River Wild,” was filmed on the Rogue, starring Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep.

Despite these well-known features, the famous cliff-diving scene in the 1969 film, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” did not happen at Hellgate Canyon. The Rocky Mountains provided the cliff and river scene with the precipice on a Hollywood soundstage.  

Jacksonville with its turn-of-the-century buildings was another favorite. “The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid,” was filmed there in 1970. Universal Pictures had the town appear like the 1870 when Jesse James and his gang had tough problems robbing a bank. Planks were laid over concrete sidewalks, telephone poles removed, and streets covered with dirt; when the producers asked for extras, needing only 200, thousands of area residents showed up, many in western garb.  

Owing to a favorable movie-making climate, more Indies are being filmed in this area now and with well-known actors and actresses. The great majority of the forty-plus productions filmed (in part or their entirety) in Southern Oregon within the last fifteen years are Indies. Of these, “Night Moves,” “Redwood Highway,” (with three others by Gary and Anne Lundgren) stand out.     

In 2012, crew members in “Night Moves” ate at Porters restaurant. Liking the setting, one asked if they could shoot a scene there. Porters agreed and later could add a film credit to its list of TV commercials. This movie is about three eco-terrorists who conspire to blow up a dam, and the production was filmed from Roseburg to the Applegate Valley, Medford, and Ashland. “Night Moves” features Jesse Eisenberg, who had the starring role as Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in the box-office hit, “The Social Network,” as well as Dakota Fanning, who has appeared in dozens of movies including “War of the Worlds.”

“Redwood Highway” is about a woman (Marie) who was living in a retirement community in Southern Oregon, but took off on foot along the Redwood Highway to the Pacific Ocean. Premiered in 2013, Marie is played by Shirley Knighta Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe winner (also twice nominated for an Academy Award). Tom Skerritt, who acted in “Alien,” “Top Gun,” and “A River Runs through It,” is in a supporting role. The locations ranged from Cave Junction and downtown Grants Pass to the Applegate River Lodge, Talent, and Ashland. It is an excellent movie.

The local, Ashland producers of this film–Gary and Anne Lundgren–also created and produced “Black Road”, “Calvin Marshall,” and “Phoenix, Oregon”. This is under their Joma Films credit.

“Black Road” (2016) is a science fiction movie filmed in Southern Oregon and the Oregon Coast from Gold Hill northward. “Calvin Marshall” (2010), starring Alex Frost and Steve Zahn (of “Sahara” fame), was an award-winning baseball comedy and filmed in Ashland, Southern Oregon University, and Central Point. “Phoenix, Oregon,” is about two friends who battle mid-life crises and open a bowling alley/pizzeria, filmed in Klamath Falls (2019); it was the number one movie in America for three weeks in 2020 “when producers shared streaming profits with shuttered cinemas.”

In 2022, Joma completed the principal photography on “Above the Trees”. This is a new feature film about a murder in a small Oregon town when a local boxer is charged with committing the crime. Filmed across Southern Oregon, the shoot days were “often short and were spread out over the seasons,” owing to Covid.

With the outdoors and amenities of this region, the snap of a scene set with the shout for “Action!” is continually heard.

Sources: Bill Miller, “Hellgate Canyon Rogue River landmark is a Hollywood favorite,” Mail Tribune, June 21, 2009; Ryan Pfeil, “The Stars Were Out,” Mail Tribune, October 23, 2012; Nick Morgan, “Redwood Highway,” Mail Tribune, May 23, 2014; for more, generally, use an Internet search engine. See also