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Friday 02-23-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and Rick’s live from CPAC this morning. We talk about how the Trump civil case really corrodes respect for the law –


Also, are we already experiencing a slow-mo breakup?



8:10 Melissa Henson, Vice President of the Parents Television and Media Council

Teens are frequently the target of Hollywood, as it markets explicit, harmful, and influential content to them.


Consider these examples:

  • HBO’s “Naked Attraction” tells us that the first and really the only thing that matters in choosing a romantic partner is what they look like naked.
  • HBO’s “The Idol” tells teens sex has to be manipulative, dangerous, and even cause physical harm to be exciting.
  • HBO’s “Euphoria” depicted college freshman choking his high school-aged girlfriend during sex.


The Parents Television and Media Council says that Hollywood needs to stop marketing this kind of content to teens, citing the fact that teens themselves say that “sex isn’t needed for the plot of most TV shows and movies.”


More from Townhall: What Is Love? Hollywood Hasn’t Got a Clue

The Christian Post: Nearly half of adolescents say there’s too much sex on TV: study

8:35 Richard Emmons from the Josephine County Eagle now renamed Oregon Eagle – Rogue Valley Edition. He explains the reason for the change, and an expansion of the Eagle’s footprint! (Very good news)  

Thursday 02-22-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Fred Lucas Chief News Correspondent and Manager, Investigative Reporting Project with the Daily Signal and contributor to Capital Research Center.





7:35 Gregory Wrightstone, author of A Very Convenient Warming: How modest warming and more CO2 are benefitting humanity, is a geologist, executive director of the CO2 Coalition, expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and best-selling author of “Inconvenient Facts.”




By nearly every metric, Earth’s ecosystems are thriving and the human condition is improving. This notion of a prospering planet is entirely contrary to the claims of a climate crisis and a looming disaster around every corner, as proclaimed by the Climate Industrial Complex.

In this book, we explore these benefits and learn that we are feeding the planet’s growing population through expanded crop growth, that modest warming is saving lives and that extreme weather events are in decline.

BTW – Scott from GP asked a question post-interview about the effect of shading and temperature. Here is the missing article Gregory was mentioning in the talk:1.  Using Trees and Vegetation to Reduce Heat Islands:

8:40 Richard Emmons from the Josephine County Eagle – with the latest on what happened at the Grants Pass city council meeting. Who will pay MORE (and how much more) for public safety?


Wednesday 02-21-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist from the EXCELLENT and a lot of great conversation about the Trucker Story boycotting NYC –

7:45 State Senator Linthicum on Skype digs into the legislative session and news of the day, plus we do a deeper dive on the upside and down for the “35 dollar insulin bill” which was passed in the State Senate.

 8:45 Kevin Starrett – Oregon Firearms Federation – – conversation about an increasing sign of states IGNORING Supreme Court orders…is this judicial anarchy a good thing?


Tuesday 02-20-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information
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 7:10 State Rep. Dwayne Yunker with the latest on the Salem Session, M110, housing policy, the craziness going on there.
 7:35 Josephine County Commission Herman Baertschiger with opinion and analysis on the news in Jo County and beyond, some discussion on 17-116, too.  
8:10 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks about some movement on federal fire policy, perhaps a permanent fix for the “Let it Burn” 1995 Wildfire policy plan. Also discussion on the proposed charter changes.  
8:35 Capt. William E. Simpson has more breaking news on scientific findings kept secret until AFTER breaching of the dams.
The article is now Live at Siskiyou News:  Dam Deception – Saving The Klamath River – Siskiyou News


Monday 02-19-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Jason Sheppard, founder of Wimkin social media, is launching a conservative dating app, DOTOR, and find out more at

He’s held numerous I.T. leadership positions in major corporate Healthcare before leaving the industry after observing irregularities in Covid testing and government reporting protocols. Jason is an entrepreneur and free speech advocate, who has launched numerous social media platforms to provide alternatives to combat big tech censorship.
Sheppard then founded Wimkin social media in August of 2020. In May 2021, Sheppard partnered with Newsmax host Wendy Bell and Wendy Bell Radio to develop an app to keep her free from censorship.
We also discuss how Meta will put the squeeze on political content, but remains unclear as to what constitutes political content

7:10 Mr. Outdoors, Greg Roberts from with today’s Outdoor Report

7:35 State Representative Kim Wallan discussing the 2 big Legislative agendas – Measure 110 reform and Governor Kotek’s Housing plan!

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of Business Law from SOU and today’s “Where Past Meets Present” –
8:35 Josephine County Commissioner John West digs into the Measure 17-116 repeal and replace of the Charter. (BTW, my vote would be NO on this scheme)