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Friday 02-26-21 Guest Information

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and

Rick and I discuss the Equality Act, other political news, and how the U.N. gave the CCP info on dissidents in China! (really)

Rick just had this up on the site, a focus on human rights abuse in China, and this story is even more important, given Biden’t pivot to China: A Tribute to Harry Wu: The Man Who Exposed Chinese Oppression to the World

7:35 Rhett Fieldsted , organizer of a protest to open the schools and town. The Facebook page is OPEN GRANTS PASS/Josephine County Schools. The protest and rally, complete with many speakers is NOON tomorrow, Saturday, at Grants Pass High School in front of the CORE building. 

7:45 State Senator Dennis Linthicum discusses the legislative walkout by the state GOP senators. Reminder that Dennis is speaking tomorrow here:


















8:35 Mikal Mauro, Partner/Owner of Watts Guerra, LLP. Mikal was the litigator for the fires in CA (PG&E), and is filing a class-action lawsuit  to recover damages to people who suffered losses in the Slater File. There is a Slater Fire Town Hall – 12 Noon on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at River Park Pavilion in Happy Camp, CA., where you can watch a presentation, and possibly join in the suit.


Thursday 02-25-21 Guest Information

6:35 Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident Scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation,

February 23, 2021
PolicyBytes 18.07 

Note to Media: Not All Cold Temperatures Are Due to Climate Change 

Nearly every weather-related national media report I’ve heard or read over the past week stressed one key point: The recent cold weather that froze Texas is just one more example of extreme weather events caused by climate change.

The only problem with that narrative is it’s wrong. If that narrative were true, it would mean that severe cold snaps are new to Texas. They aren’t.

To be sure, the extremely cold weather that blanketed Texas beginning Valentine’s Day and lasting about five days was unusual—just not unprecedented.

The official temperature in the Dallas-Fort Worth area dropped to –2 degrees Tuesday morning, February 16.

But according to the National Weather Service, Dallas-Fort Worth experienced -8 degrees in … wait for it … 1899. That was long before fossil-fuel emissions from cars, airplanes and electricity generation were putting large quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The National Weather Service goes on to say:

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the state [Texas] occurred at Tulia in Swisher County in the extreme southern Texas Panhandle. The thermometer dropped to 23 degrees below zero. However, there were unofficial reports that were even colder. Low temperatures of 30 degrees below zero were measured that night at Wolf Creek and at a site southeast of Perryton, both in Ochiltree County in the northern panhandle. This cold air spread throughout the state with reports of a thin layer of ice coating most of Galveston Bay.

That coldest year? 1933.

The National Weather Service helpfully lists the coldest recorded nights in 17 of Texas’s largest cities. Of those 17 record lows, only four have occurred since 1950.  Here are 10 of the coldest nights.

Cold weather has been invading Texas long before the media became obsessed with climate change.

The earth has been on a gradual warming trend since the last ice age, which is why we aren’t in an ice age any more. And humans may very well be exacerbating that warming trend.

But severely cold weather happens in Texas. It isn’t common, but it does happen—and long before news reports and the left blamed everything that occurs on climate change.

Today’s PolicyByte was written by Dr. Merrill Matthews, resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation.

7:35 – It’s “Digital Learning Day” in Oregon, and I talk about how it works with Ali Thomas, Advisory Teacher for Willamette Connections Academy and Misty Tyron, Medford mother and Learning Coach to stepson Jacob, 5th grader at Willamette Connections Academy.

8:10 Rebekah Millard, Litigation Counsel with the Freedom Foundation – We dig into yet ANOTHER Oregon worker getting screwed over by union dues. Here’s the story:

A fourth Oregon public employee in less than a year has appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals a lawsuit alleging her signature was forged onto a union membership card so dues could be deducted from her paycheck without authorization.

All four cases occur by members of the same union, SEIU Local 503, and were filed by the Freedom Foundation, a national nonprofit and government watchdog group that focuses on public-sector union activities.


Wednesday 02-24-21 Guest Information

6:35  Eric Peters, Automotive Journalist with EP

Some of the articles we discuss today – Curing Their Sickness – For OUR sake –

The Electrocution of Motorcycles –

First Review of Mazda CX-9 –

7:35 Mike Marshall, Executive Director at Oregon Recovers

Legislators Introduce Addiction Crisis Recovery Act (ACRA) which they claim will lower Addiction Rates & Increase Access to Recovery

 Rep. Tawna Sanchez filed HB 3296, the Addiction Crisis Recovery Act (ACRA).  Rep. Sanchez is a person in long-term recovery and Chair of the House Behavioral Health Committee.  A co-sponsor of the legislation is Rep. Rachel Prusak, Chair of the House Healthcare Committee and a Family Nurse Practitioner with a background in addiction treatment.

This is about raising beer and wine taxes to fund alcohol and addiction treatment centers, and we discuss it.

8:35 Lina Nealon, director of corporate and strategic initiatives for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. BIO:

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has revealed that Amazon, Chromebook, Discord, OnlyFans, and Wish are among its 2021 Dirty Dozen List of mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation. This year’s list features several entities that have profited from the COVID-19 crisis by taking advantage of worsening social and economic vulnerabilities and harnessing the dramatic increase in online activity. 


Tuesday 2/23/20 Guest information

6:35 Andy Ngo, independent journalist – More about him and his book at

Journalist Andy Cuong Ngo is out with a new book about antifa: Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, and Ngo is the leading journalist covering antifa in America today. With impeccable sourcing, dogged research and his own undercover work, he can bring this group into sharp relief like nobody else. In Unmasked he tells the story of antifa from its inception, diving deep into the history of corruption and violence. He has seen this violence up close: antifa militants brutally attacked him as he covered a Portland rally in 2019. He shares not only his personal story but his strong evidence that these violent tactics are here to stay. 

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner and State GOP Vice Chair Herman Baertschiger talks the gun bills, and other political news.

 8:10 Glenn Archambault, local farmer, and our elected representative to the Farm Services Bureau. We discuss our S. Oregon food security. Some of Glenn’s thoughts:

Texas and other southwest farm areas are a wreck. No power or gas to process milk, cattle feed, chick feed, and a long list of products that depend on gas and electricity. Not to mention clean water. We are in another food crisis.

Some would say who cares that is Texas’s problem, we are in Oregon. But Oregon has been dodging bullets for decades regarding food production, processing, storage and price. 

I am willing to say Oregon is a anti farm state because of our outdated land use policies and state leadership. Turns out Texas is not very good at managing energy and infrastructure, frozen gas lines, burst water mains, power out, and other calamities. 

Oregon’s food security policy is hoping to God that places like Texas get their act together and get back to shipping food. In this time of sickness, bad weather, drought,  economy on the edge of collapse, what is Oregon’s food policy in case bad luck continues?  

Very interesting, the forecasters in the retail food business. Right now the forecasters are studying the Texas food crisis and deciding what to order for the shelves a month from now.