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Friday 02-09-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government,  with today’s DC Swamp update. Much of the conversation is geared toward the SCOTUS case with Trump, and a REALLY interesting theory on how this Special Consul 300+ page report terming President Biden an elderly man with poor memory will play out politically.


7:35 Oregon 2nd District U.S. Congressman Cliff Bentz, with a brief discussion on the failed Mayorkas Impeachment, what’s next? The Amicus Brief challenging the lower Courts’ decisions to apply what is a financial crimes statute against people linked to the events of January 6th, 2021 and the tax bill that passed the House last week.

In case you missed it, here’s the Congressman’s speech on the House floor in defense of the Klamath Dams (

8:10 State Senator Candidate Noah Robinson, currently an aide with his father State Sen. Art Robinson. Noah is running in place of Art and looking to continue the Robinson tradition of integrity in representing the 2nd District people.


Thursday 02-08-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:15 Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Joey Chester who is part of FAIR’s team at the border gives a firsthand look at both the illegal immigration situation and the showdown between Texas and the Biden administration.

6:35 DR. JASON DEAN For 19 years Dr. Dean and his wife have operated Palmer Natural Health, the largest Nutrition & Chiropractic office in the World, utilizing whole food nutrition and Quantum Nutrition.
Dr. Dean is the Creator and Host of and the Owner of Revolution Health. BraveTV is a media and content channel for Restoring the American Republic. This is done through the education of Health Freedom, Constitutional learning and and maximizing Knowledge.

A Spanish university has developed a device that captures near infrared images using a small camera, USB communication and configurable resolution up to full HD.
The technology developed allows two different uses for mobile devices:
1. Vein viewer: Visualizing and locating blood vessels for medical procedures.
2. Vascular biometric recognition of hand and wrist: Instant identification for security, cybersecurity, and payment systems, including iris identification.

7:35 Richard Emmons, editor and publisher of the Josephine County Eagle –

An update on last night’s Grants Pass City Hall meeting on how to pay for Public Safety. The council approved a meals tax and a 9 dollar per month increase in the utility fee residents pay.  

8:10 Pastor Mark Biltz, founder of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington State  is a well-known and popular commentator on the feasts of the Lord. Pastor Biltz has spoken at congregations and conferences in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada as well as throughout the United States.
 According to author and renowned pastor, Mark Biltz, America is at war by proxy and the American people need to be aware of what the unrest, particularly in the Middle East, truly means for the United States.

In his new bookAmerica at War 2024-2026: The Sons of Light vs. The Sons of Darkness, Bestselling Author and Pastor Mark Biltz answers many important questions plaguing everyday Americans.

In the book, Pastor Biltz warns the U.S. and the rest of the world, that the next two years will be years of Chaos and Wars around the globe. Based on information from Biblical timelines including the Great American Eclipse that crosses over the U.S. on April 8, 2024, America at War eerily predicts and explains the timing of what will be many major historical events.


8:35 Austin Kiser from Kiser CPR on Open for Business. Kiser CPR is located

Address – 1744 E McAndrews Rd ST H Medford, Or 97504  530-607-6979

Kiser CPR has three locations: Redding, Ca. Medford, Or. and Chico, Ca.  Kiser CPR is your local CPR and first-aid training center and location right here in Medford. Kiser CPR, your local American Heart Association training site, is offering courses in basic life-support, advanced cardiac life-support, and pediatric advance life-support. All instructors are medical professionals right here in the Rogue Valley. Don’t travel to recertify: Kiser CPR is right here in Medford. If you work at a medical or dental office, hospital, fire station or ambulance company.

They’re an American Heart Association training site that specializes in CPR and first-aid for adults, infants and children. Kiser CPR offers classes each week for individuals at their training center, or if you’re a group or business they offer private classes at their center, or at your location. Ask about business group rates. To register go to



Wednesday 02-07-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Auto Journalist Eric Peters from with a wonderful Wheels up Wednesday talk. The EV trend going down like the Titanic, 2024 Chevy Colorado review and much more including listener comments. Here are a few of his latest articles:


7:10  Daniel R. Street, is an attorney, legal analyst, and author at Daniel R. Street’s Fake News Exposed! on
SUBSTACK: Daniel R. Street’s Fake News Exposed!
BIO: Daniel Street is an author and attorney with over two decades of experience handling civil litigation in State and Federal Court in Louisiana. Street’s three volume book series, Fake News Exposed about Trump, exposes several dozen biased, misleading or outright untrue stories about President Donald J. Trump, his family, his businesses and his Administration.
Street exposes the most recent examples of fake news, and discusses Donald Trump’s latest legal hurdles, yesterday with the Court of Appeals ruling that he is not immune for J6 prosecution

BTW head to Daniels website and download a free copy of his latest book Fake News Exposed, 25 of the Worst Media Lies about Conservatives, Guns, COVID and Everything Else



7:35 State Senator Dennis Linthicum Senator Linthicum

We talk about the latest bills dropping in the Legislature, any chance of the 10 GOP senators walking again? (They can’t do anything more to them) Other issues, too.



Tuesday 02-06-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Christopher Arps is a member of the Project 21 black leadership network and a managing partner with the public affairs and communications consulting firm Red Tail Strategies, LLC. He’s the cofounder of and President of Americans for Citizen Voting (ACV), a 501(c)(4) dedicated to the belief that only citizens should vote in our local, state and national elections. He’s the afternoon drive co-host of The Tim Jones and Chris Arps Show on NewstalkSTL 101.9 & 94.1. Follow him on Twitter at @chris_arps.

He comments on national black history month.

An increasing number of black Americans are questioning progressive leaders and their policies that have often done more harm than good.

As America grapples with issues such as widespread crime, a crisis on the southern border, racist DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policies and confusion on issues of gender and sexuality, Americans across all demographics are questioning where America went wrong.

And so, even as ambassadors with the Project 21 black leadership network recognize the achievements of black Americans during Black History Month, they are not just looking backwards but are also filled with optimism about the future.

See the full commentary post here-


7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger weighs in on the new legislative session – Now What??




Monday 02-05-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major and Author John deVerteuil discusses how our country may have put itself in a mess trying to help Ukraine. His book is “WE ARE AMERICA” – A voice for the Silent Majority



Did America Really Need To Get Involved In Providing So Much Aim To Ukraine?


The Russia/Ukraine war has certainly been a costly one – particularly for the United States.


Ever since President Joe Biden has opted to support Ukraine in this battle, he has vowed to devote billions of dollars to it for the cause. In the midst of this, however, Senate negotiations to finalize a bipartisan deal to provide wartime aid for Kyiv (while taking care of our own border woes) continues to hit snags, mainly thanks to House Republicans and former President Donald Trump.


But this shows that the U.S. just doesn’t have an understanding of what kind of mess it’s in. By trying to show support for Ukraine and even promising a great deal of money and even weapons, Biden has apparently left support for his own Americans in the dust. And keep in mind, this is with a migrant crisis taking place in our country.


So what happens now? Will Biden continue to push for Ukraine support, or will he have no choice but to try and turn the tide back in America’s favor as his supposed re-election bid begins to take shape?



7:10 Greg Roberts with with today’s Outdoor Report



7:35 State representative Dwayne Yunker HD3 is on. It’s the first day of the short legislative session and we discuss his expectations and guiding principles.



      8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at SOU,

With today’s “Where Past Meets Present”.

Tucker Sno-Cat® 

By Dennis Powers


One of thirteen children, Emmitt Tucker was born in 1892 in a log cabin on Jump Off Joe Creek near Grants Pass. He grew up in a stonehouse built by his father in 1901 close to the hamlet of Trail on the way to Crater Lake. Overlooking the Rogue River, the area is remote, scenic, and heavily snowbound in the winter. As he trudged to school in the early 1900s through deep snows, young Emmitt was already thinking how he could build something to transport people over the unpacked snow.


He began working on different devices; and in the early twenties, Tucker had built several spiral-driven machines with skis on the front and both sides. Driven by a motorcycle engine, he wasn’t satisfied with the performance. His goal was a snow vehicle that could travel over deep, soft snow–but with a minimum of expense and mechanical problems.


In 1938, he finally came up with the idea that worked. Revamping his approach, he centered on a machine that used pontoons and a revolving steel track with one ski in front and two pontoons for balance in the back. It had taken him twenty-four years of persistence and ingenuity. With this revolutionary design, Tucker built the prototype from salvaged parts and in his spare time. Fiberglass replaced later the steel pontoons, along with a mechanical design change with wheels that worked the rubber track forward.


While testing this in 1941 at Crater Lake, he stopped for lunch and met a stranger, who managed a mine near Mount Shasta. So impressed by the model’s performance, he bought it from Tucker right then. Moving in 1942 to Grass Valley, California, Emmitt set up his first production line. Using a six-cylinder Chrysler industrial engine, Tucker sold 70 of them, primarily to the railroads.


Three years later, he demonstrated his snow vehicle over snow-packed trails and logging roads on a 600-mile, midwinter trek from Mt. Shasta to Mt. Hood. In 1951, Tucker invented the four-track design with an independent suspension system that didn’t need the balancing skis. This allowed the machine to traverse rugged terrain. In the historic first motorized crossing of the Antarctic by English explorer Sir Vivian Fuchs, four Tucker Sno-Cats were used in the 2,100 mile trek over four months that concluded in March 1958.


In the 1990s, all-rubber tracks replaced the metal cleats, allowing the cats to cruise over environmentally sensitive areas. Over time, Sno-Cat models would employ a four- or six-cylinder diesel engine with standard automotive parts. The predominate use of a sharp orange color was due to Emmett’s belief that this color best stood out against white snow if someone became lost or needed to be found. It’s been used over the past eight decades.


Depending on the need, the company produces custom vehicles that can be fitted with snow-blowers, brush cutters, and blades; models are available with ice drills, forklifts, dump trucks, and knuckle booms (a crane with a ‘knuckle’ near the middle, letting it fold back like a finger).


Most of Tucker’s snow machines are designed with two- or four-person cabs, but some models can fit as many as fifteen people (i.e., for Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) and maintain speeds up to thirty miles an hour. The Tucker-Terra model with the all rubber tracks has numerous uses in winter or summer: oil and gas exploration, search and rescue, pipeline inspection, avalanche control, mining, telecommunication operations, personnel and cargo carrying, and others.


The Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation has averaged producing and selling 100 snow machines per year (up to 120 annually), which over the past decades works to some 9,000 Sno-Cats. The products manufactured over time ranged from the two-track, 1950s Sno-Kittens to the Sno-Cat “Tour Bus” which can carry up to 15 persons in remote places.


Carrying everyone from actors to far-away film locations and maintenance crews to ice-ridden spots, Emmitt Tucker’s dream resulted in the world’s oldest and successful manufacturer of snow vehicles. It remains a family-owned business in Medford with world-wide distributors. The vintage, older models are now collector items, when he was trying decades ago to solve the tough problem of moving easily over unpacked snow. And that he did.


Sources: Dennis Powers, Where Past Meets Present, Hellgate Press: Ashland, Oregon (2017), Pp. 108-110, “Tucker Sno-Cat;” Edwin Battistella, Oregon Encyclopedia: “Tucker Sno-Cat,” April 2022, at History with Images; for video shorts, use Google/YouTube—for example, “Tucker Sno-Cat,” at Video.