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“NO” on the Charter Changes (opinion)

 What a “coincidence” that both Jackson and Josephine county voters face a May vote on sweeping charter changes that fundamentally transform county governments under the false claims of promoting non-partisanship and “good government”. Both schemes are promoted by Democrats and failed Democrat county commission candidates who can’t get elected without “Stacking the Court” and changing the rules.

it’s a naked power grab about getting more Democrats into the county commissions because they have been unsuccessful at winning countywide votes due to radical Democrat policies.

Behind both “Jackson County for All” (for all Democrats) and the Jo County’s sweeping repeal and replace the charter Measure 17-116, is an incredible amount of political sand being thrown in the air to keep you from seeing the true motivations of its supporters. It’s not about more democracy or more transparency or saving money…It’s about breaking the counties by electing Democrats. Don’t overthink the measures, vote NO.



Friday 03-15-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans For Limited Government

And another freewheeling talk about the DC Swamp including the Tik Tok Controversy –

 7:10 Annie Holmquist, journalist on Annie’s Attic on Substack and contributes often to the Epoch Times and other sites. We discuss her interesting article posing the question if looking at government school graduation rates covers up the reality of academic decline.

 8:10 Mark Hutto – you wonder where all those people who wanted to lock you down went? Mark says they’re hanging out on the NextDoor app…


Thursday 03-14-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Paul H. Tice spent 40 years working on Wall Street and is author of the new book, THE RACE TO ZERO: How ESG Investing Will Crater the Global Financial System ( He worked at some of the industry’s most recognizable firms, including JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust, and BlackRock.  For most of his career, he specialized in the energy sector—both as a top-ranked sell-side research analyst and a buy-side investment manager—which has made him an expert in climate policy and environmental regulation as well as its financial off-shoot, the ESG and sustainable investment movement.  In recent years, he has taught as an adjunct professor of finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Tice—a 40-year Wall Street veteran and renowned critic of the ESG agenda—exposes how the practice of sustainable investing is truly a socialist ruse meant to undermine traditional shareholder capitalism while promoting a globalist agenda of climate hysteria, economic collectivism, and progressive social values.  He argues that sustainable investing is a fraud being perpetrated on the financial markets that violates all the traditional rules and conventions of investing that were meant to protect shareholders while funding profitable goods and services preferred by consumers in a free-market economy and free society.

7:35 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts brings the news that the “Jackson County for All” complaints submitted to the Secretary of State will not be investigated as the state saw no wrongdoing. The JCFA group claimed the county violated election and public meetings laws regarding the group pushing for a total upending of county government via 3 charter change measures on the May ballot.  

8:10 Noah Robinson, Republican candidate for State Senate District 3 –   We talk his campaign and why do so many Republicans in the state legislature vote with the Dems on bad bills when they don’t need to do so?



Wednesday 03-13-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at with yet another half hour of “Wheels Up Wednesday” with car reviews, transportation and political news.



7:35 State Senator Dennis Linthicum – now running for Secretary of State! (From his release)


Today, Senator Dennis Linthicum announced his intention to run for Oregon Secretary of State.

Sen. Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) issued the following statement:

“I am running for Oregon Secretary of State as a Republican candidate to hold the government accountable, while also fight for election integrity. The office has been mired in controversy for decades, and Oregonians are ready for change. I know that my experiences in the legislature and viewpoints that dramatically differ from the party in power will benefit all Oregonians. Too many people feel unheard, and I want to provide GOP voters with a choice in the primary.

“After the unfortunate results of the 2024 short-session and the sessions before it, I feel called to stand for integrity in a statewide office. I have a laser-focused interest in auditing Oregon’s currently lacking election and financial integrity standards. Oregon has a spending addiction that is nearly as bad as our fentanyl problems. I believe this is because of Oregon’s long history of single-party rule and subsequent corruption.

“The public deserves to know the intricate details beneath the surface. Together, this is our opportunity to restore common-sense and integrity by ousting status quo corruption in favor of hard-working Oregonians.”



8:10 Captain William E. Simpson discusses even more issues regarding the destruction of the Klamath Dam System.


He’s the founder and Executive Director of The Wild Horse Fire Brigade.



8:50 Open for Business with Dan Drake from Drakes Paint and Supply

Dan Drake is the co-owner and talks about the history of his family and painting even before establishing the paint store, and how they became a Benjamin Moore dealer.  Dan and his brother have the store on N Pacific Hwy, also one is Grants Pass, and they’re opening a store in late spring at the other end of town near where Riverside and Central meet near the old Wendy’s (they tore the Wendy’s down BTW).





 Tuesday 03-12-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:50 Jack Beaumont, former French spy and author of DARK ARENA and THE FRENCHMAN


“Jack Beaumont” joined the French Air Force in his late teens, trained as a fighter pilot on Mirage 2000-5 single seaters for air-to-air combat, and was deployed in various conflicts. After being injured in a flying accident, he subsequently flew clandestine missions for French special forces and intelligence services before joining the DGSE (aka “The Company”), where he carried out clandestine operations in the field under false identities. He has since retired from the DGSE and is married with children.

Written by a former French spy, Dark Arena is an espionage thriller that takes the reader through an invisible but violent battle for energy supremacy in Europe that led the invasion of Ukraine.

February 2022. An officer of the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), the French foreign intelligence agency, delivers a package of top secret Russian military information from Prague to Paris, and is subsequently assassinated.

So begins a cat and mouse game across Europe as DGSE agent Alec de Payns races to find the source of what has become regular “drops” of highly sensitive information regarding Russian military operations. De Payns infiltrates the clandestine meeting a of Russian private military company, follows the trail of a shady individual codenamed Starkand, and nearly gets assassinated himself.

Meanwhile, de Payns marriage is falling apart and his mental state unraveling as his wife, Romy, pulls away from her increasingly paranoid husband. But as his personal life crumbles, his professional life makes a breakthrough and the DGSE are finally closing in on Starkand and the mysterious head of an American spy network–who is much closer to home than Alec ever imagined.

 7:10 – State Representative Dwayne Yunker, Measure 110 Fixes, effective? What’s next for the NEXT session? Dwayne says tax hikes (!)

 7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger digs into the political situation, how not voting is NOT the same as a NO vote…why voter turnout needs to be the GOP rallying cry.

8:10 HD1 State Rep Court Boice give his spin on the legislative session and the good and bad of it all.

8:50 Open for Business with Dan Drake from Drakes Paint and Supply

Dan Drake is the co-owner and talks about the history of his family and painting even before establishing the paint store, and how they became a Benjamin Moore dealer.  Dan and his brother have the store on N Pacific Hwy, also one is Grants Pass, and they’re opening a store in late spring at the other end of town near where Riverside and Central meet near the old Wendy’s (they tore the Wendy’s down BTW).


Monday 03-11-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Mr. X, community researcher and friend of the show discusses why NO is the only way to vote on the Jackson and Josephine county charter changes.

7:10 – Mr. Outdoors with Rogue Weather Dot Com with today’s Outdoor Report.


7:35 State representative Kim Wallan, HD 6 – Medford with a recap of the state legislature session and a deeper dive in how the fix to measure 110 might (or might not) work.


8:10 Dr., Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at SOU. with today’s “Where Past Meets Present”/


The Sams Valley Meteorite

By Dennis Powers


Meteorites are pieces of rock that fall to Earth from space, most coming from the break-up of small asteroids that never formed a planet. At more than 4.5 billion years old, they are the oldest rocks we possess. As seen in Hollywood movies such as the 1998 film, “Armageddon,” among others, the fictional ones could destroy planets. Large ones make craters, however, and if bigger, can cause catastrophes such as the one that exploded over the Russian Urals in 2013, shattered glass windows in buildings, and left some 1,000 people injured.


Since Oregon became a state in 1859, there have been at least six meteorites found so far that have been verified. Discovered in 1902 near West Linn, the largest in Oregon and United States (and sixth largest found in the world) is the gigantic Willamette meteorite, weighing in at 15-1/2 tons and composed of iron-nickel. The meteorite first exploded into Montana or Southern Canada, and then over the millenniums was brought by a glacier that eventually came to what is now the Willamette Valley, all at the end of the Ice Age some 13,000 years ago. The American Museum of Natural History in New York City bought the meteorite in 1906 and it is currently on display.


The oldest discovery in Oregon is the Sams Valley meteorite, which was found in 1894 and the first of several rock fragments. The 15-pound rock was cut up and sold to museums throughout the world. Countless tens of thousands of these incandescent rocks have streaked over and into Oregon over history, but the great majority burn up before hitting earth, not counting the ones that haven’t yet been found. (Note: A meteor is the flash of light seen when a small chunk of debris burns completely up in our atmosphere; if any part of the debris lands on Earth, then it’s called a meteorite.)


The question is whether a rock is part of a meteorite or just a hoax to part someone from their money. (More on the Sams Valley meteorite will be told later.) Scientists can determine this, but in Oregon, the greatest hoaxor maybe notis the Port Orford Meteorite.


The Department of the Interior had hired John Evans in 1851 to examine the geology and collect rock samples in the Oregon Territory west of the Cascades. Five years later, the geologist traveled from Port Orford northeast through the mountains to continue his research. Evans sent his samples to the East Coast for analysis. In 1859, a researcher wrote him and queried whether Evans could find a particular meteoriteand as taggedonce more.


Interestingly enough, Evans had never talked before about the meteorite, but said that he knew its precise location near Port Orford. He said that the huge rock weighed 11 tons and was discovered in 1856 on a “bald” mountain some 40 miles east of what’s now Port Orford. He had chipped off a specimen and mailed it to Washington, D.C.


Before an expedition could be made, however, Evans unfortunately died in 1861 and the meteorite was never found. Different institutions call this a fraud; others are non-committal. The main problem is only one person testified to its existence and that was over 150 years ago.


George Lindley discovered (1894) the 15-pound space rock in Sams Valley in the drainage between the mouth of Sams Creek and the canyon. Lindley didn’t know what it was, so he used it as a doorstop. After verifying that it was a meteorite and George had died, his son sold it to a Philadelphia mineral company. The company sliced the meteorite up and sold pieces to different museums, including a 2-pound one to Harvard University and a 2.4-pound slice to the American Museum of Natural History in New York (who displayed the Willamette one).


Different pieces were discovered later. In the 1920s, a second, smaller rock was found in a hydraulic gold-mining operation on a Sams Creek tributary. That piece has not surfaced since. Another miner (William Payne) in the 1930s, however, discovered three more pieces of the large meteorite while panning for gold on his Sams Valley property. Numerous “slices” were taken from them.


In 1949, a 2-pound rockbelieved to be one of the three found by Mr. Paynewas discovered in a box of rocks in the Southern Oregon Historical Society’s (“SOHS”) museum in Jacksonville. The last report states that this is in SOHS storage. Other meteorite finds have been in Klamath Falls, Salem (debris that hit a Salem home in 1981), Morrow County, and Fitzwater Pass (about 25-miles southwest of Lakeview).


The earliest Oregon discovery of a meteorite was in Sams Valley. Although more will be found over time, it is better to find them in the ground, than seeing one flash close-by.


Sources: Paul Fattig, “Messengers from space,” Mail Tribune, January 15, 2012; Paul Fattig, “Oregon meteorites: the big, the small, the questionable; West Linn one is largest at 15.5 tons; earliest find is Sams Valley one in 1894,” Mail Tribune, January 15, 2012; Bill Miller, “Is the sky falling?” Mail Tribune, February 24, 2013.