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 Friday 03-11-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and with the DC Swamp Update, and a talk on the 1.5 trillion behemoth spending bill, and some good news about Congressman Bentz regarding the vote.

7:10 Outdoor report with Greg Roberts,


8:10 RJ Haumann from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

RJ and I discuss the rough news out of the spending bill for border security. Here’s their release:

FAIR: Immigration Enforcement All But Frozen by ICE

(March 11, 2022, Washington, D.C.) — The following statement was issued by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in response to the release of the long-awaited U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) annual report, outlining the de facto abolition of the agency’s core responsibilities:
“Nearly halfway through FY 2022, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finally released ICE data for FY 2021. The numbers confirm that the Biden administration has all but ceased removing illegal aliens from the United States. Moreover, the number of new arrests has plummeted, meaning that even fewer illegal aliens will be removed in the coming years,” stated Stein.
Among the disturbing data revealed in the FY 2021 ICE Annual Report:

  • 59,011 deportable aliens removed. In contrast to nearly 1.8 million people who were encountered entering the U.S. illegally in FY 2021, and an estimated 500,000-600,000 who eluded apprehension, ICE removed barely a thousand per week. The FY 2021 removals are the lowest on record since 1995, and the lowest in ICE history considering that the agency was created in 2003.


  • About half of the FY 2021 removals occurred during the Trump administration. The data indicates that 28,677 removals occurred prior to February 18. That means that during the last eight months of the fiscal year, ICE removed about 100 illegal aliens per day.


  • With at least 14.5 million illegal aliens in the U.S., ICE initiated only 74,082 arrests. Fewer arrests mean that even fewer illegal aliens will be removed in future years. The FY 2021 figures (the first four months of which were under the Trump administration) are about half the number of such arrests in the pre-COVID years of 2018 and 2019. While the number of new cases declined in FY 2021, ICE closed or dismissed 18,809 existing removal cases.


  • The dramatic FY 2021 decline in ICE enforcement occurred before new DHS guidelines that further constrain the agency. Beginning in the final day of FY 2021, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued three new sets of guidelines that further limit the categories of immigration lawbreakers who are subject to enforcement, including many with criminal records, while limiting where ICE can carry out enforcement actions.

“President Biden may not have formally abolished ICE as the far left flank of his party has demanded, but the FY 2021 data demonstrates that his administration has all but abolished its functions as an agency that enforces U.S. immigration laws,” charged Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). “The agency’s 20,790 employees still show up for work each day hoping to enforce the law, but they are prevented from doing their jobs and protecting the security and interests of the American people.
“It is not surprising that the administration hid this report from Congress and the American public for as long as they could, only to quietly release it while the nation is focused on Ukraine and raging inflation. But the numbers speak for themselves. The Biden administration is flagrantly flouting enforcement of our immigration laws, and Congress must hold them accountable,” concluded Stein.


Thursday 03-10-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

7:10 Christopher Hall from Cave Junction – BIG, important study on the Cannabis Industry effect on water and environment.

(From Christopher)


The Illinois Valley Soil & Water Conservation District hired me in 2021 to assess the cannabis industry’s impacts to the Illinois River Basin and address the community’s concerns. My research period was from July to December. 


My comprehensive report on the cannabis industry impacts to the Illinois River Basin is complete and you can find it here:

I mapped and measured 950 grows over 12 plants in the Illinois Valley. 82% were unlicensed and had no authorization to use the 414 million gallons extracted by growers. This work is unprecedented and could reasonably reflect impacts occurring in other areas of southwest Oregon in 2022.

7:35 Dallas Hall, Oregon Republican Party Chair, who is resigning as chair. Big time problems in the upper echelon of the party officials, and we discuss it all.

8:10 Glenn Archambault, elected Farm Services Agency for southern Oregon – “The Agricultural Sherpa” and today we discuss the Russia/Ukraine crisis, its effects on food markets and supplies, and what to expect as fallout.


The war will teach a brutal lesson about food and raw materials.


Look around Southern Oregon, how long would food last? Fuel? critical drugs?   


Oregon land use, we never built a slaughter house, we have little food storage, we gave up our 

land and water for hemp, we are out of irrigation water, no roads allowed for logging, all the guns 

are locked up. Putin and the Russian military are laughing at places like Oregon, California, and 

Washington State. They know a couple well placed nuclear devices along interstate five would 

stop the food supply, just like what is happening in the Ukraine, bomb the roads, cut off the food.



Wednesday 03-09-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at Wheels Up Wednesday stories include:

It’s Not so Much The Gas That Costs –

A Buzz for Rich Hippies –

The Next Crisis – (Includes Sen. Merkley issue)


7:10 Steven Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of “Bully of Asia:  Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.”


Steven Mosher released a compelling article in the NYP: With US distracted by Ukraine, Xi is plotting his own invasion,


  • The two countries even coordinated the timing of the attack, with Putin agreeing to delay his invasion until the Beijing games were over
  • China’s subsequent calls for a negotiated settlement are nothing more than window dressing. That’s why Beijing refuses to call Putin’s “special military action” against Ukraine an invasion.
  • If there is anything that will stop the butchery in Ukraine — and permanently deter CCP aggression against Taiwan — it is this threat to the Russian and Chinese oligarchs, that the money they’ve stolen from their own peoples and stashed overseas will be confiscated



7:35 Sherry Lomelino, a former monitor at Griffin Creek School, discusses her recent firing from her job…and it started with a “Let’s Go Brandon” T-Shirt.


8:10  Patrick Wood



ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance” and has been likened to a globalized Social Credit Scoring system for business. If you have a high ESG score, it will be easy to qualify for credit, to get the best deals with vendors and to participate in the global supply chain. Alas, if you don’t have a high ESG score, you won’t be in business long unless you change your behavior and knuckle under to its demands. So, how is ESG determined and who sets the rules and guidelines?


Patrick Wood, Executive Director and Founder of Citizens For Free Speech

Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy.

He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.


Tuesday 03-08-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 Nan Su is Senior journalist and commentator on China and Asia for the Epoch Times.

Beijing Can’t Wait for Escalation of Ukraine Crisis

Nan Su


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has strategically positioned itself to take advantages from the current tensions between NATO and Russia over Ukraine. Any coming sanctions the West may impose on Russia will likely push Putin further into China’s global expansion plan.


7:10 Jessica Gomez, Candidate for Oregon Governor to find out more about and support her campaign.

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talks state and local politics

8:35 Bud Pierce, GOP candidate for Oregon Governor. Dr. Pierce is in southern Oregon tomorrow for voter meet-and-greets, Wednesday, 8:15am-9:15am at the Grants Pass Black Bear Diner, 12:30 at the Waffle Hut in Klamath Falls, and 5:30pm at Roxy Ann Winery in Medford.


Monday 03-07-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 John O’Connor, is author of Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat, Covered Up Watergate, and Began Today’s Partisan Advocacy Journalism and host of The Mysteries of Watergate Podcast. He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Northern California representing the United States in both criminal and civil cases.

Deep Throat’s lawyer discovers the Washington Post betrayed his client – while covering up the truth about the Watergate scandal.  

The conventional wisdom of Watergate is turned on its head by Postgate, revealing that the Post did not uncover Watergate as much as it covered it up. The Nixon Administration, itself involved in a coverup, was the victim of a journalistic smokescreen that prevented mitigation of its criminal guilt. As a result of the paper’s successful misdirection, today’s strikingly deceptive partisan journalism can be laid at the doorstep of the Washington Post.

After Deep Throat’s lawyer, author John O’Connor, discovered that the Post had betrayed his client while covering up the truth about Watergate, his indefatigable research resulted in Postgate, a profoundly shocking tale of journalistic deceit.

In an era when numerous modern media outlets rail about the guilt of their political enemies for speaking untruths, Postgate proves that the media can often credibly be viewed as the party actually guilty of deception. Americans today mistrust the major media more than ever. Postgate will prove that this distrust is richly deserved.

Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat, Covered Up Watergate, and Began Today’s Partisan Advocacy Journalism

 7:35 State Representative Kim Wallan has an update on the just-ended short legislative session.


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, and today’s “Where Past Meets Present”


Celia’s House in Holmes Park

By Dennis Powers 


By the late 1920’s the Medford brothers, Harry and David Rosenberg, developed one of the first specialty mail-order operation that included the “Fruit of the Month” club and became one of the nation’s largest ones. Harry and his wife, Eleanor decided to build a much larger home in 1939. They purchased 20 acres on what’s now South Modoc Road and near their Bear Creek Orchards.

The couple hired the African-American architect, Paul R. Williams, who designed homes for the rich and famous in Southern California. Orphaned at age four, Williams spent the rest of his life overcoming obstacles. Designing luxury hotels and public schools to commercial buildings and Hollywood mansions, he was best known for his residential projects. Frank Sinatra hired Williams to design a Beverly Hills bachelor pad and Lucille Ball for her ranch-style Palm Springs retreat. Others included Tyrone Power, Johnny Weismuller, Lon Chaney, Cary Grant, and Audrey Hepburn—to name a few. 

Although not licensed to practice in Oregon, he quickly established a collaboration with the respected local architects Frank Clark and Robert J. Keeney. In 1939-1940, Paul Williams designed a California Georgian style home for Harry and Eleanor: the 6,260 square-foot mansion had five bedrooms with 6½ bathrooms.

With rooms showcasing views of the surrounding hills, swimming pool, and mountains, it included a curved driveway with a grand entry featuring an elegantly curved staircase. A gated, curved, paver driveway led past manicured gardens and oaks to an impressive frontcourt entrance with a portico of pediment and columns; the swimming pool (one of the first here) with more landscaping was in back with prominent views.

Eleanor died in 1948 and Harry in 1959. Their son, John, sold the house on 1.7 acres in 1963. He donated the remaining 18-plus acres to the City of Medford in 1973–and which led to the creation of Holmes Park. 

The Holmes Park Hospice House (before its recent renaming) story began when a tiny resale boutique (Hospice Unique Boutique) opened on Ashland Street in Ashland in 2009. From the start, there was a shared vision that one day the Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice (“SOFH”) would have a hospice house in Southern Oregon. 

Medical, governmental, and community leaders joined together, as SOFH searched for a park-like property between the two major hospitals in Medford, Rogue Regional and Providence Medford Medical Center. The colonial revival-style mansion was purchased in April 2016 for $1.3 million from Jay Beckstead, a Medford pathologist, and his wife, Paula Stenberg, who had owned the property for 18 years.

SOFH raised $4 million to transform the estate into hospice care by mid-2018. A compatible new wing added eight private rooms, each with a patio or small balcony, with quiet sitting rooms and kitchenettes. Many of the ground-floor rooms have wide doors opening to the outside with an upstairs “treehouse” sunroom. The Holmes House was remade into Holmes Park House, a 12-bed, standalone-residential care hospice facility. The grassroots, volunteer-driven nonprofit SOFH provides round-the-clock care to people who are terminally ill as well as private spaces for families to say goodbye.

With the 4,797-square-foot addition, the home includes places for families to spend time and even nights, as if they were at a home. The organization estimates that 180 patients will be served annually, with an average stay of 14 days. Six of the beds are subsidized through funding by hospital grants, Medicaid, and scholarships by donors and the nonprofit’s Hospice Unique Boutique. Patients and/or their families will pay to use the other six–62% of all hospice admittees were subsidized in some form

In 2017, the prestigious American Institute of Architects awarded Williams posthumously its Gold Medal for his more than three thousand projects over his 50-year career. (Frank Lloyd Wright also received AIA’s rare Gold Medal.) He was the first licensed African-American architect west of the Mississippi to so receive this.

In December 2018, owing to an extraordinary donation of $1 million dollars by Jed and Celia Meese, the Holmes Park House was renamed “Celia’s House in Holmes Park.” They followed up nearly two years later with a $342,000 donation allowing the facility to pay off its mortgage. The property also was added to the National Register of Historic Places that same year.  

Celia’s House is at “full resident admission capacity” with compassion and a waiting list. With a strong thanks to everyone with the Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice, we now think differently about the environments for end-of-life care programs.

Sources: Dennis Powers, SOFH website: “A Brief History,” at SOFH History; Nick Morgan, “A Ray of Sunshine,” Mail Tribune, Sept. 21, 2021 at Later Developments.

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