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Thursday 4-27-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6;35 Kaelan Dorr joins me, a former aide to Presikdent Trump and is the Acting Chief Market Officer of TUSK  the world’s first truly free speech based browser, Kaelan Dorr discusses the release of the GIPPR AI chatbot, the first of its kind which does not skew against conservatives or practice censorship.


*Unlike ChatGPT and other bots, this bot replies favorably to conservative prompts
, and does not act as the AI PC police to anything it disagrees with.

*For conservatives looking to use an AI Chatbot just as capable as the others but without the bias, GIPPR is the solution they have been waiting for.

*It is completely free-to-use and requires no account registration. Anyone can log on and use the bot at their convenience.

About Kaelan:

Kaelan Dorr is founder and CEO of Baldur Strategies, and most recently served as the Global Head of Engagement for GETTR, the fastest growing social media platform in history – with over 7M users worldwide. Previously, Dorr served as the Chief Marketing Officer for President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign and has held roles in the White House and United States Department of the Treasury.


About TUSK:

The first and only “Freedom First” Web Browser with Uncensored News.  Built from the ground up to ensure Conservatives can access the stories that matter. With TUSK, you choose the media outlets you trust so you can browse a news feed with the most relevant stories for you, by you.


Your web browsing with HTTP is not encrypted and is vulnerable to attackers who are eavesdropping and can gain access to website databases and sensitive information. TUSK forces sites to use HTTPS connections when available, protecting your data from prying eyes. These encrypted connections, on both the client and server sides, ensures data security over the network, especially public networks like Wi-Fi.


We are working on our own search, providing an alternative to the search engines that exist today. We are working on something designed by Conservatives, for Conservatives. And since we don’t censor anyone, you will always have a choice to use whatever search you like



7:35 John Quinn, Siskiyou  County Deputy DA and candidate for RVTD Board and Rogue Valley Sewer Service and we talk into wha


8:10 Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation


In our lawsuit to stop the implementation of Measure 114, Oregon’s Department of “Justice” is using every unethical trick it can conjure to hyper inflate our legal bills and harass the plaintiffs standing up for your rights.


Among other games they are playing, they are demanding that plaintiffs provide information on virtually every firearm they own! A harassment technique that has exactly nothing to do with whether Measure 114 is constitutional and everything to do with creating security nightmares for the plaintiffs, which include several sheriffs who regularly face threats against their lives.


They are conducting lengthy depositions with our plaintiffs in an effort to force our attorneys to spend many hours monitoring the actions of the state’s lawyers, who are clearly attempting to intimidate and discredit us with intrusive inquires that are totally unrelated to the case.


The court is requiring our lawyers to spend endless hours researching issues that should be, under the Supreme Court’s recent rulings, entirely the responsibility of the state.


It’s clear that Oregon’s Department of “Justice” is mainly concerned with eliminating what resources we have. But now the anti-gunners have doubled down.


You may recall that voters twice passed Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances in Columbia County.


The Columbia County Commissioners rewrote them and then conspired with national anti-gun groups to challenge in court the very ordinance they wrote. It was one of the most outrageous bait and switch games in memory. 


But a lower court saw through the charade and refused to go along. So the State appealed and the Appeals Court overturned the lower court and essentially invalidated all the protections the people of Columbia County voted for twice. You will recall that one judge on that decision accused gun owners of being racist, anti-semitic, white supremacists. 


Now that same court will decide if we are responsible for over $100,000.00 in lawyer fees. Included in their attacks are private citizens of Columbia County who joined our efforts as plaintiffs.


To make matters even more bizarre and Kafkaesque, we never even supported the ordinance the Commission wrote. We only supported the ballot measures the people passed which the Commission changed and with the help of anti-gun groups challenged in court.


If the clearly biased Oregon Court of Appeals approves these unprecedented attacks, it will have a devastating effect on any plaintiff’s willingness to step up in any effort to protect civil rights. Not to mention our ability to keep funding our federal lawsuit.


Even if the court does NOT grant the anti-gun groups the fees they are demanding, we still have to pay even more legal fees just to fight this insane demand.


On top of all that, we are still paying for a separate lawsuit that was filed against OFF by an attorney whose conduct forced us to fire him.


While we are quite confident that we will prevail in that case, we still are being forced to cover the ongoing legal bills to fight that attack.


These cases have national implications. And as you know, similar battles are being fought all over the country with varying results. But now, faced with not only our Federal lawsuits but two other lawsuits whose only goal is harassment, we are being crushed financially.


More than ever we urgently need the most generous support you can provide. We can count on no help from our “friends” in the legislature, most of whom have either given up or are actually supporting democrat bills. It’s truly down to us.


Your very freedom is at stake and if we lose our ability to fund these fights, all of us could become criminals overnight.


This is our most urgent request ever. You can support these critical battles here:


Donations to any of our organizations help in this fight, but donations to the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation are tax deductible .


Thank you for your continued support and dedication to liberty.


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Wednesday 4-26-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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7:10 State Senator Dennis Linthicum with the latest in the state legislature movement.


7:35 Eric Peters, automotive genius at

Great stories we discuss –


7:50 DR. JEAN TWENGE, author of GENERATIONS: The Real Differences Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents

A groundbreaking, revelatory portrait of the six generations that currently live in the United States and how they connect, conflict, and compete with one another-from the acclaimed author of Generation Me and iGen.

The United States is currently home to six generations of people: 

-the Silents, born 1925-1945

-Baby Boomers, born 1946-1964

-Gen X, born 1965-1979

-Millennials, born 1980-1994

-Gen Z, born 1995-2012

-and the still-to-be-named cohorts born after 2012.

They have had vastly different life experiences and thus, one assumes, they must have vastly diverging beliefs and behaviors. But what are those differences, what causes them, and how deep do they actually run?

Professor of psychology and “reigning expert on generational change” (Lisa Wade, PhD, author of American Hookup), Jean Twenge does a deep dive into a treasure trove of long-running, government-funded surveys and databases to answer these questions. Are we truly defined by major historical events, such as the Great Depression for the Silents and September 11 for Millennials? Or, as Twenge argues, is it the rapid evolution of technology that differentiates the generations?

With her clear-eyed and insightful voice, Twenge explores what the Silents and Boomers want out of the rest of their lives; how Gen X-ers are facing middle age; the ideals of Millennials as parents and in the workplace; and how Gen Z has been changed by COVID, among other fascinating topics.

Surprising, engaging, and informative, Generations will forever change the way you view your parents, peers, coworkers, and children, no matter which generation you call your own.



* More likely to be frequent drinkers that today’s college age young adults

* Joe Biden is the first Silent generation president – we went straight from Greatest (Reagan, Bush Senior) to Boomers (Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama)


* Boomers changed their political beliefs as they aged more than any generation before or since – Boomers were the first group of 56 – 74 year olds to be majority republican since surveys began.

* Boomers without college degrees and lower incomes have become less happy and more depressed since the 1990s, but those with college degrees are feeling about the same – and this points to one of Jean’s most shocking findings: for years, social scientists believed that income didn’t have a direct, significant correlation to happiness. Starting in the 2010s, that changed – since then, it seems money can buy happiness – and it buys more happiness than it used to.

Gen X

* Despite their counter-culture reputation, more GenXers majored in business in college than any other generation

* They have been shut out of leadership positions in both government and business by Boomers who just won’t retire


* Contrary to popular perception, Millennials actually have higher household incomes and wages than Boomers did at the same age

* Millennials were more likely to believe they were above average in their school ability

* Are less likely to be sexually active in their 20s than GenX’ers were: in 2021, more than one out of ten 26 to 40 years old had not had sex in the last year.

Gen Z

* The number of high school students identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual increased 41% between 2015 and 2019; and the numbers of Gen Zers identifying as transgender or nonbinary are astonishing and sure to draw a huge amount of attention

* As high school students, they are less likely to drink alcohol, have jobs, have sex, or get their drivers’ license than previous generations

* Have turned out to vote at high rates not seen since the 1970s



8:10 Mason Goodknight – former Douglas County Sheriffs Deputy who was fired from his position for not agreeing to the LGBTQ policy regarding strip searching/jailing/going along with the gender identity instead of actual gender.




8:35 Mary Wallace, Jackson County Republican Party – We talk about all the vetted endorsed candidates running in the special election. The List is HERE –


Tuesday 4-25-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

(Podcasts on


6:35 Tucker Carlson parting ways from Fox News, and I talk about it with Media CEO and analyst Adam Weiss. (@AdamMatthew) is the CEO of AMW PRa New York based political strategy and communications firm. His firm has worked with Jim Brown, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Congressman Lee Zeldin, Eboni Williams, Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, Governor Haley Barbour, Steve Hilton. Anthony Scaramucci, and more

“This is another victory for the left and their media allies.It represents a sad state of affairs when the media coverage is always 95% liberal and the one big Conservative voice is gone for now,” says Weiss. “It’s like the Yankees getting rid of Mickey Mantle in his prime. These oustings are so weak and show how the media has to kowtow to the radical left.”  


7:10 State Representative Kim Wallan, HD6 talks about the moving of some pretty bad bills, HB2002, HB2005 and others.



7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talks the political situation…always a good conversation.


8:10 Holli Morton Jo County Republican Party Chair talks about the slate of endorsed candidates for the special election. In Jo County VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE!! Saturday 2-5 at the Grants Pass Performing arts center you can see these candidates and ask questions and for the last hour and a half of the presentation Keynote speaker and election integrity specialist Dr. Douglas Franks speaks!


Monday 4-24-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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7:10 Researcher and community activist “Mr. X” talks with Bill about the legal relationship between our counties and the state. Most of our counties are first and foremost defined as “Agencies of the State” rather than “A Body Politic”. We talk about how this restricts our ability to reisist state tyranny, and how we can change this situation to one more favorable to “We The People”. Here are laws we discussed during the talk: 

 Administration of Election Laws  

ORS 246.110  
Secretary of State as chief elections officer  

The Secretary of State is the chief elections officer of this state, and it is the secretary’s responsibility to obtain and maintain uniformity in the application, operation and interpretation of the election laws. [1957 c.608 §2; 1979 c.190 §5; 1995 c.607 §1] 

 Administration of Election Laws  

ORS 246.120  
Directives, instructions and assistance to county clerks  

In carrying out the responsibility under ORS 246.110 (Secretary of State as chief elections officer), the Secretary of State shall prepare and distribute to each county clerk detailed and comprehensive written directives, and shall assist, advise and instruct each county clerk, on registration of electors and election procedures which are under the direction and control of the county clerk. The directives and instructions shall include relevant sample forms of ballots, documents, records and other materials and supplies required by the election laws. A county clerk affected thereby shall comply with the directives or instructions. [1957 c.608 §3; 1965 c.464 §1; 1979 c.190 §6] 

 Administration of Election Laws  

ORS 246.210  
County clerk to supervise local elections officials  






Subject to the directives and instructions prepared and distributed or given by the Secretary of State under ORS 246.120 (Directives, instructions and assistance to county clerks) or 246.140 (Election law conferences for county clerks), a county clerk may exercise general supervision of administration of election laws by each local elections official in the county for the purpose of achieving and maintaining a maximum degree of correctness, impartiality, efficiency and uniformity in the administration by local elections officials. In this regard the county clerk may assist local elections officials in answering questions concerning the proper administration of election laws. 

“(b) Do not include state agency rules and programs, including any specific activities or functions which occur under the rules and programs listed in paragraph (2)(a)(A) of this rule, if: 

(A) An applicable statute, constitutional provision or appellate court decision expressly exempts the requirement of compliance with the statewide goals and compatibility with acknowledged comprehensive plans; or” 

“(6) “Compliance with the Goals” means that the state agency land use programs and actions must comply with the applicable requirements of the statewide planning goals as provided in OAR 660-030-0065.” 

“(12) “Goals” means the mandatory statewide planning standards adopted by the Commission pursuant to ORS 197.005 to 197.855. 

(4) To satisfy the requirement under subsection (2)(b) of this rule, a state agency must complete the following:  




7:35 Local author Jens Heycke – VERY important book – OUT OF THE MELTING POT, INTO THE FIRE – Multiculturalism in the World’s Past and America’s Future (In Print 4/11/23) 

Pre Order locally at Rebel Bookstore in Jacksonville – 

The melting pot has been the prevailing ideal for integrating new citizens through most of America’s history, yet contemporary elites often reject it as antiquated and racist. Instead, they advocate multiculturalism, which promotes ethnic boundaries and distinct group identities. Both models have precedents across the centuries, as Jens Heycke demonstrates in a contribution to the debate that incorporates an international, historical perspective. 

Heycke surveys multiethnic polities in history, focusing on societies that have shifted between the melting pot and multicultural models. Beginning with ancient Rome, he demonstrates the appeal of a unifying, syncretic identity that diverse individuals can join, regardless of their ethnic or racial origins. He details how early Islam, with its ideal of an inclusive ummah, integrated diverse groups, and even different faiths, into a cohesive and flourishing society. Both civilizations eventually abandoned their integrative ideals in favor of a multicultural paradigm. The consequences of that paradigm shift are instructive for societies that seek to emulate it.  Read more: 

Jens Heycke was educated in Economics and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago, the London School of Economics, and Princeton University. He worked as an early employee or executive in several successful technology startups. Since retiring from tech, he has worked as a writer and researcher, conducting field research in more than forty countries, from Bosnia to Botswana. He is an internationally competitive masters cyclist, winning a bronze medal at the World Masters Games and top places in other world championship events. 



8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers “Where Past Meets Present”


Lake of the Woods

By Dennis Powers

Located between Medford (40 miles east) and Klamath Falls off Highway 140, Lake of the Woods is a natural lake near the crest of the Cascade Range. Covering 1,150 acres, pioneer Oliver C. Applegate named it in 1870, while building a road near the lake and a cabin at the lake’s south end. The name came from the thick stands of pine, spruce, and fir trees that filled to the lake’s shore. From the beginning, it was one of our most popular outdoor recreation sites year round, the area abounding with different species of birds, deer, smaller mammals (squirrels, skunks, and porcupines), bear, and even coyotes.

In 1920, the U.S. Forest Service (“USFS”) built a public campground along the lake shore. The site was very popular with 1,850 summer visitors the first year opened. In 1922, cabin owners organized the Lake of the Woods Recreation Association with plans for a resort. Four years later, the USFS issued a permit allowing the Lake of the Woods Recreation Company to build a resort at the lake. A group of Medford residents had formed the company with $25,000 to construct a rustic lodge. This grew over time to include the lodge, a marina, two restaurants, campgrounds, and a general store.

In the mid-1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps built an office, residences, and work buildings at the ranger station; the workers expanded and improved the road network around the lake. In 1937, there were 120 summer homes around the lake, but building and maintaining facilities, including cabins, at a remote lake is difficult at best. Electricity didn’t come until 1938; phone lines connected cabins to the resort by two copper wires strung across the lake; potable water was always a problem.

After its 1939 bankruptcy, the resort reopened during World War II. By 1948, the number of summer homes at the lake had grown to 200. In 1951, the lodge was destroyed in a fire, but was quickly rebuilt and reopened for business. In 1958, Oregon Route 140 was completed, providing Southern Oregon residents with easy access to the lake–that is, until fully graded and paved in the early 1960s. The Klamath Ranger District manages the lake and surrounding forest.

The resort filed a second time for bankruptcy in 1968, as different owners over the next 30 years struggled to make it profitable. The need for continued repairs, renovation, clean water, and the USFS snail’s pace on approving necessary permits made this difficult. However, the Neuman Hotel Group came to the rescue in 1998 by purchasing the resort, remodeling and rebuilding the lodge and marina, as well as new wiring and plumbing for its 30-odd cabins. Ten years later, George Gregory (who managed the resort for the Neumans) and John Doherty with others bought the resort. And have been running it since then.

From early years, the lake was the site of summer camps for the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and other organizations. After World War II, returning soldiers helped build a Girl Scouts Camp named “Low Echo.” Although this closed in 2013, Sid and Karen DeBoer bought and rebuilt the camp, then turned this over to the Ashland YMCA to operate.  

The lake had been a favorite fishing location for warm-water species (bass, crappie, bluegills, etc.) and salmonid species (trout and salmon). When the warm-water species combined with limited spawning areas, the salmonids declined. In 1955, the entire lake was poisoned with rotenone, killing all the fish in the lake. The lake was then restocked with rainbow trout, brook trout, and kokanee salmon. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife manages the Lake of the Woods fishery to maintain and balance the fish populations.

Today, Lake of the Woods is a very popular recreation site, complete with 250 campsites at its four campgrounds; 218 summer homes are around the lake, all requiring Forest Service recreational resident permits. The year-round resort provides two restaurants, a general store, marina (both for rental and mooring) with 33 rental cabins–and celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.

Sources: Sharon Bywater, “Lake of the Woods Celebrates 100 Years!” Southern Oregon Historical Society Quarterly, Winter Issue, 2022, Pgs. 1-3; Lake of the Woods Resort at

Resort Website; Lake of the Woods–Oregon, Wikipedia, at Background.