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Friday 05-20-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 The DC Swamp Update with Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government. and

Why did it take 3 months on the Baby Formula Issue?


7:10 Greg Roberts, “Mr. Outdoors” from and discussing this weekend’s Outdoor Report


7:35 Dr. Richard Amerling, MD, past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Amerling is currently with the Global Covid Summit group and has been presenting at meetings around the country

The Nazification of American Medicine

by Richard Amerling, MD

The medical profession’s adoption of sacrosanct “evidence-based medicine” set the stage for the widespread medical tyranny we are currently witnessing.

EBM sounds scientific, objective, and noble, but it was hijacked by industry to create clinical practice guidelines that came to dominate medical education and practice. These were only loosely based on evidence, mostly from industry-funded studies, or were created by “expert” doctors, the majority of whom were industry-funded. The embrace of the EBM narrative created the illusion of knowledge and the impression that there was only one “best practice” for any given situation. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Medicine and science are (or should be) continuously evolving and changing, with hypotheses being challenged and rejected or supported. EBM, however, in the hands of bureaucracies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), became an instrument of medical tyranny.

The medical profession, because we care for individual patients, is an essential bulwark against totalitarianism. Remember that Hitler first co-opted and controlled the doctors before implementing the Final Solution. Doctors who owe allegiance to the state will have difficulty standing up against policies that abuse the individual, or human dignity and life.”

The Hippocratic ethic of the medical profession stands in the way of the antihumanist, pseudoscientific Left. This ethic upholds the rights of our individual patients, including the elderly, the sick, and the unborn, and the noble goals of our profession to preserve life, to heal, and to soothe.

How have physicians gone wrong? As described by Ashley Fernandes in “Why Did So Many Doctors Become Nazis?” in the period leading up to and including World War 2, German physicians joined the Nazi party at a much higher rate than all other professions. German doctors were also organizationally and financially tied to the state.

Hitler’s genocide was based on eugenics, a pseudoscientific concept he borrowed from Western intellectuals. In the U.S., the eugenics movement led to Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and the resultant Black genocide by abortion over the past half century. In Germany, it gave rise to acceptance by the medical profession of the notion of “life unworthy of living.” Contrary to popular belief, German doctors participated willingly in what followed: compulsory sterilizations, laws blocking intermarriage with Jews, euthanasia of the “incurably sick” and disabled children. This murderous policy was justified as being humane and based on “good science.”

Once Jews and others were dehumanized as Untermenschen, the Final Solution was proposed and implemented starting in 1942. Fernandes writes, “Physicians, dressed in white coats, gave the imprimatur that indeed, those that were to be gassed were not human persons at all: At every turn, the annihilation procedures were supervised—and, in a perverse sense, dignified—through the presence of medical staff.”

Additionally, doctors were heavily involved in highly unethical, injurious, and frequently lethal human experimentation.

It grieves my soul to make this analogy with what has happened to American medicine. But what have we seen over the past two plus years of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Most American doctors followed CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “guidance.” They withheld early life-saving treatments. They abandoned patients, instructing them to stay home until they literally couldn’t breathe. They did not object to the blatant, harsh censorship and harassment of colleagues who were utilizing repurposed drugs to fight the disease. They failed to recommend general health measures aimed at improving metabolic and immune health.

Doctors did not object to the imposition of mask mandates, despite clear evidence of their lack of benefit and obvious harms, especially to young children. Nor did they protest lockdowns, whose inefficacy and massive collateral damage were immediately evident.

Once a patient was in hospital, doctors complied with absurd and inhumane rules restricting family visitation of sick and dying patients, and followed strict treatment protocols that were at best ineffective, and at worst lethal. Government payments to hospitals incentivized diagnosing COVID-19 and following the “guidelines.”. These included the mandatory prescription of remdesivir, an ineffective and highly toxic drug, pushed into guidelines by Anthony Fauci. The protocols excluded the use of inhaled steroids, and recommended dexamethasone, a weak systemic corticosteroid, at very low doses. Full anticoagulation was hard to come by in a disease known to cause major blood clotting.

For the most part, doctors enthusiastically backed the mass “vaccination” of all humans, regardless of any clinical considerations such as prior immunity, low risk of severe disease, pregnancy, and many other clear contraindications. They even denied life-saving organ transplantation when either donor or recipient was unvaccinated, a policy with zero scientific merit.

What about human experimentation? These gene-based “vaccines” are all experimental. How many participants have given truly informed consent? How many were told the absolute risk reduction for serious infection is less than 1%?

There is no way to measure definitively how many have died as a result of these centrally ordered practices. Possibly millions. One telling indicator may be the 40% spike in life insurance claims for working age adults reported in 2021.

American Medicine has become unmoored from its scientific and ethical anchors. I implore physicians to reject the example of German doctors who joined the Nazi Party and to stop being tools of totalitarianism. Doctors must reclaim their soul.



8:10 Andy Pollack, Co-Author of “Why Meadow Died” discusses his lates article on Townhall dot com “The Mass Shooting Lessons We Won’t Learn” –




Thursday 05-19-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Robert Spencer, is the director of Jihad Watch and author of The Critical Qur’an: Explained from Key Islamic Commentaries and Contemporary Historical Research.

In Buffalo, Biden condemns ‘poison’ of U.S. white supremacy

Time to Replace Radical Islam with a White Guy



7:10 Hubert Smith talks of his challenges getting letters printed in the Mail Tribune.


7:35 State Senator Dennis Linthicum, SD 28, Klamath Falls – Post Election discussion.

Fractured Bedrock, Part 3


The primary votes are still being counted and will continue to be counted for seven more days. The real battle for Oregon’s future begins now.

Will Oregon continue to cheerlead the far-left agenda as the Biden administration promotes uncertainty and chaos across the US? It’s time to ask ourselves if we can see the Left’s vision for America. What is their goal?

Another good question would be why do riots continue in large metropolitan cities? What is causing increases in homelessness, drug use, shoplifting and our housing shortages? Why is gas and diesel fuel so expensive and why has inflation taken hold in all areas of our lives?

Could it be the far-left’s political strongholds have sold out to the ideas framed by what is known as the Cloward-Piven Crisis-Strategy?

Starting with a 1966 radical paper and continuing in their work and writing, their strategy calls for “cadres of aggressive organizers” to use “demonstrations to create a climate of militancy.”

This is an outline for turning America inside out.

Their theory was that they could break the free-market (capitalistic) system by destabilizing the larger society. They realized that economic institutions were the important features of prosperity and cultural continuity, so their goal was to ignite an economic crisis.

A breakdown in the functioning of the economic institutions:

“…stirs unrest and conflict and causes disaffection and division among voters. Price inflation, housing shortages, rising local taxes, widespread unemployment, or demands for racial integration may lead to the threatened or actual disaffection of segments of the population from existing political leadership.”

Fear, turmoil, violence and economic collapse would provide the perfect conditions for fostering radical change by overwhelming government agencies with a flood of demands beyond any reasonable safety-net capacity. System-wide burdens could break the budget, bind the bureaucratic gears, and bring the capitalist system crashing down.

Thus, we see the far-left growing government by fanning the flames of discontent while doling out billions to meet constituent demands that will never be satisfied.

Is Oregon’s Democrat trinity – Governor, House, and Senate – intent on following the Cloward-Piven strategy while camouflaging their efforts behind the color of law, majority rule, and invented voter demand? Or will the public sentiment rise up, to change the pieces in the puzzle?

Election integrity must be the watchword for those of us wanting to keep the electoral process free from political manipulation.

The recent movie, 2000 Mules, produced a sincere interest in election integrity and transparency across the US and in Oregon. The public is more and more aware and demanding improvements in governance from both our county election offices and the Secretary of State’s (SoS) office.

Generating timely, accurate, and freely available public information should be a straight-forward task. But there are no straight lines in any government policy.

Take for example, HB 3291, known as the “postmark rule,” which is one of several Democrat sponsored modifications to existing law. This rule weakens voter ID and registration requirements while creating moral hazards and opportunities for voter fraud.

The SoS felt a need to issue a Press Release (PR) and Public Service Announcement (PSA), this week. The PR started with the following statement, “The new PSA is the latest project in the Trusted Info 2022 campaign, a national effort to pre-bunk false election information.”

Wow! A national effort to pre-bunk false election information.


The PSA tells readers that any ballot postmarked by Election Day is considered ‘on time’ even if it arrives at the county elections office up to seven days after the election.

The SoS, claims the new law, “says that any ballot postmarked by Election Day is considered on time even if it arrives at election offices up to seven days after the election.”

The PSA goes on to re-assure voters that although,

“The new law will mean that the total number of votes cast in the election will increase in the days following Election Day. These are not “late” votes. Every vote tallied by elections officials will have been cast on time.”

But the PSA fails to mention Section 8 of HB 3291 which states,

(8) If the elector returns the ballot by mail, and a postal is not present or legible, the ballot shall be considered to be mailed on the date of the election and may be counted if the ballot is received no later than seven calendar days after the election.

This means that, “Every vote tallied by elections officials will have been cast on time”, because the majority passed a law that says it is so.

If a ballot was mailed after Election Day and received a post mark that was legible, then it will not be counted. However, if the post mark was illegible or missing then it would be “considered to be mailed on the date of the election.”

This legalese means all ballots without any chain of custody or post mark information will get counted for an additional seven days. They will be valid under the color of law and single-party majority rule. The system has been deliberately broken to allow late ballots into the mix.

The SoS publishes daily data regarding who has voted and who has not voted. Unscrupulous actors could solicit votes from those who have not yet voted and submit those ballots without a post mark.  Additionally, these bad actors could harvest votes or bulk fill fake ballots and drop them into ballot boxes without any chain of custody information or post mark data. This is certainly a gaping hole in the fabric of election integrity.

The cleverly worded pre-bunking memo came from the Democrat party controlled SoS. The PSA avoided spilling the grimy details of the late-ballot law because the party wanted the ability to universally label any complaints about the election process under their new rules as ‘bunk.’ 

County election officials will be counting ballots without post mark data as valid because HB 3291 broke the time clock.

HB 3291 is just one example of the dangerous results flowing from single-party rule. Not one Republican or Independent representative or senator voted in favor of this bill which breaks the chain-of-custody requirements for election day deadlines.

The single-party majority has slowly wrested control away from our local county polling places. County officials are no longer able to verify voters or timely ballots. The danger is right in front of our eyes, and we must break the current single-party stranglehold.

Together we must rise to the challenge and take back Oregon’s Election Integrity and change the electoral majority so that these injurious laws can be repealed.

Coming next in Fractured Bedrock, Part 4 – another example of the single-party majorities’ freeway to fraud under the color of law.


8:10 Allan Stevo – event going on later today at Facebook Headquarters.  I have this upcoming event (flyer linked here — ) at Facebook Headquarters Today with Robert Kennedy, Naomi Wolf, and others. 

www.CHD.TV will livestream the event.


Wednesday 05-18-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at

Dodge Durango Review –

Uh oh, a new Diaper Report –

Drive 55 Comes to Germany –


7:35 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts, a discussion of the Commissioner’s recent visit to the Cole River Fish Hatchery with U.S.

8:10 Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center – What about the WHO takeover of our country? and


8:35 Open for Business with Anthony Boyd From Collaborative Publishing

Collaborative Publishing Solutions has transitioned to a 501c3 Non Profit organization to open up bigger opportunities for support to grow the products and reach more and more citizens. Now, not only can we promote local and regional businesses by allowing their ways local businesses can get involved:

    • If you are a supplier or manufacturer, you are eligible for a free listing in the Guide. We have an online form where you can submit or update your business data for your listing at This page is currently being updated to help automate the process and let business owners maintain their current info easily.
    • If you are a business that wishes to do business with these industrial sectors, or support our mission, here’s how you can do so:
      • We offer advertising opportunities to our community supporters
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    • If you are interested in supporting our mission or any of our projects, you can go to or email to get in touch with us!
  • presence in our publications, we can apply to have assistance to increase production, frequency of product, and expanded distribution into new areas of the state and region.
  • The SO Industrial & Manufacturing Guide is currently online interactively representing some 1,400 manufacturers and suppliers in Southern Oregon. It’s amazing how many people in our communities do not know what a bulk of our industrial, manufacturing or supplier firms represent and are capable of…we have amazing businesses doing not only state, but regional, national and global business projects!  We have a huge story to tell, and are doing our part to bring the attention these businesses deserve.


Tuesday 05-17-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza’s new film 2000 Mules will be opening in theaters May 20th

The release kicked off with a column by Miranda Devine:

And here is the trailer on Rumble:

2000 Mules, Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming documentary film, reveals the truth about what 

really happened in the 2020 election

HOUSTON, TX—Over and over, Americans are told by the Democrats and their water carriers in the mainstream media that the 2020 election was the “most secure election in history.” Those who disagree are called “conspiracy nuts,” “sore losers,” or worse.

“The election of 2020 haunts the American mind,” says celebrated filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. “There is a wide swath of people who know in their gut that there was coordinated, massive fraud. These people are frustrated that no one has been able to prove it–until now.” So, what is the truth?  

In his newest film, 2000 MulesD’Souza takes the audience on a gripping journey deep into the 2020 election. The film exposes how the Democrats leveraged an already corrupt system to implement widespread illegal vote harvesting under the guise of “increased voter access,” ultimately changing the course of the election.

Data obtained by election integrity group True the Vote founder and president Catherine Engelbrecht and election intelligence expert Gregg Phillips reveals the inner workings of the Democrats’ plan to disrupt the election results. Taking a page from criminal investigators utilizing forensic data such as verified geolocation data and official surveillance camera footage, 2000 Mules pulls the curtain back to reveal an elaborate network of paid operatives who worked together to brazenly break our election laws.  

“The purpose of this investigation is to know the truth. And once we know what happened in the 2020 election, we must make sure that it can’t happen again,” adds D’Souza. “Without free and fair elections, we are not a democracy, we are a nation run by a criminal cartel, masquerading as a democracy. We who believe in constitutional democracy must be diligent. If we give up, they win. In fact, if enough of us give up, they won’t need to cheat anymore.”

To see 2000 Mules:

  IN THEATERS: Opening in hundreds of theaters across the country on Friday, May 20. Check your local theater listings or visit

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD and DVD: On Saturday, May 7, the film will be available for digital download and streaming at both and Rumble’s The Digital Download and the DVD are available now for pre-order at

A companion book of the same title will be released by Regnery Publishing on October 4, 2022 and is available for pre-order now from online retailers (ISBN 978-1684510832). 

7:10 Bob Tiernan, Oregon GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

Bob responds to dirty tricks text messages, NO he’s NOT in favor of a sales tax.

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talks the Courier, His visit to the Cole River Fish Hatchery, other issues.

8:10 Curry County Commissioner Court Boice weighs in with his thoughts on the Fish Hatchery issues, then I replay the Dinesh D’Souza interview from earlier this morning.  



8:35 Open for Business with Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, call him at 541-897-4464

We talk about people that own their home free and clear, and how a Reverse Mortgage can help in retirement. How we can set them up with monthly payments for a specific term or for as long as they live in the home. Plus we could also set them up with cash reserves in the form of a line of credit.

Plus we could set up an account to have their taxes and insurance paid for them.

Turn that massive amount of housing wealth into monthly checks and cash reserves.

This is timely for people living on just social security that are getting squeezed by inflation.

Matt Allen,

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Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC

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Direct: (541) 897-4464

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Monday 05-16-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Tony Lyons is the president and publisher of Skyhorse Publishing, a company that has over 10,000 books in print. Tony has fought the censorship of numerous books, recently including books by Woody Allen, Alan Dershowitz, the biography of Phillip Roth and Robert F Kennedy Jr’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci, which is the bestselling and most-censored book in America.


Sen. Warren’s Asking Amazon to Stop Carrying Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s COVID Book Likely Not Unconstitutional
Judge won’t make Sen. Warren retract letter about COVID book

On September 7, 2021 Senator Warren wrote a letter to Amazon that described The Truth About COVID-19 as containing “misinformation about COIVD-19 vaccines and treatments.” The letter criticized Amazon for selling and effectively promoting the book via the algorithms that govern its website’s search engine and “Best Seller” rankings.

Defendant Warren characterized this apparently favorable treatment of Plaintiffs’ and other books as “peddling misinformation” and as part of a “pattern and practice of misbehavior” that amounted to “an unethical, unacceptable, and potentially unlawful course of action” by Amazon. Defendant Warren claimed that conspiracy theories, vaccine misinformation, and “false cures” related to COVID-19, like those allegedly contained in the books the letter identified, “have led to untold illnesses and deaths.”

U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein on Monday issued an order rejecting the request by the publisher and authors of the book “The Truth About COVID-19,” which accuses the “global elite” of using the pandemic to grab “unprecedented power.”

The lawsuit continues but the judge wrote that the plaintiffs were “unlikely to succeed on the merits of their claim that Defendant Warren’s letter constitutes a prior restraint on speech.”



7:10 Vance Day, candidate for Oregon Appeals Court Position 3 Judge


7:35 Glenn Archambault, elected farm services agency representative, we talk the baby formula shortage, and how the farm market health looks.




8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present”. Retired Professor of Business Law from SOU, and author of MANY outstanding historical books and novels. Read more at   



When Electricity first came to the Region

By Dennis Powers

In January 1889, a Mr. Tuttle presented an electrical show to a crowd that came to Ashland’s Plaza. Hooking up a 2-horsepower dynamo to a drive belt powered by an Ashland Flour Mill drive motor, a carbon light glowed in the dark to everyone’s amazement. This presentation was followed by the privately owned Ashland Electric Power & Light that built a hydroelectric plant on Lithia Creek (in what’s now Lithia Park) and started producing power that summer.

This was a good year, as the Grants Pass Water, Light & Power Company started up its operations in December 1889 for that town’s residents. Edward Brown oversaw the building of the Grants Pass Diversion Dam across the Rogue River, south of the bridge, and electricity was available there. As with Ashland’s initial power delivery, there were conditions. Its hydroelectric power was only for daily use from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., and then Grants Pass folks needed to use their whale-oil lamps or candles. The hours of service increased over time, including adding an “ironing hour” that gave homemakers electricity on Tuesday mornings from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Other towns followed, such as Roseburg in the following year, and Yreka and Dunsmuir in 1891. Medford came later. Mr. R.A. Proudfoot in 1894 constructed a small wood-burning plant on Bear Creek that used steam to turn its generators. The city bought this facility six years later. 

It took the Ray brothers to bring dependable electricity to the entire region. Colonel Frank H. Ray had convinced his brother, Dr. C.R. Ray, to inspect the Braden mine near Gold Hill as a potential purchase. With his positive report, the two bought it, along with the rights to a power site to be constructed on the Rogue River and supply electricity to the mine for around-the-clock operations.

Since the Colonel was wealthy and a vice-president of the American Tobacco Company, there were little problems in raising the money to build the large hydroelectric complex at Tolo, four miles above Gold Hill. When completed, the dam was 350-feet long and 17-feet tall; the impounded river was diverted through a powerhouse, first generating electricity in 1904. The Ray brothers’ Condor Water and Power Company soon furnished power from Grants Pass, Gold Hill, and Medford to Jacksonville, Central Point, and Ashland.

This relatively cheap electricity drove the region’s development, as mines, flour mills, machine shopsand all businesses from restaurants to retail storesincluding private residences now had the power to function by. Southern Oregon could join the rest of the country in its growth.

During this time, Yreka’s Jerome P. and Jesse W. Churchill had developed similar hydroelectric power from the Shasta River and were distributing this to communities in Northern California, including over the Siskiyous to Ashland. The Rays’ company (named now Rogue River Electric) by agreement later took over supplying Ashland’s needs, as the Churchills continued developing Northern California.

The twenty-four light and power companies controlled by the Churchills and Rays consolidated in 1912 under the name of the California-Oregon Power Company (or “Copco”). This holding company controlled power plants throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California with distribution lines from Klamath Falls to Yreka and Grants Pass to Dunsmuir. Copco then over time absorbed smaller power companies, constructed numbers of substations, and increased or added distribution systems. The large utility, Pacific Power Co., bought all of Copco’s operations in 1961 and brought about a generating and transmitting power giant that operated throughout six Pacific Northwest states.    

As to Gold Ray dam, less expensive power grids and cheaper land-generation systems caused those operations in 1972 to shut down. Pacific Power transferred the dam, powerhouse, and twenty-seven acres to Jackson County. Forty years later, Gold Ray dam was demolished.

The story of delivering vital electric power to this region is one based on taking risks, individualism, and persistence. Without this, what everyone takes now for granted could be completely different. Not to mention, the uncertain future.  

Sources: Dennis Powers, “The Oregon Encyclopedia: Gold Ray Dam” at Gold Ray Dam; Dennis Powers, Where Past Meets Present, Hellgate Press: Ashland, Oregon, 2017, pp. 40-42, “When Electricity First Came to this Region”; Mail Tribune, “When did electricity first arrive in the Rogue Valley?,” April 22, 2007.