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Time to change the public notice laws?? Josephine County Commission votes to move their public notices away from the GP Daily Courier to the much smaller Illinois Valley News (weekly) based in Cave Junction. The board says it’s about saving money, and the county is certainly cash-strapped. (Law enforcement, especially) No doubt not wanting to feed a paper that arguably isn’t too fond of the board (feelings are mutual) played a role. Print media finds itself in challenging times like much of legacy media. Not sure the law requiring posting in local newspapers is a sustainable option?


Wednesday 1-18-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Eric Peters, Automotive Journalist with and so many great articles discussed today including:



7:10 Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler talks crime and punishment in the county, challenges with homeless, the grows and Cartel issues, jail capacity and much more.


810 Richard Emmons from the Josephine County Eagle and a discussion of last night’s 4-H/extension service talk at the Jo County Fairgrounds. This is a follow-up on the woke, anti-Christian policies coming down from the State.


8:35 Open For Business with Cheriesse from


Tuesday 1-17-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 David Horowitz, author of Final Battle

More on David:


David Horowitz, one of America’s most famous authors and conservative thought leaders, says in his new book, FINAL BATTLE: The Next Election Could Be the Last:

  • America’s next presidential election could be her last.
  • There now exists an existential threat to American democracy greater than any our nation has ever faced.
  • Democracy as we know it is being obliterated at the hands of Democrats who pose a deadly threat to our freedom.
  • Their real goal is a one-party state – and they are willing to break even Constitutional provision, law, precedent and procedure – to see that it happens.



7:10 Greg Roberts, and today’s Outdoor Report


7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger – Herman and I talk about what he believes is the coming attack on your state income tax kicker!

810 Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation – Measure 114 Update, the legislature is in session and a LOT of attacks coming on the 2nd A. Keep your head on a swivel, huh? Stay in touch and sign up for alerts at








Thursday 1-12-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 John O’Connor, is author of Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat, Covered Up Watergate, and Began Today’s Partisan Advocacy Journalism 


and host of The Mysteries of Watergate Podcast. He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Northern California representing the United States in both criminal and civil cases.


We dig into the book’s premise and how the Trump/Biden classified files issues “resonate”.


More about John’s book: Deep Throat’s lawyer discovers the Washington Post betrayed his client—while covering up the real truth about the Watergate scandal.  

The conventional wisdom of Watergate is turned on its head by Postgate, revealing that the Post did not uncover Watergate as much as it covered it up. The Nixon Administration, itself involved in a coverup, was the victim of a journalistic smokescreen that prevented mitigation of its criminal guilt. As a result of the paper’s successful misdirection, today’s strikingly deceptive partisan journalism can be laid at the doorstep of the Washington Post.

After Deep Throat’s lawyer, author John O’Connor, discovered that the Post had betrayed his client while covering up the truth about Watergate, his indefatigable research resulted in Postgate, a profoundly shocking tale of journalistic deceit.

In an era when numerous modern media outlets rail about the guilt of their political enemies for speaking untruths, Postgate proves that the media can often credibly be viewed as the party actually guilty of deception. Americans today mistrust the major media more than ever. Postgate will prove that this distrust is richly deserved.

 Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat, Covered Up Watergate, and Began Today’s Partisan Advocacy Journalism

BIO: John O’Connor is an experienced trial lawyer, practicing law in San Francisco since 1972.  He has tried cases in state and federal court throughout the country. He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Northern California from 1974-1979, representing the United States in both criminal and civil cases. Among his interesting assignments have been representation of the government during the OPEC oil embargo of the 1970s; writing Fifth Amendment and “state of mind” briefs for the prosecution in United States v. Patricia Hearst; representing the FDIC, FSLC and RTC during the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s; representing California Attorney General Dan Lungren in campaign-related litigation; defending R.J. Reynolds Tobacco in significant smoking and health litigation; representing Coach Don Nelson in litigation with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban; and representing W. Mark Felt regarding the revelation of his identity as Deep Throat.


Wednesday 1-11-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at the EXCELLENT

Just some of his articles discussed include:


7:10 Robert Spencer is the bestselling author of The History of JihadThe Palestinian Delusion, and Did Muhammad Exist? and The Critical Qur’an. He led seminars for the FBI, the US Central Command, US Army Command and General Staff College, the Asymmetric Warfare Group, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Founder of


The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War

Robert Spencer, is the director of Jihad Watch and author of The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War


What is the Sumter Gambit? It’s the concerted effort by the Left to push the most extreme policies and ideologies into American public life, while simultaneously labeling any opposition to their overreach as treason.

While this strategy has been developed for decades, only since the Trump years has it become their central organizing principle and, indeed, the only governing strategy of the Democratic party. Critical Race Theory in schools, extreme gun control and abortion laws, Covid lockdowns and mandates–and all that is just the beginning.

The purpose of it all is to push non-Leftist Americans into an impossible corner–where they are forced to choose between giving up their liberty and their most dearly-held principles; going to jail; or fighting back. When the last becomes the only choice, the Left plans to unleash the entire might of the Military-Industrial Complex to defeat and destroy any vestiges of dissent. They’ll have to do it, they’ll say, to protect us from an “insurrection.”

At that point, we will have the Civil War that they have wanted, and planned for, since at least the 1960s.

The Sumter Gambit is a brisk primer on the primary differences between the two camps in America today, and the ways in which Americans can and must act now to preserve our nation. We must strengthen the country against its internal enemies who want to silence their opposition and impose upon us a radical Leftist ideology that is in the process of transforming America into a land no one would ever dream of calling the Land of the Free or the Home of the Brave.

There is no doubt that America is suffering from grave crises today. Here the noted political analyst, Islam expert, and historian Robert Spencer shows just how severe those crises are–and points the way back from the brink of civil war to political, societal, and cultural sanity.

 The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War

Spencer is the bestselling author of The History of JihadThe Palestinian Delusion, and Did Muhammad Exist? and The Critical Qur’an. He led seminars for the FBI, the US Central Command, US Army Command and General Staff College, the Asymmetric Warfare Group, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).






7:35 State Senator Dennis Linthicum on Skype, we discuss the Greater Idaho Movement, and how a bill to begin a discussion on this with the Idaho legislature has a possibility of being heard in the Oregon Legislature.


Tuesday 1-10-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Heritage Action Communications Director Carson Steelman


Now that a Speaker has been elected in the House, Heritage Action for America is urging House conservatives to pursue a bold legislative agenda to tackle the most pressing issues facing the American people. This includes tackling major priorities like securing the southern border, rising inflation, Big Tech censorship, life, and the threat from Communist China. In May 2022, Heritage Action and the Heritage Foundation released what they believe should be the seven strategic policy priorities for conservatives in the near future, which can be found here.

After two years of suffering under the Left’s agenda, the American people want to see their representatives fighting for safety and security, economic opportunity, and accountability. Heritage Action for America is leading the charge to ensure Congress shows the American people what conservative leadership looks like ahead of the 2024 election cycle.


7:35 State and local Political Talk with Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger


8:10 Dianne Anderson, Gary Clark, authors of Who Made American Schools Marxist training Centers – order it at 

Tonight at 5:30 in the Central Point Library they continue their series of lectures on Karl Marx in the Classroom – We have a lot of work to take back education.


Monday 1-09-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Jeff Hays, Filmmaker of The Real Anthony Fauci

With the incoming Republican Congress planning to hold hearings on COVID policies and their impact, as well a trove of information to be released from Twitter, the American public will see what Fauci and his supporters have been trying to hide.


The documentary, based on the best selling book, has been viewed millions of times, and the new updated film is available for you to watch for free through January at



7:10 Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com with Today’s Outdoor Report


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers with “Where Past Meets Present”. More about Dr. Powers at

Art Dubs

By Dennis Powers

Art Dubs was born in Phoenix in 1930 and was a lifelong Rogue Valley resident. His main business was first constructing homes that he designed during the post-war boom years of the 1950’s into the 1970’s. As one real estate expert said, “When you saw a ‘Dubs built plaque’ on a home, you knew it had good bones… He was a modern day Frank Clark (the renowned architect).”

He was the original developer of the Bella Vista site on McAndrews Road, east of Foothills Road in east Medford. Dubs fought a long battle with Medford over the extension of McAndrews through the property–but eventually settled and sold the property prior to the real estate market crash in the 1980’s that put the development into bankruptcy.

Dubs’ love of the outdoors brought him into the film industry: His Pacific International Enterprises “PIX” venture created eleven feature films in syndication and in theaters here and abroad. Art’s first film (1970) was American Wilderness which chronicled his big-game hunting in the wilds from Mexico and Oregon to Alaska as he tracked horned sheep and a huge polar bear. Wonder of It All (1974) was a documented journey about wilderness animals across the globe with “rarely seen animal behavior.” Vanishing Wilderness (1974), filmed over 5 years, portrays this country’s “magnificent landscape” and wildlife. As seen, he always brought along his camera on his adventures.

In 1975, he released another favorite, “The Adventures of the Wilderness Family,” about a family who fled the city for the wilderness, needing to learn how to live with nature and family–which had sequels. “The Late Great Planet Earth” was a best-selling 1970 book by Hal Lindsey, featured on Primetime TV specials and made into a 1978 film narrated by Orson Welles; although not involved in the production, PIX released the film. (Note: it compared end-time biblical prophecies with then-current events to predict for believers the “Second Coming of Christ.”)

In 1981, Arthur produced the film Windwalker that was nominated for an Academy Award. The story is about an ancient Indian warrior who had reached the end of life—but is brought back by the Great Spirit to save his family from enemy Indian raiding parties. The film’s dialogue is subtitled in English with only Cheyenne and Crow spoken. Movie critics Siskel and Ebert gave the film an exceptional review with “two thumbs up.”

Filmed in Oregon, Sacred Ground (1983) highlights a mountain man and his Indian wife who live in a cabin built on a Paiute burial site, leading to a violent dispute with the local tribe; it starred Tim McIntyre, L.Q. Jones, and Jack Elam. In Dream Chasers (1984), Art shut down the streets of Jacksonville to film the movie. He received eleven credits overall as the producer, four credits as director, four as writer, and two as editor, numbers of them for the same film. Plus, leading writers, editors, cinematographers, and actors (including Rex Allen, Trevor Howard, Robert Logan, etc.) worked with him on his family-oriented films.

But construction and film producing was not all of Arthur Dubs. In 1960, he felled the world’s largest polar bear, according to the Guinness Book of World Records and Life Magazine. In December 1988, Dubs took down a world-record desert bighorn ram in Arizona’s Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area. Purchasing the permit for $47,500 during a Foundation for North America Wild Sheep annual auction, he showed the mounted bighorn the next year with a film about the hunt.

He remains the record holder for the largest Grand Slam of North American bighorn sheep. This rare feat consists of “harvesting” all four wild sheep species (the Dall, Stone, Bighorn, and Desert Sheep). All four species are difficult to hunt and can only be found in rough, rocky terrain.

Also standing out was his philanthropy in Southern Oregon. His gift of $250,000 was instrumental in the development of an Asante cancer care center in 1994 that bears his name, along with helping to fund an intensive care unit for babies. In establishing his Arthur R. Dubs Foundation, he supported the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County, United Way of Jackson County, and Legal Aid of Jackson County.

Leaving a legacy to be remembered, he died in 2013 at the age of 83. In fact, he had a license plate on one of his vehicles that read “maverick”–and he was very successful at that.

Source: Greg Stiles, “Dubs remembered for adventures,” Mail Tribune, June 14, 2013, at His Story; IMDb: Arthur R. Dubs (1930–2013) at His Films; Correspondence with Jerry Varner in November 2022.