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Friday 12-17-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and  Today Rick and I talk about why so many GOP establishment types and talk show hosts are doing their best to ignore or totally deny election irregularities. Other political news, too.

7:10 Outdoor report with Greg Roberts

 7:35 Glen Archambault, elected Farm Services Agency Representative, talks about the recent drought relief plan passed this week by the state legislature, will it be effective? What are the other conditions affecting our food prices and local food supply and security.  

 8:35 Brad Bennington – EO at the Builders Association of Southern Oregon

  • Are there enough new contractors and sub-contractors for all the work our community needs to do?
  • How is BASO adjusting to the demand for construction services and more ongoing govt regulations?


Thursday 12-16-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:10 Tony Lyons, President and Publisher of Skyhorse Publishing

Tony Lyons is the president and publisher of Skyhorse Publishing, a company that has over 10,000 books in print. Tony has fought the censorship of numerous books, recently including books by Woody Allen, Alan Dershowitz, the biography of Phillip Roth and Robert F Kennedy Jr’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci, which is the best selling and most-censored book in America


7:10 Dr. Carole Lieberman – We talk about the Maxwell Trial. More on Dr. Carole: Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. known world-wide as America’s Psychiatrist is the host of Dr. Carole’s Couch on, and The Terrorist Therapist® Podcast. She is a forensic psychiatrist/expert witness, bestselling-award-winning author of 4 books – 2 on terrorism and 2 on relationships.


The justice system is being hijacked by mobs and some media outlets who feel they know the truth and want to let others know, too. We’ve seen this phenomenon accelerate – ever since the George Floyd trial, and it has continued to Ahmaud Arbery, Kyle Rittenhouse, Kim Potter – and even Ghislaine Maxwell – though her case is not race-related,” says well known Forensic Psychiatrist/Expert Witness/Jury Consultant Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., who has worked on hundreds of civil and criminal trials – including many cases where she represented the victims of sexual abuse, such as the lead cases of priest abuse. She has also testified on behalf of the alleged perpetrators of abuse to determine whether the accusers were malingering. So, she knows both sides. Dr. Lieberman writes a column entitled “Inside the Criminal Mind” for Front Page Detectives, as well. You can find out more about her at
BIO: Carole Lieberman, M.D., known as America’s Psychiatrist, is a Board-Certified Beverly Hills psychiatrist. She is also a bestselling and award-winning author of several books and has written chapters and forewords for books including Missing Without a Trace, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Tragedy in Sedona and Divorcing a Narcissist. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Murder By TV: A Descent into Madness, the story of the Jenny Jones Talk Show Murder for which she was the defense psychiatrist. 


8:35 The Epoch Times’s Congressional Correspondent Mark Tapscott has written a major piece about whether discipline in the House of Representatives has become politicized by Democrats. Many Republicans Mark spoke with for the article say they plan to even the score in 2023 if they gain the majority.



Wednesday 12-15-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 “Wheels Up Wednesday” with Eric Peters, automotive journalist with

Plenty to talk about today including:

Fob For Service –

Infiniti Q60 review –


7:35 Darin Harbick – Running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Ron Wyden

More at  There is a short video on the site that provides background on Darin and the campaign as well.


8:10 Jane M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

December 14th, 2021

Delicensing Doctors for ‘Harmful Misinformation’

by: Jane M. Orient, M.D.

In addition to being subjected to various forms of censorship, for the first time in living memory American doctors are getting threat letters from licensure boards warning them against distributing “harmful misinformation.” Medical boards in 12 states have disciplined doctors because of this allegation. While it is claimed that there’s an epidemic of misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the warnings don’t spell out what that means.

We don’t have an epidemic of patients dying because doctors told them to refuse treatment or to drink Clorox or aquarium cleaner.

In fact, no patients need to have suffered any harm at all for the medical board to investigate a doctor’s no-longer-free speech. All it takes is an anonymous complaint.

Pharmacists who were converted into the overseers of physicians’ prescribing practices will complain that a doctor had prescribed ivermectin for COVID-19.

Or an employer might complain that a doctor supported a worker’s request for a medical exemption that wasn’t on the CDC’s list of acceptable reasons.

Or the doctor might have spoken at a political meeting at which mask mandates were being challenged.

Or a patient might complain that a doctor wasn’t wearing a mask in his private consulting room, even when no COVID-19 patients were anywhere near and the doctor had demonstrated immunity.

Or a pathologist might have stated publicly that his busy lab was seeing a higher percentage of cancers in vaccinated patients.

“Harmful misinformation” appears to mean anything that contradicts or asks questions or raises doubt about the dogma that “vaccines are safe and effective,” or suggests a treatment not endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and their corporate sponsors.

One source of the allegedly “harmful misinformation” is a database created and maintained by the CDC, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Anybody can enter a suspected vaccine adverse reaction, and the public can access it. So, “it can be abused by people trying to sow fear,” write Shayla Love and Anna Merlan in VICE News. One person filed a fraudulent report, promptly removed, claiming that an influenza vaccination had turned him into the “Incredible Hulk.”

Flawed as it is, VAERS is the best CDC has to offer for looking for “danger signals.” Of course, correlation doesn’t prove causality. As Lindy McGee from Texas Children’s Hospital correctly pointed out, “I can report if I get hit by a truck after I’ve gotten a vaccine and that would be reported as associated with a vaccine. It does not make any implication of causality.” However, there is a double standard. If you get hit by a truck, but test positive for COVID-19, the hospital will get paid for counting you as a COVID death.

Adverse reports to VAERS are many times higher for COVID-19 vaccines than for all other vaccines combined since the database was established in 1988. The website clearly states: “Knowingly filing a false VAERS report is a violation of Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 1001) punishable by fine and imprisonment.” So, presumably most of the approximately 20,000 reports of death concern people who really did die soon after getting the jab, most within a few days. It could be 20,000 coincidences, but the count is not “misinformation.”

Love and Merlan call the compilers of VAERS information at “dumpster divers.” Matt Motta of Oklahoma State University and Dominik Stecuła of Colorado State University refer to that January article favorably in their Aug 25 essay that says VAERS is only good for researching “vaccine hesitancy.” They don’t mention that the featured VAERS death count of 329 from Jan 22, 2021, has steadily increased.

Also viewed as “misinformation” is the opinion of physicians and researchers that hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other “repurposed” drugs are beneficial in COVID-19, as shown in more than 1,000 studies. Reports of dying patients who recovered when hospitals were legally forced to step aside and allow off-protocol treatment are ignored.

The safe option for doctors is to promote the jab or keep silent, and not to suggest anything different from what Anthony Fauci approves. By silencing doctors who are ethical professionals, one opens the gates for the reckless charlatans.

Recall that in Orwell’s Newspeak, the meaning of words is inverted. The Ministry of Love is in charge of torture; the Ministry of Plenty, of starvation; and the Ministry of Truth, of propaganda.

Is the Minitrue defining “misinformation” today?


Tuesday 12-14-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

7:20 Jean Blosser, Speech Language Pathologist with the American Speech Language Hearing Association. Jean and I discuss the advantages of getting LOW TECH toys for children to boost language and learning. Here’s the report:

6:35 Gregory Wrightstone, is a geologist and the Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition in Arlington Virginia. Website:

 He is bestselling author of Inconvenient Facts: The Science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know.

 FACT CHECK: Biden Claims Kentucky Tornado Linked to ‘Climate Change’
Joe Biden spins tornado misinformation
At least 70 are killed by EIGHTEEN tornadoes in Kentucky’s deadliest storm in 130 years

You have been inundated with reports from media, governments, think tanks and “experts” saying that our climate is changing for the worse and it is our fault. Increases in droughts, heat waves, tornadoes and poison ivy—to name a few—are all blamed on our “sins of emissions” from burning fossil fuels and increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

Yet, you don’t quite buy into this human-caused climate apocalypse. You aren’t sure about the details because you don’t have all the facts and likely aren’t a scientist. Inconvenient Facts was specifically created for you. Writing in plain English and providing easily understood charts and figures, Gregory Wrightstone presents the science to assess the basis of the threatened Thermageddon. 

The book’s 60 “inconvenient facts” come from government sources, peer-reviewed literature or scholarly works, set forth in a way that is lucid and entertaining. The information likely will challenge your current understanding of many apocalyptic predictions about our ever-dynamic climate.


7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Baertschiger and I discuss yesterday’s special session, the money being thrown at the problems, and the politics behind it all.

 8:35 Open for Business with Matt Allen at Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC – Today Matt and I talk over reasons for getting a reverse mortgage, and allowing you to live in your house, yet leverage the housing value as part of a retirement strategy. We also dig into the advantages of getting a reverse mortgage and PAYING it.

Call Matt to find out more, info below.

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC

3539 Heathrow way Ste. 103

Medford, OR 97504

Direct: (541) 897-4464

Mobile: (541) 324-8887

Fax: (541) 288-9450


Tuesday is the deadline to properly comment on the OHA’s desired permanent mask mandate rule. Deadline is Tuesday, 5pm. Here is the notice originally sent out by OHA so you can see what they’ve said, and then there is our example of one way to respond. First, the original OHA notice.


Date: November 24, 2021

To: Interested Parties

From: Zintars Beldavs, Section Manager

Acute & Communicable Disease Prevention Section

Subject: Extension of Comment Period for OAR 333-019-0010 and 333-019-1005 –

“School and childcare exclusion, public health, safety requirements for childcare providers, youth programs “


The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division is extending the public comment period for the proposed rules noted below. The public comment period will close at 5:00 p.m. on December 14, 2021 in order to allow additional time for input from the public.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Public Health Division, is proposing to permanently amend and adopt Oregon Administrative Rules in chapter 333, division 19 pertaining to school and childcare exclusion, and public health and safety requirements for childcare providers and youth programs related to COVID-19.

The two rules proposed for adoption and amendment concern:

  • Exclusion of susceptible staff, children and students from schools and children’s facilities, if they are exposed through close contact to an individual with COVID-19.

 Public health and safety requirements for childcare providers and youth programs.

Temporary rules were adopted effective June 29, 2021 (Temporary Administrative Order PH 27-2021) and this proposed rulemaking seeks to make those changes permanent.

You are being invited to review and comment on the proposed rules.

The comment period for this rulemaking has been extended until 5:00 p.m. on December 14, 2021.

You may file written comments by sending them to the Public Health Division Rules Coordinator at the following address:

OHA, Public Health Division

Administrative Rules Coordinator

800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 930

E-mail comments to: or you may also send comments by fax to: (971) 673-1299.  Final rules will be filed after consideration of all comments.

PLEASE NOTE that we are not taking comments on school vaccine or mask requirements at this time. The hearing and comment period for those rules will be announced at a later date.

For more details, please see the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, including the Statement of Need and Fiscal Impact and the full text of the proposed rules at the following website: .

If you have any questions or would prefer to be sent a hard copy of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, please send an email to


 Okay, that’s what OHA sent out. Here’s some suggested verbiage:


RE: extension of comment period for proposed rules-OAR 333-019-0010 and 333-019-1005 to December 14, 2021

OHA – Is there Justification for a permanent rule, based on data analysis of hospitalizations, deaths, and recovery rate of school aged children 0-19 from Jan. 21, 2020- November 28, 2021?

The statistical record doesn’t constitute conditions that would require making a permanent statewide rule, and that local control over adequate health responses would be best suited. Here’s the OHA and CDC stats:

According to OHA from Jan 21, 2020 to November 28, 2021

Total Cases Oregon Age 0 to 19 – 70,461 Cases (18.9% of Cases in Oregon)

Total Hospitalizations Age 0 to 19 – 606 Hospitalizations (0.86% of School Age Cases have needed hospitalization)

Total Deaths Age 0 to 19 Age – 5 Deaths (0.007% of School Age Cases have resulted in death)

Total Recoveries Age 0 to 19 Age – 99.993% of Cases have Recovered

According to CDC from Jan 21, 2020 to November 28, 2021

Total (Oregon) MIS-C Age 0 to 19 – 25 to 49 (Max 0.07% of Cases have been MIS-C) Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children…” condition that appears to be linked to covid 19

For Reference Statistical Significance typically doesn’t come into effect until a percentage reaches 3 to 5%



  1. Bullet point recommendations: The two rules proposed for adoption and amendment concern:

Page 2 of the proposed rule should read: (italicized wording replaced with bold print)

  • Potential exclusion of infected staff, children and students from schools and children facilities, if they are exposed through close contact to an individual with (COVID-19) with provable SARS-COV-2 infection.
  • Public health and safety requirements guidance for childcare providers and youth programs.

Additionally, there is potential misuse of the intended rule that would prevent equity and inclusion and would be potentially discriminatory. An equitable solution and mechanism should be in place for children who are NOT vaccinated and are at no risk, to return to school ASAP.



Monday 12-13-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Bob Shand – Medford Resident of the Liberty Park Area. I consider Bob

A “Citizien Journalist”. He’s retired, and attends many of the city of Medford meetings and study sessions. Today we discuss some of his thoughts on the meetings, the agendas, what the council spends its money on. (Including 60,000 for “art” on the concrete pilings of the Viaduct)


7:10 Greg Roberts, and today’s Outdoor Report


7:35 Peter Navarro, former Assistant to President Donald Trump author of In Trump Time: A Journal of America’s Plague Year. Navarro served as Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator inside the Trump White House.


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers

Fire Bombs over Southern Oregon

By Dennis Powers

In the waning days of World War II, the Japanese devised balloon (“FuGo”) bombs (balloons with hanging bombs) that could travel more than 5,000 miles via the jet stream to explode in America. Because Japanese men were pressed into military service, the military was forced to recruit schoolchildren to build the FuGo bombs. Many students had no real idea what they were building and questions were strongly discouraged. Some 9,000 bombs were launched from Japan (only 300 so far located) with the rest scattered in the American and Canadian wilderness. A large percentage of the identified bombs landed in Oregon.

In January 1945 (the last year of WWII), on the southwest edge of Medford, where Peach Street ended at a farm, a “whining whistle in the sky” exploded in a 30-foot pillar of fire. It was night with the moon yet to rise, but the flash lit up fields and orchards a mile away. Folks found an unexploded 2-foot-long bomb stuck in the middle of a shallow crater.

Most balloons were equipped with a small explosive device attached to a timed release mechanism that would destroy the balloon while in flight, sending an anti-personal bomb and one or two incendiary bombs to earth. The anti-personal bomb here had exploded a few feet above the ground, igniting one of the thermite incendiary bombs that caused the flash. The other unexploded thermite bomb then dropped to the ground and was discovered.

Four months later, a pregnant woman and five children were killed when they discovered a balloon bomb that had landed in the Gearhart Mountain forest in Southern Oregon (Southeast Klamath County). Archie Mitchell was the pastor of the Bly Christian Church. He and his pregnant wife Elsie drove there with five of their Sunday school students (aged 11–14) for a picnic.

As Elsie and the children looked for a good picnic spot, they found a strange balloon on the ground. There were two explosions; the boys were killed immediately; and Elsie died as Archie used his hands to extinguish the fire on her clothing. It appeared that the bomb had been kicked. These were the only people whose deaths came from the balloon bombs exploding on American soil.

One of the last balloons came down close to the Manhattan Project’s production facility at its Hanford Site. The explosion caused a short circuit in the power lines supplying electricity for the nuclear reactor cooling pumps, but backup safety devices restored power before another explosion. Two paper balloons were recovered in a single day in Modoc National Forest, east of Mount Shasta in Shasta County. Balloons were discovered in the ocean, Montana, Arizona, Texas, and inside Canada. Although balloon bombs floated as far east as Michigan, government authorities clung to their censorship (followed by all newspapers) for war security purposes.

Sources: Wikipedia at “Fu-Go (Fire Bomb) balloon bomb,” at FuGo Bombs; Bill Miller, “Fire from the Medford sky,” Mail Tribune, July 15, 2020 at Medford Explosion;, “How Japan Used Balloon Bombs to Kill Americans at Home During WWII,” December 1, 2021, at Bomb Details.

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