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Friday 2-17-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans For Limited Government, and with today’s DC Swamp Update. We talk the Nikki Haley announcement, How the woke are dividing the Left –

Biden’s radical FCC nominee who should be rejected:

7:35 Glenn Archambault, Farm Services Agency rep for our area and Phoenix farmer. We discuss a big corn deal broken by Mexico, the egg price, battle for the Farm Bill and how area farm economies are holding up.


Thursday 2-16-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information


6:35 Kimberly Ells just published this op-ed for The Daily Wire: The World Bank Wants You To Surrender Your Children To A Global Childcare Regime. In it, she exposes:

  • The Biden Administration’s partnership with the World Bank and the United Nations to create a global childcare scheme
  • How this scheme would turn over the care of children to the state
  • How political forces are out to convince the populace that the scheme is best for the global economy, women, and children

Her book, The Invincible Family, released in paperback this week.

7:10 Kat Tappan, author from Bandon, cancelled by FB?? We discuss her story. Here’s her email.

Now with Newsmax being censored once again the limelight is on censorship of conservative views.  I feel that the average person is not aware that this censorship affects all of us and you do not need to be famous, a political figure, or a large news company, censorship is having an effect on us all. The 1st amendment lists freedom of the press, and censoring Newsmax or simply  Facebook censoring my right to express an opinion regarding my book I’m publishing is an infringement. We need to protect this right by speaking about it before our freedom of speech is gone.

In the world today a biological man can be voted “woman of the year”, a supreme court nominee can choose to not give a definition of the word “woman”. The words “pregnant woman” have been exchanged for “pregnant people”. Makes me think that the importance of human biology may be fading in our society. What if women in this world started to disappear or die and become rare, would humanity survive?

This is the theme of my fiction novel, “For the Protection of a Woman”. A virus attacking those with 2 x chromosomes (one factual definition of a woman) is spread throughout the world and 96% of the population of the world’s women die. How would society handle such a problem, this is the story of one family who struggles to survive and to protect 2 female family members. My book is not so political, but it does have some relevant themes.

Facebook page:

My website:

7:35 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation Oregon Supreme Court invalidates a Columbia County firearms ordinance, but the real kicker is a deranged, hateful opinion that one of the judges issues. Kevin and I discuss.

8:15 Gregg Schumacer and Marc Thielman talk of their new initiative


How to pressure officials to follow their oath of office? Sue them!


Wednesday 2-15-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Eric Peters, auto journalist at with today’s Wheels Up segment on transportation talk including these articles:

7:10 James Czerniawski, senior policy analyst in Tech and Innovation at Americans for Prosperity. A lot going on at the nexus of politics and tech…ChatGPT –

  • ChatGPT political bias against conservatives (link): “The tech is both amazing and limited and should ultimately be treated as a compliment, not a substitute for organic research done by individuals.  We talk about the potential for bias in AI plenty – it always comes down to the simple concept of what it draws from for the inputs.”
  • Legislative proposals to require age verification on the Internet (link): “There are several bills out there, as well as some congressional proposals, attempting to regulate the internet. There are unintended consequences and bad outcomes that can result from a deanonymized internet. The best solution for dealing with kids and the internet is empowerment and education of parents for the tools at their disposal to tailor an online experience for their children as well as education for kids about the benefit and pitfalls of the internet more broadly speaking.”
  • The government’s renewed antitrust push (link): “The tech industry is in a contraction, and yet antitrust remains a top issue for some. The stocks have underperformed for a variety of reasons, the antitrust scrutiny plays a role, but is not the whole story.”

7:35 Diana Anderson, co-author of “Who Made American Schools Marxist Training Centers?

She is putting on a seminar on this tonight, Talent Library 5:30pm. Will also be at the 2/25 Patriot’s Conference in Josephine County.

7:45 Mark Seligman – talks of a disturbing meeting with the Jo County Democrats – Have they given up on civil liberties?


7:50 Holli Morton, Josephine County GOP Chair – We talk more about the 2/25 Patriot’s Conference. A LOT going on there. Here’s the link for all the info:

8:10 Kelsey Bolar, Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women’s Forum

As seen via The Federalist

‘Detransitioners’ Are Being Abandoned By Medical Professionals Who Devastated Their Bodies And Minds

Health providers won’t help detransitioners who seek to undo the damage of transgender surgery and hormones.

After being swarmed by health providers who enabled her to medically transition as a minor, Prisha Mosley now says she’s been abandoned by the medical community as she attempts to navigate a complicated and painful detransition.

“I was under the impression that my doctors, who were transitioning me, loved me. They said they didn’t want me to die, they were saving my life, they were worried about me, and they wanted me to be healthy and happy,” Prisha told me. “Clearly, they don’t love me. As soon as it’s not profitable, they don’t want to help.”

Read more HERE –


Tuesday 2-14-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

 6:35 RJ Hauman from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and his take that the Biden administration is engaging in a shell game of sorts with the border crossing numbers.

7:10 State Representative Kim Wallan with a legislative update, and there’s a new “tone” in the proceedings with a new speaker of the house.


7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger with our freewheeling political discussion, today focusing on the energy policy of Oregon.


8:10 Dwayne Yunker, Grants Pass City Council Ward 3 discusses homeless issue, other problems and division within the council.


8:40 Open for Business with Cheriesse at No Wires, Call or text to save at 541-680-5875


Monday 2-13-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information



6:35 Patrick Moore, PhD, author of Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom


Dr. Patrick Moore, author of Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom, is a lifelong independent scientist and environmentalist. He was a co-founder of Greenpeace in 1971, a director for 15 years, and a leader of many campaigns, including ending nuclear weapons testing, saving the whales, and ending toxic dumping. In the mid-1980s he became disenchanted with the positions his fellow Greenpeace directors were adopting, using misinformation, sensation, and fear for fundraising, instead of using valid science. He struck out on his own, determined to be a sensible environmentalist, basing policies on sound science, and balancing environmental, social, and economic priorities. He is a humanitarian environmentalist who believes people are not the enemy of the environment but rather an integral part of living creation, with a responsibility for both ourselves and all of nature.

Biden admin faces blowback over wind farm construction threatening marine life: ‘Put whales over woke!’

12 NJ mayors raise alarm on offshore wind after ‘unprecedented’ number of whale deaths

WATCH: Patrick Moore on Fox News



7:10 Greg Roberts with the Outdoor report from


8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, Retired Professor of Business Law with today’s “Where Past Meets Present”


The Circle of Teran—TwinRay Illuminations Purchase

By Dennis Powers

This property has an 11,000-square-foot residence with 11 bedrooms (most with private baths and balconies); a commercial-grade kitchen; and a great 10-sided, double-story room with giant stained-glass skylights (see above). A glass-tropical conservatory where bananas and mangos grow, ponds, 5,000-square-foot barn, 200-foot-wide lavender maze, and with windmill-and solar-generated power that completes the residence on Butler Creek Road.

As previously posted, Doug Neuman purchased the Circle of Teran from the original owners in 2014 for $1.525 million, then transferred ownership to the Circle of Trust (a high-end drug/alcohol recovery center), next to Norma Nakai Burton. TwinRay Illuminations purchased the 96.3 acre ranch and property for $2.6 million in September 2020 from Neuman Properties. It applied later for a six-bedroom bed and breakfast, which was denied by the Jackson County Planning Department.

The principals behind TwinRay are Shekinah and Sanandaji Ma, respectively. At the TwinRay website, it states: “…Unified in a divine love marriage, Shekinah Ma (she/her) and Sanandaji (he/him) share compassionate hearts, a clear vision, and a deep knowledge of the unchanging Truth–Unified in a divine love marriage.”

These “Ashland yogis and entrepreneurs”–Shekinah Ma (which means “The Visible majesty of the Divine Presence”) and Sanandaji have lived extraordinary lives. Sanandaji, “traveled as a mystic in over 40 countries, immersing himself in different spiritual cultures and traditions”; while Shekinah: “Just as the angels had told, at 33, went into a coma and entered a spiritual rebirth on 10/10/10” to be reborn as Shekinah Ma, a “completely new incarnation.”

Prior to their ranch purchase, the couple leased the 10,000 square-foot vacant storefront at 142 E. Main St. in Ashland that Earthly Goods, a retail and online store selling shoes, clothing, and accessories, had housed for years. Naming this “The Haven”, the location now sells spiritual-oriented items, including crystals, elixirs, candles, incense, “Sacred Wear Clothing” line, and more, along with a “Tea and Tonic Lounge, Sacred Art Gallery,” and an upstairs place for “meditation and rejuvenation.” It opened its doors in late-August, 2020.

Although closed during the winter, notices are on the door as to how deliveries are made, along with days during the week when different yoga, meditation, and even Sunday Tea occasions are held (donations are requested). The Haven, with its “online sister store” offers the numerous spiritual items, and see its website at

This is an amazing story that can only continue over time…

Sources: Holly Dillemuth,, “‘The Haven’ at former Earthly Goods location aims to bring peaceful retail, community,” August 25, 2020 at TwinRay–The Haven (Ashland); TwinRay website at Background of TwinRay Founders; “The Haven” website at “The Haven–Ashland”.