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Friday 01-26-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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7:10 Greg Roberts, and today’s outdoor report


7:35 Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident scholar at Institute for Policy Innovation

Are You Ready for Undocumented Immigrants Voting?
Connecticut State Rep. Juan Candelaria of New Haven thinks it’s time to allow undocumented immigrants living in the Constitution State to vote in state and local elections. And he’s not alone.

“When we talk about undocumented individuals, they are part of our fabric of this nation and of the state. … They’re part of the community and they should have a voice,” Candelaria told Governing magazine.

His proposed amendment to the state’s constitution would “allow undocumented immigrants who are residents of the state to be admitted as electors for purposes of voting in municipal and state elections,” if they meet certain residency and other requirements.

Candelaria isn’t optimistic his amendment will pass soon. But he wants to start a conversation with the hope that it will become a fact “in the next couple of years.”

The proposal is not as farfetched as it might seem. According to Ballotpedia, “As of June 2023, the District of Columbia and municipalities in three states allowed noncitizens to vote in some or all local elections: California, Maryland, and Vermont.” That’s 11 in Maryland, three in Vermont, one (Oakland) in California, and the District of Columbia.

The New York City Council “extended the right to vote in municipal elections to lawful permanent residents and other non-citizens authorized to work in the United States” in 2021. But the state Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional.

Similarly, San Francisco voters approved a referendum allowing non-citizen parents of public school children to vote in school board elections. But a judge struck it down as violating the state Constitution.

Apparently, non-citizen voting used to be even more prevalent. Governing points out, “Thirty-nine U.S. states permitted ‘Alien Suffrage’ for local, state and federal elections between 1776 and 1926. … The U.S. government did not explicitly prohibit non-citizen voters in federal elections until the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.”

But whether you are ready or not for both legal and illegal immigrants voting, a slight majority of Americans think illegal immigrants will “influence” the 2024 election. As the Rasmussen polling company reported last September, “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. voters believe it is likely that the outcome of the 2024 presidential election will be influenced by illegal immigrants voting, including 28% who think it’s Very Likely.”


8:10 Richard Emmons, publisher of the Josephine County Eagle with an update on the public safety fee “Listening Session” last night in Grants Pass.



Thursday 01-25-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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7:10 Dr. John Lott, founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center – More on John:


CPRC was founded by Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., an economist and a world-recognized expert on guns and crime.

Report on the Uvalde Massacre

By John Lott

When another shooting happens at a place such as a school or a mall, politicians and the media are apt to claim that many hundreds of mass shootings occur each year. “Over the last year since Uvalde, our country has experienced a staggering 650 mass shootings,” Joe Biden claimed last year. After a mass murder in Lewiston, Maine in late October, CNN said that there had already been “586 mass shootings” that year. These statements give an incorrect impression that there are massacres every day like the infamous 2022 Uvalde shooting, which claimed the lives of nineteen students and two teachers, or the 2023 Lewiston murders, where eighteen people were murdered. A new report by the Crime Prevention Research Center, which I head, shows that much about what we believe about these attacks isn’t true. [more…]

7:35 U.S. Congressman Cliff Bentz in studio to talk about the budget challenges, the border crisis and other issues in play in Congress.

8:10 southern Oregon resident and businessman Mark Hutto joins the show to discuss concerns about 5G cell tower locations. Is there any local input permitted in such actions? Doesn’t appear to be. We discuss it.


Wednesday 01-25-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist at

Some of what we talked about today.



7:20 Charlie Spiering, author of AMATEUR HOUR: Kamala Harris In the White House

The ultimate, comprehensive investigation into the life and career of Vice President Kamala Harris from former Washington Examiner and Breitbart News political reporter Charlie Spiering.


Who is the real Kamala Harris? And how did she ascend to the second highest office in the country? Despite her limited experience in national politics and confusing professional history, there hasn’t been a comprehensive examination of Vice President Kamala Harris’s journey to the White House…until now. Find out how the San Francisco socialite turned politico fast-tracked her way onto the national stage, only to lose the faith of her base and her president.


7:35 State Senator Linthicum – to get his newsletter. We talk election integrity in Oregon. His latest is $982,896.17 – Really?


8:15 Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation and we first talk the bribery against AZ Senate Candiate Kari Lake, but more importantly it’s time for some mutual aid to continue to fight FOR the successful (so far) Harney County anti-measure 114 case. Here’s Kevin’s alert with more:



Tuesday 01-23-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35  Nathan Worcester, national politics reporter for The Epoch Times. He’s in New Hampshire covering the primary and we talk about the candidates, what the voters are talking about. Here are other stories Nathan has written on Epoch Times.



7:10 Capt. William E. Simpson, naturalist and founder of the Wild Horse Fire Brigade. Bill discusses his issues with RES fencing off the Klamath River to keep wildlife from getting stuck in the incredibly deep mud left after the Irongate Dam drawdown. Who is going to get water to these creatures?

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger discusses problems with trash on the public lands, an update on the withdrawing from the Library Taxing district controversy and other issues.



Monday 01-22-24 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Kevin Stocklin is a writer, film producer, and former investment banker. He wrote and produced We All Fall Down: The American Mortgage Crisis, a 2008 documentary on the collapse of the U.S. mortgage finance system.

Per this report from The Epoch Times, 20 Attorneys General, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, have asked the Biden administration to stop the sale of 5.56 caliber ammunition to civilians by the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, which also supplies for the U.S. military. The AGs claim that the federal government is subsidizing the sale of “military grade” ammunition to civilians.

“Billions of rounds of military-grade ammunition manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant have been sold on the commercial market, leading to their use in many of the most tragic mass shootings in recent history,” the AGs stated in a Jan. 9 letter to the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. “We ask your Office to conduct an investigation into the contracting processes that led to this situation, and to take action to ensure that military-grade and military-subsidized ammunition stays out of civilian hands.”

The AGs noted that “ammunition from Lake City is manufactured for military use and does not belong in our communities.”

Gun groups, however, responded that the sale of excess ammunition to civilians by Lake City has been at the urging of the military as a way to keep the plant at full capacity and employment during peacetime. Rather than the government subsidizing civilians, they say, civilians are subsidizing the military by helping to pay for machine upgrades and plant maintenance during times when military demand is low.

In addition, they argue that the military uses many calibers that are commonly sold to civilians, including 9mm, .308, 30-06, and 12-gauge shotgun shells.

“This is another attempt by gun control advocates to chip away at the ability for law-abiding gun owners to exercise their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms,” Mark Oliva, public affairs director at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, explained. “This attempt is especially dangerous because their goal of denying the sale of ammunition produced at Lake City would be detrimental to military readiness.”


7:10 Consumer’s Research Executive Director Will Hild


The World Economic Forum (WEF) just wrapped up hosting its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland last week. Corporate watchdog Consumers’ Research, led by Executive Director Will Hild, is raising the alarm about how global elites attending the WEF are planning to rebrand their destructive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda. You can click HERE to see the full thread on X (formerly Twitter) detailing just how global elites like BlackRock’s Larry Fink plan on sneaking their progressive agenda into every aspect of America’s way of life.


In short, they have quietly implemented a new program, called “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics,” which is almost identical to ESG in all but name. 150 massive corporations, including Bank of America, have already signed on. According to Will, “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics’ are the WEF’s new and improved ESG. It’s just a new coat of paint on the old, broken-down vehicle — and they’re hoping you won’t notice.”


Will has been fighting to expose the ESG scam for years now, and his success has driven the global elites who attend the WEF to switch up strategies and pursue a subtle – but no less destructive – approach.


7:35 Dr. Glenn F. Gumaer area Doctor of Chiropractic and here with an update on the Red Light Camera class action lawsuit in Medford (Mis-timed stoplight at Barnett and Stewart)

Dr. Gumaer statement – Since 2005, thousands of motorists in our community have received automated red-light citations in the mail from the City of Medford’s illicit ticketing scheme that has generated millions of dollars of revenue from just one intersection alone. This class action seeks to restore driving records and reimbursement for those who paid fines, and to gain restitution for other various damages for everyone wrongly ticketed at the E. Stewart Avenue and E. Barnett Road intersection. We also seek to compel the city to comply with legal standards regarding traffic signal timing.


The intersection at Center Drive heading toward Staples is nearly identical to the E. Stewart Avenue and E. Barnett Rd. intersection just 700 feet away. Its yellow light was short timed at 5.0 seconds. Once motorists make the turn onto E. Stewart Avenue heading toward E. Barnett Rd and consume that 5.0 seconds to make the turn, it sets up the expectation that the next yellow light will provide the same amount of time. Both street’s approaches have a 35-mph posted speed limit.


However, the E. Stewart Avenue to E. Barnett Rd. intersection’s dedicated right turn yellow light was set 1.5 seconds shorter, at a mere 3.5 seconds, but with a photo red-light monitoring system to record the “violation.” It is a classic red-light trap that has captured 10,062 red-light violations from 2017 to 2022 alone. To put that into perspective, the Biddle McAndrews intersection, with twice the annual volume of traffic, saw only 2,840 red-light violations during that same six-year period, while its yellow light was timed at 5 seconds.


Short timing yellow lights produces what is known as a stop/go dilemma zone, where motorists, while maintaining the posted legal speed, are not provided sufficient distance to safely stop, nor enough time to legally enter the intersection before the light turns red. At best, yellow lights are currently set at a bare minimum timing limit to drive straight through an intersection and this stringent timing is enforced with zero tolerance. However, yellow lights that are timed for straight through maneuvers do not provide sufficient time to make a turn, because it takes longer to cover the same distance when slowing down to make the turn. Just ask any commercial semi-truck driver about their inability to clear some of these intersections. So, if a yellow light is shortened by just a few tenths of a second, it creates a condition where motorists must speed up to make it through the intersection before the light turns red, or jam on the brakes and risk being rear-ended. The E. Stewart Avenue / E. Barnett Rd. yellow light was short timed by 2.8 seconds, when it should have received a yellow change interval of 6.3 seconds.


The generation more than 1,500 citations per year, on average, at this red-light trap not only endangers the public, but has resulted in expensive fines, loss of income, increased insurance premiums, property damage, tarnished driving records, loss of job opportunity, personal injury, and reputational damage to name a few.


I naively took it upon myself to right this wrong as a happy warrior for my many patients who were ticketed at that intersection on the way to my clinic and for the broader community, because this is, at its core, a serious safety issue. However, to my amazement, I experienced a municipal bureaucracy that instead of self-reflection, dished out a retaliatory smear of my good name in their press release. Also, on the Medford Police Facebook Page, they displayed two seconds of my vehicle going through the red light on an endless loop and declared that they found me guilty in Municipal Court. The city employed this smear immediately after filing a motion to dismiss my citation in response to my Circuit Court appeal. My reputation as an upstanding local physician was damaged. Some folks posted denigrating and colorful comments about me on-line and I lost patients as a direct result of being on the receiving end of the city’s illicit ticketing scheme.


I believe that if we prevail and the city is required to time yellow lights in accordance with legal standards, these cameras will eventually disappear, because the financial incentive to maintain them will no longer exist.


8:15  Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at SOU –


“Two Bits”: The World War II War Hero

By Dennis Powers


A determined fox terrier by the name of “Two Bits” became a canine war hero during World War II. This wasn’t due to his feats in combat under fire, but instead was owing to surviving his station on Whiskey Peak Lookout in Josephine County during the war efforts at home. The term “Two Bits” then meant 25 cents, or a quarter, and usually described something that wasn’t too expensive.


Whiskey Peak Lookout was an isolated U.S. Forest Service fire-spotting point that was used during World War II to warn about incoming Japanese aircraft. This was before radar could be developed or even installed at such places. A 14- by 14-foot, sparse structure with a pitched roof had been constructed on top of 6,497-foot-high Whiskey Peak, located in the remote wilderness of Rogue River National Forest in southeastern Josephine County. A 600-foot plunge to the valley below was next to it.


During the winter of 1942-1943, Bill Zieglerthe terrier’s ownerand a partner worked for the Army Air Corps and used a crank telephone to report each aircraft that they spotted. Forest Service men skied to the lookout every two weeks to bring in the necessary food and supplies. The men watched for enemy planes in 12-hour shifts during the tough winter conditions owing to the lookout’s high elevation.


Two-Bits loved to chase the chipmunks that persisted in begging for food, scampering around the heavy snows and winter ice that built over the nearby cliff. In January 1943, the fox terrier ran after one with too much enthusiasm and ended up sliding across the ice to disappear over the cliff. Bill Zeigler watched in horror at the tragedy and assumed that his dog couldn’t have survived the plunge. He sadly went about his duties.


One week later, Bill headed down the trail to cut a pole. He had navigated around the first snowed-in curve whento his total amazementhe watched Two-Bits climbing slowly up towards him, head down and tongue out, but with a happily wagging tail. It turned out that the terrier had fallen into a deep snowdrift that cushioned the fall; after digging himself out, the dog then worked his way up the snow-covered, 2-1/2 mile trail back to his master. After a meal and some rest, Two-Bits went back to his normal habits.


A few weeks later, the fox terrier slid over the cliff again and disappeared once more from view. If that wasn’t enough, the little dog again reappeared later at the top of Whiskey Peak to the men’s amazement.


Once their duties were over, Two-Bits and Zeigler left the mountain in the summer of 1943 and returned to their Jacksonville home. The news of the canine surviving not only one great plunge, but two, and “without physical impairment or loss of morale,” came to the attention of the Medford Mail Tribune that broke the story. This news went national and became a symbol of the home war efforts’ dedication and “winning ways,” as newspapers across the country and even Life magazine ran it.


Two-Bits lived a good life and died a few years after the war ended. The Whisky Peak Lookout was abandoned in the mid-1970s, fell into disrepair, and was dismantled later to use its wood at another location. The story of Two-Bits, however, lives on.


Sources: Dennis Powers, Where Past Meets Present, Hellgate Press: Ashland, Oregon (2017), Pp. 429-431, “Two-Bits, the World War II Hero”; Jeff LaLande, Oregon Encyclopedia: “Two-Bits, the World War II Lookout Dog” at Two-Bits; JPR: As it Was, “Chipmunk-Chasing Dog Becomes War Hero,” January 22, 2015.