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The above picture is from Tuesday of this week –  guy in a hoodie throws flaming liquid on the tent of a Baker Park (GP) “Unhoused” community member. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt. GP police thinking the tent occupant was targeted. When liberal courts hand down mentally ill court precedents, disorder naturally follows. These kinds of cases can’t get to SCOTUS soon enough. The 9th Circuit rules like Commies who want the system destroyed…as THEY reside safely behind gated and locked communities.


Friday 03-04-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and with the weekly DC “Swamp Update”. We dig into the capitol stories of the week, including the fight to defund the Vaccine Mandates and Passports. Find out all about this at and the direct link to the vax campaign iw:



7:10 Greg Roberts with and today’s Outdoor Report.  

7:35 Holli Morton, Josephine County Republican Party Chair – We talk some local politics, and you’re invited to Saturday’s RALLY AROUND THE FLAG, 1pm tomorrow, 300 Union Avenue in Grants Pass. I’ll be the emcee.

8:10 Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television and Media Council,


HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Normalizes Child Abuse, Illicit Drug Use, and Other Dangerous, Harmful Behaviors


LOS ANGELES (March 2, 2022) – The Parents Television and Media Council(PTC) has released a list of behaviors and activities HBO’s Euphoria is normalizing. Euphoria, a show about high school aged characters, is touted by HBO as its “youngest-skewing drama series,” and receives 80% of its viewing on HBO Max’s platform, both of which suggest teens are watching.

These behaviors and activities are as follows:

  • Child rape
  • Graphic sex scenes between teen characters
  • Full-frontal male nudity
  • Frontal female nudity
  • Nudity of teen characters
  • Multiple actresses who must ask the show’s creator for fewer nude scenes
  • A male teen character’s nightmare of being sodomized by his dad
  • Illicit drug use by teen characters
  • How to conceal illicit drug use as a teen
  • Underage drinking
  • Pornography use by teen and adult characters
  • Frequent expletives (714 uses of the ‘f-word’)
  • Use of an adult film actress in teen-targeted show


“Much has been said in recent months of attempted disinformation to sow discord and division, to mislead the public, and to steer beliefs and actions in an unsavory direction. HBO/AT&T’s Euphoria is guilty of perpetrating its owndisinformation to countless children and teens with its grossly irresponsible program content. HBO has publicly touted Euphoria’s youthful audience, and along the way has asked that audience to be entertained by dangerous, abhorrent, aberrant behavior, including adults raping children,” said Parents Television and Media Council President Tim Winter.  


“While critics will say Euphoria is merely entertainment, they conveniently ignore that audiences are influenced by what they watch – none more so than children. Hollywood frequently proclaims their impact on the viewer when it’s an impact they endorse. That’s why it is inexcusable to feature high school aged characters – and yes, they’re still children – engaged in some of the worst situations humanity holds.

“But this so-called ‘entertainment’ will come at a devastating cost to young viewers, apparently most of whom are watching outside of a traditional television where parents have greater control. They are being desensitized to child rape and sexual exploitation, illicit drug abuse, graphic teen sex, full frontal teen nudity, and pornography use – and it is portrayed as a normal part of the teenage experience. And for what, a penny or two of earnings per share?  Or perhaps as an investment sound bite touting its progress against Netflix?

“I don’t know what life experiences Euphoria creator Sam Levinson must have endured in order to want to produce such destructive material, but AT&T and HBO must be forced to defend their investment of corporate resources into the sexualization and sexual exploitation of children. 


“We call on HBO to halt plans to create season three of this nihilistic, dark, depraved and extraordinarily dangerous program,” said Winter.

The PTC is urging members of the public to sign its petition calling on AT&T/HBO to stop airing child-themed pornography. 


Content examples from Euphoria can be found here. While Euphoria season 2 just concluded, the entire series is available to watch on HBO’s streaming platform where children have access.


8:45 Mike G.with Britt Festival


Britt announces first set of concerts for the 60th Anniversary 2022 Britt Presents Season


JACKSONVILLE, OR — Britt Music & Arts Festival announces its first installment of concerts for the 60th Anniversary 2022 season this summer. The first of two season announcements presents a broad array of musical artists, including a return visit by ZZ Top, jazzy pop singer-songwriter Norah Jones, electric blues band Blues Traveler,  a night of rock with Collective Soul & Switchfoot, Americana string band Old Crow Medicine Show, Queen tribute band One Night of Queen, annual Britt fan-favorite Michael Franti & Spearhead, alt-rock group Mt. Joy, a night of reggae with the Good Vibes Summer Tour,  plus the previously announced “Best of Britt” fundraiser with 60’s pop legends in the Happy Together Tour 2022.


With this announcement, there will be a Member pre-sale before tickets go on sale to the general public at 10:00 AM on Friday, March 25. New this year Donor & Patron Members order tickets online.


Mar 4-13: Clef Club ($600) and above Members may submit orders

Mar 14 – 18: Orders processed according to membership level

Mar 21: Donor ($250) Member Online Only orders at 10:00 AM

Mar 23: Patron ($100) Member Online Only orders at 10:00 AM

Mar 25: General public sales begin


Tickets for the “Best of Britt” dinner and auction are already on sale and include premium seats to the Happy Together Tour 2022 concert. Tickets to the concert only for Happy Together Tour 2022 will go on sale to the public at 10:00 AM March 25th. Tickets for the Britt Festival Orchestra Season are also on sale at


One more Britt Presents season announcement for the 60th Anniversary season will occur on April 7 at 7:00 PM during the annual Season Announcement Party.


Tickets and more information can be found at, or you can call or visit the Box Office at 541-773-6077 or 216 W. Main St., Medford, Oregon.


The 2022 concert line-up at this announcement is:

June 5: ZZ Top

June 22: Norah Jones

July 12: Happy Together Tour 2022

July 16: Old Crow Medicine Show

July 22: One Night of Queen starring Gary Mullen and the Works

July 24: Michael Franti & Spearhead

August 8: Mt. Joy

August 17: Collective Soul + Switchfoot

August 28: Good Vibes Summer Tour 2022

September 8: Blues Traveler


Thursday 03-03-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 Jason Hurdis with CAT, (Caterpillar) BIG Contest as CAT and Peterson CAT in Medford are looking for the “World’s Caterpillar Global Operator Challenge”. You can apply for the contest at Peterson CAT, 2600 Biddle Road in Medford, and at 


 In a Time When Their Skills Are in High Demand, Heavy Equipment Operators Have a Chance to be Celebrated for Their Expertise   

 Local Competitions Occurring in Nearly 40 Countries Worldwide Starting Now;    

Winners Advance to Regional Competitions, and the Global Finals Occur During CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, March 2023  


6:45 Alfredo Ortiz from the Job Creators Network.

Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) could be summed up with a simple word, Gaslighting—A term used to describe a person who presents a false narrative to another group or person which leads them to doubt their perceptions and become misled…

“President Biden tried gaslighting America about his economic track record tonight, but it won’t work. Seventy-eight percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the country’s direction—and it’s easy to understand why,” says Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network (JCN), in a statement reacting to the SOTU.

JCN recently placed a billboard in the heart of Times Square featuring an image of Vladimir Putin. The billboard’s headline reads, “HEY VLAD. SCREW YOU! NYET TO RUSSIAN OIL. TIME FOR AMERICAN OIL.” And it concludes, “Drill More, Pay Less. C’Mon Joe. This ain’t hard.” To see the billboard, click here.

7:10 Mark Seligman, candidate for Josephine County Commission

7:35 Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation,  – we distill the carnage and weirdness in the last few days of the legislative session.

8:10 Martin Armstrong – Armstrong Economics and

Martin Armstrong is a world famous financial mind and economic forecaster who is scarily accurate in his market and world trend predictions. I read his postings everyday on and his Socrates predictive model is on

His story has been portrayed in a movie – “The Forecaster”

The stories Martin and I dig into include the REAL back story on Ukraine:


The Real Backdrop Nobody Will Discuss | Armstrong Economics

Spread the lovemore The only way to avoid World War III is to listen to both sides. The refusal to listen ensures that we will move into World War III and this is not my opinion, unfortunately, our computer has never been wrong for it is unbiased. It has called BREXIT when nobody else did […]

 Also, has Joe Biden lit the fuse on WWIII in the markets?


Wednesday 03-02-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 “Wheels Up Wednesday” with Eric Peters, automotive journalist with and a great conversation on transportation, cars, politics. Some of what we discuss includes:

The Camaro is going away –

The Post Office WON’T go EV –

2022 Genesis G70 –

8:10 Community activist “Mr. X” discusses what we need to do to gear up and ready public comment to fight the removal of the 4 Klamath Dams. More detail forthcoming in the next few days.

8:45 Open for Business with Randal Lee, Advanced Air 541-772-6866


Tuesday 03-01-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 Steve Milloy, Former Trump/Pence EPA Transition Team Member and Founder of and we’re digging into yesterday’s Supreme Court Oral Arguments of West Virginia v. EPA. At the heart of the case is whether the EPA has the nearly unlimited authority to regulate the nation’s energy grids and unilaterally control energy planning by picking winners and losers in the industry 

Steve Milloy, Founder of and Author of “Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA:” 

“In West Virginia v. EPA, the Supreme Court has the chance to right the supreme wrong done in the 2007 decision Massachusetts v. EPA. That decision, which occurred in the wake of Al Gore’s apocalyptic fantasy movie, ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ erroneously gave EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gases. In Massachusetts v. EPA, the Court wantonly ignored the intent of Congress, which did not intend for EPA to regulate greenhouse gases on its own and without congressional direction. Now, 15 years later, we are amid a very real and green policy-caused energy crisis, featuring soaring energy prices, and a Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has its own significant energy ramifications. It would be a good time for the Court to return to the Constitution, under which Congress writes the laws, the Executive branch implements the laws as written by Congress and the courts don’t invent statutory law on their own.” 

Steve’s latest op-ed on this case: MILLOY: Supreme Errors Require Supreme Fixes


7:10 Jo Rae Perkins – GOP candidate running for U.S. Senate to replace Ron Wyden. Find out more about Jo Rae and support her campaign at

7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger on Ukraine and Politics, state and local.

8:45 Open for Business Jamie Batte, Broker with TruHome – Jamie is the sponsor of our weekly “Real Estate Spotlight”, a weekly discussion of Real Estate Opportunities and Info in the Rogue Valley.

Email Jamie for more information


713 S Riverside Ave

Medford OR 97501



Finance guy Mish Shedlock says that Bill Ackman, a billion dollar investor type, has called for U.S. Troops to be sent to Ukraine. Hmm, you can probably guess what he’s investing in? Perhaps the War Hawks in the bipartisan War Party should suit up and fly some sorties themselves? Oh, wait…I forgot that they prefer to send deplorables from the southern USA to do that. /sarc


Monday 02-28-22 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:30 Tom Kelly, CEO of IDX and a cybersecurity expert.

Biden has just announced new sanctions against Russia, including limiting Russia’s businesses interaction with American corporations and freezing four of the major Russian banks.  

 As a result, U.S. officials are warning that Russian cybercriminals disrupting U.S. critical infrastructures and businesses is imminent. In the event of a larger conflict between Russia and Ukraine, US officials are concerned that transportation networks and broadcast media in Ukraine could be shut down by kinetic or cyberattacks. 

7:35 State Rep Kim Wallan with a legislative update  

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Where Past Meets Present”

Porters – Dining at the Depot

By Dennis Powers

When the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad tracks reached Medford in mid-January 1884, the settlement on the sage plains had a few wooden store buildings and saloons, some of them inside tents. Frequently, one could hear the men riding up and down Main and Front streets while shooting their guns in the air. Being a central railroad stop, Medford by year’s end had 110 businesses–meat markets, drug stores, stables, and general stores–and residences with a population of 400.

By 1910 and the orchard boom, the city and Jackson County were one of the fastest growing locations in the country. Needing to replace the older, wooden structure south of Main Street, a new brick railroad passenger depot was completed that October in nine months. One year later, more people were there than could be housed: the city erected a tent city while the railroad even put up the new arrivals overnight in its train station.

By 1912, Medford had a high school, four banks, elementary schools, a city park, Carnegie library, an indoor swimming pool, several movie theatres, and an opera house. Mountain water (by 21 miles of wooden pipe), electricity, telephone service, and paved streets reached to the outskirts. With fruit packing sheds and warehouses built by the train yard, Medford was Jackson County’s commercial center.

Although the orchard boom came and turned to bust, Medford continued to expand over time and became the county seat. Due to the Depression and popularity of automobile travel, however, passenger rail traffic severely declined over those decades. The Medford depot was subsequently abandoned and used only as a freight office from 1955 to 1996.    

Years later in 1974, Rolar Yondorf, Muriel Ames, with David and Gale Wiley, all from North Lake Tahoe, moved to Ashland due to the “ski area, college, tourism potential and beauty.” Although not intending to, Rolar (as the chef), the others, and Don Mercer put the money down to buy Omar’s. The combination proved excellent and the Ashland restaurant flourished. Rolar stayed there for 27 years.

Seeing the potential of a standout restaurant at the depot, Rolar Yondorf and two others decided to renovate it into a dining facility and bar. He left Omar’s in 2001 to partner with Brian Porter and Tim Tolman in creating Porters – Dining at the Depot. From its website, “Porters is nostalgically named in honor of all the men and women who work professionally aboard passenger trains bringing food, drink, courtesy and a warm smile to their traveling patrons.”

The extensively renovated location became designated as a National Historic Landmark. This historic building has “… over 40,000 Mid-west red roof tiles, hand-chiseled exterior-granite corbels and massive wooden beams; 100-year-old ‘railroad graffiti’ adorns much of the hand-hewn brickwork. Indoors one finds the original golden painted radiators that heat the building, craftsman style chandeliers (reproduced from a 1914 interior photograph). The windows are all original, having been re-cased and rehung.”

Complete with an antique ticket-making machine, the original passenger ticket counter became the bar’s curved center section. The station master’s office, once used only by this official, serves now as a banquet room. Emil Knutson painted a huge mural showing a train, smokestacks boiling upwards, pulling into the red-tiled depot that was created from a 1912 photograph. 

The drinks, food, and service continue to be excellent and the ratings of this restaurant are high. Sitting in a booth, one can feel what railroading and good dining was all about–decades and decades ago–owing to the optimism and hard work of Porters’ creators.

Sources: Porters – Dining at the Depot: “Our Story” at History of Porters; Source: Lance Cooper, Mail Tribune Lifestyles, “Essentially Ashland,” May 16, 2005, at Omar’s and Porters Connection.  


8:35 Carl Worden – liaison for the Southern Oregon Militia discusses concerns over a lot of water leaving the Lost Creek Reservoir…is it “Climate Change” or something else? We kick it around.