Bill Meyer’s Blog & Guest Information: 6-15 to 6-19-2020

6-15 to 6-19-2020

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Bill’s Guests: Thursday, June 18, 2020

7:10: Armin Brott, aka “Mr. Dad” talks with Bill this morning.

Rather than a police crisis, are we experiencing a “man” crisis? We’ll talks with Mr. Dad about this.

95% of Police Shooting Victims are Male

70% of White Murder Victims and 84% of Black Murder Victims are Male



Mr. Dad, is author of The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to The Toddler Years, a nationally published columnist on men’s health, manhood and fatherhood, and Host of ‘Positive Parenting,’ a weekly talk show.

See more great content over at:

7:35: Amy Rose, organizer of July 4th’s Freedom Cruise in Central Point. Bill will be participating in the cruise, and you can too.

8:10: Myron Magnet, City Journal Editor and author of the outstanding Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution talks with Bill.

We’ll be talking today with Myron, about Justice Thomas and his joining in his dissent this week, on the Supreme Court’s decision to redefine “sex” in an LGBTQ discrimination case.

Get your copy of Myron’s Book by clicking here.

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

6:35: Erip Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian Car Guy, chats with Bill. It’s the Weekly Transportation News Segment!

Today, we’ll talk with Eric about why he believes that the barbarians are at the gate.

Why The Barbarians are at the Gates

Check out more from Eric, allover at:

7:10: Jennifer Braceras of the Independent Women’s Forum chats with Bill.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court, ostensibly redefined the legal meaning of sex. And, that’s something that the Independent Women’s Law Center is a bit disappointed with. We’ll talk with Jennifer about it.

Independent Women’s Law Center Director Jennifer C. Braceras said, “The Court’s ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County no doubt is based on a genuine and heartfelt desire to protect gay and transgender Americans from workplace discrimination. But it is the job of the legislature, not the Court, to update Congressionally enacted employment laws. By usurping Congress’s role and proclaiming categorically that discrimination based on sexual orientation, transgender status, or gender identity is discrimination ‘because of sex,’ the Court effectively prevents Congress from making any distinctions on the basis of biological sex in any context.”

Just some of the areas of public life that will be affected by the Court’s ruling include women’s sports, the right to privacy, and health care — to name just a few.

Independent Women’s Law Center (IWLC) filed an Amicus brief in support of Harris Funeral Homes. Justice Alito cited IWF’s brief in footnote 49 of his dissent.

Jennifer is the Director of the Independent Women’s Law Center.

7:35: State Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr calls in to give you the latest from the state legislature.

8:10: Ben Straka with the Freedom Foundation chats with Bill.

Ben is the one who wrote the complaint:

A Freedom Foundation complaint alleging violations of state election laws by a union-backed political action committee calling itself “Our Oregon” has been referred to the Oregon Department of Justice, indicating the investigation has turned criminal.

The complaint, originally filed with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, extensively documents Our Oregon’s unregistered political activity and alleges many of the group’s donations from labor organizations qualify as “contributions in false name,” a Class-C felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $125,000 fine.

It’s unclear which specific allegations the DOJ is investigating, but the Secretary of State’s Election Division confirmed on Wednesday the complaint had been referred to the DOJ, a step required under Oregon law when investigators determine a criminal violation has occurred.

“This action by the Secretary of State is a clear indication that Our Oregon’s activity may indeed be criminal,” said Jason Dudash, the Freedom Foundation’s Oregon director.

“Oregon’s election transparency statutes are clear. If you want to play in politics, you need to transparently report contributions you receive, and you can’t deceive voters about where campaign money really comes from.”

Bill Meyer’s Blog: Monday, June 15, 2020

Hey all. Bill is starting out the week with a couple of vacation days. He’ll return on Wednesday, June 17, for more talk on the issues that may affect you. Thank you, and have a powerful day.

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