6-22 to 6-26-2020

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Friday, June 26, 2020

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government chats with Bill. It’s the Weekly Swamp Update!

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7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Friday Outdoor Report.

7:35: Kim Wallan, State Representative from Medford, calls in to bring you an update from the Special Session in the Oregon Legislature.

8:10: Tom Silver, famed scientific hypnotist and area resident talks with Bill this morning. We’ll talk with Tom today about how we the people are conditioned, hypnotized if you will, by the media “programming” regarding the recent violence and turmoil.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

7:10: Scott Walter, President of the Capital Research Center chats with Bill today.

Today, we’ll delve into the background and structure of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here are a few articles that you can read, that pertain to this particular topic:

A Terrorist’s Ties to a Leading Black Lives Matter Group

The Various Faces of Black Lives Matter

ActBlue: The Left’s Favorite “Dark Money” Machine

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8:10: Bruce Perlowin of Hemp INC chats with Bill. Today, we’ll talk with Bruce about the hemp industry in Oregon.

Due to COVID-19, Oregon still hovers at 15% unemployment. However, there is a growing demand for hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) and in southern Oregon, it is hemp harvesting season.

Hemp processing company Hemp, Inc. just announced that the Company has hired more than 50 new employees at its Southern Oregon location. These employees will trim hemp for use in CBD prerolls and other CBD products, to meet the demand of an industry that is still rapidly expanding, in spite of the recent economic downturn. 

The global industrial hemp market size is still expected to reach $15.26 billion by 2027, exhibiting a revenue-based CAGR of 15.8% over the forecast period, according to a new report published by Grand View Research, Inc.

8:35: Rob Schlapfer with Save America talks with Bill this hour.

Rob conducts community talks to learn how to think critically. Rob claims the Jackson County Library System is engaged in political activism.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

6:35: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy talks with Bill.

Today, we’ll be talking with Eric about gas mileage, and how it could be the path to something sinister.

Read: If MPGs Were Really the Reason

Remember to head on over to EPAutos.com for more great content,and to read Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes.

7:10: Clay Clark, host of The Thrive Time Radio Show chats with Bill.

Clay says that thousands of Trump Supporters were kept out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally. He’ll tell us about it and more.


You see in the LIVE Tweet from The Hill at 5:11pm, the line that was flowing into the Trump Tulsa Rally, suddenly stops. 

Eager Trump supporters that would have easily filled the entire arena were kept from going in. Why?

What Clay Clark and thousands of others witnessed at the Tulsa Trump Rally is NOT being shown in mainstream media reports.

Instead the narrative is about AOC and President Trump being trolled by Tik Tok users .

Clark says preventing Trump supporters from entering into the arena was both nefarious and effective.

Clark, a Tulsa native, podcast host and member of the media, said at approximately 4:30 PM  “I noticed that nobody new seemed to be entering the building.  I left the “Media Area” to see why people were not coming in.”

“I soon learned from one of the arena employees that Trump Supporters were being prevented from entering the building because “there were not enough health screeners available to test the crowds.” Thousands of Trump supporters were denied entry into the BOK Center.

Earlier in the day Clark had noticed that the vast majority of people were not socially distancing and were choosing not to wear a mask, however the vast majority of the media members chose to wear masks. 

Head on over to ThriveTimeShow.com to download an absolutely FREE copy of Clay’s Book:

Fear Unmasked

Clay is also the Founder of Thrive15.com a highly respected Business School as seen on Forbes, Bloomberg, YahooFinance, etc.  He is also U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and a Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine

7:40: Judy Ahrens, a Josephine County resident calls us to discuss Grants Pass July 4th festivities in front of the Jo Co Courthouse – at 11am it is the traditional live public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

8:10: Justin Danhof with the National Center for Public Policy Research chats with Bill.

Today, we talk with Justin about a new phenomenon, that’s being called “Woke Stakeholder Capitalism.”

Recently, Justin excoriated Netflix and its far-left CEO Reed Hastings for supporting Black Lives Matter as our cities burn. I also confronted him over Netflix’s extreme hypocrisy over threatening to boycott Georgia over pro-life legislation while simultaneously investing in Egypt (which has an outright ban on abortion) and staying silent. Here’s the audio:


Take a listen, I did not hold back. And I cited the great work by our friends at the Capital Research Center regarding BLM. Here’s our press release: 

Netflix Blasted for Supporting Black Lives Matter While American Cities Burn

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

7:10: Dr. Jerome Corsi, New York Times best selling author, investigative reporter and political analyst talks with Bill.

Dr. Corsi has penned an article over at CorsiNation.com:

Here Come the Next Dangers to the Trump Presidency

Could “False Flag” Snipers Kill BLM Protestors to Blame White Supremacists and Has COVID-20 Already Broken Out In China?

The George Floyd riots follow the pattern established in the “Ferguson Syndrome” where an encounter is captured on video in which a white police officer kills an unarmed black male.  The video is immediately used to generate a mainstream media feeding frenzy demonizing the white police as racist, the incident as demonstrating police brutality, and the death of the black male as tragic. The “Ferguson Syndrome” derives its name from the 2014 incident in which Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown, a teenage black citizen of Ferguson, Missouri, who was portrayed by the mainstream media as a “Gentle Giant” who was shot and killed by Officer Wilson as he shouted in submission, “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” This portrayal was patently false…

Click here to read the rest of the article

And, you should head over to CorsiNation.com for more great conservative content.

7:35: State Senator Herman Baertschiger, calls in to bring you an update from the Legislature.

8:10: Chad Stewart, the Director & Board Chair of the Britfield Institute chats with Bill.

There’s something of a creativity crisis going on in public schools. Chad is here today to talk with us about what can be done about this.

It’s estimated that 40% of enrolled students will not return to school in the fall. Creativity is the most needed skill in America yet not being taught in classrooms or businesses. The national economy will fail unless creativity is implemented in our entire educational system. Homeschooling will grow by 200% by 2021.

Our nation has been in a creativity crisis for over twenty years. Creativity scores have been steadily declining, just like IQ scores, since 1990, specifically kindergarten through sixth grade. Since the 1990s, Schools have killed curiosities and passions, narrowed visions, lowered expectations, stifled risk-taking, destroyed collaboration, narrowed children’s minds, killed deep thoughts and imagination, forced conformity, solidified hierarchy.

Creativity is the most important skill in the world (2020); Creativity is one of three top skills in 2020 (WEFR); Creativity was the most desired skill on LinkedIn (2019); 94% of managers consider creativity when hiring candidates (Adobe); IBM Survey: Creativity is the most important leadership quality; Creative Applicants are preferred 5 to 1 (Adobe); Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot replace Creativity

To stay innovative and competitive, America must continue to attract the world’s sharpest minds and invest in the further development of its creative sector, because where creativity goes, talent flows and innovation and economic growth will follow. Creativity is the most powerful competitive advantage a child can have, which is why companies need to hire people who know how to foster new ideas and inspire fresh thinking.

The Britfield Institute is committed to bringing creativity into the classroom, promoting literacy, and fostering a child’s imagination. Impacting all demographics, we provide students, teachers, educators, schools, businesses and leaders the opportunity to read and write with passion while inspiring critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Head over to BritfieldInstitute.org to learn more.

Monday, June 22, 2020

6:35: Steve Milloy, publisher of JunkScience.com chats with Bill.

In a recent Real Clear Energy op-ed, Steve Milloy, former Trump EPA Transition Team member and founder of JunkScience.com, addresses new claims of environmental racism and injustice that surfaced from last week’s Congressional hearing, in which a Harvard study linking PM2.5 air pollution to increased COVID-19 deaths was referenced. Milloy condemns the Clinton/Obama era EPA claim that asserts non-white people are more likely to die from PM2.5 air pollution. While he agrees that impoverished communities suffer from higher COVID-19 death rates, he argues that the mere fact that PM2.5 is higher in these communities does not equal correlation, and the claims of “environmental justice” and “environmental racism” only remove job opportunities from minority communities.

Read the op-ed for yourself right here, and check out more from Steve, over at: JunkScience.com

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com, calls in to bring to you the Monday Outdoor Report.

7:35: Ilan Srulovicz, star of Netflix’s The Walking Dead and CEO of Egard Watches talks with Bill.

At a time when our nation is incredibly divided and cancel culture is pervasive, Netflix’s “The Walking Dead” star and Egard Watches’ CEO Ilan Srulovicz shared an important message on YouTube to #SPEAKTRUTH and encourage society to support the police and humanize rather than vilify each other. Specifically, Srulovicz highlighted the good in law enforcement despite a climate in which police officers are being broadly labeled as rotten people by Hollywood elites on social media and by CEOs in mass corporate e-mails.

 “I hope and pray that people who read this or watch the video feel the courage to express their support despite the potential backlash, even if that means seeing a police officer on the street and letting them know they are appreciated. They need to hear it now more than ever.”


View the video here

This isn’t the first time Egard has created a video making headlines. In January 2019, he released a similarly-themed video, titled, “What is a man? A response to Gillette” featued on Fox & Friends and other major outlets discussing how the narrative of toxic masculinity should be deemphasized and replaced with depictions of men who have strong family values and are supportive of their  communities.

7:50 Phil Grammatica & Sandra Sheehan, local firearms instructors talk with Bill. Two area residents find themselves in firearms trouble after pulling out firearms during protest encounters. We’ll discuss the law and how to protect yourself, and stay legal.

See all that you can learn about firearm self-defense, and sign up for classes over at: Wits-And.com

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author and local historian, calls in to bring to you the Weekly “Visiting Past & Present, segment.

The Rogue Valley Country Club

by Dennis Powers

By the turn of the century, golf clubs existed throughout Oregon (i.e., in Portland and Eugene). These clubs were predominately used socially and associated with the well-to-do. This association with the leisure class slowly eroded during the coming years when amateur stars such as Chandler Egan brought interest to golf as a sport and not for purely social reasons.

As Medford and Southern Oregon boomed in the early 1900’s, a group of Mid-Western and Eastern affluent businessmen–who had flocked to the Rogue Valley during the orchard boom–decided to form a golf club. In 1911, on property on Hillcrest Road east of Medford, the country club opened with tennis courts, a skeet range, clubhouse, gardens, and nine holes of golf. Over the next ten years, the Medford Golf and Country club closed due to financial problems, re-opened at a smaller site, and closed its doors again due to its precarious financial situation. The failures were in no small part owing to the orchard bust.

In 1923, however, with the local economy improving, the group formed again and bought 70 acres of the original club property. It selected Chandler Egan, the former national amateur golf champion (twice) and a recognized course designer, to be its course architect. He had also won four Western Amateur titles, an Olympic silver medal, five Pacific Northwest championships (over time), and later two championship Walker Cups. 

Egan thought that the land was ideal due to its “interesting terrain, attractive shade trees, and plenty of water nearby.” He donated his services to the new club, as well as serving on the new club’s board of directors. On May 3, 1924, the Rogue Valley Country Club (“RVCC”) opened on the original site with a nine-hole golf course and a limited 100-person membership. Three years later, Chandler Egan designed the second nine holes to bring RVCC to an eighteen-hole course of play. After the second, nine-hole design, the play is referred to as the “original course.”

In 1937 the Rogue Valley Country Club erected a drinking fountain as a memorial to its most famous member, Chandler Egan, who had died one year before. Bobby Jones, Egan’s longtime friend and regarded as the best amateur golfer of all time, with Grantland Rice, the noted sportswriter, and others traveled to Medford to attend the ceremony. At Egan’s memorial, Rice said Egan was “one of the finest gentlemen I have ever known.” Over his twenty years of course design, Chandler Egan had designed or re-designed over twenty courses in Washington, Oregon, and California, including Pebble Beach.

Along the way, Glenn Jackson, or “Mr. Oregon,” not only helped to reinvigorate the Rogue Valley Country Club after World War II, he owned and operated it through his enterprise, Golf Holding Company. The country club’s members purchased these facilities from his heirs in 1981 after his death.  

Today, the RVCC has grown to its present complex with 27-holes and near 400 golf and some 550 distinct social memberships. The par-72 course is 6,666 yards long. Some of the amenities are: a driving range, three putting complexes, pro shop, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a 38,000 square-foot Craftsman-style clubhouse with banquet facilities, offices, conference rooms, and lounges. It is a fitting testimonial to our area and growth. 

Sources: “Rouge Valley County Club: History,” at RVCC History; Wikipedia: Chandler Egan at Chandler Egan.