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3-11 to 3-15-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

3-11 to 3-15-2019

Defend the 2nd Amendment! Gun Vest1 Join me, Mr. X & many others TONIGHT – 3/14 at the Roxy Ann Grange in Medford as we strategize to fight the Oregon State Legislature’s tyrannical gun control bills. Fight for your rights, get organized this Thursday 3/14, 1850 Spring Street in Medford. Doors open at 5:30, meeting starts at 6.    
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Bill’s Guests: Friday, March 15, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government calls in to bring you the Weekly Swamp Update. We’ll chat with Rick about the Lisa Page issue, and how it’s not gotten a lot of media attention, and more things from Washington D.C. See more great content over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from, calls in to bring to you the Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report. 7:35: Kim Wallan, Oregon State Representative calls the show. Kim will give us an update on the latest goings-on in the State Legislature. 8:10: Mr. X, research savant, activist, Gang Green expert and one HECK of a model American joins Bill in studio for a recap of last night’s 2nd Amendment meeting, where folks discussed the numerous gun grabbing bills being pushed by Oregon’s uber-leftist governor Kate Brown and her urban Democrat cohorts who now hold a supermajority in the Oregon Legislature. Keep up with Mr. X’s research and mission to expose the globalists and their nefarious plans for America at his website: 8:45: Mike Gantenbein, Director of Marketing from the Britt Festival joins Bill in studio. Mike’s here today to give you the latest round of acts to be at Britt this year. Get ticket and show information, all over at:

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, March 14, 2019

6:35: Jennifer Margulis Ph D, co-author of The Vaccine Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-From Pregnancy Through Your Child’s Teen Years, talks with Bill. The state of Oregon is moving on with a bill, which would strip personal exemptions from school children vaccination requirements. Jennifer is here today to touch on this subject. Check out this video for your consumption from Dr. Paul You can get her book, by clicking here, and you can check out more at her website: 7:10: Christine Douglass-Williams, author of: The Challenge of Modernizing Islam, talks with Bill today. Her new book is the first major effort, to provide a foundation of understanding and a vision of Islam that is consistent with human rights, equal rights and modernity. This bestselling book features interviews by foremost moderate and reformist Muslims in the Western world. Douglass-Williams poses tough questions about how they deal with problematic Qur’an passages, how they intend to get their message across to the Muslim world, and more. Get ahold of your copy by clicking here. Christine Douglass-Williams is a nine-time international award-winning journalist and television producer (including Telly, Videographer, and Omni Awards), having conducted over 1,700 live interviews. She was a federally appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and a former appointee to the Office of Religious Freedom in Foreign Affairs. She also serves as a political advisor. 8:05: Royal Standley, President and CEO of Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors calls in for the daily Stock Report. You can get more great information over at:, or give Royal a call at: 541-772-1116. 8:45: Jay Owenhouse, Master Illusionist, calls the show today. Jay will be appearing this Saturday at The Craterian Theater, and he’s calling in today to give us a taste of things to come. WHEN: Saturday, March 16th, at 4 and 8 PM. WHERE: The Craterian Theater. Click here to get your tickets.

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

6:35: Dr. John Zmirak, Senior Editor at The Stream chats with Bill this morning. Dr. Zmirak decries Elizabeth Warren’s latest idea for a complete government takeover of Facebook, Google and Twitter as nothing short of insane. (So does Shane for that matter) Read Dr. Zmriak’s article: Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Take Over Facebook and Twitter Would be a Disaster. Here’s a Better Option He observes: “If social media came under federal regulation, you can count on one thing: the regulations imposed on various media would be even more onerous than the ones we suffer with now. Even when Republicans took office, they wouldn’t fix them. And, when Democrats took power, they’d do with the Department of Social Media precisely what Lois Lerner did with the IRS: weaponize the agency to punish conservatives and Christians.” Hey, Dr. Zmirak has a new book out: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism, which you can get by clicking the link. Also, don’t forget to check out more great content over at: 7:35: Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford Police Department joins Bill in studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week. 8:10: Dr. Marylin Singleton M.D, a Board Certified anesthesiologist and President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons talks with Bill today. March 12th, 2019

Thought Police (Oops, Medicare) For All

by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

The new Medicare for All bill (H.R. 1384) has come and hopefully will go the way of the pet rock. Everybody now knows the basics: the government will take care of all medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and long-term care services with no out-of-pocket expenses. The bill prohibits parallel private insurance, and has the glaring absence of a financing mechanism. But as usual, bills contain hidden gems. Section 104 of the bill tracks the Affordable Care Act’s “anti-discrimination” rule, making it clear that no person can be denied benefits, specifically including abortion and treatment of gender identity issues “by any participating provider.” The bill does not correspondingly reaffirm the federal laws protecting conscience and First Amendment religious freedom rights of medical personnel. Such protections relate to participation in abortion, sterilization, assisted suicide, and other ethical dilemmas. Most sane individuals agree that we do not want our government to control any aspect of our individual lives—particularly not our religious beliefs and moral codes. When the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sought to clarify such conscience protections, thousands of commenters offered evidence of discrimination and coercion to violate the tenets of the Oath of Hippocrates and their own ethics. Some left their jobs or left the medical profession entirely when their conscientious objections were not honored. Conscience protections are vital in this time of unabashed devaluing of life. Last year, the Palliative Care and Hospice Education Training Act (PCHETA), passed the House but died in the Senate. This bill would have dedicated $100 million in additional taxpayer dollars to persuade patients to forgo treatment that might prolong life in exchange for a steady stream of increasing doses of narcotics. Already some families feel they are not merely offered hospice as a choice but are steered toward it when their older relatives fall ill, even when the medical prognosis is uncertain. The focus on palliative care and lowering costs by reducing “aggressive” end-of-life treatment is one more incremental under-the-radar step along the road to government control over life and death. A culture of hastening death has gradually evolved, disguised as “death with dignity.” California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont have legalized physician-assisted suicide with 20 other states considering implementing such laws. Subtly devaluing life primes the pump for rationing of medical care at all stages by a government-run program that is the exclusive purveyor of medical “benefits.” Our western counterparts with single payer have discovered that offering fewer benefits is the simplest way to control costs. The “Complete Lives System”—the brainchild of ObamaCare physician architect Ezekiel Emanuel—includes worrisome determinants of who should receive care. The system prioritizes adolescents and persons with “instrumental value,” i.e., individuals with “future usefulness.” This year, legislators were not so subtle. It is bad enough that our elderly are pushed into hospice, but now the compassionate legislators have set their sights on newborns. New York passed, and Virginia floated laws that permit the killing of babies after birth. The U.S. Senate garnered only 53 of the 60 votes needed to pass the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act which would mandate medical care and legal protections to infants born alive after an attempted abortion. Starting in the 1970s, the federal government clearly saw a need to protect medical personnel from the tyranny of the government mandates that could violate religious or moral convictions. Personal liberty is an integral part of our democratic republic. While a physician’s calling is to render treatment to all patients, this is balanced with an individual physician’s moral beliefs. This is no more apparent than in legislation permitting physician assisted suicide and post-delivery “abortions.” Sadly, under threat of discrimination lawsuits, some physicians have acquiesced to patients’ requests for medications and surgical procedures that conflict with their moral code. As anthropologist, Margaret Mead so brilliantly wrote, “One profession, the followers of [Hippocrates], were to be dedicated completely to life under all circumstances…This is a priceless possession which we cannot afford to tarnish, but society always is attempting to make the physician into a killer—to kill the defective child at birth, to leave the sleeping pills beside the bed of the cancer patient. … It is the duty of society to protect the physician from such requests.” We must not let the government bury our conscience and beliefs under layers of bureaucracy. Medicare for All may mean independent thought for none. 8:45: Nancy Mann-Self and Toni Arnspieger from The Pear Blossom Festival joins Bill, live in studio. The ladies talk with Bill today about all the fun that going to happen, coming soon to the Rogue Valley.

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

6:35: Samuel W. Mitcham Jr. author of “Desert Fox: The Storied Military Career of Erwin Rommel,” chats with Bill today. War hero or war criminal? Man of integrity or Hitler flunky? Military genius or just lucky? Now, bestselling military historian Samuel W. Mitcham Jr. gets to the heart of this mysterious figure in Desert Fox: The Storied Military Career of Erwin Rommel —offering a fresh look at the Allies’ most well-respected opponent of WWII. This military-history biography explores the complexities of the controversial Nazi leader through his improbable and spectacular military career, his epic battles in North Africa, and his fraught relationship with Hitler and the Nazi Party. Desert Fox: The Storied Military Career of Erwin Rommel reveals:
  • How Rommel’s victories in North Africa were sabotaged by Hitler’s incompetent interference
  • How Rommel burned Hitler’s orders telling him to commit war crimes
  • Why it wouldn’t have helped Patton if he really had read Rommel’s book
  • How Rommel was responsible for the Germans’ defense against the D-Day landing
  • Why the plot to overthrow Hitler was fatally compromised when Rommel was gravely injured in an Allied attack
  • The reason Rommel agreed to commit suicide after his part on the plot was discovered by Hitler
Known for his unique analysis of controversial figures from history, Mitcham examines the unsolved mysteries surrounding the Desert Fox and leaves readers admiring Rommel’s tactical genius and maintenance of chivalry despite where his allegiance lay. 7:10: Dr. Michael Busler, public policy analyst, economics expert and a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey talks with Bill today. Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose sudden rise to prominence has made her a target of Republicans and a sometime irritant to her party’s leaders, called capitalism an “irredeemable” system that is to blame for income inequality. The 29-year-old, first-term U.S. House member from New York and self-described democratic socialist addressed an enthusiastic crowd Saturday at the South by Southwest conference in Austin about issues that resonate with her fellow millennials, from universal health care to combating climate change. She directed some of her sharpest comments at an economic system that she said values profit over people. “Capitalism is an ideology of capital — the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit,” Ocasio-Cortez said. And that comes at any cost to people and to the environment, she said, “so to me capitalism is irredeemable.” Although she said she doesn’t think all parts of capitalism should be abandoned, “we’re reckoning with the consequences of putting profit above everything else in society. And what that means is people can’t afford to live. For me, it’s a question of priorities and right now I don’t think our model is sustainable.” Check out more from Dr. Busler over at his website: Also on Facebook: 7:40: Gregory Wrightstone, author of the book, “Inconvenient Facts: The Science that Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To Know.” talks with Bill. Gregory’s new mobile app, just released last week for smartphones and other mobile devices, was approved by Apple in February. But now, the app has been banned and removed from Apple’s app store, for apparently, “lacking compelling content.” You can still get the app for Android devices at the Google Play Store. And, don’t forget to get your copy of Gregory’s book, “inconvenient Facts.” And, you can also check out his website: 8:10: Mr. X, researcher extraordinaire, Green Mafia expert and one HECK of a model American, joins Bill in studio today.   good info here-

Two Views on HB 2020, Oregon Democrats proposal to regulate carbon emissions

When the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Director, Richard Whitman, was asked by me in committee what impact on global carbon would occur if Oregon were to reduce its’ emissions to zero, he responded: “Rep. Brock Smith, you are correct that Oregon’s portion of global carbon emissions is, I’ll use the word minuscule.” When Dr. Philip Mote, Director of the Oregon Climate Services and Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, was asked by me what the impact would be on the global climate if Oregon were to reduce their emissions to zero, he responded the impact would be, “Imperceptible.” Ed and Bill also discuss the upcoming Pro Second Amendment meeting. We’ll discuss strategies to fight the slew of anti-gun and anti-gunowner legislation. WHEN: Thursday, March 14, 2019. Doors: 5:30pm Meeting Begins: 6pm. WHERE: Roxy Ann Grange. 1850 Spring St. Medford. Keep up with Mr. X’s research over on his new website:

Bill’s Guests: Monday, March 11, 2019

6:35: Dr. Ed Berry Ph. D, editor and publisher of based in Bigfork, Montana, talks with Bill. Dr. Ed, an expert in climate change, takes the position that our carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant to climate change. Check out Ed’s article over at:, “They Say Their ‘Climate Change’ Evidence Hits The “Gold Standard” But Offer NO Evidence” And, you can read Ed’s latest response to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: “PREPRINT: Contradictions to IPCC’s Climate Change Theory.” You can also get more great content from Ed at his website: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from, calls in to bring to you the Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report. 7:35: Michael Strickland, the Portland journalist that was attacked by a #BlackLivesMatter mob in July of 2016 talks with Bill today. Michael was convicted of 10 felonies for pulling his firearm in order to protect himself. He was recently invited by The College Republicans at Portland State University to speak on his ordeal, when a known Antifa agitator, dubbed “Bell Ringer Guy,” disrupted the presentation, spewing leftist drivel and a plethora of obscenities. All the while according to Michael’s article, which you can read in full below,” PSU Campus Police and Security did nothing to stop Bell Ringer Guy’s tirade. I Am The Speaker Who Was Disrupted and Abused At Portland State University – Here Is My Story You can see more from Michael on his YouTube Channel: Laughing At Liberals. Also, Michael is still appealing his convictions, and needs financial support. You can now help him out, via PayPal: (If link doesn’t work, copy and paste into your browser) 8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author of numerous books and local historian joins Bill in studio for today’s edition of: What Made Southern Oregon Great!! Be sure to check out more from Dr. Powers at his website:

Yreka: Pioneer Mining Town

By Dennis Powers

The early-1851 discovery of gold 30 miles south of present-day Yreka on the Scott River attracted miners from all directions. In that March, Abraham Thompson–a mule-train packer from Oregon–was leading six men across the Siskiyou Trail to that find. A heavy rainstorm caused the men to camp on the “flats,” 1/4th mile from what is now downtown Yreka. Prospectors before had found insubstantial amounts of gold there, and they would soon leave. This time, the heavy rains had deeply soaked the ground. While watching his pack mules the next morning pull out branch grass by their roots to eat, he was surprised to see flecks of gold on the roots. The group decided to stay there and dig for the precious metal. The gold was there in large quantities, and the word soon went out that this discovery was “the richest square mile on earth.” By May, some 2000 miners lived in tent camps, shanties, and a few rough cabins on the flats and searching for the gold at “Thompson’s Dry Diggings.” By August 1851, 5000 peopleprimarily miners but with dry-good merchants and a few familieswere camped at Shasta Butte City, Yreka’s present location, to be closer to the nearest water supply at Yreka Creek. They believed that this area was the “second mother lode.” With the continual mining and commercial activity, residents began building wooden structures on Main Street, now named Miner Street. About one year after the gold discovery, the California legislature created Siskiyou County. Adjacent to the Oregon border, it would be the fifth largest California county by area, and include towns such as Yreka, Mt. Shasta, Weed, Dunsmuir, McCloud, and the Klamath River corridor. As another town was also called Shasta in the area, the city changed its name to Yreka, which was the local Indian name for Mt. Shasta that meant “North Mountain.” The famous “Poet of the West,” Joaquin Miller, described Yreka during 1853-54 as a lively place with “a tide of people up and down and across other streets, as strong as if in New York.” In a few years, Yreka changed from another boisterous gold-rush town into a permanent city with laws and governance. Stage lines from and to Oregon used it as a primary stage stop. With a courthouse built, along with the first hospital, church, and school, Yreka was selected to be the county seat for Siskiyou County. The legendary Lotta Crabtree began her career in these Northern California gold-rush towns and performed in the Yreka area during the mid-1850s, frequently at the Arcade Saloon on Miner Street. According to these stories, the lonely miners threw “thousands of dollars” worth of gold nuggets onto the stage after a performance. With a sense of permanence, the town incorporated in April 1857. As typical with other mining towns, however, when the gold played out, many of the miners, merchants, and their families left. In twenty years, its population was only 1,100 hardy folks. On July 4th, 1871, the bad times continued when a fire consumed most of the business district in its fiery destruction of thirteen blocks, including many stores, a hotel, theatre, all of the livery stables, the Catholic Church, a schoolhouse, and numerous residences. Despite this huge setback, the town people came together and rebuilt; this also brought about the numerous brick buildings that today line Miner and other Yreka streets. A short-line railroad in 1889 then connected the city with the Southern Pacific’s West Coast line. As farming, timbering, and ranching replaced mining, the city began to grow again. In 1941, Yreka came to national prominence as the temporary state capital for the State of Jefferson. With neighboring counties in Oregon and California feeling disenfranchised from their state governments, the succession movement began there. Outside of Yreka, armed men erected roadblocks every Thursday on Highway 99 and handed out their “Proclamation of Independence” before letting drivers continue on. When in a matter of weeks the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the movement came to a quick end. The downtown along West Miner Street is now listed as an historic district on the National Register of Historic Places and as a California Historical Landmark. Over seventy, pre-1900 homes (with numerous stately Victorians) still stand, all within a few blocks of the downtown. With tourism and recreational interests joining Yreka’s economic base, it has 7,750 residents today and is the most populated city in Siskiyou County. Starting from a group of six grizzled men, Yreka has grown over time to become much more than a stagecoach stop. Sources: Western Mining History: Yreka, California at History (with images); City of Yreka: History,” at More History; “City of Yreka: Fast Facts,” at Fast Facts.

3-4 to 3-8-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

3-4 to 3-8-2019

THERE IS STILL TIME TO COMMENT AGAINST THE CARBON CAP AND TRADE BILL. COMMENTS TAKEN UNTIL 3/8 – INFO HERE: CapAndTradePoints  Here’s a list of people in the legislature that you can email. Thanks to listener Francine from Talent. Video of the Saturday hearing in Medford: My testimony is about an hour in.     And THIS is why we fight: Thanks to Kevin G. for recording Thursday’s prep and strategy meeting: 2019-02-18 12.58.39   T           Email Bill Meyer, Podcasts on Past Shows and commentary at BLOG ARCHIVES. Bill Meyer’s Facebook page: Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillMeyerShow MONDAY 03-04-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM TUESDAY 03-05-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM WEDNESDAY 03-06-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM THURSDAY 03–07-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM FRIDAY 03-08-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

Bill’s Guests: Friday, March 8, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, the President of Americans for Limited Government joins Bill today for the Weekly Swamp Update. Find out more over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from calls in today, to bring to you the Friday, Outdoor Report. Today, we’ll also be talking with Greg, about the latest wolf news, and the predation and delisting issues. 7:35: Randall Barrett from joins Bill, live in studio, who wants to talk about marches, taking place today and tomorrow, outside of Pacific Power’s Medford office. You can find all the information at: 8:10: Juan Carlos-Ordonez, Communications Director for the Oregon Center for Public Policy talks with Bill today. A new study from the Oregon Center for Public Policy says that the richest Oregonians are getting richer, compared to the regular Oregonians. Oregon’s ultra-rich — the highest-earning one out of every 1,000 Oregonians — have never been so rich compared to the rest of Oregonians, according to new analysis by the Oregon Center for Public Policy. “Such extreme income inequality undermines the well-being and opportunities of most Oregonians, while weakening the economy,” said OCPP policy analyst Daniel Hauser. “Oregon lawmakers should be doing everything in their power to push back against growing inequality.”

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, March 7, 2019

6:35: Dr. Jane Orient M.D., Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons talks with Bill today. Today we’re talking vaccines with Dr. Orient, and an article she wrote over at, The Times Examiner: “Sacrificing Freedom to Vaccination” In the article: “According to the Oath of Hippocrates, physicians have the duty to advise their patients according to the best of their ability and judgment. In In most cases, most physicians recommend vaccination, believing that for a particular patient, the benefit exceeds the risk. Patients or their parents, however, have the right to decline to follow their doctor’s advice. But with vaccination, government restricts this right. Every time there is a measles outbreak somewhere there is an outcry to restrict vaccine exemptions, to protect the public—and, just coincidentally, vaccine manufacturers.” 7:10: State Senator Dennis Linthicum calls the show. Today we’ll be talking with Dennis about his latest newsletter, where he touches upon the question: “Has tolerance been abandoned?” The phrase “totalitarian” does not refer to the existence of concentration camps, the lack of food, or the severity of current economic conditions. Rather, “totalitarian” reflects the scope of control that a state exhibits over the broadest aspects of human life. Therefore, a totalitarian state seeks to absorb as much private life as possible into the sphere of state control. 8:10: Brian Hart, author of “Trouble No Man,” calls the show today. American War meets Into the Wild in Brian Hart’s epic saga of one man’s struggle to survive a hostile world—tracing his path from a self-destructive, skateboarding youth in the 90s to the near future as he journeys across a desolate, militia-controlled American West to find his missing family—perfect for fans of Edan Lepuki and Cormac McCarthy. In the America of a near future, northern California and the Pacific Northwest have become a desolate wasteland controlled by violent separatist militias and marked by a lack of water and fuel. In a village outside Reno, a middle-aged man visits an undertaker and gathers the ashes of his dead wife to bring to Alaska. There, their children await them—refugees from the destruction of the south. To reach his only remaining family, the man must cross the treacherous, violent landscape north by bike, his dog his only companion. Get your copy of Brian’s novel right HERE.

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

6:35: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy talks with Bill today. So, what if a car company wanted to change the way you drive, or your “behind-the-wheel” behavior, through the use of modern technology? Well, it appears Volvo is planning to do just that. Eric is here today to tell you all about it. Check out Eric’s article: “No Speeding for You!” You can also check out Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes over at 7:10: Drury Sherrod, author of “The Jury Crisis: What’s Wrong with Jury Trials and How We Can Save Them,” talks with Bill. Juries have a bad reputation. Often jurors are seen as incompetent, biased and unpredictable, and jury trials are seen as a waste of time and money. In fact, so few criminal and civil cases reach a jury today that trial by jury is on the verge of extinction. Juries are being replaced by mediators, arbitrators and private judges. As a result, a foundation of American democracy is about to vanish. The Jury Crisis: What’s Wrong with Jury Trials and How We Can Save Them addresses the near collapse of the jury trial in America – its causes, consequences, and cures. Drury Sherrod brings his unique perspective as a social psychologist who became a jury consultant to the reader, applying psychological research to real world trials and explaining why juries have become dysfunctional. While this collapse of the jury can be traced to multiple causes, including poor public education, the absence of peers and community standards in a class-stratified, racially divided society, and people’s reluctance to serve on a jury, the focus of this book is on the conduct of trials themselves, from jury selection to evidence presentation to jury deliberations. Judges and lawyers believe – wrongly – that jurors can put aside their biases, sit quietly through hours, days or weeks of conflicting testimony, and not make up their minds until they have heard all the evidence. Unfortunately, the human brain doesn’t work that way. The Jury Crisis deals with an important social problem, namely the near collapse of a thousand year old institution, and proposes how to fix the jury system and restore trial by jury to a more prominent place in American society. Drury Sherrod, PhD, is the co-founder of Mattson & Sherrod, Inc., a jury research firm specializing in trial strategy and jury selection for high-damage civil defense trials, many involving Fortune 500 companies. Sherrod is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants, the American Psychological Association, and the Society for Experimental Social Psychology. Along with authoring Social Psychology (1982), he has authored more than thirty articles on psychology, jury behavior, attribution theory and the effects of environmental stress on human behavior. He has, also, written hundreds of narrative-style opening statements for jury trials, which were adopted by attorneys and presented to actual trial jurors. Sherrod has given many talks on jury trials and juries in America to a variety of audiences, including college classes, law firms, bar associations, legal conferences, professional associations and groups interested in law and the social sciences, and has also presented research findings to hundreds of attorneys in law firms across the United States. See more over at his website: 7:35: Sgt. Jeff Proulx of the Oregon State Police joins Bill in studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

6:35: Tim Winter, President of the Parents Television Council chats with Bill today. Today, we’ll be talking with Tim about the TV Content Ratings System, and how the standards have become a bit lax. More and more, profanity, strong sexual innuendo and other adult situations are being presented in shows that are frequently watched by children. Here’s the rest of the story: Hollywood is hoping that no one will speak up to air grievances about the failed TV Content Ratings System – which Parents Television Council research has shown is inaccurate, inconsistent and lacking transparency. The public only has ONE WEEK to file a comment* with the FCC about the ratings system and its oversight board, and PTC President Tim Winter warns that Hollywood will make sure to say that the status quo is acceptable. In the 22 years since the TV ratings system was implemented, this comment period is part of the first Congressionally-mandated FCC review to evaluate whether the ratings system is doing what was promised for children and families. The FCC has already been ordered by Congress to review the effectiveness of the TV Content Ratings System. If you would like to file a public comment with the FCC, you can follow this link HERE. 7:10: Mr. X, research Jedi, Gang Green expert, activist and all around nice guy talks with Bill. Well, it looks like the comment period for HB2020 has been extended to this Friday, March 8th. We’ll talk with X today about how and what you can comment. Read more from Mr. X over at his website: And, here’s more!: Here’s a list of people in the legislature that you can email. Thanks to listener Francine from Talent. For further reading from Mr. X’s reams of documents: “Oregon Global Warming Commission: Biennial Report to the Legislature 2017” Road Map To 2020 “The Willamette Valley Choices for The Future” “The Oregon Global Warming Commission: Interim Roadmap to 2020” 7:35: Pastor Jason Noble calls the show today. The upcoming film: “Breakthrough” (in theaters on Easter weekend), and stars Chrissy Metz, (This Is Us) is based on the incredible true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son John falls through an icy Missouri lake, all hope seems lost. But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up. From producer DeVon Franklin (MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN), BREAKTHROUGH is an enthralling reminder that faith and love can create a mountain of hope, and sometimes even a miracle. Pastor Noble, who is played by Topher Grace in the film, currently lives in Medford with his wife, who is originally from Medford. You can view the film’s trailer right HERE. The film will be in theaters on April 17th. 8:10: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation talks with Bill this morning. Kevin will tell you the latest in the fight against several gun grabbing bills that are headed to the Oregon legislature, where many urban, gun-control happy democrats hold a supermajority in both houses. State senators, Prozanski, Burdick, Dembrow and Manning have introduced SB 925. This bill would virtually guarantee that CHL holders would be prohibited from being on school property or airport property while in possession of a firearm. Under the proposed legislation, it could be illegal for a license holder to  possess a firearm even if you were simply dropping a family member off at the airport. Oh, but there’s more… House Democrats have put forth HB 3265. This one would ban standard capacity magazines. Under this one, possession of any magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds will get you 6 months in jail. “Use” of a standard capacity magazine will get you a year in jail and a $6250.00 fine. Help Kevin and the OFF to fight these nightmarish, totalitarian bills that could, fundamentally violate your 2nd Amendment rights. Click here to fight back. 8:45: Brent Homan, Randall Lee & Ray from Advanced Air joins Bill in studio for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway” segment. We’ll tell you the latest deals from Advanced Air, like this: 30% off the first year of a planned service agreement (up to $54 value) and includes service. Your Comfort system should be regularly inspected by a professionally trained service technician to ensure efficient performance and warranty qualification. Visit: to see more, or give them a call at 541-772-6866.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, March 4, 2019

6:35: Michelle Freedman with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, (JDRF) here in Oregon talks with Bill today. The cost of insulin, a necessary drug for people who suffer from diabetes, seemingly increases all of the time. It’s especially upsetting when it’s for a child. We’ll talk with Michelle, who has firsthand experience with the subject with her daughter today. It is absolutely crucial that all people with T1D have affordable access to insulin, meaning it should be available at a low, predictable out-of-pocket cost. JDRF also believes people with T1D should have access to the insulins that work best for them. JDRF has been fighting for choice not only of insulin, but also choice of insulins pumps, test strips, continuous glucose monitors, and artificial pancreas systems, to enable people with T1D to access the technologies that work best for them. Recently, UnitedHealthcare announced a policy change that that limits insulin pumps for children with T1D: The nation’s largest insurer is no longer covering all brands of insulin pumps for children as young as age 7. JDRF strongly believes that every person with T1D, no matter their age, should have the freedom to decide which insulin pump is right for them — it should be a choice made by them and their doctors, not their insurance company. This is an unacceptable step backward and JDRF is urging UnitedHealthcare to reconsider its decision and asking the diabetes community to take action by voicing opposition.

READ: In a Step Backward, UnitedHealthcare Changes Policy to Limit Insulin Pumps for Children.”

Find out how you can help over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from, calls in to bring you the Monday, Outdoor Report. 7:35: Steve The Marine, local psychiatrist and Constitutional expert talks with Bill this morning. We’ll be talking with Steve about President Trump’s emergency order. Is it even legal? We’ll discuss it. Click here to read Steve’s essay: “Presidential Declaration and Funding of National Emergency.” 8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author of several books, and local historian, joins Bill in studio for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great!” You can check out more of Dr. Powers’ great content over at:

Lynn & Doris Sjolund: Masters of Choral

By Dennis Powers

A native of Olympia, Washington, Lynn Sjolund graduated from the University of Oregon (“UO”) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (1951) and a Master of Arts in Music in Education (1956). He started his career teaching in Lebanon, Oregon. That year, Lynn was offered a job without applying–based on his reputation–at Medford High School. Sjolund was the school’s conductor and taught chorale music, music theory, and music appreciation. “It was love at first sight,” he said when he had first view of the Rogue Valley. On a sabbatical for one year in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Sjolund studied as the graduate assistant in 1969-70 for the German Center for Music Education. He met there his future wife, Doris, who was teaching high school in Iowa and applied for the same program. Afterwards, Doris returned to Iowa. Just before the school year started, she received a job offer teaching elementary chorus and band in Klamath Falls. Marrying Lynn in 1971, she moved to Medford and taught in elementary school in Medford for many years. Lynn wanted to start a dozen-member madrigal group, but so many people wanted to sing chorale music that in 1973 he formed the Rogue Valley Chorale. Doris started The Rogue Valley Children’s Chorus in 1982, which was under the umbrella of the Chorale, and was its founder/director emerita for years. (Note: “madrigal” songs are renaissance ones performed without musical instruments and with several singers singing different notes.) From 1956 to 1986, Lynn was the choral music director and fine arts chair at Medford High School, often being asked to conduct honor choirs. Sjolund also taught music at Loyola University, Lewis and Clark College, UO, and SOU. He was the artistic director and conductor for the Rogue Opera and Rogue Opera Programs for Youth. Upon Sjolund’s retirement from public school teaching in 1986, Medford High School named its auditorium in his honor. When the city of Medford wanted to transform a movie theatre into a performing arts center (the Craterian), he was asked to serve as acting executive director. As the founding director and conductor (1973-2013) of the Rogue Valley Chorale, a tenure spanning 40 years, Sjolund also conducted the Britt Festival Orchestra and Rogue Valley Symphony with it in concerts. The versatile Rogue Valley Chorale became known for its performances of Broadway greats such as Gershwin, Porter, Kern, and Rogers, as well as Bach, Handel, and Mendelson. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1993 with performances in Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The Chorale toured Scandinavia in 1995, Italy in 1998 and performed in Carnegie Hall in 2000. It marked its 30th anniversary in 2003 with a concert tour of Western Europe. Numerous honors and awards were bestowed upon Sjolund: From a 1990 Outstanding Music Teacher of the Year award (National Federation of Interscholastic Music) to a 2002 Award of Merit (Northwestern Division of the American Choral Directors Association). Sjolund is the only person who served twice as president of the Oregon Music Education Association. He received UO’s 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award, the first time a graduate of its dance or music programs was so recognized with the award. After retirement, the couple taught at Loyola University in New Orleans for three years (1987-1990). They are currently residing at the Rogue Valley Manor, where they work with “The Joyful Voices,” the chorus at the Manor. Both play in the Southern Oregon Concert Band, Lynn playing the violin with Doris the clarinet, and another series of artistic contributions to our region. Sources: John Darling, “Lynn Sjolund hangs up his baton,” Mail Tribune, August 31, 2012, at Lynn Sjolund’s Story; University of Oregon, “University of Oregon to honor music alumnus Lynn Sjolund,” June 5, 2014, at More Background; Steve Boyarsky, “Voices of the Valley,” Mail Tribune, February 4, 2018, at On Lynn and Doris.

2-25 to 3-1-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

2-25 to 3-1-2019

THERE IS STILL TIME TO COMMENT AGAINST THE CARBON CAP AND TRADE BILL. COMMENTS TAKEN UNTIL 3/1 – INFO HERE: CapAndTradePoints BTW, page 14 of the cap and trade points above has the address link to get the emails to the proper officials. Video of the Saturday hearing in Medford: My testimony is about an hour in.     And THIS is why we fight: Thanks to Kevin G. for recording Thursday’s prep and strategy meeting: 2019-02-18 12.58.39   T           Email Bill Meyer, Podcasts on Past Shows and commentary at BLOG ARCHIVES. Bill Meyer’s Facebook page: Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillMeyerShow MONDAY 02-25-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM TUESDAY 02-26-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM WEDNESDAY 02-27-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM THURSDAY 02–28-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM FRIDAY 03-01-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

Bill’s Guests: Friday, March 1, 2019

6:10: The Weekly Swamp Update with Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government.

We’ll talk about the possible aftermath of the North Korea summit, the Michael Cohen hearings and much more. You can get more great content, all over at:

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from, calls in to bring to you the Friday Outdoor Report.

7:35: Tyler Flaming, Grants Pass City Council Member from Ward 1, and Vice Chair of the Josephine County Republican Party talks with Bill, live at the KCMD studio in Grants Pass. We’re talking the gas tax proposal and other issue facing the city.

8:10: Kevin Starrett with the Oregon Firearms Federation, chats with Bill from the lion’s den, Portland. We’re talking 2nd amendment issues, which Kevin and the OFF keep a sharp eye on.

You can get more  great information over at:

8:40: Dr. Donna Givens MD from Grants Pass Family Medicine joins Bill in the KCMD studios today to tell us what Grants Pass Family Medicine is all about.

1837 Nebraska Avenue in Grants Pass

Fine out more at: Or, you can call: 541-476-3000.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, February 28, 2019

6:35: Court Boice, Curry County commissioner talks with Bill today. We’ll be discussing the county’s storm damage, and the current state of Highway 101, 12 miles north of Brookings where the Hooskanadan Slide is causing the highway to sink into the earth. 7:10: Dr. Bob Sears M.D. author of “The Vaccine Book” and seven other books, talks with Bill. Today, we’re digging into the Measles epidemic issue, and the fast-tracked hearing that would strip all personal exemptions from vaccine requirements for school and daycare. “Dr. Bob,” as he likes to be called by his little patients, earned his medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1995 and did his pediatric internship and residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He continues to practice pediatrics at his office in Dana Point, CA, where he provides a combination of alternative and traditional medical care. He has a passion for healthy natural living and incorporates this knowledge into his style of disease treatment and prevention by limiting antibiotic use, committing to breastfeeding success for his little patients, using science-based natural treatment approaches whenever possible, and focusing on good nutrition and immune system health. By having one of very few pediatric offices in Orange County, CA, that accepts families who don’t follow the CDC schedule of vaccinations, Dr. Bob has had the unique opportunity to observe how these naturally-minded families grow and thrive in today’s world. With the new threat of mandatory vaccination laws, Dr. Bob’s new mission is to ensure that all families worldwide receive complete, objective, and un-doctored informed consent before they choose vaccination and that people everywhere retain the freedom to make healthcare decisions for themselves and their children. Dr. Bob is the co-founder of the Immunity Education Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing balanced and complete information about vaccines, infectious diseases and public health issues. He is also co-host of the Vaccine Conversation podcast. 8:10: James Hirsen,  New York Times Best Selling Author of “Tales of The Left Coast,” and “Hollywood Nation,” talks with Bill today. Well, the Oscars are over, and the ratings continue to sink. Why? Well, that’s why James Hirsen is here. We’re going to tell you why. And, what does this say about today’s entertainment culture? We’ll talk about it. READ: “Oscars Ratings Woes Continue” And, you can get more great content over at James’ website:

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, February 27, 2019

6:35: Gregory Wrightstone, author of “Inconvenient Facts: The Science that Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know,” talks with Bill today. Gregory has released a new app for smartphones that can actually help you to do battle against the Green Hordes and their lies and distortion on the climate. Head over to: to get Gregory’s book, and you can get his new app, Inconvenient Facts on Google Play and the Apple App Store. And you can follow Gregory on Twitter: @GWrightstone 7:10: Brad Bennington, from The Homebuilder’s Association of Jackson County chats with Bill in studio. We’ll be talking with Brad about how government increases the cost of your home, and how solar farms may be taking up a good chunk of buildable land. 7:35: It’s the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. 8:10: Melissa Cano, Emergency Manager for the City of Medford talks with Bill. We’ll be talking with Melissa about the importance of water storage and purification in your emergency preparedness plans. 8:45: Bruce Perlowin, CEO of  Hemp Inc and Sofia Benton talk with Bill today, for the latest edition of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?”

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

7:10: Mr. X, research oracle, activist, Green Mafia expert joins Bill in studio this morning. We’ll be talking about what happens next in the fight to stop HB-2020. You can now check out more from Mr. X over at his website:

Here are the point to point links to what was discussed today. It involves some reading, but makes the case that the legal foundation for the cap and trade bill is based on a fraudulent take on the law.

1:44 in “…there will be some changes to the way the economy functions in order for there to…in order for those greenhouse gases to be reduced, and there may need to be assistance provided to households, businesses, and workers that may be impacted by that in a financial way.” search Maureen McGee (The Legislative Counsel) It all leads here this is where our legislative council draws here opinion from On page 22 of this, note the CONSTITUTIONAL barriers Definition of the Legislative Counsel’s Job[0]=Legislative%20Counsel&sort=PositionTitle%7CAscending&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs

8:35: “Sam,” a local resident that was at Saturday’s Carbon Reduction Committee hearing chats with Bill. Sam sat behind the lady at the meeting, who claimed she felt afraid because she was Muslim, and that there were some cars at the meeting that had Confederate flag stickers. One of the committee members recognized her, leading some to believe that the woman could have been a plant from out of the county. We’ll hear what Sam has to say.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, February 25, 2019

6:35: Christina Martin from the Pacific Legal Foundation and lead attorney on Timbs v.s. Indiana talks with Bill. Today the Supreme Court held that the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from being excessively fined by all levels of government in this country—not just the federal government. The decision in this case, Timbs v. Indiana, is a significant victory that limits the abusive use of fees and fines by state and local officials—abuse that frequently targets the most vulnerable in society. This case, litigated by our friends at Institute for Justice, started when the State of Indiana tried to take Tyson Timbs’ $42,000 Land Rover, on top of other punishments, for his violation of a drug law. Yet the maximum fine in cases like Timbs’s is $10,000 in Indiana. Recognizing this obvious disparity, the trial court and court of appeal found that the confiscation of Timbs’s vehicle would violate the Eighth Amendment’s protection from excessive fines. But the Indiana Supreme Court reversed those decisions, holding that the U.S. Constitution does not protect individuals from excessive fines imposed by state or local government actors. Today, the Supreme Court unanimously held that because the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause is a fundamental right, with deep roots in American history, that it restrains all levels of American government. Writing for eight justices, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg explained that those deep roots extend to at least 1215 England, at the adoption of Magna Carta, which “required that economic sanctions ‘be proportioned to the wrong’ and ‘not be so large as to deprive [an offender] of his livelihood.’” In his concurring opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that English courts for hundreds of years enforced the same principle that a financial punishment must fit the crime. And in fact, the right was recognized even before even Magna Carta. The English Bill of Rights, adopted in 1689, reiterated that historical ban on excessive fines, by providing that “excessive Bail ought not to be required, nor excessive Fines imposed; nor cruel and unusual Punishments inflicted.” This protection carried over to the colonies and into the founding of this nation. The Eighth Amendment cemented the prohibition. Likewise, most state constitutions at the founding (and all state constitutions today) forbade excessive fines. Nevertheless, the Eighth Amendment itself only restrained the federal government from violating individual rights. It was not until the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, shortly after the Civil War, that the constitutional protection (along with most of the Bill of Rights) also restrained state governments. One of the major reasons for the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment was that some southern states were imposing excessive fines on freed slaves. Plainly then, the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted to ensure that states could not impose excessive fines. Unfortunately, as we explained in our amicus brief, despite the historical protection, many state governments today impose outrageous fines, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, for small offenses—with the burden frequently falling on citizens who can least afford to pay. Consider the following examples:
  • One Missouri city fined a homeowner $180,000 for choosing to plant flowers instead of grass.
  • A Florida homeowner faced municipal fines of $58,000 for failing to register a burglar alarm with a local bureaucrat.
  • PLF clients faced fines of $100 per day—exceeding $10,000 in just a short time—for their home’s Van Gogh style mural
  • In California, PLF clients Henny and Warren Lent face over $4 million in fines for blocking an unusable public access easement.
Today’s Supreme Court decision is an important step toward ending the kind of fines presently imposed for even non-criminal offenses by many states. All Americans, especially our friends at Institute for Justice who fought this battle, should be proud. Get more great information over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from, calls in to bring to you the Monday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report. 7:35: Julie Wheeler, Executive Director of Divide Camp, talks with Bill this morning. We’ll be talking with Julie about the upcoming, Divide Camp Benefit Dinner and Auction event. benefit_flyer_19_medford Find out more, and get your tickets over at:

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author and local historian, joins Bill in studio for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great!” Check out more great stuff over at Dr. Powers’ website:

Mattie’s Nugget – and The Currency of Gold

By Dennis Powers

Throughout the countryand especially in Southern Oregongold nuggets, bars, and even dust were used as currency until the 1930s. During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt made the private ownership and use of gold as a currency to be illegal. Before then, gold was used to pay debts and anyone, whether a resident or not, could buy gold nuggets at any local bank, from Grants Pass to Ashland. In 1859, a small, nervous Irishmanone Mattie Collinswas working through the tailings around Althouse Creek in Josephine County’s Illinois Valley. Althouse Creek winds its way from the Siskiyou Mountains and flows over fifteen miles into the Illinois River. The area had been a fine place for placer gold discoveries. Although the great finds were largely over, Mattie was ever hopeful. On one of the tributaries, he looked up the bank and spotted a large stump with exposed roots. Hoping he might find something, he began pulling out rocksand came across a huge nugget. It weighed 17 pounds, the largest gold nugget reportedly discovered in Southern Oregon. Terrified that someone would rob him, or con him, if they heard about his good fortune, Mattie hired a fellow Irishman by the name of Dorsey to help him bring the nugget to a San Francisco bank. Collins and Dorsey jumped at every noise or strange shadow; they checked every side trail to avoid an ambush. They were able to get to arrive safely in San Francisco, and he sold the nugget for $3,500, which would be worth $500,000 today. When word was out about his find, miners flooded into the areabut didn’t find anything close to this. Mattie kept the money in the San Francisco bank and worked for wages, first in California, and then in Nevada, Idaho, and Montana. The frugal man deposited his earnings into the same bank. The years passed by and at age 65, however, Mattie Collins fell in love with a younger woman. She succeeded where everyone else had failed: skimming the money away and then leaving him. Collins died near penniless, despite his good fortune and years of hard work. Although the great majority of prospectors never came close to Mattie’s good fortune, gold for all those years was a currencyand preferred. Banks weighed the gold nuggets, accepted them, and gave gold coins in return. The coins were in five-dollar, ten-dollar, and twenty-dollar denominations. One problem was that the five-dollar gold coin was nearly the size of and appearance of a penny. Mistakes were made when passing out a five-dollar gold coin as change for a penny, the loss not equal to ones chagrin when later discovering this. Whether Gold Hill or Jacksonville, prospectors came to town and exchanged their gold or nuggets for whiskey, women, clothing, food, or whatever provisions that were needed. When they needed more money, the miners trudged back into the hills. Disdainful of banks, they carried or hid their nuggets. If big enough or armed, some held them in public, including one who would set his quart glass jar of gold nuggets on the counter when ordering his meal. The ones who owned the general stores and sold provisions to the miners were usually the ones who became prosperous. One local prospector, Lester Foley, wrote in 1931: “After seventeen years, I’m a little weary, hungry. I’m reduced to Spartan austerity. Have a depressed feeling. Am on a diet of beans. After 17 years, my pocket averaged $2.30 a year, excluding expenses–but included frost-bite, fly-bite, and rattlesnake bite, with bleeding fingers, an aching back, a frosted lung, and pain.” With the quantitative easing seen and enormous U.S. and worldwide fiscal deficits, we might need to head back to those times. Sources: Kerby Jackson, “OregonGold.Net: Great Gobs of Gold Abound in Southern Oregon,” at Mattie’s Nugget; Ben Truwe, “Althouse Creek in the Early Days by William MacKay,” at Gold Mining Days (first published in the Medford Sun, June 18, 1911, page B4); Dennis M. Powers, Gold Hill: Images of America, Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, South Carolina, 2010, pp. 7-8, 21, et al.

2-18 to 2-22-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

2-18 to 2-22-2019

HERE IS THE INFO PACK FROM THURSDAY NIGHT’S PREP MEETING FOR THE CARBON REDUCTION HEARING SATURDAY CapAndTradePoints Thanks to Kevin G. for recording the meeting: 2019-02-18 12.58.39   THURSDAY’S “CARBON REDUCTION HEARING” PREP MEETING INFO… (Meeting has already happened, but the main event is SATURDAY.  Get ready for Saturday’s 9a-noon meeting of the “Carbon Reduction Committee” in Medford. We need to formulate testimony, hand out yellow vests to indicate our displeasure of the direction they wish to take our state, our local economy and way of life with a carbon tax scam. The meeting of the “Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction”, FYI,  happens this Saturday, 2/23, 9-noon,  at Central Medford High School Auditorium, 815 S. Oakdale Ave in Medford. Email Bill Meyer, Podcasts on Past Shows and commentary at BLOG ARCHIVES. Bill Meyer’s Facebook page: Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillMeyerShow MONDAY 02-18-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM TUESDAY 02-19-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM WEDNESDAY 02-20-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM THURSDAY 02–21-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM FRIDAY 02-22-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

Bill’s Guests: Friday, February 21, 2019

In the spirit of Conspiracy Theory Thursday, here’s a link to an interesting article, I read a number of years ago. Is the “Hippie” movement from the 1960’s little more than a government psy-op?

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation: Part I

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, February 21, 2019

7:10: State Representative Kim Wallan from District 6, checks in with a Legislative update. 7:35: Mr. X, research guru, activist, expert on the Green Enviro Mafia and all around nice guy, joins Bill today, live in studio. To talk about tonight’s preparatory meeting for Saturday’s Carbon Reduction Meeting. State Representative E. Werner Reschke will also join Bill and Mr. X by phone today with a Carbon Reduction Committee update. Carbon Reduction Prep Meeting WHEN: Thursday, February 21, 2019. Doors open at 5:30. Meeting begins at 6pm sharp. WHERE: The Roxyann Grange at 1850 Spring Street in Medford. Beware: The actual entrance of the Grange is at  Valley View and Spring Street. Turn south onto Springbrook off E. McAndrews, turn east on Spring Street, and the Grange Entrance is the corner of Spring Street and Valley View. 8:10: “Timber” Tina Scheer, from Survivor: Panama, and Nat Geo’s: Ultimate Survival Alaska talks live in studio with Bill. Timber Tina is going to be a part of the Sportsmen’s & Outdoor Recreation Show over the weekend. Check out more from Tina over at 8:45: Dave Fricke, Executive Director of The ARC, and former Executive Director Trish Welch join Bill in studio. Today we’ll be talking with Dave and Trish about Live To Dance 2019.

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

6:35: Doug Bibby, President & CEO of the National Multifamily Housing Council talks with Bill today. The Oregon Senate has voted out the first state-wide rent control measure in US history and the measure is now moving to the House, where it’s expected to be acted upon quickly (today). But will rent control actually help people who rent and vulnerable families struggling with affordable housing? Probably not, if we use history as a guide. There are better solutions to helping people who grapple with affordable housing. Doug Bibby, president of the National Multifamily Housing Council. Doug has decades of experience in housing and has a tremendous grasp of the issues. Learn more for youself at: 7:10: Randall Barrett with talks with Bill in studio. A Grants Pass Smart Meter Town Hall Meeting will be taking place tomorrow. Randall is here today will tell you what you need to know, if you’re not a fan of smartmeters. Grants Pass Smart Meter Town Hall Meeting WHEN: Thursday, February 21, 2019 starting at 6pm. WHERE: The Fruitdale Grange. 1440 Parkdale Drive in Grants Pass. No fee to attend. There will be a 30 minute presentation by Randall, followed by a Q&A session. All persons that live in the unicorporated sectors of Josephine County, and want their smart meter removed, have to act before February 27th. Go on over to for further information. 7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens with the Medford Police Department comes into the studio for the Southern Oregon Crime Stoppers Case of The Week. 8:10: Karen Straughn, spokesperson for Men’s Rights: Edmonton, and contributor to talks with Bill. The Left’s War on Men and Masculinity seems to be still in full force, and Karen is here today to tell us about the latest salvos. Today, We’re digging into Martina Navritalova “wandering off the PC reservation” and declaring that it’s unfair for trans women to compete against actual women. READ: “Former tennis champ Martina Navratilova criticized for comments about trans athletes.” Look below for more reading: “The Left’s War on Masculinity Must Stop” Karen Straughn is a prominent Men’s Rights Advocate who came to public attention through her infamous YouTube channel titled “GirlWritesWhat.” She is a mother of several children, and a published writer of Erotica novels. You can also check out more from Karen below: YouTube: karen straughan OwningYourSh* Facebook: Girlwriteswhat Twitter: @girlwriteswhat 8:35: Reagan Knopp, Chair of the Jackson County Republican Party joins Bill in studio. Saturday is the annual Lincoln Day Dinner Fundraiser with Yours Truly, Bill as the MC. Keynote Speakers for the event will be Oregon Senate Republican Leader Herman Baerschiger, and House Republican Leader Carl Wilson on “Overcoming the Supermajority. For more information on the event, go to: 8:45: Toni Arnspeiger and Darcy Mann Self from the Pear Blossom Festival join Bill, in studio for an update on the latest goings-on with the festival. You can find out more over at:

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

6:35: Charlotte Hays, Director of Cultural Programs with the Independent Women’s Forum talks with Bill today. Today we’ll be discussing a rather racist article in the Yale Daily News. A Shockingly Racist Article in the Yale Daily News In a racist article in the Yale Daily News, Isis Davis-Marks, who describes herself as approaching graduation at the Ivy League college, urges fellow Yalies to collect information on white, male classmates now; it could come in handy later on to destroy their careers. We should all be appalled by racist or sexist remarks but at the same Ms. Davis-Marks’ animosity is also distressing. Is the atmosphere at Yale really as cruel as Ms. Davis-Marks makes it out to be? If Yale is a hot house of racism and sexism, don’t wait 15 years to call out the culprits! They will benefit more by it now. Setting up a spy state to ruin people is a less wholesome alternative. Another Yale student, Karl Notturno, writing at American Greatness, points out another drawback to planned character assassination: it encourages rumors that are not true. 7:10: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy, chats with Bill this morning. So, today we’ll be talking with Eric about his article over at “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaafe New Cars?” “If cars are so much saaaaaaaaaaaafer than they used to be – courtesy of the beneficence of the federal government – how come fatalities are increasing rather than decreasing?” Catch more great content, and read Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes, all over at 8:10: Mr. X, political research Jedi, activist, expert on all things Green Mafia and all around nice guy, joins Bill in studio today to chat about the upcoming “Carbon Reduction Hearing,” which is set for Saturday at Central Medford High School. A “prep meeting” is being scheduled for this Thursday, for all who wish to attend that Saturday meeting. Carbon Reduction Prep Meeting WHEN: Thursday, February 21, 2019. Doors open at 5:30. Meeting begins at 6pm sharp. WHERE: The Roxyann Grange at 1850 Spring Street in Medford. Beware: The actual entrance of the Grange is at  Valley View and Spring Street. Turn south onto Springbrook off E. McAndrews, turn east on Spring Street, and the Grange Entrance is the corner of Spring Street and Valley View.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, February 18, 2019

6:35: Brad Williams, President of Brad Williams Financial Services talks with Bill today.

Government Shutdown Is Proving Americans Are Not Prepared For A Recession

The brutal reality is that most Americans are not prepared for the next economic downturn or recession. The government shutdown is highlighting just how much Americans rely on others as opposed to themselves, and how little they have saved for an emergency. According to the newest op-ed article by Market Watch, the government shutdown is perfectly proving that Americans are not prepared for a financial disaster of any kind, let alone an economic recession. Many have long assumed that the government (which as we all know is almost $22 trillion in debt) will be using their money (stolen funds aka, taxation) to bail out those who get themselves into trouble. But the shutdown is proving just how little the government actually doesand just how financially illiterate many Americans have allowed themselves to become. Almost 60% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings for a rainy day fund or an immediate emergency. It’s been ten years since the Great Recession left many Americans jobless with no money, and it appears most have learned nothing. The government shutdown serves as a painful warning and preview for what will happen once unemployment rises from 50-year lows.  Americans are far too dependent on others, including the government, for their survival. Within just a few weeks into the government shutdown, people are struggling to cope. We hear stories about people turning to food banks to feed their families. We hear stories about people who are in dire straits because they can’t get loans. We hear stories about people who can’t pay their mortgages. That’s not even one month into the shutdown. –Market Watch Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, including those who work for the government.  Many won’t live below their means in order to save and it certainly seems that most citizens have picked up the government’s spending habits. They have also stopped saving for themselves. According to a recent GoBankingRates survey, only 21% of Americans have more than $10,000 in savings,with nearly 60% having less than $1,000 in savings. Almost 32% of Americans have nothing saved up at all. And something most don’t want to hear is that every economic cycle will end and hit a low again despite the rosy attestations of those who wish to keep confidence high.There is nothing in history that suggests that extremely low unemployment can be maintained for an extended period of time. Indeed, it is precisely at the end of an economic cycle that low unemployment rates tend to reverse rather suddenly. There is one way to prepare for a recession and it’s to end dependence on debt and save some money for an emergency. Without the shackles of credit card debt, student loan debt, and car payments, Americans could not only save more, but their money would go much further as no one has already claimed it in the form of debt repayment. Brad has over 25 years of addressing the financial concerns of retirees and business owners.  Add his strong communication skills and Brad, after first listening to his clients’ needs and concerns, is able to simplify and explain in everyday language even the most complex concepts and alternatives. Check out more from Brad at his site: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from, calls in to bring to you the Monday, Outdoor Report. 7:20: Mr. X, discusses the prep meeting for this weekend’s Carbon Reduction Committee public hearing. Here’s more:. This preparatory meeting is this Thursday 2/21, 6pm, at the Roxy Ann Grange, 1850 Spring Street in Medford, but the actual entrance is at  Valley View and Spring Street. Turn south onto Springbrook off E. McAndrews, turn east on Spring Street, and the Grange Entrance is the corner of Spring Street and Valley View. Doors open at 5:30p, meeting starts at 6pm.  Map Link HERE: This Thursday meeting is to get ready for Saturday’s 9a-noon meeting of the “Carbon Reduction Committee” in Medford. We need to formulate testimony, hand out yellow vests to indicate our displeasure of the direction they wish to take our state, our local economy and way of life with a carbon tax scam. There is some confusion on whether Saturday’s public hearing is at Central Medford High School, or the Medford City Council Chambers in Medford. I’ll get back to you soon with that information. Today we’re promoting this 7:35: Jeffrey Katz, author of the new book: “The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom from The Great Teacher,” talks with Bill.  “In my new book, The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom, we can directly tie Maimonides’ teachings to the issue of whether Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should resign.  And yes, he should resign. They tell us that, on an interpersonal level, one should be quick to forgive someone who asks forgiveness. But full redemption is available only when one again finds himself in the same position but chooses to act differently the second time around. In Northam’s case, this would mean that in the 35 years since his blackface incident, he has worked to soothe racial tensions in this country and advance the cause of African-Americans, rather than do the opposite. But, indeed, he has done the opposite. By his exploitation of the race issue for personal political gain in his last campaign against Ed Gillespie, Northam showed no desire to soothe racial tensions, but instead inflamed them. He did this through his outrageous campaign ads painting supporters of Gillespie as vicious racists. He has earned no redemption on the race issue and needs to resign under the principles taught by Maimonides. The Secret Life illuminates ancient teachings that are as relevant today as they were over 800 years ago, which will help you discover that true wisdom and success in every aspect of life comes not from our public persona, as so many believe, but from our secret thoughts and actions. Maimonides shows how every person can find their true and best self, not only deriving happiness for themselves, but spreading that bliss to everyone they touch.” ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeffrey Katz is a lifelong student and teacher of rationalist religious philosophy. He has rabbinic ordination as well as a law degree and is a practicing attorney. He has appeared on national television on a broad range of issues and has lectured widely 8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author and local historian joins Bill in studio for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great!” Check out more from Dr. Powers over at his website:

Shirley Patton: A Legend in Her Own Time

By Dennis Powers

Shirley Patton’s family moved from a small town in Washington to Portland during World War II. She loved acting in high school and was a theater major at Stanford University where she learned of Angus Bowmer and his tiny theater company in Ashland, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (“OSF”). After graduation, Patton came to Ashland in 1958. Shirley was asked to play the role of Viola in “Twelfth Night,” the morning of the opening night when the original actress was hospitalized the night before. “I wasn’t even the understudy,” Patton said. This started her acting career at OSF. Although she returned to Portland to teach in supplementing her acting, Bowmer invited her to return although he had given out all of the scholarships he had at that time. Shirley met her husband, Bill Patton, only minutes after she got off the bus. Bill was the general manager of the company at the time. They were married six months later, about when the theater was torn down when the fire department condemned it. They were married for 52 years before Bill passed away in 2011. The OSF dedicated its 2011 season, its 76th, to Patton, who had led the company from 1953 to 1995–another story in itself. Her life revolved around the theater, and she was a member of the OSF acting company for 30 seasons and played more than 50 roles. After leaving OSF, she performed in numerous local theater venues on many stages, such as the Camelot Theatre, Southern Oregon University, and the Craterian Theater in a variety of roles. One of her most memorable roles was in the Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winning story of “Driving Miss Daisy” in 2014 at the Camelot Theatre. Livia Genise, the artistic director, asked her whether she would like to play Daisy Werthan–but there was a problem. Patton had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system for which there is no cure. Patients in the early stages often develop tremors, move slowly, and have trouble walking. Speech can be affected. Shirley said, “If Daisy can have Parkinson’s, then yes.” She’d work on the problems but she couldn’t mask a tremor in one hand. So this Daisy had a tremor. Patton came to the first rehearsal in January with nearly all of her lines memorized. She worked on balance, the quick changes needed of costumes, voice, and breathing. The applause on opening night went deservedly for a long time. In January 2019, Shirley Patton was in her 75th year of acting and celebrated 60 years of service with the Tudor Guild, as its longest standing member. The Tudor Guild supports OSF financially through its gift shop. Patton, however, also helped find housing and household items for actors, along with child care for employees, volunteers, and even audience members. Shirley is also the voice for JPR’s “As It Was” stories since 2005. She’ll star in Camelot Theatre’s “The Gin Game” in May 2019. Southern Oregonians are lucky to have seen or know Shirley Patton over these years. She is not only very talented and dedicated, but also someone you would like to know as a friend. Sources: Caitlin Fowlkes, “OSF legend celebrates 60 years,” Mail Tribune, January 16, 2019, at Acting and Oregon; Bill Varble, “OSF’s Bill Patton dies at age 83,” Mail Tribune, January 14, 2011, at Bill Patton; Bill Varble, “Fear and trembling–and triumph,” Mail Tribune, February 11, 2014, at Overcoming Disabilities.

2-11 to 2-15-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

2-11 to 2-15-2019

Email Bill Meyer, Podcasts on Past Shows and commentary at BLOG ARCHIVES. Bill Meyer’s Facebook page: Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillMeyerShow MONDAY 02-11-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM TUESDAY 02-12-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM WEDNESDAY 02-13-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM THURSDAY 02–07-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM FRIDAY 02-08-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

Bill’s Guests: Friday, February 15, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill. It’s the weekly Swamp Update, and we’ll talk about all the latest goings-on in Washington D.C. Check out more great content at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors, calls in to bring to you the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report. See the latest weather, and other great content over at: 7:20: Brett from Batteries + Bulbs the new store in Grants Pass joins Bill, live for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway,” segment. Batteries + Bulbs 200 NE Terry Ln Unit B, Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541) 622-3233 7:35: Roy Lindsey, Mayor of the City of Grants Pass talks with Bill about several issues facing the city, such as the proposed 3 cent per gallon gas tax, and other such topics. 8:10: Dan DeYoung, Josephine County Commissioner talks with Bill today. We’ll be talking with Dan on the smart meter ordinance, and more on The Law Enforcement Stability Act – HB 2382, states that qualifying counties will be able to tax marijuana production sites at a maximum of a $1 per square foot for its recreational farms. It will also allow counties to tax up $50 per plant for residents growing medical marijuana. 8:35: David from Kelly’s Automotive talks with Bill about the final day of the Peanut Butter Drive for hunger. 8:45 Sharon Young from the Asante Family House, The Family House is located at 407 SW Ramsey Avenue within walking distance of Asante Three Rivers Medical Center.  The 7,400 square foot facility opened its doors in the spring of 2008.  This is a temporary guest residence for out-of-town patients and family members of those receiving care at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, February 14, 2019 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

6:35: Dave Ray, Communications Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform talks with Bill today. Today we’ll be talking with Dave about an apparent “Thin Gruel,” border wall deal. And, we’ll touch on a new study, detailed here: Study Reveals Illegal Aliens Incarcerated at Much Higher Rates Than Legal Residents Illegal aliens are on average three times more likely to be incarcerated than legal residents, according to a new FAIR report. The study analyzes the most recent data available from the federal government’s State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP), which reimburses states for a small portion of the costs of incarcerating criminal illegal aliens. The report includes states that account for 65 percent of the nation’s illegal alien population. For far too long, the open borders lobby have peddled the talking point that is the exact opposite of the truth. They were able to arrive at this argument by purposely omitting crucial data, such as drug, identity and document fraud offenses, which most would agree is a considerable oversight. Some of the key findings of the study include:
  • In all SCAAP-reporting states – that together account for the vast majority of the nation’s illegal alien population — illegal aliens are incarcerated at a much higher rate than citizens and lawfully present aliens. In some cases, the rate is five times higher.
  • In California, the state that has the largest illegal alien population, illegal aliens were 3.3 times as likely as legal residents to be incarcerated.
  • In New Jersey, illegal aliens are 5.5 times as likely to be incarcerated as legal residents; in Arizona, they’re 4 times as likely; in Washington, 3.5 times as likely; and in Oregon, the nation’s first and oldest sanctuary state, 3.7 times as likely.
See more over at: 7:10: Patrick Wood, of and author of: “Technocracy Rising: The Hard Road to World Order,” talks with Bill today.

We’ll be talking with Patrick today about the upcoming Carbon Reduction Committee meeting next Saturday, and how to fight it.

Check out more great content at: where you can see Patrick’s books and so much more.

8:35: Terry Welburn of Welburn’s Weapons and Summer Whitlatch of Blinging Bullets joins Bill in studio. Today we’re talking about the Guns & Roses Valentine’s Day Shopping Event.

Where: Welburn’s Weapons @ 6785 Crater Lake Hwy, Central Point

When: Today

Admission is free.

8:45: Brad Bennington from the Builder’s Association of Southern Oregon talks with Bill. This weekend in the Annual Home Show, and we’ll tell you all about it.

2019 Southern Oregon Home Show

HOME SHOW DATES AND HOURS Friday, February 15 • 10 – 5 pm Saturday, February 16 • 10 am – 5 pm Sunday, February 17 • ­10 am – 4 pm Location: Jackson County Expo | 1 Peninger Road, Central Point, Oregon 97502 Cost: Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $5 Friday is Free from 10am-12pm Kids under 12 Free: Cash Only : ATM on site

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, February 13, 2019: Happy Hump Day!

 6:35: Ethan Garr, Vice President of Product with Robokiller chats with Bill today. Don’t pick up that phone! Americans have been plagued with an increasing number of robocalls — and the government can’t do anything about it. RoboKiller, the call blocking app that gets revenge on telemarketers by countering spam calls with Answer Bots, today released the latest data from its RoboCall Data Tracker showing that there was major spike in Robocalls in January breaking the record monthly number. Robokiller directly attributed this substantial increase in spam calls to the “Do Not Call” National Registry being suspended do to the shutdown. “This allowed spammers and scam artists to directly bypass the “Do Not Call” list that was designed to keep them at bay. Many businesses were affected as their phone systems being inundated with robocalls stretching their infrastructure thin. said Ethan Garr, RoboKiller’s VP of Product. “Our Answer Bots were fighting back against this wave; answering these calls, engaging the live operators and wasting the telemarketers’ time. Since August, 2018, Robocalls nationwide were tracking at around 5 Billion per month. In January, the newly released data showed a spike to nearly 5.5 Billion calls. RoboKiller collects data for its tracker through its award-winning mobile apps for iOS and Android. As the app identifies and blocks hundreds of thousands of phone numbers to protect its users from ringing spam calls, it silently answers those calls with Answer Bots. These bots stole back nearly 60,000 hours of telemarketers time in December alone. The tracker showed over 5 billion robocalls being made on a monthly basis for the second half of 2018 which was already at record proportions. Check out more from Ethan and learn more about Robokiller at: 7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens of the Medford Police Department joins Bill in studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week. 8:10: Mr. X, crack researcher, activist, expert on Green Mafia shenanigans and all around nice guy, joins Bill in studio today. We’ll be discussing how will we are in search of “Climate Common Sense.”


It’s a deep, thorough, and chilling article about the state of our U.S. Navy. Imagine REAL future battles with a Russia or China under current conditions. Chanting “U.S.A., U.S.A.” won’t fix these systemic issues. I also wonder if their military and navies are focused on satisfying “diversity” agendas, or erring on the side of battle readiness?…/us-navy-crashes-japan-ca…/

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

6:35: Eric Caron, former U.S. diplomat and special agent talks with Bill today. Eric has recently released his first book: “Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent,” and he’s here to talk about it today. “Switched On” delves into Eric’s past cases, in which he shares his experiences, and passes on to the reader the skills that he learned as a special agent and diplomat, as well as the lessons he learned from his father, Edmond, a police sergeant and former marine, to help you deal with issues that may rise in your life. In short, Eric offers insights on how you can become “Switched On.” Former U.S. Diplomat  & U.S. Special Agent Eric Caron has spent his life successfully conducting and managing covert operations related to national security, transnational crime, terrorism, and money laundering. He has held senior positions within Homeland Security and INTERPOL. Eric recently released his first book, “Switched On – The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent.” You can get your copy of his book, right HERE. And, you can find out so much more over at Eric’s website: 7:10: Hayden Ludwig, an investigative researcher at Capital Research Center chats with Bill today. Today, we’ll discuss, the “New Green Deal,” brought about by, self-proclaimed democratic socialist, and newest Democrat Party darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes. Here’s an article you can read on the subject: “Filthy Dirty ‘clean energy” And here’s one by Hayden on our subject today: “Sunrise Movement Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On ‘New Green Deal’.” You can read more from Hayden over at: 8:45: Kena Sampson of Sparrow Clubs  and Danica & Ula, South Medford High School student coordinators joins Bill, in studio.

Bill’s Guests: Monday, February 11, 2019

6:35: Jeff Reynolds, a northern Oregon researcher and author of the upcoming book: “Behind The Curtain: Inside the Network of Progressive Billionairs and Their Campaign to Undermine Democracy,” talks with Bill. Behind the Curtain takes a look where the Leftist billionaire’s club doesn’t want you to go—into the world of dark money and influence that has only one goal: to stop conservatives and Donald Trump by any means necessary. You’re probably familiar with George Soros. You may be familiar with Tom Steyer. You may even know who their other billionaire buddies are on the Left, and which foundations they use to exert political pressure. But do you know how they organize their dollars and their organizations to have maximum impact, while shielding themselves from voter scrutiny and criminal charges? Behind the Curtain is a look into the murky world of dark money—massive amounts of it aligned to push a far-left agenda that would make even mainstream liberals shiver. Behind the Curtain reveals the sordid web of limousine liberals and subversive billionaires in a chilling tale of power, greed, envy, and the politics of personal destruction. It is also the story of the lengths to which the organized Left will go to overturn the results of the 2016 election using the courts, a shadowy network of nonprofit organizations and consulting firms, and an increasingly compliant media. Basically, I connect the dots between the far left agenda, corruption in the federal (and state) government, and the hundreds of billions of dollars being moved around to facilitate it all. “Behind The Curtain” is due to be released on February 26th, and you can pre-order your copy. Just click here. 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from, calls in to bring to you the latest weather, and the Monday Outdoor Report. 7:20: State Senator Dennis Linthicum calls in to talk with Bill. Senator Linthicum is here to respond to a smear story, that targets his comments on taxation and Eric Garner’s death in New York City. Read the articles here: “House Democrats Demand Apology From Oregon Senator Over Eric Garner Comment.” 7:50: Adam Higginbotham, author of “Midnight In Chernobyl: The Untold Story of The World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster,” calls the show today. We’ll be talking about his book today In 2006-the twentieth anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl-Adam Higginbotham, then a reporter on assignment, traveled to Russia and Ukraine, searching for surviving witnesses to the accident. He discovered that the version of events widely accepted in the West was incomplete, often incorrect, and colored by misinformation and propaganda. The real story, he found, was more complex, human, and terrifying than the myth. Based on research conducted over the course of more than ten years, Higginbotham’s MIDNIGHT IN CHERNOBYL: The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster (February 12, 2019/$29.95 hardcover) provides the first complete account of the catastrophe that encircled the world and helped precipitate the fall of the Soviet Union. Higginbotham draws upon recently declassified documents, letters, unpublished memoirs and material from the archives of the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev, as well as scores of original interviews with participants in the events of 1986. These include former Soviet ministers, state investigators, KGB officers, pilots, and soldiers, as well as the scientists, nuclear engineers, plant workers, and ordinary citizens whose lives were changed forever. Many of these have never before spoken to a Western journalist. The result is the definitive account that breaks through the propaganda, secrecy, and myth to reveal the truth about one of the twentieth century’s greatest disasters. Higginbotham’s exhaustive reporting allows the reader to experience the incident through the eyes of those who lived it, from the ambitious young station director who first envisioned the power station in a snow-covered field in rural Ukraine, to the control room engineers who unwittingly prompted its destruction; from the city officials and government ministers who oversaw the mass evacuation and cleanup, to the ordinary citizens who struggled through it all to keep their families safe. It is a story of heroics and incompetence, hubris and ingenuity, institutional weakness and human resilience. Higginbotham also positions Chernobyl as a key event in the destruction of the Soviet Union, and the U.S. victory in the Cold War. For Moscow, it was a political and financial catastrophe as much as an environmental and scientific one. With an estimated final cost of 18 billion rubles-at the time equivalent to $18 billion-Chernobyl further strained the teetering Soviet economy and revealed to its population a state built upon a pillar of lies. MIDNIGHT IN CHERNOBYL also carries echoes for our own time. With tensions rising among the world’s nuclear powers, and a vigorous ongoing debate about the role of nuclear power in the world’s energy future, Higginbotham’s account serves as a parable for how we should think about our ability and our will to control the world through potentially dangerous technologies. ABOUT ADAM HIGGINBOTHAM Adam Higginbotham writes for The New Yorker,, the New York Times Magazine, Wired, GQ,, and Smithsonian. He lives in New York City. 8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author of several books and local historian drops by the studio for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great.” Check out more from Dr. Powers, and see more of his books at his website:

Bill Patton: A Guiding Light at OSF

By Dennis Powers

Bill Patton was born in Medford in 1927 and was drawn into drama while at Medford High School. After graduating from Stanford University, he served two years in the U.S. Army, worked at CBS radio in Hollywood, and did promotions for the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. He began working for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (“OSF”) as a part-time lighting designer in 1948, but he did a variety of jobs for the tiny festival, including as a wardrobe assistant. Along with other acting roles, he played Count Paris in “Romeo and Juliet” (1949) and Prince John in “Henry IV–Part One” (1950). OSF”s founder, Angus Bowmer, appointed Bill as its general manager in 1953 and its first full-time employee. Another Stanford graduate in theatre, Shirley Douglass (Patton) came to Ashland in 1958 to act with the OSF in whatever parts were available. She met her husband, Bill Patton, only minutes after she got off the bus. As she walked up the hill behind the Ashland library looking for the building she would stay in, two men came beside her in an old truck with a mattress in the bed. “The man driving the truck looked rather concerned that I was carrying those suitcases, but he was clearly torn between that and whatever task he had at hand,” Shirley said. As she approached the house she would share with other young actresses in the company, the two men also stopped and lifted out the mattress. “It’s been fumigated,” the younger man said, she recounted. That man was Bill Patton, the general manager of the company. They were married six months later. Among the people Patton lured to Ashland was his friend Richard Hay, who became OSF’s senior scenic and theatre designer, with near six-decades of working for it. The team of Patton and Hay brought about much of what is now seen at OSF. They designed and oversaw construction of the present Elizabethan Theatre in 1958 and the Angus Bowmer Theatre, which opened in 1970. They opened the Black Swan in 1977 and the Pavilion surrounding the Elizabethan Stage in 1991. In 1981, his title was changed to executive director, and he had led the festival as a “guiding light” from 1953 to 1995 when he retired. The OSF under Patton’s helm grew from 29 performances and an annual audience of 15,000 to 800 performances and an audience of 400,000. Taking the tiny festival to where it became one of the largest regional theatres was an achievement. He remained a highly visible presence in Southern Oregon afterwards, attending play openings at the OSF and elsewhere with his wife, Shirley, and supporting live theater and the arts. Bill Patton passed away at age 83 in 2011. The OSF dedicated the entire 2011 season, its 76th, to him in honor of his leadership. Shirley and Bill had three children and seven grandchildren during their 52 years of marriage. Afterwards, Shirley carried on. She celebrated 60 years of service with the Tudor Guild in 2019 and is in her 75th year of acting, much of it with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The legacy of her husband, Bill, also continues on as a “great man of the theatre and of Oregon.” Sources: Bill Varble, “OSF’s Bill Patton dies at age 83,” Mail Tribune, January 14, 2011, at Bill Patton; Caitlin Fowlkes, “OSF legend celebrates 60 years,” Mail Tribune, January 16, 2019, at Shirley Patton.

2-4 to 2-8-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

2-4 to 2-8-2019

Email Bill Meyer, Podcasts on Past Shows and commentary at BLOG ARCHIVES. Bill Meyer’s Facebook page: Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillMeyerShow MONDAY 02-04-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM TUESDAY 02-05-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM WEDNESDAY 02-06-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM THURSDAY 02–07-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM FRIDAY 02-01-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

Bill’s Guests: Friday, February 8, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, talks with Bill. We’ll talk with Rick about the latest goings-on in The Swamp. We’ll talk about the Green New Deal, State of The Union aftermath, and more. Get a good dose of good stuff, over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors, from, calls in to bring to you, the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

8:05: Royal Standley, President and CEO of Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, calls in to bring you the daily stock report. If you’d like to know more, go to:, or give Royal a call at: 541-772-1116.

8:10: Juan Carlos Ordenoz Communications Director of the Oregon Center for Public Policy  talks with Bill today. We’ll be talking with Juan today about a new research report that they have just released on income tax rates: Raising State Income Tax Rates at the Top a Sensible Way to Fund Key Investments As the Oregon legislature considers how to raise revenue to invest in schools and essential services, a new report makes the case for states enacting a “millionaires’ tax.” The report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains that such an approach can generate substantial revenue for public investments that boost a state’s productivity in the long run, without harming economic growth in the short term. The report examines the experiences of eight states that raised tax rates on high-income earners since 2000 — a group that includes Oregon. It explores the questions:
  • How does the economic growth of these eight states that raised taxes on high-income earners compare to that of neighboring states?
  • What does the academic research say about the impact of personal income tax levels on state economic growth?
  • What can a millionaires’ tax do for a state’s long-term economic prospects and racial equity?
Click here to go and read the entire report. 8:45: “Lytning” a local barber shop quartet joins Bill live in studio. The group is here today to sing a song on the air, as well as to remind listeners that they have a Valentine’s Day special. Two songs, and a red rose delivered for just $39! Lytning is part of the Rogue Valley Harmonizers, who have been in the Rogue Valley for more than 30 years, and have worked to keep the art of barber shop harmonies alive. Would you like to hire Lytning to deliver a Valentine’s gift to your guy or gal? All you have to do is call: Judy’s Grants Pass Florist & Gifts at: 541-476-9001 in Grants Pass, or Corrine’s Flowers & Gifts in the Medford area at: 541-772-7673 to schedule a singing Valentine for $39.
LET IT BURN EMAIL FROM Jac Co Commissioner Roberts to Merve George at the USFS (Next time some reporter clown references “So-Called Let It Burn” Policy, remind them of this exchange): Dear Supervisor George, You state in this phone interview with the MMT ( that you do not have a shelf where you can go find a policy to let it burn, and there isn’t a “let it burn” policy.  However, when you search on your own USDA Forest service page, and scroll down to fuels management and then click on Fire Use Amendment, you will see the shelf that this policy does, indeed, sit on…It is a 2010 Record of Decision and fully implements the 1995 Federal Wildland Fire Policy which states the same, documenting the importance of wildland fire, with the absence of any notable consideration of “Fire Season”, and gives guidance to manage wildfires to meet prescribed fire’s objectives. This document mentions “let it burn” several times; it obviously seeks to rename, redirect or redefine this USFS philosophy to garner public acceptance. And the intent of this philosophy cannot be denied. Our Board does not imply that “let it burn” means no response; “let it burn” means a managed fire for prescribed fire management resource plans, which is fully outlined in this decision, and referenced as such on page 3. In a Board of Commissioner’s Work session with the you, Dave Larson (DOF),and Elizabeth Burghard, (BLM), on Oct. 2, 2018, a statement was made (by you) that if a fire that would occur today in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, it would probably get a light suppression and be managed. (at about 57 on the recording), which is not “full suppression”. October was still in the thick of fire season in Southern Oregon, and in fact the Klondike fire blew up later on in the month after this meeting. And it is this “discretion”, “tool in the tool box” or “let-it-burn” policy during fire season that we seek to limit. I am delighted that there have been many occasions  you at least state that you agree with full suppression, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Our Board’s stance is not in argument of your experience, history, and performance with the RR Siskiyou National Forest, but with your superiors and those at the highest level of policy makers, who create these decisions, without consideration of the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens we serve and represent. We have had enough devastating and hazardous smoke during fire season, as was evidenced by the public’s testimony at our Dec. 11, 2018 public hearing on smoke and wildfires. And I hope you can support our effort to change this harmful policy which allows discretion for prescribed fire management during wildfires that will ”let it burn” during the State’s officially declared “Fire Season”. Sincerely, Colleen Colleen Roberts Jackson County Commissioner 10 S. Oakdale, Room 214 Medford, OR  97501 541-774-6117

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, February 7, 2019

6:35: Tim Snowball, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation chats with Bill this morning, Tim has penned an article over at, that tells about the 1,016 new laws in California in 2019. Its what he calls “Legislative Overkill.” Socialism has already begun, just look at California.  Just this year 1016 new laws will go into effect in the Golden State. These laws range from the sad, to the ridiculous, to the surprisingly but rare, beneficial. Although for the state as a whole, residents are hammered annually with the latest, greatest laws sure to make you feel part of a nanny state and less a part of a place where you can enjoy your personal freedoms and liberties. Read the full article over at: 7:10: Dave Ray, Communications Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform talks with Bill. We’ll delve into, and analyze President Trump’s State of The Union Address, and proposals. See more over at 8:10: Capt. Bill Simpson, Retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer, emergency preparedness expert, and outdoor journalist talks with Bill today. Capt. Bill is here today, to tell you about a study by the NIH: “Assessing the economic trade-offs between prevention and supression of forest fires.” Read more from Capt. Bill over at: 8:35: Mike G, with the Britt Festival joins Bill live in studio. We’ll talk about what’s new, and what we can expect at Britt this year. Get tickets and show information over at:

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

7:10: Randal Barrett, a local anti-smartmeter activist sits and chats with Bill in studio. A Town Hall style meeting will be held by, which will be discussed today. When: Thursday, February 7, 2019, starting at 6PM Where: Medford Library, 205 S. Central Avenue in Medford. The event will begin with a 30 to 40 minute presentation by Randal, followed by a Q&A. It is free to attend. You can learn more about it over at: 7:35: Deputy Noah Strohmeyer with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office comes into the studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week.

Would you like to know more?

8:35: Bridget Barton, Political Consultant with 3rd Century Solutions talks with Bill today. We’ll be discussing her article at, about how it seems that Oregon just gets bluer and bluer politically. Read her article here: “Blue, Blue Oregon: Where To Go From Here?”

You can learn more about Bridget at

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

6:35: Julie Gunlock, Director of the Center For Progress and Innovation at the Independent Women’s Forum talks with Bill. The New York Times reports that a yearlong, randomized trial conducted in the UK shows that e-cigarettes are nearly twice as effective as smoking cessation products like patches or gum, which in the United States are the only two smoking cessation products approved by the FDA. In other words, e-cigarettes save lives.  Last year, Julie testified before the FDA about how women in particular don’t respond well to patches and gum as nicotine replacement therapies. Studies show that women smoke for reasons other than the nicotine—mainly the habits that go along with the smoking. Therefore, when the FDA only approves nicotine replacement therapies (gum and patches) and not products that help smokers mimic the physical habits of smoking (deep breathing, hand to mouth contact, social rituals, having to go outside and taking a break from work), women don’t find as much success with these products. Right now, Gottlieb and the FDA are standing in the way of millions of people switching to safer products that might actually work to help them stop a deadly habit. That’s a public health crisis worth addressing. Get more information over at 7:10: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy chats with Bill today. We’ll be talking with Eric today on two topics: How electric cars are more expensive to run, and about China’s push to sell cars directly in the U.S. Read the articles right here: “The $70 Million ‘Investment’.” And also: “Chinese Take Out…” Check out more from Eric, and you can read his reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes, all over at: 8:35: Brent Homan and Randall Lee from Advanced Air join Bill in studio today for “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment. Check out Advanced Air at their website: Or, you can give them a call at: 541-772-6866.
INTERESTING POT STATS (We’ll have to discuss this Tuesday) Josephine County 11th Graders are #1 in the state for trying pot, while Jackson County 11th graders are a close #2, accoring to the 2017 Oregon Healthy Teens Survey.  If the stats are to be believed, 52 percent of Jo County 11th graders have tried pot, with 51 percent of Jackson County 11th graders having done so. 31 percent of Jo County 11th graders are current users of marijuana (#1 in the state) while Jackson is #3 at 26.4%. Safe to say this is due to our counties being such prolific producers.…/Documen…/2017/2017OHT11thSurvey.pdf

Bill’s Guests: Monday, February 4, 2019

6:35: Dr. Alexandre Muns Rubiol, Professor at OBS Business School, author and consultant talks with Bill today. Dr. Muns Rubiol is the author of “Globalism vs Nativism: How to Bridge The Digital Divide,” and we’ll discuss it with him. When it comes to the digital divide, tech is now replacing people and jobs are lost.  Is technology helping or hurting this generation is the direction he would like the conversation to go. Dr. Alexandre Muns Rubiol analyzes the causes of populism/nativism, describes the main international, US & European political, economic & technological developments through a light-hearted conversation with a resurrected Milton Friedman. It also provides specific policy measures that can narrow the divide between the winners of globalization (have technical degrees or skills) and the nativists, who have turned against immigration & trade because with Artificial Intelligence, robots and technology they fear they will not be able to make a living. 24 VIPS (professors, presidents of business associations) from most of the top 25 economies in the world also furnish their insights and ideas on how to narrow the Divide. The Government Shutdown reflects the divide between the globalists and the nativists. The stock market volatility, fed guidance, reasons for slowdown of international economy, US-China trade talks As a professor of International Economics and Trade, can comment, analyze and predict stock market/economy. Grab your copy of his book right here. 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from calls in to bring to you, the Monday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report. 7:35: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation chats with Bill this morning. It appears that, somehow, your tax dollars are being used to indoctrinate today’s youth, into being anti-firearm. Kevin will tell you how this is being done, and what you can do to help stop it. Find out more great information over at: 8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author of numerous books, and local historian joins Bill, in studio, for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great.” Check out more from Dr. Powers over at his website:

The D’Autremont Brothers and The Old West’s Last Train Robbery

By Dennis Powers

The completion of Tunnel No. 13 beneath the Siskiyou Pass in 1887 allowed Southern Pacific to connect California and Oregon by rail. Located a short distance east of the historic pass, the grades on both sides of the Siskiyou Summit are steep. Some thirty five years later, the D’Autremont brothers saw this as the ideal location to pull off what’s considered to be this country’s last Old-West-style train robbery. On October 11, 1923, the train was traveling from Seattle to San Francisco and cresting the Siskiyou Summit after its Ashland stopover. Awaiting the lumbering train was 19-year-old Hugh D’Autremont and his twin, 23-year-old brothers, Ray and Roy. They had heard rumors that the train was hauling nearly $500,000 in gold. They decided to stop the train at the 3,107-foot-long Tunnel 13, because it would be easy to get onto as it slowly chugged its way to the crest. The grade to the north of the summit is 3.67%, the steepest one on this trip. Roy and Hugh jumped onto the train when it slowed to test its brakes, while Ray waited at the tunnel’s other end with the dynamite. They jumped onto the baggage car and climbed over the coal tender. Leaping down into the engine cab, Hugh with his gun drawn ordered the engineer to stop, which he did at the south end of the tunnel. As coal smoke began to leak into the cars, the passengers were upset, of course, but didn’t know what was going on. When the postal clerk locked himself inside the mail car, the twins packed their dynamite against one end and ignited the explosives. Not knowing what they were doing, the immense explosion destroyed the car, ripped open one side, and killed the clerk. Hearing the explosion and choking in the dense smoke, the passengers staggered towards the end of the tunnel and away from the wrecked track and train. The unfortunate brakeman managed to make his way out through the thick smoke, but his appearance startled the brothers. Ray with a shotgun and Hugh with a .45 semiautomatic opened fire and killed the man. Knowing that they didn’t have time or any money or gold in sight, the D’Autremonts shot and killed the train engineer and fireman, the only witnesses they believed had seen them. Wiping their feet in creosote to keep the bloodhounds from their scent, the brothers fled into the woods. Despite an extensive manhunt by local posses, angry railroad workers, Oregon National Guard troops, and even federal personnel, the brothers had managed to disappear. With four men murdered and mangled car remains, it was maddening to the authorities that this crime couldn’t be solved. It wouldn’t have been, but for a forensic scientist by the name of “The Wizard,” Edward O. Heinrich, who was pioneering in the use of forensic science to solve criminal cases. A scientist in a University of California-Berkeley laboratory, he received from law authorities the scant evidence left behind: a single pair of coveralls and inconclusive passenger testimony. In a few weeks, Heinrich informed them that their “coverall man” was white, light complexioned, had light-brown eyebrows, a mustache, medium-brown hair, and was near 5-feet, 10-inches tall. He was a logger in the Pacific Northwest, left-handed, and very meticulous about his appearance. The man smoked and when caught, Heinrich said he would probably be wearing a new jacket and a bowler hat. When Roy D’Autremont finally was caught, he was smoking a cigarette and wearing the jacket and hat. Wizard Heinrich, also called the “Edison of Crime Detection,” determined that the “dirt” discovered on the overalls was not oil or grease, as the police had thought, but fir pitch from Douglas fir needles peculiar to the Northwest. The man with the coveralls was left-handed, since in swinging with his left hand, his right-side pocket would face the tree and collect wood chips, as found in that pocket. In a breast pocket, Heinrich discovered fingernail clippings, rolled-up cigarette butts, and mustache wax that indicated that this person was a vain man. The definitive clue found was a crumpled up, mail receipt, deep in a pencil pocket, and signed by Roy D’Autremont. The address was in “Lakewood, N.M.,” where the brothers and their divorced mother had lived in 1920. Although the D’Autremont brothers had left the area, assumed new identities, and started new lives, they were eventually caught. In 1927, Hugh was arrested while in the Philippines with the military; he had been fingerprinted when joining the Army. The twins were soon arrested in Ohio. The brothers were tried in the Jackson County courthouse in Jacksonville, convicted, and each one sentenced to life in prison. Paroled in 1958, Hugh died from cancer a few months later. Roy had a mental breakdown in prison and was given a frontal lobotomy; he died just a few months after his 1983 parole. Ray’s sentence was commuted in 1972 by Governor Tom McCall, and after working years as a part-time janitor at the University of Oregon, he died in 1984. Sources: Finn J.D. John, “13 was unlucky number for train passengers, robbers alike,” Offbeat Oregon, April 5, 2009, at Train Robbery (With Image); Jeff LaLande, “The Oregon Encyclopedia: Siskiyou Pass,” at Siskiyou Pass; Bill Miller, “The ‘Wizard of Berkley’ & the D’Autremont brothers,” Mail Tribune, August 30, 2009, at Forensic Scientist Heinrich. 8:35: Pat Hurley, from Hurley’s Tax Service, comes into the studio for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment. See more over at:

1-28 to 2-1-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

1-28 to 2-1-2019

Email Bill Meyer, Podcasts on Past Shows and commentary at BLOG ARCHIVES. Bill Meyer’s Facebook page: Follow Bill on Twitter: @BillMeyerShow MONDAY 01-21-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM TUESDAY 01-22-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM WEDNESDAY 01-30-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM THURSDAY 01–31-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM FRIDAY 02-01-19 PODCASTS 6AM 7AM 8AM ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

Bill’s Guests: Friday, February 1, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government joins Bill for today’s Weekly Swamp Update! Check out more over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from, calls in to bring to you the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report. 7:35: Mr X, research Jedi, expert on Green Mafia shenanigans and all around nice guy, leaves the safety of his hidden Southern Oregon bunker, and joins Bill live in studio. Mr. X, has dug up some more interesting documents on the “Let It Burn,” policy. Here are articles we discuss – first is the Kate Brown Visit from Wednesday: Here is more on let it burn, and the finding that the smoke would have NO IMPACT on the people, especially look at the pages DN-2 and on: pages 21-28 and page 35 are particularly good 8:35: Erling Kagge, adventurer, philosopher and author of “Silence In The Age of Noise,” calls in to talk with Bill. We’ll be talking with Erling today about his book that looks into why, in the noise we live with, tv news, entertainment and others, why silence is now more important than ever. About Silence What is silence? Where can it be found? Why is it now more important than ever?   In this astonishing and transformative meditation, Erling Kagge, famed Norwegian explorer and the first person to reach the South Pole alone, explores the silence around us, the silence within us, and the silence we must create. By recounting his own experiences and discussing the observations of poets, artists, and explorers, Kagge shows us why silence is essential to our sanity and happiness—and how it can open doors to wonder and gratitude. You can get your copy over at, or at To learn more about Erling, click here.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, January 31, 2019

6:35: Ashley McGuire, Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association talks with Bill this morning. Today we discuss her new op-ed at USA Today about the New York law that just passed: “Most Americans don’t want a standing ovation for abortions until birth. But Democrats do.” “I can only imagine then, that seeing Democrats vigorously applaud abortion for 7-pound babies makes most Americans queasy. The same goes for lighting up One World Trade Center pink.” Similar (horrific and disgusting) laws are being proposed in RI, VT and now VA. The shocking defense of infanticide is causing a stir on twitter as well: State VA legislator: 20190131_064405 VA governor: “If a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians & mother” Ashley adds:  “Democrats have now made the tragic New York law allowing abortion up until birth a trend – with states such as Vermont, Rhode Island and now Virginia, following suit with similar proposed legislation. When compared to the vast majority of Americans attitudes toward abortion who would limit abortion to the first trimester at most, these laws are extreme. And they are cruel and barbaric in their own right. Every lawmaker, Democrat and Republican alike, should condemn them.” Ashley McGuire, Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association Learn more at: 7:10: Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum calls the show today. Today, we dig into the PERS issue, and its effect on state finance, and our ability to provide needed services – Here’s his latest newsletter detailing the challenge: “Economic Tsunami” 8:10: Julie Niles-Fry, Former Rogue River School Board Member, currently works with Logos Public Charter School. Today, we’ll talk with Julie about why it seems to be so difficult to reform public school systems, possible solutions.

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

6:35: Tom Mallams, former Klamath County Commissioner chats with Bill today. We’ll be discussing the state of the Klamath Dams, and municipal and agricultural water issues. 7:10: Aaron Withe, Oregon State Director of the Freedom Foundation talks with Bill. Oregon’s largest union, SEIU 503, has lost more than 20 percent of its membership in just a few months. After the Supreme Court ruled last June that state and local government employees no longer had to be part of a union, the Freedom Foundation launched a massive campaign to educate and help these employees leave their unions and stop paying dues. Oregon unions have suffered such significant losses as a direct result of Freedom Foundation’s opt-out campaign, the state legislature is responding with a bill that creates a state-sponsored (taxpayer-funded) slush fund to help the unions recover their financial gap (our oped in Fox News). The bill is a direct workaround to the Supreme Court and aims to bolster union coffers at the expense of government employee paychecks. This short video explains how it works. Attached is a press release with more detailed numbers on the government agencies that have bled members in the past few months. Oregon is the only state pushing this bill – because Freedom Foundation has been the most effective group at helping union members opt-out. If this bill becomes law, Freedom Foundation is ready to file suit. 7:35: The Crime Stoppers Case of The Week with Sgt. Jeff Proulx of the Oregon State Police.  

Bill Meyer Show: Guests: Monday, January 28, 2019

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself, calls in to bring to you the Monday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

Keep up with Greg, and catch the latest weather, fire and road conditions. All over at:

7:35: Kim Wallan, Oregon State Representative calls the show to bring you an update from her first round in the Oregon Legislature.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author of several books and local historian, drops by the studio for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great.” Check out more from Dr. Powers over at his website:

Danny Miles: Winning Coach in Basketball (and Life)

by Dennis Powers

Born in 1945 in Medford, Daniel “Danny” Miles went on to become one of the winningest coach in the history of men’s collegiate basketball, all at the Oregon Institute of Technology (“OIT”) in Klamath Falls. His father, Claude Miles, played semi-pro baseball in the early 1900s, and Miles Field was named after him due to his successful career in Medford.

When Claude and his wife had three boys, he built a baseball field with a grass infield, backstop, and dugouts in the cow pasture behind the family home. Playing sports was their pastime. Danny was an outstanding athlete in three sportsbaseball, basketball, and footballat Medford High School and was honored in 1963 as the school’s outstanding athlete.

At the Southern Oregon College of Education (now Southern Oregon University, “SOU”), he earned All-American honors in football, All-Conference in basketball, and on the All-District baseball team. He was a four-year starter at quarterback for the Raiders, and set collegiate football’s all-time record for all divisions by completing 77.9% of his passes in his sophomore year; his career percentage was an outstanding 66%. Miles led the nation in passing percentage in 1964 and 1965, and then in total offense in 1965.

After graduating from college, Miles coached the three sports at Mazama High School in Klamath Falls. After one year as the head baseball coach at Bend High School, Danny returned to Klamath Falls in 1970 at age 24 as an assistant coach in the three sports at OIT: the results previously were in basketball (1-21), football (0-9), and baseball (3-23). One year later, he became OIT’s offensive coordinator for football and its head coach for basketball and baseball. He never left the school, nearly a record in itself, which in 2016 totaled 46 coaching years on his retirement.

Deciding to concentrate on basketball, he emphasized different aspects that most coaches. Although he credits his assistant coaches and fans, most center on his unique style of coaching. In evaluating players, he created the “Value Point System.” Rather than focusing on the usual points-per-game and rebounding, his system computed the entire value of a player’s team contribution by including missed shots, personal fouls, turnovers, recoveries, and assists. He freely substituted to give younger, developing players the chance to experience “game-on-the-line” times. He recruited from around the country, even the world.

Miles emphasized sportsmanship and community service. He sponsored Special Olympic events where his team played basketball against the special team for over 20 yearsand his players lost by one point every time. The field house reserved sections for those with special needs and the elderly; and he, his coaches, and players generated the money that allowed at least two African children to attend school. From working at an all-faith OIT chapel to reading at children’s programs, his players shared this philosophy.

His approach resulted in near incredible results, all at OIT with its low budgets, enrollment of 4,000, a city of 21,000, and an economic region that endured hard times. He turned down numerous coaching positions with much more money at bigger schools and in large cities. Owing to tough financial times, OIT had to slash his budget so low that at times he almost quit; he had also been fired and rehired due to this.

His “Hustlin’ Owls” won three NAIA II national championships (2004, 2008, and 2012), along with one national runner-up, a national third-place, two elite eight’s, 14 district or conference titles, and ranked in the NAIA’s top-20 on 30 occasions. They won a school record of 65 straight wins at home, the longest at the time in the country from November 2009 to December 2011.

Miles led his basketball teams at OIT to an overall 1,040 – 437 (70.4% win record) with 14 trips to the national NAIA II tournament. He was named the NAIA National Basketball Coach of the Year in 2004 and 2008, the overall National Coach of the Year (2012), and ten times as the Cascade Conference Coach of the Year. Danny led his Owl teams to numerous 20-win seasons (32 times), 25-win seasons (22 times), and 30 or more wins (10 times).

At the end of the 2015 – 2016 season, he retired. He had the fourth-most career wins of any collegiate coach (NCAA and NAIA)–including more than notables such as Jim Boeheim (Syracuse), Bob Knight (Indiana and Texas Tech), and Dean Smith (North Carolina). On the all-time win list, he is only behind Harry Statham (Illinois’ McKendree University), Mike Krzyzewski (Duke), and Herb Magee (Philadelphia University).

In 1966, he was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame. Miles also is a member of SOU’s and Medford’s Halls of Fame. Southern Oregon University named him as its 2005 Distinguished Alumnus Award winner. OIT named the basketball court after him; and in 2018, he was elected to the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

Miles joined the Cascade Christian High School athletic department as a part-time Assistant Athletic Director (“AD”) and mentor to coaches in 2016. He assumed the role of AD during the 2017-2018 school year, and then with a full-time AD appointed in June 2018, he went back to his athletics advisory position. “Better than retirement and staying at home watching TV,” he is quoted as saying.

Danny Miles came a long way after taking over a basketball team that had only won one game before. In addition to his winning ways, he has been a most successful coach–and in life.

Sources: “Oregon Tech: About Danny and Judie Miles,” at Coaching and Background;  Greg Bishop, “For 41 Years, Town Cheers Danny’s Boys,” New York Times, February 22, 2012, at Long Article Insights; see Wikipedia, “List of College Men’s Basketball Coaches with 600 Wins,” at Basketball Coaches Win List.

Read all the details on the Oregon Democrat supermajority’s latest gun grab attempt: Here is a PDF of SB 501.

1-21 to 1-25-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

1-21 to 1-25-2019

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Read all the details on the Oregon Democrat supermajority’s latest gun grab attempt: Here is a PDF of SB 501.

Bill’s Guests: Friday, January 25, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government joins Bill for the weekly Swamp Update! We’ll talk with Rick today on the Roger Stone arrest, government shutdown news and more! Get more great content over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from calls in to bring to you the Friday Outdoor Report. 7:35: Kevin Husted, member of the Logos Charter School board, and Medford 549C budget committee, joins Bill in studio, to discuss the graduation rates and other school news. Check out more from Kevin over at his Facebook page. 8:35: Curt Hadley with Cascade Amateur Radio Enthusiasts calls the show. How would you like to learn how to be a HAM Radio operator? Well, look no further, as classes will be offered soon!

Be Prepared in an Emergency!

Amateur Radio Licensing Classes begin Saturday February 2nd, 2018 at 9:00 am, at Medford Fire Station #4,  located near the corner of Table Rock Rd. and Berrydale, next to the Railroad Park. Study to be a Ham Radio Operator! Our course is not just a test preparation class.  It is a combined Technician and General Class preparation program that will get you ready for the licensing exams, and help you understand the fundamentals of radio and basic electronics. There is no cost for the class sessions, but discounted textbooks are available through the instructors at $22.50 each – (two texts, Technician and General Class, total $45.00). There is a $15.00 charge for the actual test, which is given at the end of the course, which normally lasts approximately 12 weeks. For more information or to schedule an interview, email, or call Curt Hadley (KF7VZV) at 541-261-2648. Curt’s personal email is also available at

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, January 24, 2019

6:35: John Miller, Blaze Media’s White House Correspondent chats with Bill today. Today we’ll be discussing the precedents that support President Trump if he chooses to invoke executive action to end the border crisis, and build the wall. If protections for illegal aliens and $12.7 billion in disaster relief is not enough for Democrats in exchange for a proper border wall, then President Trump has no other choice but to declare a National Emergency to secure our borders and reopen the government. “Thirty-one national emergencies have been declared since the National Emergencies Act of 1976 was passed,” states Jon Miller in a recent op-ed. “Several of them were far less serious than the crisis we’re seeing at the border today.” President Obama declared the swine flu pandemic that killed 1,000 people a national emergency in 2009. Compare that to 72,000 deaths by illegal opioids in 2017 that are largely smuggled across the Southern border by Mexican drug cartels. READ: “National Emergencies Are Not Rare, How Would President Trump’s Compare?” 7:35: State Senator Dennis Linthicum calls into the show today to bring to you an update on the 2019 Legislative session so far. We’ll also talk with him about his thoughts on denying quorum to deny radical Democrats the ability to strip gun rights, impose carbon taxes, etc. 8:10: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation talks with Bill. The view from Kevin regarding the legislative session’s planned war on firearms with bills such as the diabolical SB501. Get more great content over at: Read the entire text of SB 501. 8:45: Mike G, Marketing Director for the Britt Festival  joins Bill, live in studio. There’s some breaking news regarding the Britt Festival, and we’ll talk with Mike about it. You can get more information on shows and ticket information over at

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

6:35: Kyle Drennen, Senior News Analyst for News Busters talks with Bill this morning. Before all the facts were known, the media ran with a story accusing pro-life activists from Covington Catholic High School of racism during an altercation with left-wing demonstrators at the Lincoln Memorial after the March for Life on Friday. That false narrative began to fall apart almost immediately, once additional video surfaced proving how the original, social media version of the story, was false. From NewsBusters, here are some of the worst examples of how broadcast and cable networks, plus key newspapers, covered this story: USA Today: Even after the incident had been debunked, the paper still insisted on publishing a smear against the Covington students, featuring a softball interview with Phillips, who trashed the kids as “beastly” and having a “mob mentality.” The Washington Post: On Sunday, the paper published a very one-sided article on the front of the Metro section based only on the Native American activist’s lies about being “surrounded” by the Covington kids. The headline was “Marcher’s accost by boys in MAGA caps draws ire.” On Sunday, the paper also published a nasty blog post on “The Catholic Church’s shameful history of Native American abuses.” MSNBC: The cable arm of NBC News was even worse. Not only did MSNBC devote significant air time to the story over the weekend, but the tone of the coverage was nasty. On Sunday’s Kasie DC, a one-sided panel discussion devolved into pundits comparing the Covington students to neo-Nazis and segregationists. NBC: It was the first of the broadcast networks to jump on the story, without having all the facts. On Saturday’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Jose Diaz-Balart immediately accepted leftist viral online reaction as the truth, proclaiming: “A troubling scene many are calling racist, played out in Washington yesterday, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Some students harassing an older Native American, of yet a Vietnam vet in the midst of a special ceremony.” Not only did NBC fail to retract the story the next day, but on Monday’sNightly News, reporter Ron Allen continued touting claims of “racism” against the teens. You can read the entire story right here at: 7:10: E. Werner Reschke, State Representative from Klamath Falls chats with Bill this morning. Representative Reschke will give you a first hand report of what is going on in the first days of the 2019 Legislative Session in Salem. 7:35: Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford Police Department joins Bill, live in studio, for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week. Would you like to know more?

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, January 22, 2019

6:35: Tara Ross, author of “The Indispensable Electoral College,” talks with Bill. Several states, (all blue by the way), have jumped on board with a movement that seeks to effectively do away with the Electoral College, and simply go with a national popular vote. We’ll talk with Tara today about this. In an op-ed over the weekend, Ross told The Complete Colorado: If successful, NPV’s contract would implement a nationwide direct popular vote, effectively eliminating the Electoral College without the bother of a constitutional amendment.” Tara recognizes the absolute importance of safeguarding and respecting the Electoral College – and she wants to get the message out immediately. You can read Tara’s entire op-ed by clicking this sentence. Check out more from Tara at her website:, and follow her on Twitter: @TaraRoss 7:35: Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts joins Bill in studio. We’ll be talking with Colleen about the county’s proclamation vote last week. What could that do for fire and smoke miseries in the Rogue Valley. We’ll discuss it. 8:10: Gregory Wrightstone, author of “Inconvenient Facts,” talks with Bill. So, New York Democratic Congresswoman, and uber-leftist darling of socialism, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that the world only has 12 years before climate change KILLS US ALL!!! Gregory and Bill will talk about how that claim is as ridiculous as pigs sprouting wings and flying the sty. Get your copy of Gregory’s book here. And you can follow him on Twitter, and YouTube. He also has a website:

Bill’s Guests: Monday, January 21, 2019

6:35: Demetrius Minor, Project 21 member, Free Speech activist and youth minister talks with Bill today. Today, we’ll be talking with Demetrius about an article on how Dr. Martin Luther King’s lessons and legacy are being praised by black conservative. Read the entire article: “Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy and Lessons Praised by Black Conservatives.” Demetrius Minor is a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 black leadership network and is the author of Preservation and Purpose: The Making Of A Young Millennial and A Manifesto for Faith, Family and Politics He also blogs at and is a former conservative talk show host. He is a preacher and a graduate of the Pentecostals of Alexandria Minister’s Training Center (POATC). He served as a White House intern in the George W. Bush administration and his writings have been featured in The Washington Times and published by FreedomWorks and 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from, calls in to bring to you the Monday Outdoor Report. 7:35: John Charles, President and CEO of the Cascade Policy Institute talks with Bill this hour. Cascade Policy Institute has released a new report examining the links between anti-sprawl, “smart growth” regulations and increasing housing costs in Oregon. The report measures the extent of supply restrictions in Oregon and their impact on housing prices. It concludes that “smart growth” policies contribute substantially to the decrease in affordable housing and single-family housing options in Oregon. The report, The Housing Affordability Crisis: The Role of Anti-Sprawl Policy, was written by Randall Pozdena, Ph.D. Pozdena is president of QuantEcon, Inc., an Oregon-based economics consultancy. Over the last fifty years, many states have adopted “smart growth” or “anti-sprawl” policies. Enough time has elapsed for the effects of these policies to be studied. The evidence shows that many urban areas now have housing prices that make either home ownership or rental increasingly unaffordable. In the face of resulting “affordable housing crises,” cities and states are currently considering additional regulations and subsidy policies to attempt to provide residents with more affordable housing options. There is virtually no public policy discussion of whether regulatory interventions precipitated the housing crisis in the first place, let alone consideration of abandoning these damaging policies. In The Housing Affordability Crisis, Pozdena examines the links between anti-sprawl regulations and the spectacular increases in housing costs and the virtual disappearance of affordable housing in many markets. Specifically, he measures the extent of site supply restrictions and its impact on housing prices using an economic model of housing markets, data on the economic conditions in housing markets, and trends in development revealed in satellite inventories of U.S. land uses. At the national level, using state and Metropolitan Statistical Area data, Pozdena concludes:
  • Twenty-three of the 50 states studied fail to provide housing units at a volume adequate to keep housing prices and incomes growing at a rate consistent with affordability. On average, these states under-provided housing units by 6.4 percent of their current stock of housing units.
  • Those states that fail the affordability and supply adequacy test are overwhelmingly those with documented adoption of one or more aggressive anti-sprawl growth regulatory initiatives.
  • Annual housing price inflation exceeded annual income growth by 14 percent each year during the study period in those states that failed to provide housing in sufficient quantity to keep it affordable. Extrapolating the findings to the nation, the housing stock is smaller by as much as 4.5 million housing units than it should have been to preserve affordability.
Cascade Policy Institute President and CEO John A. Charles, Jr. said, “Oregon land-use planners have long pretended that Urban Growth Boundaries and other site restrictions have no real effect on housing supply. Dr. Pozdena’s analysis clearly shows that this is wrong. We cannot solve the housing crisis by simply ‘throwing money’ at public housing projects; growth controls need to be reduced or repealed if we want to make the American Dream affordable.” The full report, The Housing Affordability Crisis: The Role of Anti-Sprawl Policy, can be downloaded here. 8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, local historian and author of several books, joins Bill in studio for today’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great.” Check out more from Dr. Powers at his website:

Craig Howard: SOU’s Premier Football Coach

By Dennis Powers

Craig Howard took over the SOU head football job in 2010. In his first year, he led the perennially losing Raiders to a record of 5-5; the next year they made their first appearance in the NAIA quarterfinals in a decade and were the Frontier Conference champions in their first year in this league. In 2014, the team won the NAIA football championship (beating Marian, 55-31), becoming the first team to win its last three games away from home. For his efforts, he was named the Rawlings NAIA Coach of the Year. In December 2015, his SOU team headed into its second consecutive NAIA championship game. Although the team lost to Marian (the Indiana team they beat in 2014), it was not expected to even reach the finals—having lost three All-Americans, including Austin Dodge, their quarterback who set NAIA records (not to mention now NFL All-Pro kicker, Aldrick Rosas). During their back-to-back runs to the title game, the Raiders knocked off two top-ranked teams, a second-ranked team and a third-ranked team–all on the road. Under Howard, the Raiders led the NAIA in offense in 2012, 2013, and second in 2014. He grew up in Grants Pass and played football at Grants Pass High School as a linebacker; he once had 35 tackles against Medford High. Heading to Linfield College in Portland, Craig continued as a 165-pound linebacker, playing from 1970 to 1973. He was named three times as Linfield’s Most Inspirational Player. His coaching career started at Roseburg High School with defensive coordinator (“DC”) positions at Oregon Tech (1978-1981) and Portland State (1982-1983), with head coaching (“HC”) positions at Bend and Jesuit High School (a private Catholic high school in Portland). He was the DC at Oregon Tech again (1987-1989)–coaching under then football coach, Danny Miles. As head coach in 1992, he lost that position when it dropped its football program due to budgetary problems. Loving his profession, Howard left for Florida and coached there for sixteen years. He coached primarily at Nease High School (Ponte Vedra Beach/Palm Valley area), where he was the HC for six years (2002-2007), and then at Columbia High School (Lake City, Florida) from 2008-2010. He then left for SOU. In Florida, Howard’s teams were 76-23 over his last eight years at Nease and Columbia High Schools. He led the Nease squad to the state title game three times, winning a state championship in 2005. His star pupil at Nease was Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, and during a five-year stretch he not only coached Tebow, but 45 players who went on to play Division I football. Over his last three years at Columbia High, Howard’s teams broke 30 school records. Although he knew football, Howard won over players, parents, and others with inspiration. When he spoke at a banquet prior to the 2014 NAIA championship game in Daytona Beach, Florida, people from both teams were so moved by his words, that they rose and gave him a standing ovation. During SOU’s first-round playoff game in 2015 against Kansas Wesleyan, Howard was so impressed with a play by wide receiver Jeremy Scottow, he took Scottow into the stands to his parents–during the game–and told them what a great play their son had made. Then Howard returned to the field to coach. Legendary Oregon Tech basketball coach Danny Miles, who coached football with Howard at OIT during the 1980s, said that before games, Howard would often dim the locker-room lights, turn on “Rocky” music at a high level, and then introduce the starting lineup to the team. “The kids would leave the dressing room crying,” Miles said. “He could have been Billy Graham if he wanted to be a preacher. He can fire people up,” said Gary Mires, Howard’s high school football coach at Grants Pass. “He should be a preacher, in fact, the way he can really get a lot of people behind him.” After his last year coaching in 2016, his teams were 50-23 with the Raiders, giving him the best win percentage (.685) in school history. Craig Howard passed away at his Ashland home in January 2017 at age 64 after a day of recruiting. His positive impact is felt today and continues on. Sources: Nick Daschel, “Southern Oregon’s inspirational coach Craig Howard: ‘He could have been Billy Graham’“, The Oregonian/OregonLive, December 18, 2015, at Craig Howard; Nick Daschel, “Nearly dead as a program four years ago, Southern Oregon rallies to play for NAIA championship,” The Oregonian/OregonLive, December 19, 2014, at SOU Football; Tim Brown, “Craig Howard, Southern Oregon University football coach, dies at age 64,” The Oregonian/OregonLive, January 20, 2017, at Coach Howard.

1-14 to 1-18-2018: Bill Meyer’s Blog

1-14 to 1-18-2018

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Congressman Greg Walden is coming to town soon as part of a series of 16 Town Hall Meetings.

Here’s the information

Friday, January 18, 2019 What: Josephine County Town Hall Meeting When: 8:30a.m. PT Where: Grants Pass High School Auditorium, 830 NE 9th St., Grants Pass, 97526 What: Jackson County Town Hall Meeting When: 11:00a.m. PT Where: Central Medford High School Auditorium, 815 S Oakdale Ave., Medford, 97501  

Bill’s Guests: Friday, January 18, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government joins the show for the Weekly Swamp Update. Check out more great content over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from calls in to bring to you, the Friday Outdoor Report. 7:35: Mr. X, crack researcher, expert on Gang Green shenanigans and all around nice guy, joins Bill in studio this morning. Mr. X was at the Wildfire Forum last night, hosted by State Representative Pam Marsh. He’ll tell us all about what went down at the meeting. 8:10: Corey Crebbin, Public Works Director for the City of Medford talks with Bill. We’ll be talking with Corey about rough roads in Medford, as well as a proposed 1.7 million dollar, multi-use footpath, which would run from Ellendale to Black Oak.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, January 17, 2019

6:40: Michael Daugherty, CEO of The Cyber Education Foundation and Founder of The Justice Society talks with Bill. He is author of “The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the US Government’s Surveillance and Overreach Into Cyber-security, Medicine and Small Business.”  Today we’ll be talking with Michael about how the government shutdown may be catastrophic for U.S. cybersecurity. Read this, and you will know what we mean: “The government shutdown is catastrophic for U.S. cybersecurity.” Mike Daugherty is the CEO of LabMD, a medical testing lab. He has spent most of the last decade defending his company against charges that it had deficient cybersecurity practices. The early years of his entering and fighting in the Washington, DC, are recorded in his book, “The Devil Inside the Beltway”. In so doing, he has become the only litigant to challenge the basic authority that underlies more than 200 enforcement actions relating to cybersecurity and online privacy that the FTC has brought over the past 15 years. Every one of the 200+ litigants before him – including some of the largest companies in the world – have settled with the FTC, creating an unquestioned and untested belief that the FTC has broad authority to regulate in these areas. See more content over at:, and you can follow Michael on Twitter: @DaughertyMJ 7:10: Dr. Warren Farrell, author of “The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,” talks with Bill this morning. “Shaving product manufacturer Gillette received an overwhelmingly negative response to its latest advertisement campaign, which takes a stand against “toxic masculinity.” The advertisement, which received over 330,000 dislikes on YouTube against just 75,000 likes, asked viewers, “Is this the best a man can get?” in a twist on the company’s classic tagline, “The best a man can get,” and took on a number of issues, including sexual harassment and bullying, but also masculinity. At the start of the video, “toxic masculinity” is read out as one of the main negative issues in society, along with “bullying,” and “sexual harassment.” Check out this article to learn more: “Gillette Faces Widespread Mocker, Backlash for Woke Man Scolding Ad”

What Is The Boy Crisis?

It’s a crisis of education. Worldwide, boys are 50 percent less likely than girls to meet basic proficiency in reading, math, and science. It’s a crisis of mental health. ADHD is on the rise. And as boys become young men, their suicide rates go from equal to girls to six times that of young women. It’s a crisis of fathering. Boys are growing up with less-involved fathers and are more likely to drop out of school, drink, do drugs, become delinquent, and end up in prison. It’s a crisis of purpose. Boys’ old sense of purpose—being a warrior, a leader, or a sole breadwinner—are fading. Many bright boys are experiencing a “purpose void,” feeling alienated, withdrawn, and addicted to immediate gratification. So, what is The Boy Crisis? A comprehensive blueprint for what parents, teachers, and policymakers can do to help our sons become happier, healthier men, and fathers and leaders worthy of our respect. Dr. Farrell is currently the Chair of the Commission to Create a White House Council on Boys and Men. You can feed your mind on this issue even more over at these sites: and 8:10: Eric Peters, automotive journalist and Libertarian car guy chats with Bill this hour. Today, something odd is going on with Tesla. We’re going to talk with Eric about how it appears that Tesla’s cars are getting a bit more expensive. We’ll talk about, why. Read Eric’s article on the subject: “Teslas Suddenly Get Pricier…” Read other articles, and get Eric’s reviews of the latest cars, trucks, SUV’s and bikes all over at:

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

6:35: Carl Wilson, State Representative and House GOP Leader talks with Bill today. We’ll talk with Carl about what’s to come as the State Legislature gets back together soon. We’ll discuss SB501 and how the Republicans plan to fight back against the Democrat hordes in Salem and Portland. 7:10: Colleen Roberts, Jackson County Commissioner talks with Bill today. Colleen is here today to give us a report from yesterday’s PUC meeting, smart meters, dam removal update. 7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens of the Medford Police Department drops by the studio for the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week. Would you like to know more? 8:10: Robert Natelson, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at The Independence Institute chats with Bill today. In this week’s Daily Caller feature, Robert Natelson, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Independence Institute, a former constitutional law professor, and a Senior Adviser to the Convention of States project, discussed a Democratic president extending and packing the Supreme Court bench with liberal Justices, if Trump pick’s Ginsburg’s replacement. Natelson said, “The idea is this: The next time Democrats control both Congress and the presidency, they can raise the number of justices. That would empower a Democratic president to add more liberal activists to the bench. If you consider the court objectively, you have to wonder why the court packers are so vehement. Contrary to propaganda from both the left and the right, the present Supreme Court is not at all conservative.” Read the article right here: “NATELSON: If Ginsburg Retires, Democrats Have A Trump Card — Packing The Supreme Court” Interested in the Convention of States? Check out more over at:, and you can check out Rob’s book over at Amazon: “The Law of Article V,” and “The Original Constitution: What It Actually Said and Meant.”

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, January 15, 2019

6:35: Kim Keaton, a local resident, endured the danger of falling trees on Nick Young Road. She’d like to discuss her experience and to thank the Good Samaritan that helped her that day. 7:10: Dr. John Zmirak, with The Stream talks with Bill today. Well, do you think that the United States should remove the “huddled masses,” plaque from the Statue of Liberty? Dr. Zmirak has penned an article over at The Stream that you really should read: “Should We Take Down The Huddled Masses Plaque from The Statue of Liberty?” He explains that the United States’ immigration policy doesn’t originate from a poem on the Statue of Liberty. Despite what reporters like Jim Acosta believe, the Huddled Masses plaque from the Statue of Liberty is not the United States’ immigration policy. John notes, “When the Statue of Liberty was built, and when that poem was written, we had no welfare state. No ethnic quotas. No separatist movements among immigrants who resented America and expected “reparations” for the “crimes” the U.S. had supposedly committed against their homelands.” John continues, “If you showed up and things didn’t work out, you were on your own. Or you leaned on your church and extended family. Maybe you went back to Europe, as one in three Italian immigrants did. Lady Liberty wasn’t going to pick you up and nurse you. She kept her eyes on the prize, which was a land of equal laws and broad opportunity.” Read more from Dr. Zmirak over at:, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of his book that he co-authored with Al Perrotta: “The Politically Incorrect Guide To Immigration.” 7:35: Kevin Husted, Medford 549C Budget Committee member joins Bill, live in studio. Can government run schools be reformed? We’ll talk about it with Kevin. If you’d like to know more, visit Kevin’s Facebook page. 8:10: Dr. Steven Greenleaf, aka “Steve The Marine,” talks with Bill this hour. We discuss the history of legislatures “leaving town” or denying the controlling party a quorum. Given the Democratic super-majority (let that sink in people), in Salem, and a slew of radical anti-gun bills on the docket, is this a method the Republicans could protect our liberty – by walking out?

Bill’s Guests: Monday, January 14, 2019

6:35: Jamie Glazov, Editor of Frontpage Magazine and author of: “United In Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror,” talks with Bill. We’ll be talking with Jaime about his new book: “Jihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing and Devouring Us.” In the book, Jamie writes: Jihadist Psychopath tells us how Islamic Supremacism has influenced Western culture; how the Western media contributed to this Islamic influence; and why sympathy continues to grow in the West for these Islamic militants. Glazov reveals ways in which we can prevent the growing influence of Islamic Supremacism. Endorsed by Dennis Prager, John Bolton, Steven Emerson and Geert Wilders, Jamie Glazov’s Jihadist Psychopath is a warning for Americans that radical Muslims are totally dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization. Jamie writes that there is a war being waged on America and the West. The aggressors? Islamic Supremacists. Their method? Duplicating the sinister methodology of psychopaths who routinely charm, seduce, capture, and devour their prey. Front Page Magazine editor, Jamie Glazov‘s new book, Jihadist Psychopath: How He is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us reveals every element of the formula by which the psychopath subjugates his victim, the Islamic Supremacist likewise uses to ensnare and subjugate non-Muslims. And in the same way that the victim of the psychopath is complicit in his own destruction, Western civilization is now embracing and enabling its own conquest and consumption. See more from Jamie on his web TV show: The Glazov Gang, and stop by his website: for more great content. 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from, calls in to bring to you the Monday Outdoor Report. 7:35: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation talks with Bill today. We’ll be conversing with Kevin about the Legislature, which is soon to open, and how the Democrat supermajority wants to bring massive gun control to Oregon. One of the main ones is SB501, which we’ll discuss. Click here to check out the bill for yourself.

Get more great information over at:

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, joins Bill this morning for the latest segment of “What Made Southern Oregon Great!” Check out Dr. Powers’ other works over at his website:

Aldrick Rosas: SOU’s Pro-Footballer

By Dennis Powers

Growing up in Orland, California–a small farm town of 7,000 located just off I-5 at the Willows off ramp–Aldrick Rosas lettered in both soccer and football at high school. Although he was an all-round player in both running, receiving, and kicking, he was known for his defensive play as a hard-hitting linebacker and safety. Rosas at 6-foot, 2-inches and 220 pounds looked every way the part. He loved, however, punting and kicking. As Rosas didn’t receive any Division 1 scholarship offers due to his high-school’s remoteness, SOU gave him a 20 percent scholarship to play here. Specializing in his role as its kicker, Rosas made 25-of-32 field goals (78 percent) with his longest being 48 yards in two seasons–not great numbers for the NFL. Although he was the kicker for the SOU team that won over Marian University (Indiana) the NAIA national championship in 2014, his knee buckled while making a tackle on a return with only nine minutes left–a game in which SOU had already won (55-31). He had torn the ACL ligament in his right knee on his kicking leg. After surgery, Rosas had no idea what to do next, as he was on crutches and couldn’t play in the fall of 2015. He didn’t know then that veteran NFL agent Derrick Fox, however, had heard of his booming kickoffs: In his last SOU season, 2/3rds of his 115 kickoffs were touchbacks. Rosas decided to “go for broke” and declared for the 2016 draft before the mid-January deadline. When Fox heard this from a scout for the Eagles–plus friends who said to check out this “under-the-radar” prospect with the powerful leg–Fox contacted Rosas. Although no Division I schools invited him to their “scouts day”, Rosas went to a local field with a friend to video his kicking. Fox sent the film to all 32 special team coaches, and the Titans signed him with a $1,000 bonus. The team cut him after the preseason. Rosas had workouts with the Vikings and Cowboys, but remained unsigned for the entire 2016 season: Special team coaches are not interested in a small-town college kicker (a couple of hundred fans at a game) with only two seasons and no Sunday experience. The New York Giants had a problem, however, when three of their kickers were out for different reasons and signed Rosas. It assigned a special coordinator to refine his kicking technique. When he beat out a veteran kicker, the team signed him to a two-year-contract in 2017 ($550,000 each year). Nearly three years have passed since Rosas connected on a pair of field goals in front of a crowd of 1,900 in that national championship game. On a Sunday night in 2017, Rosas started the season by kicking off for the Giants against the Cowboys in front of 90,000 fans at AT&T Stadium. His first pro season was bad. Ending last of the NFL kickers, Rosas made less than 50% of his field-goal attempts from the 40-yard-line (overall 70%) and missed three extra points (out of 23), along with wild kickoffs. He determined to improve and went back to continually practicing, all to concentrate on his techniques and mental approach. Rosas was near perfect in the next training camp and beat out other competitors. This paid off: Rosas was voted to the 2018 All-Pro NFC team for the January 2019 Pro Bowl. He was named the NFC’s Special Teams Player of the Week after the Giants’ 30-27 overtime victory over the Chicago Bears on Dec. 2nd, when he kicked the game-winning field goal and was also successful from 57 yards, setting a franchise record. The second-year pro hit 30 of 31 field goal attempts and 28 of 29 PATs. His 97% NFL field goal percentage was a close second. Rosas looks like a pro linebacker, plays the same way, and makes kicks. He answered every obstacle thrown in front of him–and he just turned 25-years-old. Despite the obstacles to come, his future is bright with this determination. Sources: NJ.Com–Dan Duggan, “The incredible story of Aldrick Rosas’ journey from small Oregon school to Giants’ kicker,” September 10, 2017, at Rosas’ Story; Tom Canavan, “Giants PK Rosas goes from roster long shot to Pro Bowl pick, Associated Press, December 19, 2018, at Pro Bowl Selection; Danny Penza, “Ex-SOU kicker Rosas in Pro Bowl,” Ashland Daily Tidings, December 18, 2018, at Local Story. 8:35: Tim D’Alessandro, Medford City Council Member from Ward 2, comes into the studio today. We’ll be talking with him on all of the various city issues today.

Congressman Greg Walden is coming to town soon as part of a series of 16 Town Hall Meetings.

Here’s the information

Friday, January 18, 2019 What: Josephine County Town Hall Meeting When: 8:30a.m. PT Where: Grants Pass High School Auditorium, 830 NE 9th St., Grants Pass, 97526 What: Jackson County Town Hall Meeting When: 11:00a.m. PT Where: Central Medford High School Auditorium, 815 S Oakdale Ave., Medford, 97501

1-7 to 1-11-2019: Bill Meyer’s Blog

1-7 to 1-11-2019


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Sen. Graham says the President needs to declare the emergency and get on with border barrier construction. (From the AP) ‘Graham says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate the wall “virtually ends” Congress’ ability to pass a bill to fund it. Now, he says, “it is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction” of a border wall or barrier.’ <snip> It’s pretty clear that our Dems really aren’t all that concerned about health, safety, and welfare of the people who are SUPPOSED to be here. Note how the system covered up the illegal alien status of Enrique Solis-Garcia, who murdered his estranged girlfriend (in Medford) by stabbing her 40 times. Was that a “manufactured crisis”? You think the Mail Tribune Editorial Staff believe this to not be a problem? Nothing to see, move along southern Oregon Serfs?
No, the barriers won’t solve everything, but it’s part of true “comprehensive immigration reform” and in the Solis-Garcia case would’ve stopped the ability of THIS murderer to just slip away at will, or have prevented him from coming here in the first place. Same with the murders of Corporal Sing, Mollie Tibbetts, Kate Steinlee, and a slew of other crime victims. Make it happen, Mr. President. You swore to defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Part of the constitution guarantees us a “republican (small r) form of government”. Open borders and lawlessness at the border helps destroy that form of government from the inside.

Congressman Greg Walden is coming to town soon as part of a series of 16 Town Hall Meetings.

Here’s the information

Friday, January 18, 2019 What: Josephine County Town Hall Meeting When: 8:30a.m. PT Where: Grants Pass High School Auditorium, 830 NE 9th St., Grants Pass, 97526 What: Jackson County Town Hall Meeting When: 11:00a.m.  PT Where: Central Medford High School Auditorium, 815 S Oakdale Ave., Medford, 97501

Bill’s Guests: Friday, January 11, 2019

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government joins Bill. It’s the Weekly Swamp Update from Mordor on The Potomac. Today we’ll be discussing the latest in politics straight from Washington D.C. with Rick Manning. For more good information go on over to: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from calls in to bring to you, the Friday Outdoor Report. 8:10: Charles Sauer, President of the Market Institute and author of: “Profit Motive: What Drives the Things We Do,” talks with Bill today. Charles Sauer, president of the Market Institute is out with a new column in the Washington Examiner outlining why he, and many conservative leaders, oppose President Trump’s plan to have the federal government set the price for prescription drugs. Mr. Sauer writes: “The problem for the president is that the healthcare system, drug-pricing included, is definitely broken. However, smart people have come up with a lot of solutions that could work — that don’t import socialism.  Mr. Sauer argues for reforming our failing healthcare system but using free-markets and consumer focused models and not looking for more government control is the best way to truly solve the problem. READ: “If only Nixon could go to China, could only Trump import socialism?” You can also check out more over at:

H/T to Greg for this VERY FUNNY comment:

It Snowed Last Night.

8:00 am: I made a snowman.

8:10 – A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn’t make a snow woman.

8:15 – So, I made a snow woman.

8:17 – My feminist neighbor complained about the snow woman’s voluptuous chest saying it objectified snow women everywhere.

8:20 – The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snowmen instead.

8:22 – The transgender man..women…person asked why I didn’t just make one snow person with detachable parts.

8:25 – The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with.

8:28 – I was being called a racist because the snow couple is white.

8:30 – I used food coloring to make one of the snow couple a different color and be more racially inclusive.

8:37 – Accused of using a black face on the snowman…snowpersons.

8:39 – The middle eastern gent across the road demanded the snow woman be covered up.

8:40 – The police arrived saying someone had been offended.

8:42 – The feminist neighbor complained again that the broomstick of the snow woman needed to be removed because it depicted women in a domestic role.

8:43 – The council equality officer arrived and threatened me with eviction.

8:45 – TV news crew from ABC showed up. I was asked if I know the difference between snowmen and snow-women? I replied “Snowballs” and am now called a sexist.

9:00 – I was on the news as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe, and sensibility offender, bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather.

9:10 – I was asked if I have any accomplices. My children were taken by social services.

9:29 – Far left protesters offended by everything marched down the street demanding for me to be arrested.

9:45 – The boss called and fired me because of the negative association with work that had been all over social media.

10:00 – I cry into my drink because all I wanted to do was build a snowman…

Moral: There is no moral to this story. It is what this world has become because of a bunch of snowflakes.

Bill’s Guests: Thursday, January 10, 2019

6:35: Melissa Henson, Program Director of the Parent’s Television Council talks with Bill. If you’ve heard of the “Bird Box Challenge,” where people blindfold themselves doing different and sometimes dangerous activities in order to mimic characters in Netflix’s Bird Box film, perhaps you also heard that Netflix took to Twitter to warn against taking this challenge. What this ultimately means is that Netflix finally acknowledged that its programs can and do influence viewers. But the Parents Television Council responded, asking Netflix to show real concern about 13 Reasons Why and other harmful shows the company creates and markets to impressionable young viewers. Read more over at: 7:10: Rachel Alexander of The Stream chats with Bill. Today, Rachel points out that while Democrats claim to be horrified at the idea of Russian influence in the 2016 election, the Democrat party employed similar tactics in last year’s Alabama’s special senate election. Democratic activists carried out a secret project last year they called “Project Birmingham.” Emulating the Russians’ disinformation campaign, they directed the Twitter and Facebook campaign at embattled conservative Republican Roy Moore. He ended up losing by a slim margin. Doug Jones became the first Democratic senator elected in Alabama in 25 years. He won by only 21,924 votes out of about 1.35 million cast. Rachel notes, “Moore’s loss surprised many. Despite a scandal about his alleged involvement with younger women in his earlier years, he remained popular. Famous for insisting on the public placement of the Ten Commandments against the courts, he was a national favorite among many social conservatives.”
  • cake artists and by acting with hostility toward him and his faith.
Read more over at: 8:10: Tom DeWeese, Founder of the American Policy Center talks with Bill today. Today, we’ll be talking about the Green/Technocratic push against meat consumption, how green groups are infiltrating the meat industry. (Recently reported how a local cattle company partnered with one of these groups) Also, the movement to push back protections for single family homeowners. Check out these two articles on these very subjects! “Going After Our Food Supply.” “Important Developments on HUD’s AFFH.” Find out more, all over at:

Bill’s Guests: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

6:35: Dave Ray, with the Federation for American Immigration Reform talks with Bill this morning. We’ll be breaking down last night’s address from President Trump on illegal immigration, the border wall and other issues. Read more, all over at: 7:10: Jim Campbell, Senior Counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom chats with Bill. Jim is one of the attorneys representing Jack Philips, who is the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado. Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips continues to prove the law is on his side. Following a historic 7-2 victory at the Supreme Court, the State of Colorado continues to harass Jack, this time asking him to create a cake celebrating a gender transition. Jack is suing the state for their unfair treatment of him and his shop. State officials tried to kill his lawsuit but a federal court recently sided with Jack, saying that his lawsuit can proceed due to evidence of “bad faith” attempts to discriminate against Jack based on his faith. Jim and Bill will discuss the latest regarding this religious freedom and property rights case. 7:35: Sgt. Julie Denney of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office stops by the studio to bring you the Crime Stoppers Case of The Week. Would you like to know more? 8:10: Arthur Firstenberg, a member of a group that is suing the federal government as well as the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico over the roll out of 5G wireless technology, and its potential health concerns. Read more about this issue: “Lawsuit Contests Constitutionality of the 1996 Telecom Act Which Doesn’t Allow Opposing Cell Towers Due to Health Risks” over at You can also find out more about 5G and the movement to curb it at:, and also,

Bill’s Guests: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

6:35: Mark W. Smith, a Constitutional attorney and Second Amendment expert talks with Bill. Today we’ll discuss why Mark believes that the Supreme Court needs to stop being gun-shy, and start ruling on issues that have to do with the 2nd Amendment. In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Ilya Shapiro makes the argument that the Supreme Court has been too hesitant to take up cases involving the Second Amendment. The last case that the Supreme Court heard involving guns was in 2010. What this has then created is confusion in the lower courts and gives license to judges around the country to rule that constitutional rights mean different things in different parts of the country. 7:35: Jim Ludwick with Oregonians for Immigration Reform talks with Bill. We’ll be having a discussion about President Trump’s border address, which will be taking place this evening. Check out more at: 8:10: Capt. Bill Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer, wildland journalist and emergency preparedness expert talks with Bill today. Is there a “Trump” card that could stop the KRRC from removing the Klamath Project Dams dead in its tracks? Capt. Bill says that there just might be. “Endagered Species Losing to Klamath River Dam Removal?” Read more from Capt. Bill over at 8:45: Brent Homan & Randal Lee, the fellas from Advanced Air join Bill, live in studio, for today’s edition of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” Check out some of their great deals, including saving up to 30% to start the new year. Just go over to:, or give them a call at: 541-772-6866

Bill’s Guests: Monday, January 7, 2019

6:35: Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform chats with Bill this morning. Today, we’ll be talking with Grover about the 116th Congress, and how unhappy they are with the Trump tax cuts. The 116th Congress hasn’t been in session for a week and already the new majority is laying the groundwork for higher taxes on working families. It begins with changing the rules in the House: READ This: “Dems to Change House Rules to Make Tax Hikes Easier.” See more great content over at: 7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors joins the show to tell you about what you can do in the outdoors this week. It’s the Monday, Outdoor Report, brought to you by Water World Boat & Powersport. See more from Greg over at his website: 7:35: Professor Eric Fruits, Adjunct Professor at Portland State University and Oregon economist talks with Bill today. Could we save money using an Uber rideshare instead of building expensive transit systems? More on the report here: “Press Release: Report shows ride-hailing services would be a viable solution for TriMet’s high-cost bus lines” 8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, author and local historian joins Bill for this week’s edition of “What Made Southern Oregon Great.” Don’t forget to check out more from Dr. Powers, and check out his other books, all over at:

Dennis Walker: Sports Memorbilia King

By Dennis Powers

In 1980, 37-year-old Dennis Walker was living a good life in Medford. He had a family, a business, and was teaching political science courses at Southern Oregon State College. That year in June, however, Walker started an overseas investment company. He created grandiose investment schemes in “offshore banking” and even opened a bank on a south Pacific island. Named the “International Bank of the South Pacific” and based in the Kingdom of Tonga, he was listed at its president. More than 140 people gave Walker several million dollars to invest over the years. His employees trusted him and also invested with him. Walker began buying rare and expensive sports memorabilia, starting with baseball cards, and soon went to rare expensive items, including that of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Pete Rose–apparently with his investor’s money. Walker purchased a number of valuable items from Rose, including the diamond-studded Hickok belt Rose received as athlete of the year in 1975. This included the bat Rose used when breaking Ty Cobb’s all-time hit record, along with jerseys worn on the night of his record hit. (Note: It was determined later that Rose wore several jerseys on that night, and one newspaper photo taken that night shows him with three of the shirts.) Leasing a 4,000 square-foot building in Medford, he opened a sports memorabilia museum, the “National Sports Hall of Fame.” Housed in a former bank building at 81 E. Stewart Avenue, Pete Rose was a special guest/master of ceremonies at the February 1985 opening. (In two later books on Rose, the authors wrote about their business dealings.) Walker owned by then millions of dollars of cards, rings, and uniforms, many of which were on display at the museum and representing different sports. According to the news release, the museum objects included Muhammad Ali’s gloves; the uniforms of such greats as Babe Ruth, Wilt Chamberlain, and O.J. Simpson; several of the rarest baseball cards in the world (including a 1910 Honus Wagner); and a huge collection of sports rings and silver bats. Also stated: “Walker’s impressive selection of rare coins and precious gems is also here, including a 117-carat diamond, a 6,100-carat topaz, and several gold nuggets–one weighing 40 ounces.” It remains to be seen whether these objects were loaned by others, as there is no other mention of their whereabouts. The fabric pulled apart when Oregon Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer in early 1986 accused Walker and four others with selling $2.3 million in International Bank of the South Pacific CDs to investors in the Pacific Northwest between November 1984 and July 1985. He said the investors were promised a 25% to 35% return on the securities, which were not registered in any state or with the SEC. The AG called the operation a “Ponzi” or pyramid scheme whereby a few beginning investors get big payoffs to lure others into investing. The investment programs were held by the Tonga bank. A Jackson County judge issued a temporary injunction freezing several accounts at Western Bank’s Ashland branch. The accounts belonged to the Tongan bank, Walker, and his Sports Hall of Fame. State investigators maintained investors deposited $2 million-plus at the Ashland bank with “much of the money going to pay Hall of Fame expenses.” Walker denied the charge, saying investors made their transactions directly with the Tongan bank. In 1986, Medford police obtained a search warrant for Walker’s office and charged him with fraud and racketeering. The authorities, however, had trouble with this case as his investors didn’t believe that he was cheating them out of anything. None had ever complained to the authorities. Walker even counter-sued the police; he had a number of summons–but never appeared in court. Believing the police would seize his collection, Walker and a co-worker packed everything into a van. He left Medford in April 1986 and vanished. Sixteen months later, on July 5, 1987, a man by the name of “Charlie Lee” was found dead in the bathroom of a Las Vegas strip hotel room. Authorities discovered a pill bottle on the counter with the name “Dennis Walker.” Dental records confirmed that the dead man was Walker. A cause of death could not be determined; it is still unknown if his death was an accident, suicide, or homicide. And his collection had disappeared. The case was aired on “Unsolved Mysteries” as a part of its October 12, 1988 segment. In 1989, the FBI reopened the investigation into his death when Babe Ruth’s 1924 baseball shirt (one of Walker’s collectibles) was located and stated that $7 million worth was still missing. A total of $120,000 has been located since his death, including Babe Ruth’s shirt and World Series ring; however, the rest has never turned up, nor the circumstances of his death. Sources: “Babe Ruth in Medford?” Fairlex/The Free Library at Sports Museum; United Press International, “An attorney representing a bank based in the Kingdom…” February 10, 1986, AG Charges; “Unsolved Mysteries: Dennis Walker,” October 12, 1988, at Unsolved Mysteries; Associated Press/Los Angeles Times, April 6, 1989, “FBI Reopens Sports Collector Investigation,” at Case Reopened.

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