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Bill’s Guests for 9/3/20

6:35 Carter Page, author of Abuse and Power: How an Innocent American Was Framed in an Attempted Coup Against the President

7:10 Sam Carpenter, former GOP senatorial and gubernatorial candidate. We discuss the recent failed Oregon GOP effort to recall Kate Brown, and Sam has a lot to say about it, too:

7:35 Alissa Weaver from Jacksonville, and working as the Committee to Protect Wild and Exotic Animals, which wishes to pass a proposedordinance would impose a civil ($$$) penalty on anyone who causes the performance or display of a wild and exotic animal for commercial ($$$) purposes in Jackson County.  Exemptions from the ordinance include educational activities and rodeos that meet the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association standards of Humane conduct.

In order to make it onto next May’s ballot, Weaver is looking to collect a total of 6,114 signatures from Jackson County registered voters submitted to our County Clerk by November 5th.  

 They’re Collecting Signatures today in Medford at the Rogue Valley Growers Market in Hawthorne Park from 9a-1pm

Then again on Friday, September 4th , in Jacksonville, near the post office from 9 am -12 pm.

Otherwise, we are trying to have signature collection tables on the following schedule: Tuesdays-Ashland Farmers Market 9 am – 1 pm and  Thursdays – Rogue Valley Growers Market 9 am-1 pm


8:10 Patrick Wood, Executive Director and Founder of Citizens for Free Speech, and he also curates news about Technocracy and Sustainable Development you need to know at


More on Patrick:

Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy.

He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.

Wood remains a leading expert on the elitist Trilateral Commission, their policies and achievements in creating their self-proclaimed “New International Economic Order” which is the essence of Sustainable Development on a global scale.

The latest: Technocrats “Freak Out” Over CDC’s 6% Covid Death Figure –





Bill’s Guests for 9/2/20

6:35 Eric Peters, auto journalist at – Today we talk the push for the automated car – Read “Car Diapering” on EpAutos

7:35 John Perazzo with Front Page Magazine

Black Lives Matter Exposed for Marxist Hate and Lies in New Report

By John Perazzo

In a just-released report titled Black Lives Matter: Marxist Hate Dressed Up as Racial Justice, editor and author John Perazzo exposes the Black Lives Matter movement as a racist, anti-Semitic, anti-family, and anti-capitalist attack on the very foundations of American democracy. Read the Report Here and you can also order hard copies of the report there, too.

8:10 Will Reishman and I discuss the push to maintain and grow community in southern Oregon, the culture wars lost, and how Rod Drehr’s book “The Benedict Option” might light a path forward.

8:45 Open for Business segment with Randall Lee from Advanced Air. Big savings on your HVAC and air needs at 541-772-6866

Bill’s Guests for 9/1/20

6:35 Mark Johnson of Grants Pass  – “Southern Oregon’s Conservative Sherpa. There’s an undercurrent of concern about the potential for violence coming to southern Oregon. Mark and I discuss…

7:35 State Sen. Baertschiger talk the Sat night murder of a Trump supporter in Portland, more on the governor’s reaction to same.

8:10 Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation – More on the PDX issues, what can you really do? Is visiting the city off-limits?

8:45 Open for Business Segment with Cheriss from – Save big on your internet, phone, TV service and more. Call and save at 541-680-5875.

Bill’s Guests for 8/31/20

6:35 Dr. Karladine Graves

Physicians Write an Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci Regarding the Use of Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID-19

About Dr. Karladine Graves: Dr. Graves coordinates a national healthcare coalition conference call consisting of healthcare leaders, physicians, and legislators. Dr. Graves has been part of a national effort to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing back on American soil to avoid leaving our citizens vulnerable and at the mercy of governments that do not have our interest in mind. Dr. Graves has been working for months with COVID-19 altering citizens about the need to have hydroxychloroquine/zinc/and azithromycin or doxycycline available. She firmly believes every American citizen should have “the right to try” these possible life saving medications and this should be a decision between a patient and their physician and NOT bureaucrats. Dr. Graves is a board-certified Family Physician, board member of The Salt & Light Council, and member of the Council for National Policy.

A letter written by three prominent MDs questioning Dr. Fauci regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19 has gone viral after being initially published on the website. The three physicians posing the questions are: George C. Fareed, MD, Michael M. Jacobs, MD, Donald C. Pompan, MD. Dr. Karladine Graves has played an important role in coordinating with the MDs in the USA who have seen the efficacy of HCQ in treating early-stage COVID19 and in prophylaxis. She has also been instrumental in communicating the experience of these MDs to the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Read More

7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather Dot Com

7:20 Community activist and legal researcher “Mr. X” – Should the federal government interpose in Oregon to stop the civil unrest. What could be done?

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at SOU, and historian and authoer and here’s this week’s “What Made Southern Oregon Great” profile:

Jim Belushi

By Dennis Powers

If you’ve seen actor Jim Belushi in town–whether at a restaurant, or even at the Pear Blossom Parade–then you know that he’s here, having built community ties, constructed a house complex on the Rogue River, and with another channel feature on living here, “Growing Belushi.”

Jim was born in Chicago in 1954–the third of four children–to Agnes Demetri (Samaras) and Adam Anastos Belushi, who ran a restaurant. His father was an Albanian immigrant and his mother of Albanian descent. His brother, John, was born five years before and the family moved one year later to Wheaton, Illinois.

Both with strong interests in acting careers, the older John started off. He performed in summer stock, worked improv comedy, and was in the famous ensemble, Second City, in Chicago where he perfected his “gonzo” style of comedy. Later, he moved to New York City where he had his big break on the TV variety series, Saturday Night Live (1975), which made him a star.

During this time–and after Wheaton Central High School—Jim transferred from a small college to Southern Illinois University, where he earned a degree in speech and theater arts. After graduating from college, Belushi in 1977 also joined the Second City comedy troupe, which proved to be the major launching pad for his career.

In 1978, producer Gary Marshall saw one of his Second City performances and hired him for his first TV role: a part on the NBC sitcom, Who’s Watching the Kids? A year later, Jim landed a part on a second sitcom, the CBS show Working Stiffs.

That same year, his brother John stole the spotlight with his role as the notorious, beer-swilling “Bluto” in the box-office hit of National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978). With Dan Aykroyd, John hit more fame in John Landis’ The Blue Brothers (1980), with following films such as Continental Divide (1981) and Neighbors (1981). John tragically died from a drug overdose in 1982.

In 1983, still reeling from his brother’s fatal drug overdose, Jim followed in John’s footsteps and joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Audiences roared with laughter at Jim’s impersonations of popular celebrities as Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His popularity on SNL led to roles in films, such as About Last Night (1986), “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (1986), “K-9” (1989) and “Curly Sue” (1991). From there, he continued with more TV and film (now more than a dozen movies), including sequels to K-9 that directly went to video.

Belushi was the star of According to Jim–a popular prime-time TV sitcom about a suburban father–that appeared on ABC from 2001 to 2009. Since then, he has been quite active on Broadway, his blues band, and TV.

The connection came from visiting a friend here and love of fishing. The construction of his house in 2015 also became the feature of a reality TV series, Building Belushi, on the “Do It Yourself” network. The six-episode series followed Jim and his team as they built on 13 acres (93 acres in total) with 1800 feet of river frontage on the former 1930s-era Elks picnic grounds off Agate road, some two miles north of White City. The six-episode series aired in July.  

Belushi bought the land two years before and constructed a 1200 sq. ft., two-level “main house”, 650 sq. ft. “master suite and bathroom”, and a 1600 sq. ft. “bunk house” that by itself has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths–all with sweeping views of the river or surrounding countryside–not to mention 7,400 sq. ft. of raised decks with walkways. The grounds include a rebuilt stage, garage, barbeque pit, benches and tables that dated back to the Elks summer picnics.  

As his subcontractor connections were also in the Holly Theatre renovation, Jim toured the facilities, became fascinated by it, and was named honorary chairman of the Holly Theatre Restoration Project. Built in 1930, the 1,000-seat Holly is being restored now (which is another story).

Joining the restoration funding efforts, Belushi performed benefit concerts with his blues band not only for the Holly, but also for rebuilding the Butte Creek Mill, among others. If that wasn’t enough, his “Growing Belushi,” is now airing. This six-part Discovery series focuses on the highs and lows of growing cannabis at his Rogue River property, from having lost to mold last year 300 pounds of bud, or about a quarter of his crop, to working with 50 dispensaries throughout the state. Yes, Jim Belushi is here and in action!

Sources: See John Belushi’s biography at John’s Biography; see Jim Belushi’s Biography at Jim’s Biography; Mail Tribune, “Belushi reality TV show features his Rogue River cabin,” April 7, 2015 at Building Belushi (DIY) Reality Series; Damian Mann, “New Discovery show stars Jim Belushi’s Rogue River pot grow,” Mail Tribune, August 18, 2020, at Growing Belushi.