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Friday 10-08-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and with this week’s DC Swamp Update

 7:10 Greg Roberts from with today’s Outdoor Report

 7:35 Dr. Richard Amerling MD, Past President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and we discuss why there is so little early treatment of Covid-19 in America, and suppression of alternative safe and effective treatments. He is currently associate director of America’s Frontline Doctors. The following is his most recent Op-Ed.

Covid-19 Response and the Tyranny of Evidence-Based Medicine

by Richard Amerling, MD

Why are the vast majority of practicing physicians doing absolutely nothing to help patients with early Covid-19?

Here is an excerpt from a recent conversation with a junior colleague (JC) on early outpatient treatment of Covid with ivermectin (IVM):

JC: Countries like mine depend heavily on guidelines from the WHO (World Health Organization)…, and right now there’s nothing that supports the use of those drugs in Covid-19.

Me: That’s the problem. The guidelines are consistently wrong. Did you know the WHO receives more than 50 percent of its funding from industry? They are corrupt, as are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

JC: So, you’re saying these agencies that are promoting best practice guidelines in medicine are all corrupt? So then whom do we trust? We might as well just do what we want when treating patients.

Me: No. We use science, logic, deductive reasoning, judgment, and clinical experience.

Most doctors have become so dependent on guidelines that they have lost the ability to problem-solve, to think critically, and to practice real clinical medicine. Medicine has gone off the rails, and patients are suffering the consequences.

When the first wave of what was then known as the Wuhan virus hit in March-April 2020, medical attention was almost completely focused on management of the acutely ill patient. This was notable for its very high failure rate, particularly post-intubation.

A handful of intrepid doctors, including Zev Zelenko in upstate NY and Didier Raoult in Marseille, France, addressed early outpatient treatment using repurposed existing drugs such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). These physicians achieved remarkable clinical results, but instead of being embraced and emulated, they were censored and harassed. As should now be obvious to even the most naïve, Pharma and other stakeholders had to suppress successful, cheap remedies to pave the way for the rollout of the “vaccines” that were already developed.

How was this accomplished? By using the tyranny of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). “These treatments are not evidence-based!” they screamed. “Where are the randomized controlled trials (RCTs)?” they demanded. Kind of hard to have RCT data on a brand new disease, but so what. The authorities had spoken.

In their excellent book, Tarnished Gold: The Sickness of Evidence-Based Medicine, Steve Hickey and Hillary Roberts write:

  • “EBM encourages totalitarian medicine. It is displacing the doctor-patient unit as the ultimate decision-making authority. Peer review is used as censorship. EBM is a self-referential closed system, where critical appraisal means checking whether a study conforms to its rules. So-called evidence-based medicine wrongly claims the authority of medical and scientific gold-standards. EBM repackages and uses concepts from legal proof, in an attempt to impose a medical dictatorship.”
  • EBM is a movement that began in the early 1990s with the noble intention of incorporating high quality research into clinical practice. Over the last 20 years, EBM has steadily replaced traditional medicine, which depended on understanding pathophysiology and pathology (i.e. basic science), along with careful patient management including following response to treatments.
  • EBM was quickly hijacked by industry to promote the use of their products through clinical practice guidelines, which are based on little more than a consensus of “experts,” the majority of whom receive financial support from industry. Ironically, many guideline recommendations are based on low quality, or no evidence.
  • EBM arrogantly claims for itself the mantle of “science,” but is actually pseudoscientific. It relies heavily on studies of large populations and therefore statistics, which are inherently unreliable and easy to manipulate. The conceit of EBM is that the results of large population studies can and should be used to dictate treatment of individual patients. It exalts metanalyses, statistical compilations of many studies, that can be created to support almost any pre-conceived idea. The vast majority of physicians are unable to understand, let alone deconstruct, the statistics used in most studies. “Evidence” is not science. Evidence can always be found to support any hypothesis, no matter how absurd. Remember that according to the “evidence,” Paul McCartney has been dead since 1966!

Whoever controls the “evidence” controls “the science” and through the bogus and corrupt guideline process, controls clinical practice.

EBM creates an arbitrary hierarchy of evidence, with RCTs and metanalyses at the top and clinical experience, insultingly called ‘anecdotes,’ at the bottom. This is absurd on its face. The logical conclusion is that clinical experience is not needed to practice medicine! Just buy a guideline cookbook and go out there and heal! Perhaps that’s where things are headed. Or perhaps we are already there.

If hundreds of thousands of patients die unnecessarily, their doctors will not be held responsible.  “I was just following the guidelines” has replaced “I was just following orders.”   



8:10 Mr. X, show contributor and we dig into how best to comment at next week’s public meeting. It’s about Medical Freedom. Here’s more:  Oregon State Board of Nurses proposing a rule change that would MANDATE vaccination in order to be licensed.

Within that article is referenced a 10/13 public meeting asking for PUBLIC COMMENT on this proposed rule. So we need to comment NO and come out strong against this change. Here’s information in PDF form you can download about the meeting, online, and how you can comment OSBN_BoarddMeetinggPublicPacketOctober


Thursday 10-07-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Dr Murray Sabrin

Who decides what medical care you can get? Dr Murray Sabrin, widely recognized as a leading voice in the American Libertarian movement, tackles that question and the nation’s health groaning crisis with stunning insights and solutions in his intriguing new book, Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life: The Case for a Single-Payer System.”  

Sabrin wants to phase out employer-based insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare! He says medicine and government should be separated – just like government and religion. The COVID crisis makes everything more urgent. 

Sabrin explains in his provocative new book how every American adult would be in charge of his or her medical coverage. 

Sabrin’s single-payer system is based on strong Libertarian principles. He proposes: 

  • Direct primary care where patients pay cash
  • A mega health savings account where you would put money in tax free, it would grow tax free and you would take it out tax free – to pay for extraordinary expenses 
  • A catastrophic policy for really big expenses, such as heart surgery 
  • The indigent wouldn’t need Medicaid, saving taxpayers billions of dollars per year, by the creation of thousands of non-profit medical centers 

 “People have basically outsourced their lives to the federal government or the state government with employer-based insurance.” – Dr Murray Sabrin 

7:10 Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer discusses the latest states of emergency declared recently by the board.

 7:35 Jo County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talks about the latest Daily Courier article concerning an ad in the area’s Sneak Previews publication.

 8:10  Larry Salzman, Pacific Legal Foundation’s Director of Litigation 

Larry Salzman is Pacific Legal Foundation’s Litigation Director. His practice has focused on property rights and economic liberty, including cases involving eminent domain, civil forfeiture, regulatory takings and exactions, the Commerce Clause, and challenges to occupational licensing and “certificate of need” laws that infringe on the constitutional right to earn a living.

Today we’re discussing the upcoming Supreme Court cases we should watch.


Wednesday 10-06-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:50 Sharri Markson, author of “What Really Happened in Wuhan”

The origins of Covid-19 are shrouded in mystery. Scientists and government officials insisted, for a year and a half, that the virus had a natural origin, ridiculing anyone who dared contradict this view. Tech giants swept the internet, censoring and silencing debate in the most extreme fashion. Yet it is undeniable that a secretive facility in Wuhan was immersed in genetically manipulating bat-coronaviruses in perilous experiments. And as soon as the news of an outbreak in Wuhan leaked, the Chinese military took control and gagged all laboratory insiders.

Part-thriller, part-expose, What Really Happened in Wuhan is a ground-breaking investigation from leading journalist Sharri Markson into the origins of Covid-19, the cover-ups, the conspiracies and the classified research. It features never-before-seen primary documents exposing China’s concealment of the virus, fresh interviews with whistleblower doctors in Wuhan and crucial eyewitness accounts that dismantle what we thought we knew about when the outbreak hit.

7:10 “Wheels Up Wednesday” with Eric Peters, automotive journalist with

And we discuss a lot of transportation and politics today including:

The Art of Bad Driving –

The Emergency Bike –

8:10 Angela Erickson, Pacific Legal Foundation’s Strategic Research Director.  Covid policy in Oregon, vaccine mandates leading to staff reductions, will likely crimp medical services. But there’s an even BIGGER issue keeping the number of Oregon hospital beds low…the “Certificate of Need” and Angela is  all over this. Read more at


Tuesday 10-05-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

 6:50 Brad Tolinski and Chris Gill, co-authors of ERUPTION: Conversations with Eddie Van Halen 

ERUPTION: Conversations with Eddie Van Halen is a major biography by two music journalists who knew him best. Brad Tolinski and Chris Gill share with fans, new and old alike, a candid, compulsively readable, and definitive oral history of the most influential rock guitarist since Jimi Hendrix. It is based on more than 50+ hours of unreleased interviews they recorded with Eddie Van Halen over the years, most of them conducted at the legendary 5150 studios at his home in Los Angeles.

 7:35 Jo County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger, we discuss his meeting with the Asante CEO, Daily Courier’s “non-Fan” status, could the illegal marijuana grows have bearing on the labor shortages of late?

 8:10 Show Contributor Ed “Mr. X” has an update on the fight for medical freedom in the face of Governor and national vaccine mandates. Here’s where you can view affidavit classes held at Jackson County Republican Party HQ and download affidavit templates –

 Today Ed and I dig into the Oregon State Board of Nurses proposing a rule change that would MANDATE vaccination in order to be licensed.

Within that article is referenced a 10/13 public meeting asking for PUBLIC COMMENT on this proposed rule. So we need to comment NO and come out strong against this change. Here’s information in PDF form you can download about the meeting, online, and how you can comment.

Ed will rejoin me on Friday’s show 10/8 with more on how to best structure a good comment on this matter.


Monday 10-04-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s Outdoor report

7:35 Brad Ricca, author of


The Untold Story of the 1909 Expedition to Find the Legendary Ark of the Covenant

by Brad Ricca

Indiana Jones may be the most famous person to go looking for the Lost Ark of the Covenant, but others sought it before him—and their adventure wasn’t fiction. The Parker Expedition headed to the Middle East before World War I, encountering danger and skullduggery and serving as a real-life inspiration for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

TRUE RAIDERS by Brad Ricca (St. Martin’s Press, September 21st, $29.99) tells the untold true story of Monty Parker, a roguish British nobleman who, after being dared to do so by so-called “most beautiful woman in the world” Ava Astor, headed a secret 1909 expedition to find the fabled Ark of the Covenant. What followed was an incredible yet absolutely true tale of adventure and mystery, though it has been almost completely forgotten today.

In 1908, Monty was approached by a strange Finnish scholar named Valter Juvelius who claimed to have discovered a secret code in the Bible that revealed the location of the Ark. Monty assembled a colorful (to put it mildly) group of blueblood adventurers, a renowned psychic, a Franciscan father, and other characters to engage in a secret excavation just outside the city walls of Jerusalem.

Using recently uncovered records from the original expedition and several newly translated sources, TRUE RAIDERS is the first retelling of this group’s adventures—a story that spans fact and faith, science and romance.

BRAD RICCA is the author of the Edgar Award-nominated Mrs. Sherlock Holmes, Olive the Lionheart, and Super Boys, winner of the Ohioana Book Award for Nonfiction. He won the St. Lawrence Book Award for American Mastodon. Ricca lives and works in Cleveland.




TWITTER: @BradJRicca


 8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, with today’s “Where Past Meets Present”

 Crater Lake

By Dennis Powers

The first non-Native American to view Crater Lake is generally credited to John Wesley Hillman, a California prospector when searching for the fabled “Lost Cabin Mine.” As the story goes, Hillman rode in June of 1853 to a rim, where if his mule hadn’t stopped a few feet from the edge, he would have pitched over to his death. As his group marveled at the sight, a vote was taken on its name between “Mysterious Lake” and “Deep Blue Lake” with the latter chosen. The discovery was also referred to later as “Lake Mystery.”

Created after a violent eruption of an ancient volcano, Crater Lake formed 7,700 years ago by an explosion calculated to be 42 times as powerful as the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. The mountain then was 10,000 to 12,000 feet high and later named Mount Mazama. A basin or caldera formed when the volcano’s top 5,000 feet collapsed from the ash and massive lava exploded out. When the lava flows sealed its bottom, the subsequent rainfall and snowmelt over countless years filled this with 4.6 trillion gallons of water. The collapsed basin is roughly 3.7 by 5.5 miles, and the ash settled in a distinct layer over several thousand square miles.

The deepest lake in the U.S. was thus formed at 1,932 feet (sonar mapping in 2000 came up with an average depth of 1,943 feet)–and the seventh deepest in the world–that today is half-filled with water. A small volcanic island named Wizard Island is on the lake’s west side. Surrounded by black, volcanic lava blocks, its cinder cone rises 760 feet above the lake with a small crater at its summit.

The lake’s water is so clear that it holds a world-clarity record of 142 feet. The dramatic deep-blue color is due to its great depth, water clarity, and the way light interacts with water. Water molecules absorb the longer wavelengths of light better (reds, oranges, yellows, and greens). Shorter wavelengths (blues) are more easily scattered than soaked up. In the deep lake, some of the scattered blue light is redirected back to the surface to where the color is visible. 

Peter Britt took the first surviving picture of Crater Lake in 1874; President Roosevelt in 1902 signed the law designating Crater Lake as the 6th National Park that now contains over 183,000 acres. The 30-mile Rim Drive around Crater Lake is two-lanes with scenic overlooks. From mid-October until mid-June, the north entrance and Rim Drive are closed due to deep snow and ice buildups, although the lake rarely freezes over.

Although visitors can fish (non-native rainbow trout and kokanee salmon) and swim, the surface water is cold but “warms” up in the summer to 55° to 60°. The “yellow stuff” floating in the water then is simply pine pollen that settles later to the bottom.

More visitors from California than from Oregon generally visit, and total visitations (including overseas visitors) in an average year approximates 700,000 people. This is one of the premier landmarks in Southern Oregon that people have marveled at since the first roads and treks led there.

Sources: Sources: NPS, Crater Lake, “Frequently Asked Questions,” at “Q and A” on Crater Lake; Stephen R. Mark, “Oregon Encyclopedia: Crater Lake National Park,” at More (With Images); “Crater Lake Institute: John Wesley Hillman,” at Discovery of Crater Lake


8:45 Cheriesse from No Wires NOW – Save big money on your TV, internet, phone and so many other services with this LOCAL company, serving all over southern Oregon. Call or text Cheriesse at 1-541-680-5875 and get her your cable or internet bill to see how much No Wires can save YOU along with various Dish offers and other ways to save BIG $.


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Dirtbag (Ok, ALLEGED Dirtbag) Detained by Armed Citizens in Cave Junction! Around midnight this morning, Jo Co Sheriffs respond to calls of assault and gunshots being fired in the 700 block of Caves Highway. When officers got there, the perp was being held at gunpoint by numerous neighbors. Here’s the rest of the story (from news release)Upon investigation, Deputies determined the suspect forced entry into a residence in the 700 block of Caves Highway. After gaining entry, the suspect assaulted a female resident in front of her child, stole property from the residence and attempted to flee in a pickup. While attempting to flee in the pickup the suspect drove through a yard, hit a parked car, struck a children’s play structure and crashed into another residence on the property, causing damage. As the suspect continued to try and flee, a neighbor confronted the suspect with a firearm and shot out the tires of the suspect’s vehicle to disable it. A group of neighbors removed the suspect from the pickup and held him at gunpoint until Deputies arrived. The suspect, Justin Thurman, who is known to the assault victim, was arrested and lodged at the Josephine County Jail.



There’s no better contrarian indicator telling you to store more food in your pantry or prep area than this story from Rogue Economics saying “Feds Say They Vow To Fix The Food System”



Latest from Oregon Coronavirus Clown World® has breathless reporting from the Oregonian   saying “Oregon kids now more likely to have coronavirus infections than elderly age groups”. This is supposed to send parents into a panic, but even O-Live admits “Young children remain far less likely to be infected than teens and most adults. And young children with infections remain incredibly unlikely to be hospitalized or to die, with two fatalities – both infants – out of more than the 18,000 confirmed or presumed infections identified by health officials since the start of the pandemic.” Allow me to translate: This is GOOD news, let the kids get exposed, and get superior quality natural immunity, instead of ruminating over when little ones must be forced to take the peck. (Although we’re told natural immunity is a conspiracy theory/sarc) Frightened children (like the 2 Ashland High petitioners pushing mandates) don’t seem to grok that the kids are and always HAVE been “safe” throughout this. IMO It’s their terrified elders scaring the kids to death. I call it child abuse.


Background on Ivermectin/Covid-19 Story I discussed on Conspiracy Theory Thursday from Willamette Week –

Ivermectin…just a “Horse De-Wormer”? Pure nonsense as just a little searching on the web can bring you much information on this. Here is a link to numerous medical study analysis of using Covid-19 to treat Covid-19 – Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 63 studies

Here is analysis on Ivermectin Success in Treating Covid-19 Outbreaks –

Hmm…haven’t seen much reporting on all this, wonder why?


Friday 10-01-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Rick Manning with this week’s DC Swamp update. Rick’s President of Americans for Limited Government, and

7:10 Greg Roberts from and today’s Outdoor report

7:35 Mighty John Marshall the Record Guy!

Mighty John the Record Guy offers 2 top 10 lists to choose from. There’s the annual “Top 10 Most Valuable Halloween Records” and October’s list of “10 Records worth $150.00 or more PLUS 2 BIG bonus records.”

Halloween Top 10 Most Valuable Records

w/ps= with picture sleeve

(Year)-(Label)- (Recording Artist)- (Title)………………………………(Near mint value)

1962- Garpax LP- Bobby Boris Pickett- “Monster Mash”……………………….$100.00

1978- Elektra LP- Warren Zevon- “Werewolves of London” (picture disc)$100.00

1964 (RCA LP)… Soundtrack- “The Addams Family”……………………………….$150.00

1965- Capitol 45- Ted Cassidy- “The Lurch” (w/ps)………………………………..$150.00

1964- Capitol 45- Don Hinton-  “Riboflavin-Flavored, Non Carbonated

Polyunsaturated Blood” (w/ps)……………$150.00

1958- Okeh 45- Screamin Jay Hawkins- “I Put a Spell On You”………………$200.00

1960-Coral 45- Bob McFadden- (poet Rod McKuen)

– “Dracula Cha Cha” (w/ps)…………………….$250.00

1964- Decca LP- Soundtrack- “The Munsters”  (stereo)………………………….$300.00

1983- Epic LP- Michael Jackson- “Thriller” (picture disc)………………………..$400.00

1958 Jackpot 45…Bobby Bare… “Vampira”………………………………………….$2,500.00


October list of “10 Records Worth $150.00 or More.” PLUS bonuses

w/ps= with picture sleeve

(Year) (Label)…(Recording artist)… (Title)………………………….…………….(Worth up to)

1959 Atlantic LP…Ray Charles… “What’d I Say”…………………………………$150.00

(on a 45)…$30.00

1971 Harvest LP… Pink Floyd… “Meddle”…………………………………………..$150.00

1957 Sun 78…Jerry Lee Lewis… “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On”………….$150.00

(on a 45)…$50.00

1969 Rare Earth LP…Rare Earth… “Get Ready” (rounded top cover)…..$250.00

(standard square cover)..$15.00

1970 Bizarre LP… Alice Cooper… “Easy Action”…………………………………..$250.00

1978 Arista 45…Grateful Dead… “Good Lovin” w/ps…………………………..$300.00

1966 Capitol EP…The Beach Boys… “Four by the Beach Boys”…………….$400.00

1964 Capitol EP…The Beatles… “Four by the Beatles”…………………………$500.00

1975 Mercury 45… Rush… “Return of the Prince”……………………………….$650.00

1980 RCA LP…Elvis Presley… “Pure Gold” (black label)………………………$1,000.00

(yellow label)……………………….$20.00


“Four by the Beach Boys” contains “Wendy” & “Little Honda”

“Four by the Beatles” contains “All My Loving” & “This Boy.”

“Pure Gold” contains “Kentucky Rain” & “Jailhouse Rock”



1958 Benton 45… Bobby Lollar… “Bad Bad Boy”………………………………..$2,500.00

Northern Soul:

1966 La Beat 45… “Lester Tipton”… “This Won’t Change”………………….$7,000.00

8:10 Captain William E. Simpson – update on Klamath Dam Removal news, and an interesting story on his Wild Horse issue here:

 Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.

Naturalist – Author – Conservationist 

Wild Horse Ranch

P.O. Bx. 202 – Yreka, CA 96097

Creator: Wild Horse Fire Brigade (

Author @ HorseTalk

Member:  IMDb

Muck Rack:



7:35 Eric Fruits, Ph.D. is Vice President of Research at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization

 Save Your Money, Save the State: Keep the Kicker

 By Eric Fruits, Ph.D.

 A few months ago, Oregonians learned they will be getting a Kicker next year. Now, like clockwork, a noisy network of naysayers is clamoring to kick the Kicker to the curb. I say, “No way!”

Experience has taught us that our Oregon legislature will spend every dollar it can extract from its citizens and businesses. And, if that’s not enough, it will raise taxes to spend even more.

Legislative budgets are not made on the basis of what is needed. Instead, legislators start with what the bureaucrats call the “current service level” based on the previous budget. From there, they expand existing programs and add new programs. Then they do it all over again the next session.

 Over time, this method massively ratchets up spending.

 Over the last 10 years, Oregon’s general fund has grown at more than double the rate of inflation and population growth.

 It would be much worse without the Kicker, which returns to taxpayers the money that is collected in excess of the amount budgeted. That money belongs to us, and the Kicker makes sure we keep it.

 Keep the Kicker. It’s a rare and sensible protection against the spend-every-dollar philosophy that afflicts politicians on both sides of the aisle.


8:10 Thomas Spence is the president of Regnery Publishing in Washington, D.C., the country’s leading conservative publishing house. Thomas Spence, just published an op-ed in WSJ “Banned Books Week isn’t Actually Interested in Banned Books” on the irony of the annual American Bookseller Association-sponsored event. Spence uncovers that “for the first time in the forty-year history of Banned Books Week, writers and publishers face the threat of real book-banning in the United States. Strangely enough, the sponsors of BBW have nothing to say about it.”

Banned Books Week’ Isn’t Actually Interested in Banned Books

If it were, conservative writers like Abigail Shrier and Ryan T. Anderson would be on the list.

By Thomas Spence

The annual ritual known as Banned Books Week rarely involves books that have been banned in any meaningful sense. Begun in 1982 and endorsed by such mainstream organizations as the American Library Association and PEN America, this gimmicky promotion caters primarily to those who believe that schoolchildren should have access to anything bound between two covers without the interference of those busybodies we call parents.

But this year, for the first time in the 40-year history of Banned Books Week, writers and publishers face the threat of real book-banning. Strangely enough, the sponsors of Banned Books Week have nothing to say about it.

My own publishing house, Regnery, and our authors have been in the crosshairs of powerful forces. Last year we published “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” by Abigail Shrier, a lawyer who writes frequently for these pages. Focusing on the recent explosion of gender dysphoria among adolescent girls, she questions the rush to subject minors to life-altering surgical and chemical treatments.

A few months later, Amazon announced that it would no longer sell another title on a similar topic, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,” a 2019 book by Ryan T. Anderson.

We wondered if “Irreversible Damage” was next, and dozens of Amazon employees tried to make sure it was, petitioning to expunge it from the online store. Amazon, fortunately, decided not to ban Ms. Shrier’s book.

Amazon’s broad reach in the marketplace allows writers and publishers to bypass the quiet censorship of brick-and-mortar bookstores, whose commercial judgment is sometimes tinged with ideological prejudice. At the same time, the singular power of “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore” makes possible a new and more efficient form of censorship. If Amazon doesn’t carry a book, it is practically invisible.

Woke Amazon employees know this, and so do politicians. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for example, finds intolerable the journalist Alex Berenson’s relentless dissent from the pandemic party line. His four self-published eBooks appear on a list that the senator recently presented to Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy. The unsubtle suggestion: If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll throw them onto a digital bonfire. In November, Regnery will publish Mr. Berenson’s deeply researched book, “Pandemia.” Will it be available on Amazon? That seems to depend on whether Mr. Jassy has the stomach for a fight with Sen. Warren.

The worst casualties of Amazon’s banning will be unseen: the books not published because they might be excluded from the only bookstore that really matters. What publisher will invest in a book if Amazon is unlikely to carry it?

You might think that this genuine book-banning would give a new complexion to this year’s Banned Books Week. Yet one of the principal sponsors, the American Booksellers Association, is no more interested in giving dissenters a place on the shelf than Sen. Warren is. This summer, Regnery participated in the ABA’s “white box” program, a monthly mailing of review copies to 750 independent bookstores. It is difficult to get these stores to consider our generally conservative titles, but we thought “Irreversible Damage,” praised by a number of feminists, might pique the interest of the more open-minded members.

We were wrong. When a bookstore employee in Brooklyn pulled a copy of “Irreversible Damage” from the box, the shock of encountering a book that contradicted her passionately held opinions drove her to Twitter to rebuke the ABA for hurting her feelings. “I’m seething,” she wrote. Within hours, the ABA had apologized to its member stores for a “serious, violent incident” and declared that sharing this title with booksellers was “inexcusable.”

Sharing this title with booksellers was “inexcusable.” In a lengthier message three weeks later, the ABA added the outrageous defamation that the book constitutes “hate speech.”

So welcome to Banned Books Week 2021. The theme this year is “Books Unite Us. Censorship Divides Us.” The list of featured titles, almost entirely limited to progressive works, does present a united front. But what about the second part of that theme? When will Banned Books Week pay attention to banned books?

Mr. Spence is president of Regnery Publishing.


Wednesday 09-29-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 “Wheels Up Wednesday” with Eric Peters, automotive journalist with

And we’re talking cars, politics, transportation policies, freedom!

Chevy Goes Woke –

Designed to Fail –

2022 VW Atlas CrossSport Review –

7:10 Amber Richardson, GOP candidate for Oregon Governor. Find out more about her at  on twitter it’s AmberFirst4Oregon

7:35 Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts – We talk about the emergency declaration the county will pass on Thursday regarding the Vax mandates and medical/education employee shortages to come due to the order.

8:10 Dr. Keith Smith M.D. , medical director, CEO and managing partner of The Surgery Center of Oklahoma and Member of the AAPS. Wow, what an op-ed, take a read.

Medicare for Y’all

Keith Smith, M.D.      

As more individuals move to freer, less locked-down states (like Oklahoma and Texas, for instance), the number of people saying “y’all” should greatly increase. The federal government, as in the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Twitter post on “horse dewormer” (“You are not a horse…. Seriously, y’all. Stop it”), is signaling its attitude toward such people—and our health and safety.

The current overlords have unintentionally provided a glimpse into what socialized medicine will look like. Medicare for All (we’re going to call this Medicare for Y’all here on out), the political version of medical care, will appear no different than denying sufficient monoclonal antibody infusions to individuals in “uncooperative” states. In addition, those in charge will exempt themselves from the political medicine system they would impose on the rest of us, just as they’ve exempted themselves (White House staff, Congress, Postal Union, and probably others) from their recent punitive vaccine mandate.

As we try to uncloak Uncle Sam’s medical scheme, let’s review some history, some examples of laws lawmakers don’t have to follow. It turns out that the federal government has a habit of exempting the “select few” from many of the rules and mandates imposed on its “citizens.”

Social Security/Medicare Exemption:  Until about 1983, civilian federal employees were exempt from Social Security taxes. While their exemption was eventually ended, there was no hesitation in providing the exemption in the early days, and this represented a powerful employment recruitment tool for the federal government. While members of Congress pay Medicare taxes, they are not required once they reach age 65 to designate Medicare as their primary insurance. They’ve carved out a special exemption, unavailable to the rest of us, that places Medicare (increasingly shunned by physicians and hospitals) on the back bench.

Obamacare Exemption for Congress:  While severe monetary penalties for failure to buy insurance were consequences for the populace at large, Congress members exempted themselves from these same Obamacare penalties. The penalties have been removed for all of us (for now), but clearly the lawmakers had no intention of complying with what the rest of us had to endure when the Unaffordable Care Act was passed.

Vaccine Mandate Exemption:  The most recent and blatant example of “yes for thee, not for me,” is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-enforced vaccine mandate decreed by the current occupant of the Oval Office. The mandate does not apply to the White House staff or members of Congress and their staff. When the postal workers’ union bowed up, they received an exemption. This would be laughable if the consequences of non-compliance were trivial, but no tyrant worth his salt would threaten his subjects with a feather. The $14,000-per-violation penalty has the attention of employers nationwide, many of whom are hoping the legal resources of their state governments can derail this federal invasion, an invasion from which the ruling class is exempted.

Public Health Rules:  Disturbing as federal intrusions into all aspects of our lives might be, even more galling are the exemptions our overlords grant themselves to the rules inflicted on the rest of us. Exemptions that predate and encompass the pandemic timeline portend more to come.

Increasingly we see the “us” and “them” display, where rules are conspicuously violated by those who make the rules. A governor dining at the French Laundry during the height of the California lockdown; the husband of a governor on a boating excursion when all boating activities were banned for anyone else who lived in Michigan; a confiscatory tax plan supported by a president who may very well owe $500,000 in back taxes. While the mask-less display at the Emmy awards was hypocritical, the exemptions lawmakers routinely provide for themselves are tyrannical. Indeed, government commits crimes (robbery by taxation and inflation, murder by drone, counterfeiting by Federal Reserve) every day, the committing of which would land any individual in jail, but the explicit exemption of the shafters from the laws the shaftees must obey defies any concept of the rule of law.

When my father asked the late Walter Williams years ago whether state actors were stupid or evil, he responded, “both.” However, state actors can’t effectively hide behind stupid or the “law of unintended consequences” when they explicitly shield themselves from the same consequences they inflict on the rest of us. I have no doubt that the past and current conduct of federal officials portends future legislative meddling in our medical affairs, the non-compliance with which will hold no consequences for those who run the predator state.

“Medicare for All” is what they will call it. I say we call it “Medicare for Y’all,” as it is meant for us, not for them.


Tuesday 09-28-21 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

6:35 Tracy Beanz is an investigative journalist and Editor-in-Chief at UncoverDC whose sole focus is the truth. While writing for UncoverDC, she has brought the intricate details of several major stories to light, including corruption at the highest levels of the government. 

Arizona Election Audit Uncovers More Questions than Answers

The recent audit of Maricopa County, Arizona shows over 57,000 votes still remain in question. reports the audit found many issues with the vote and the audit that still need to be resolved.

Issues addressed by include:

  • The obstruction of the audit.
  • The numbers do not reconcile.
  • Duplicate ballots
  • The need to hold people accountable for the mistakes.
  • There are significant chain of custody issues.
  • Failure to preserve data files.
  • Cyber security weaknesses.
  • Signatures missing on the envelopes

7:10 Hayden Ludwig is a senior investigative researcher at the Capital Research Center in Washington, DC. How the Left is Spreading Global Warming Alarmism on the Right –

 Is environmentalism conservative?
Meet the “eco-Right,” the collection of lobbying, litigation, and activist nonprofits that identify themselves as free market yet have bought the Left’s argument that the Earth is getting dangerously hot, we’re to blame, and more taxes and regulations are the answer. CRC’s new report Rise of the Eco-Right exposes the funders, leadership, and lobbying of the eco-Right; author Hayden Ludwig’s op-ed here summarizes the report.

7:35 Jo County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger – redistricting is over, more on the politics of the plague and the panic.

8:10 Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation – SB554 is in effect, now what? Political Analysis – The Final Nail –

 8:35 Matt Allen at reverse Mortgage Funding LLC for our “Open For Business” Segment. Matt and I talk about what Reverse Mortgages do, if they’re right for you, the advantages of getting a reverse mortgage as part of a retirement strategy. Call Matt at 541-897-4464 to find out more, and ask for a free copy of his newest book “The Plan B Retirement Strategy – The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Use of Housing Wealth” 


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6:35 Scott Shepard is a fellow at the National Center as well as the director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project, the conservative movement’s only full-service shareholder activism and education program.

Mind Your Own Business Act Would Subdue Corporate “Policy Czars”

CEOs Who Focus More on Politics Than Healthy Business Practices Would Be Held Accountable Under New Legislation

Washington, D.C. – The Free Enterprise Project (FEP) has endorsed the Mind Your Own Business Act of 2021, introduced today by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. The Act empowers shareholders to restrain corporate executives who make business decisions according to their own political preferences rather than doing what is in the financial best interest of the company.

7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts at

7:35 John Perazzo is the editor of, an encyclopedic guide to the political left and a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is also a contributing writer to Front Page Magazine and the author of The New Shame of the Cities.


The Left’s Strategy to Radically Transform America Through the Border Crisis Revealed in New Booklet

By John Perazzo

The truth behind the Democrats’ deliberate strategy of “Crashing the Border”

A pivotal booklet published this week by the David Horowitz Freedom Center reveals the true stakes in the ongoing crisis engulfing America’s southern border. In Crashing the Border: The Left’s Manufactured Crisis, editor John Perazzo examines the deliberate strategy employed by Democratic politicians and leftist activists to stress and overwhelm our border security apparatus to its breaking point.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at Southern Oregon University, and author of “Where Past Meets Present” available at the local publisher and this is today’s “What Made Southern Oregon Great” segment:

 Dutch Brothers Coffee

By Dennis Powers

In 1992, 38-year-old Dane Boersma was wondering what to do. A Grants Pass dairy farmer for fifteen years, he had learned that Oregon’s new environmental law changes mandated he spend $150,000 to protect the creek that ran through his pasture, as well as needing to get rid of half of his herd. He had graduated from Grants Pass High School, attended the University of Oregon, worked on the Alaska pipeline, operated a Dairy Queen franchise, and now was raising a family on the farm.

As he pondered his choices after the dairy’s close, his 21-year-old brother, Travis, left Ashland’s Southern Oregon State College. Seeing the problem, Travis talked Dane into selling espresso. They talked to the owner of the local Coffee Corner coffee shop, Paul Leighton, who gave them coffee, sold them a two-handled espresso machine, and spent one day in the milking shed of the dairy barn, explaining how to make this coffee.

Inside their empty milk house, they experimented in making coffee drinks for their friends. After using a hundred pounds of coffee and handing out free samples of flavored coffee, the two headed to downtown Grants Pass with a mobile espresso pushcart. Given the Dutch-derivation of their last name, the two named their venture as the “Dutch Brother’s Coffee Company,” or as shortened, “Dutch. Bros. Coffee (‘DBC’).”

After their first cart, they discovered their approach with coffee was popular. Their one cart turned into five carts; the carts were replaced by standing kiosks; and finally they opened a coffee house on D Street in Grants Pass. As the coffee craze for lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks swept through the region and country, they set up new locations. As to the dairy farm, Dane converted it into the Dutcher Creek Golf Course.

From the start, the two Boersma brothers painstakingly went over every detail on how to make a fine cup of coffee. The roasted their coffee by hand, blended it similarly, and then ground it in making the coffee by hand. The brothers worked with local suppliers to ensure quality. They worked long and hard hours, expecting only the best. The company roasted all its coffee, and then focused on how best to grow their business: drive-through coffee shops. They concentrated on owning their own locations, not franchising.

Ten years later, DBC emphasized franchising, where it contracted to allow another to own their business, but operate under DBC’s trade name and guidelines, all in exchange for a fee and continuing royalty. In 2005, DBC had opened its 75th coffee stand in Sutherlin, Oregon (Douglas County). It was employing then up to 700 people, usually 20- to 25-year-olds. 

Dane Boersma tragically discovered that he had Lou Gehrig’s disease, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (“ALS”), which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Shortly afterwards, the company opened a website at with the Muscular Dystrophy Association to raise money for ALS research. After battling the disease for 5-1/2 years, Dane died in 2009 at age 55.

As DBC continued on, other coffee shops competed against it. Giant Starbucks opened up new stores nationally and in this region. The Human Bean opened its first store in Ashland in 1998; this business moved to where its brand has over 300 locations (franchised or owned by the company) now open or under development in 25 states. And there are others in the area. 

Dutch Bros. donates back 1 percent of gross sales to its communities, which totals in the millions to nonprofit organizations, including local food banks, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Cancer Society, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The sophisticated coffees available today run the gauntlet from what once was just expresso.

The Boersma brothers rode the coffee wave, but it was their focusing more on people than the bottom line, with a desire for years to transform lives rather than just growing the business–which happened. Presently, there are some 480 locations operating in the West (i.e., Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, etc.).

Plus, on September 15th, 2021, the company went public with an IPO listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: “BROS”). The largest in Oregon history, it raised in excess of $475 million and Travis Boersma is now a billionaire. Still headquartered in Grants Pass, all of this started from one pushcart.

Sources: Greg Stiles, “Dutch Bros. puts quality first,” Mail Tribune, November 30, 2005; Amy Hsuan, “Dutch Bros. Coffee co-founder dies,” Oregonian, October 15, 2009, at Dane Boersma and Start-Up; “Dutch Bros. Coffee: Our Story,” at Company Website; Giacomo Tognini, “Dutch Bros Coffee IPO Brews Oregon’s Newest Billionaire,” Forbes,

September 15, 2021, at Billionaire.  

8:35 “Open For Business” Prestige Senior Living Arbor Place, Marisa Payne is the Celebrations Product Manager.