Josephine County Commissioner John West in addition to several other Grants Pass area residents have filed suit against the Oregon Secretary of State Lavonne Griffin-Valade. The lawsuit demands the Secretary remove HD4 Republican State Representative Christine Goodwin’s name from the May primary ballot as candidate for State Senate District 2. The complaint claims Goodwin’s true residence is 317 Aker Drive, Myrtle Creek, Oregon, which is not in Senate District 2. Goodwin claims in election filings to reside at 721 Bramblewood Lane in Canyonville, which is the address of  the tasting room for Falk Estates Vineyard. The lawsuit argues that Goodwin does not live at the vineyard.

Additionally the lawsuit alleges Goodwin, currently a State Representative representing House
District 4, does not live in House District 4 but lives in House District 2 and if proven true Goodwin could be disqualified from her current State Representative position.   Read the legal complaint:

Complaint Re Christine Goodwin