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Wednesday 5-10-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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6:35 Eric Peters with and today’s Wheels Up Wednesday talk…just some of his amazing articles include:




7:10 State Senator Dennis Linthicum – The denial of quorum walk out…we do a deep dive. Following is from his latest newsletter:

What’s Lurking in the Legislature? 



So, what’s up in Oregon?

Why have Oregon State Senators, from both Republican and Independent parties, chosen to deny quorum and stop legislative business.

Across all fifty states, legislative members have a fiduciary responsibility, by sworn affirmation or oath, to uphold their constitutional obligations.

Political pundits, mainstream sources and social media activists are good at repeating slogans, but as you know, little else. There is rarely a look at the details lurking in the shadows.

Oregon Senate President, Rob Wagner (D), has claimed an “open door” policy and pretends to “want robust debate” about policy issues. Yet, unfathomable volumes of recorded video from every floor session and committee hearing testifies clearly against this one-sided fantasy.

The Democrat majority has steadfastly refused to share accurate details about the numerous bills that have had no Republican input. The mainstream and social media talking-heads continue to carry water for the majority party and have continued to mischaracterize sincere issues that truly deserve “robust debate and discussion.”

For example, HB 2002, HB 2003, and HB 2005 are respectively being promoted as necessary to “save abortion”, “secure elections” and “prevent gun violence.”

These phrases simply peddle the popular twaddle while hiding the truth. These three examples, out of 3000 bills this session, are stepping stones in a divisive political misinformation agenda.  These bills codify party talking-points and bumper-sticker slogans.

The HB 2002 marketing template is a political strategy to scare women into thinking that those “church-going conservatives” want to strip away a women’s legal right to an abortion in Oregon.

A woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy is legal at every step along the journey, from conception to the last minute of the pre-birth moment. The Dobb’s decision from the Supreme Court has no impact on Oregon State law and HB 2002 does not add or subtract any additional rights for women.

What it does do is allow an individual of any age to receive an abortion, without parental notification. Yet, other adults, teachers, school nurses, neighbors, medical service providers or even a possible abuser or trafficker might know, assist, and conceal details regarding all of these medical procedures. 

Progressives are running wild with claims that this bill is about “reproductive health and women’s rights.”

The significant text, which gives but a toehold to their deceit is achieved by replacing the plain English phrase, [terminate the individual’s pregnancy] with the politically charged text, “exercise the individual’s reproductive health rights under section 3 of this 2023 Act.”

That’s all folks.

That’s the extent of changes with regard to adult women.

However, when it comes to children the floodgates are wide open. First, HB 2002 removes all age limits on reproductive healthcare. Current law contains the phrase, “[who is 15 years of age]” which would get removed.


Here is another sample:

 Specifically, this “may not disclose to the minor’s parent” requirement applies to all children and every conceivable reproductive medical procedure. Even counsel admitted, during committee testimony, this would apply to a 10-year-old child.

Do you know any 10-year-old children capable of providing an “authorized disclosure notice” to the medical staff?

This “notice” is a requirement for parental notification. In other words, without this notice, Mom and Dad are kept in the dark, purposefully.

What if a child wants Mom and Dad’s love, care, and support? How does a 10-year-old communicate that when the force of law demands every medical provider, “not disclose” information about services or medications?

Additionally, what legal standing would that document bring during any claim of medical malpractice, wrongful death, or other unforeseen harm to a child stemming from negligence, carelessness, wrongful acts, anaphylactic shock or inappropriate action taken by people who are state authorized, non-parental actors?

Why would the state of Oregon empower abusers, traffickers, or any other nameless, unaccountable player over and above a parent?

Due process and judicial review are important safeguards for parents, families and children. Why does HB 2002 omit these safeguards?

The handful of questions and examples illustrate the malfeasance or negligence of counsel and the ideological bent of the majority party. They represent only a small portion of the 48 pages of this legislative handy-work which is anti-family, anti-parent, anti-business, pro-administrative state, and which promotes healthcare tyranny.

I believe knowledge is power. In HB 2002 we see planks in the pathway to political tyranny as the state strips rights from parents and their children.  

Stay tuned as I expose more political malfeasance lurking within the trans-humanist movement, anti-gun efforts, electioneering fraud and the lawlessness that is swallowing Oregon.


Help defend families, parents and their children!
Children are the keystone to Oregon’s Future!



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8:10 Dustin Smith – School Board 626-926-5044




Discussing OSF’s trouble, how RVSC is a traditional take on Shakespeare! (Sounds like a great alternative to woke Ashland productions??)


8:40 – Richard Peil is the pastor of the Victory Baptist Church in Bend – headed to Salem tomorrow




Salem, Or –  On Thursday, May 11, 2023 Oregon Faith Leaders invite the media and public to attend a press conference held by faith leaders from across the state of Oregon. They will be addressing the current gridlock in the Oregon Senate and the need to get our legislature back to work.



WHAT: Oregon Faith Leaders Press Conference


WHEN: Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 11:00am


WHO: Faith leaders from across Oregon. Speakers: Pastor Richard Peil, Bend; Pastor Brad McFeters, Portland; Pastor Brandon Hardy, Salem; Pastor Franklin Humber, Summerville.


WHERE: Oregon State Capital Mall (north side of capital building); 900 Court St. NE Salem, Or. 97301



Tuesday 5-09-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

(Podcasts on


7:10 State Representative Kim Wallan, HD6 with the latest from the state legislature


7:35 Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talks the walkout, what’s really going on?




8:10 Steven Sable, director of the Rogue Valley Shakespeare Company/Shakespeare in the Park


 Discussing OSF’s trouble, how RVSC is a traditional take on Shakespeare! (Sounds like a great alternative to woke Ashland productions??)


8:40 – Open for Business with Steve Johnson, “Steve the Goldsmith” from QuikFixx Jewelry Repair, Rogue Valley Mall, lower level near Macy’s entrance. We discuss the old school quality work they perform, custom jewelry creations (Steve is FAMOUS for this) their beautiful line of Mason Watches. (Mention you heard him on the Bill Meyer Show and you’re entered to WIN a FREE Mason Watch. (No purchase required)


Stephen A. Johnson

Steve The Goldsmith

QuikFix Jewelry Repair

1600 N Riverside Sp. 1057

Medford, OR 97501

541-951-1191 cell

541-690-1388 office


Monday 5-08-23 Bill Meyer Show Guest Information

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7:10 Law Professor Dr. Barry Latzer

From police to prisons, the justice system is accused of overpunishing. It is said that too many Americans are abused by the police, arrested, jailed, and imprisoned. But the denunciations are overblown. The data indicate, contrary to the critics, that we don’t imprison too many, nor do we overpunish.

In his new book, The Myth of Overpunishment: A Defense of the American Justice System and a Proposal to Reduce Incarceration While Protecting the Public, Professor of Criminal Justice, Barry Latzer JD, PHD, breaks down the American Criminal Justice system and smashes the mainstream media narrative by addressing:

  • Violent crime, especially murders, have exploded in the last two years. What caused this surge in criminality?
  • We often hear about innocent men exonerated and released after decades behind bars. How can you say the United States doesn’t overpunish? 
  • The United States, which has roughly 4% of the world’s population, is said to hold about 25% of the world’s total prison population. Isn’t that mass incarceration? 
  • African Americans comprise about 38% of American prisoners, roughly three times their percentage of the general population. How do you explain the blatant racial disparity? 
  • How “e-carceration” can reduce imprisonment and protect the public

The book’s forward was written by Senator Tom Cotton:

“One of the most exciting aspects of this book is that it does not settle for defending the American criminal justice system in the context of history alone, nor does it take the easy route frequented by soft-on- crime and tough-on-crime advocates alike of merely calling for more or less law enforcement. Instead, it offers a glimpse at the possible criminal justice system of the future.”- Senator Tom Cotton

For over three and a half decades Barry Latzer was Professor of Criminal Justice at John Jay College, CUNY, where he was a member of the Masters’ and Doctoral faculties. He taught courses on criminal justice, criminal law and procedure, state constitutional law, capital punishment, and most recently, crime history. Professor Latzer wrote and published five books and approximately 90 scholarly articles, research reports, magazine articles, book reviews and op-eds. His scholarly articles have been published in the Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, the Journal of Criminal Justice, Judicature, Judges’ Journal, Criminal Law Bulletin, and major law reviews. Other writings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Daily Beast, National Review, the Chronicle of Higher Education, City Journal, the Law & Liberty website, the New York Post and the New York Daily News. A widely read interview with David Frum appeared in Atlantic, June 19, 2016. Professor Latzer received a Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts (1977), and a law degree from Fordham University (1985). His BA was from Brooklyn College (1966). He briefly served as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn (1985-86) and as counsel to indigent criminal defendants in Manhattan (1986-87).



7:45 Matt MccAw Greater Idaho Project

Greater Idaho movement filed a complaint with the Elections Division of the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. The complaint is substantially the same as this week’s press release.

That previously released statement about Portland groups trying to secretly meddle in an eastern Oregon campaign has been updated with more facts and photographic documentation of the campaign violations:



8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, with today’s “Where Past Meets Present”


Prescott Park—and Roxy Ann Peak

By Dennis Powers

The idea for a Medford city park atop an isolated mountain peak some 2200 feet from the valley floor began in the early 1920s. Named after an early settler, Roxy Ann Bowman, the peak offers incredible views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

Despite attempts by different groups, it wasn’t until the Medford Lions club joined with the Mail Tribune and Medford city council that the U.S. Interior Department sold the peak and surrounding countryside in 1933 to Medford for $3,500. Consisting of 200 acres bought and donated by the Lions Club in 1930 with 1500 acres purchased by Medford via the Federal Lands to Parks Act in 1931, the park totals 1740 acres with the additional 40 acre parcel purchased from a private party.

The park was named after the then recent death of Medford Police Constable George Prescott. In early1933, ballot irregularities caused a crew of the Good Government Congress (“GGC”) to steal the ballots to be recounted the next day. Oregon State Police discovered charred ballots in the courthouse furnace with more later in the Rogue River. With police closing in on the GGC leaders behind the burglary and stolen ballots, Constable George Prescott headed to arrest one Llewellyn Banks at his home. As he headed inside, Banks fired a rifle at Prescott’s chest. He died on the spot.

Two years later (after an initial rejection), the Civilian Conservation Corps (“CCC”) under the National Park Service began the park’s construction: picnic tables, shelters, restroom, fencing, culverts, broadening Roxy Ann Road to 40-feet wide, along with crushed-granite roadways. By 1940, the park was substantially complete–with 18 miles of horse trails, camping facilities, and piped spring water.

However, Medford’s city council over time saw the park as a liability and not an asset. It tried to transfer the park to the Oregon Park system–but failed. In 1961, the council lost by one vote in giving it to Jackson County. But a selfless group of volunteers in the 1980s (the “Friends of the Park”) caused a re-thinking that led to new bike, hiking, and equestrian trails with handicap access.

A series of trails weave up and around the 3,576-foot-tall extinct volcano, as well as a road. To reach the park, head east on Hillcrest Road past Cherry Lane and watch for a small, green sign where Roxy Ann Road veers left off Hillcrest. The gravel road passes one gate that is locked around sunset and a second gate, a mile from Hillcrest, where vehicles can park. Check its website for hours opened, along with any roadway reconstruction that’s underway. 

At this time, Prescott Park is the second largest municipal park in Oregon and to be enjoyed by all.

Sources: Source: Mail Tribune, “Prescott Park,” May 26, 2017 at History; Larry Mullaly, “Triumph of Boosterism: Medford’s Mountain Top Park,” Southern Oregon Historical Society, Spring 2023, Pp. 10-12; Medford Park Dept.–Prescott Park at Park Details